"Ugh. . Emilia, the alarm clock."






"Agh. . Edith, the alarm clock. . "
*GRUMBLE*"sleeping. . . "







"Fine fine, I got it."
Sitting up, Frisk grumbled as they turned to their night stand and promptly slammed the button on the clock, there was so much force into the strike that Frisk was surprised it didn't break.

Pressing another button, the morning station turned on-
"-and remember, today's skies are clear and cool winds won't be coming in until later this night, have fun kids and enjoy this Thursday morning out in the snow. Now here's a favorite from my personal list say Mr. Blue Sky.-"

"UGH! Frisk turn it off!"
"5 more minutes!"


Frisk chuckled as they slid out of their red heart imprinted blue bed sheets and to their dresser, tugging out a black tank-top, swamp green shorts, and a pair of white socks. In seconds they stripped out of their nightclothes and shrugged on the outfit with ease. All the meanwhile speaking to the two lumps on the other bed across the shared bedroom "your supposed to be up anyway, we're snow boarding today, remember."

Narrowing their eyes in contemplation, Frisk eyed the room before stopping on a familiar magenta and blue sweater, lumped under a pile of clothes and comic books.

"10 more minutes. . "

Pulling on the garment, they slid on a pair of old leather bound goggles and opened the door to the hall "5 minutes, but i'm leaving without you two if your not down by then."


Padding down the hall, Frisk pulled up the rest of their socks before they snatched up their headphones and phone from the hallway dresser, connecting the two and pulling the former over their head, their familiar station popping up instantly-

"~Sun is shinin' in the sky
There ain't a cloud in sight
It's stopped rainin' everybody's in a play
And don't you know
It's a beautiful new day, hey hey~"

"Morning, breakfast's on the table, would you mind waking up Lucas, that boy could sleep through a tornado if it where near our home." fussed Abigail Bennett as she mumbled her way around the stove, dressed in a white top and tan shorts, her familiar blue apron strapped around her waist.

Frisk sighed, but nodded anyway, setting their headset on the dining table, they backtracked up the stairs and knocked on the door at the end of the hall.

"LUCAS! breakfast. . "
. . Silence.
More silence. . .

Eyebrow twitching, Frisk not so silently slammed the door open, instigating a yelp from the man on the bed, who leaped off and hit the ground with an audible thump.

It sounded painful.

"Breakfast is ready." Frisk merely said before shutting the door, just barely catching the end of a Portuguese cursebefore making their way down the stairs again and sitting at their designated place at the table.

Not even seconds a plate of bacon, pancakes and strawberries where placed before them, along with a cup of orange juice, Frisk didn't wait to dig in.


"-das ist nicht fair! Das Rosane ist meins! (-that's not fair! the pink one is mine!)"
"Nein, ist es nicht! Das da ist deins! (it isn't! this one is yours!)"
"Ist es nicht! Das habe ich gestern getragen! Schau, da steht sogar mein Name drauf! (It is not! I was wearing this one yesterday! look it even has my name on it!)"
"Das ist mein Name, du Dummkopf! (That's my name you dunce!)"

While the woman never spoke German in her life, years of dealing with the twins taught a few words that shouldn't be said, even in a different language "Edith! language! and Emilia get over here girl you have your dress on backwards." fretted Abigail as she beckoned the small blond in soft pink. Said little girl stuck her tongue out at her twin and scuttled over to their mother, fidgeting when Abigail straightened out her white and pink polka-dotted dress and began to tie the pink ribbon in her hair.

"Hey that one was mine!"
"Nein, war es nicht! Ich habs dir gesagt, da steht mein Name drauf! (No it wasn't! I told you this has my name on it!)"
"Und ich habs dir schon mal gesagt, das ist mein Name! (And like I said, that's my name!)"

"Girls! not this early in the morning, your father is sleeping in, and Edith yours looks exactly like hers, so don't fuss and eat your breakfast, your pancakes are getting cold."

Edith huffed and went back to eating her pancakes, Emilia fallowing soon after after taking her seat beside her twin, it wasn't long before the two began to bicker again, lightly shoving each other and stealing one another's breakfast even though they had the exact same thing to eat.

"Lucas! get your butt down here boy! your breakfast is getting cold and i'm not going to make another plate for you!"

The twins giggled at the usage of words from their mother and began to softly chant 'Butt'/'Hintern (Butt)' to each other, Frisk cracked a smile at the silly little girls.

"Vindo mãe! (Coming mom!) don't get your knickers in a twist!" huffed Lucas as he climbed down the stairs, hands straightening out his buttoned top and brown orbs rolling. He sat down and avoided a swat at his head when Abigail dropped a plate before him, her eyes narrowed "Don't 'knickers in a twist' me young man, i told you that if you don't get up early in the morning than your going to have to make your own breakfast-and no electronics at the table until your done with your food! phone down Lucas."

The young lad sighed and stuffed his phone into his pockets before digging into his breakfast, a glum look on his face as he mumbled 'Querida irmãzinha (mean little sister)' and 'galinha huffy (huffy mother hen)' but it wasn't long before he joined the happy atmosphere of the table, quickly catching a glance of his twin siblings giggling and pointing at him like he had something on his face.

Lucas raised a brow, and not so subtly flicked a blueberry at the two girls, both squealed and giggled and Lucas grinned and flicked more before he was promptly thwacked on the head by Abigail who shook her head and chastised him.

Both twins giggled when Lucas sent them a playful scowl, sending his own at Frisk when they flicked a strawberry at him.

Grabbing their headset off the table, Frisk put it one over one ear-

"~Runnin' down the avenue
See how the sun shines brightly in the city
On the streets where once was pity
Mister blue sky is living here today, hey hey~"

"Now Frisk dear, remember to stay close to the house alright, and keep your sisters in check! i don't want to have to go to the hospital again because one of them decided to jump into the pond in the middle of winter" of course it was winter almost all of the year was but Abigail made a point in this.

Frisk nodded, pulling on their yellow rain-boots and blue coat "Alright, Edith, Emilia, hurry up! I'm leaving!"

"Warte! (Wait!)"/"not yet Frisky!"

Squawked the twins as they pulled on their designated pink coats and boots; Abigail swiftly pushed on pink beanies and gloves before the two could protest "Remember, stay with Frisk alright, you don't want to be grounded again do you? this time i'll take away your computers and video games"

"But Mom!"/"Mom!"

"No 'mom' me girls, i don't want to visit the hospital again, you two have been there so many times that all of the staff know me"

"Hey Mrs. Feather is a nice lady"
"Ja, she gives us candy after our checkups." both girls argued.

Abigail sighed and patted the both of them on the head "yes Mrs. Feather is nice, but that isn't what i meant, just don't get in trouble or you'll be grounded, alright."

Both twins nodded, identical pouts on their lips as they tromped after Frisk "Have fun girls! and stay safe! Oh and Frisk, would you mind picking up a gift for Nancy* for me, just anything baby related, have fun!"

"~Mister blue sky please tell us why
You had to hide away for so long (so long)
Where did we go wrong?~"

"Ah Frisk, hello there, how have you been child? family alright? how's Nancy? heard she's a few months in." asked Old Lady Gloria, a sweet old women with pepper salt tresses, white flower printed dress, slippers and about as high as Frisk's nose, a short women indeed.

Frisk shrugged, putting down the three snow boards they had in their hold near the counter and gesturing to the baby products "Doing good, and family's alright, Nancy is good too, i'm actually just here to pick up a present for her, her baby showers tomorrow and mom wants the gift before she could forget about it."

Mrs. Gloria tutted as she made her way around the counter "Sounds just like Abigail, women has allot on her plate taking care of 4 children and juggling her job at the same time, its a good thing that your father is the one that pays the bills, your mother would have a heart-attack having so much to do."


"Wer zuletzt beim Süßigkeitenabschnitt ist, ist der dümmere Zwilling! (First one to the candy section is the dumber twin!)"
"Hey, nicht fair! Du hast mich in den Schnee gestoßen! (Hey no fair! you pushed me into the snow!)"
"Hab ich nicht, du bist bloß unbeholfen! (Did not your just clumsy!)"
"Bin ich nicht! (Is not!)"
"Bist du doch! (Are too!)"

"Girls! what have i said about ruff housing in my store." chastised Mrs. Gloria.

Both twins pouted "TO NOT TO."

"That's right, if you two can keep from knocking down another one of my shelves, i'll give you a treat, how about that."

Both girls perked up and nodded energetically before racing off, shoving and bickering at each other for who gets the better candy.

"But that's only if you don't knock over anything, got it!"


Mrs. Gloria huffed and shook her head "Those girls, one day their going to put me out of business, i swear to you, now was there anything you where looking for?"

Frisk shook their head "Nothing in particular, just. . . anything for a baby i guess."

Mrs. Gloria laughed "'Anything for a baby' come on sweetie, I've had 5 children of my own, i know what Nancy would be looking for."

Frisk nodded and trailed after the old women who tittered into the baby section "you know i think she'd love to have a new stroller, or a crib, maybe we could even get her a changing table while we're at it, babies use up more diapers than old people do in a day, did you know that? its ridiculous if you ask me."

Frisk gave out a nervous chuckle "Yeah, could you pick something that's under $20, i don't think i can cover for something like a changing table."

"If you say so deary, but don't come crying to me when you get her the third identical teddy bear."

"~Mister blue sky please tell us why
You had to hide away for so long (so long)
Where did we go wrong?~"

Ebott Town was your average village located near the edges of Mt. Ebott, it had a population of 40 with the only biggest building being the Ebott Hospital.

It also wasn't the only village located near Mt. Ebott, there where 4 in total, each one of them having a population under 50, and the only city nearby being Ebott Beach, a large urban area surrounding the coastline and grown to about 1000, a place that Frisk and their family rarely visited. They weren't the urban type of folk.

Rather, they chose to live in Ebott Town, the smallest rural village out of the 4 and the only one nearest Mt. Ebott, where it snows 10 out of 12 months a year, and only gets 5 tourists a week. A true winter wonderland.

Being the smallest, it was also a place where everyone knew everyone, and everyone knew the Bennett family.

Jogging down the street, Frisk dodged every passerby that got in their way, greeting them when they recognized them and telling them sorry when their snowboard would accidentally hit some other townsfolk.

The twins where right on their heels, squealing and giggling as they pushed one another into snow drifts and apologized to any passerby that they happened to bump into.

Once 'Mr. Pete's Party Supplies' sign came into view, Frisk made a beeline for it, grappling at Edith's pink heart imprinted coat and dragging her into the store before she could stick her tongue onto the stop sign pole, Emilia trotting after them without delay.

"Oh Frisk, its good to see you, how's your mother?"

"Good, we're just here to get some wrapping paper, have anything baby related?" Frisk asked, releasing Edith when she made to bite their arm, and putting the snowboards by the counter again, along with Nancy's present.

Mr. Pete hummed, glasses glinting when he eyed his wrapping paper ail as if he was assessing the colorful wraps from his place at the counter "For Mrs. Feather right? heard she's due for another couple of weeks, baby wrapping paper though? hmmm, i believe i have some baby rattle paper just in the back, it should be near the birthday paper, you know where it is right?"

Frisk nodded and left, Edith and Emilia on their heels.

"~ Hey you with the pretty face
Welcome to the human race
A celebration, mister blue sky's up there waitin'
And today is the day we've waited for~"




"Oh Frisk sorry to have to interrupt you, but would you mind picking up a few groceries before you go sledding, i forgot to pick some up yesterday and it would be just grand if you could do that for me, yeah." asked Abigail, a guilty tone in her voice.

Blinking, Frisk took a glance across the street, and standing there in all its glory was 'Ebott Shopping Mall', the 13 year old raised a brow at the coincidence and reflexively shrugged "Sure, be back in a bit."

"Thanks sweetheart, see you, i'll send you the list."


Ending the call Frisk turned to the twins who where marching around the bus stop they where waiting at, kicking and throwing snow at each other when one of them got too close to the other "Girls, we have a little shopping to do."


"~ Oh mister blue sky please tell us why
You had to hide away for so long (so long)
Where did we go wrong?~

Holding up two green leaves, Frisk eyed them closely, examining them up and down and taking every detail of them in as if they held the secrets of the world, and they dared to not tell me.

"Hmmmmmmmm. . . . . . "

"Excuse me . . sir? is there a problem?"

Frisk turned to the source of the voice, a young lady of about 17 stood before them wearing a red T-shirt, blue jeans, green sneakers, and an 'EBBOT SHOPPING MALL' logo on her dark blue smock.

'Ashley Smith' written on her name tag. She gave them a friendly yet nervous smile, eyes looking not at them, but at their twin sisters who where going up and down the ail on a cart. Edith pushing while Emilia reenacted 'I'm the King of the World'. The two giggled like the little girls they are.

Frisk merely spoke "Uhhhhhh, yeah . . . which one is Cilantro?" they asked, holding up the two leaves that could most likely be Parsley and not Cilantro.

The women blinked and glanced down at the leaves, then at the pile of leaves in the ail area, she gazed at them with a look of confusion and nervousness, Frisk guessing that she couldn't tell them apart either.


Emilia squawked as she fell face first out of the cart, Edith having crashed into the side of the ail after seeing something that caught her eye.

Edith groaned into the cart bar "Autsch. (Ouch)"

Frisk cringed and put back the Cilantro-could-be-Parsley "I'll uh. . . . just take two bags. . please."

"~ Hey there mister blue
We're so pleased to be with you
Look around see what you do
Everybody smiles at you~"

"50 cents each person."

Digging into their coat, Frisk side stepped as Edith and Emilia raced past them and into the bus, shouts of 'dibs' and 'that's the one i picked' making it to Frisk's ears as they pulled out a 1.50$.

Putting it in the cash box, Frisk made their way down the ail and picked the seat near the middle of the back. Edith and Emilia picking the seats near the front where they began their endless pester on the driver, who spoke in one word sentences to everything they said.

It wasn't long before they picked up more passerby's, the bus having only had them plus 3 extras.

An elderly man sat at the back of the bus; with a long white beard, matching tangled tresses under a blue cap and coat, and holding an oddly curved staff. His eyes held wisdom, and a shade of icy blue that made Frisk turn away when they stared to long.

The other passengers looked to be young adults, identical other than their gender, and where seat on the other side of the bus whispering amongst themselves.

But it wasn't until Frisk tuned out of the world, did someone pull them back out. Frisk didn't even know it was possible to take a seat so loudly, but apparently the teen beside them could.

"Nice to meet you seat neighbor, 1: i love your sweater, and 2: my names Mabel, Mabel Pines, whats yours?" asked the aforementioned 'Mabel' who grinned at them.

Frisk tilted their head at the 19 year old, taking in her gold star imprinted red sweater, blue jean shorts, space themed jewelry, green converse, and band-aids covering almost every inch of her skin, the teen gave Frisk a smile full of braces, big and goofy.

She was the oddest teen Frisk had ever met in Ebott Town.

This made them crack a smile "Frisk, Frisk Bennett, nice to meet you." Mabel seemed friendly enough, in fact she just radiated warmth and an odd older sisterly aura.

Mabel grinned "Frisk huh, not the weirdest name, my brother's name is Dipper, after that huge constellation thing in the sky, though between you and me, Frisk has a better ring to it."

Frisk beamed.

"Anyway, you live around here? i mean, that's not weird to ask is it?! just curious. Here i'll go first, not as creepy right, me and my brother live in California, great city and nice beaches, you?"

Frisk shifted "Just a few streets down, with my parents and sisters and older brother. . are you. . are you staying in town?" they asked, curious why two city people would be staying in a rural town like Ebott.

Mabel shook her head "Just passing through, we're going to take a quick nap before moving on. We still have a few hours to go before we make it to Oregon."


"Yeah! we have two uncles there, they just got back from there trip around the world!. . . well just around America and down south anyway, there going to be staying for about a week before heading over seas for the Summer" Mabel explained, waving her hand here and there with the explanation.

Frisk brows raised, curiosity peeked "Around the world? are they explorers?"

Mabel let out a nervous laugh "Yeah, something like that, they go around searching for mysterious things that people can't explain or explore. It's pretty great, once me and Dipper are out of college we'll be doing the same, or that's what i want anyway, Dipper just wants to stay in Oregon to explore more of the forests. Boring if you ask me." the teen pouted.

"Have your uncles found anything while going around America?" Frisk asked, hoping to steer Mabel from her groaning and pouting.

This perked the teen right up "Yeah! just recently they-"

"MABEL! we're getting off, now!"

Frisk jumped at the unexpected voice, Mabel having no other reaction than groaning in disappointment. Turning Frisk was met with the male version of Mabel.

'Dipper' as they would presume, looked exactly like Mabel, brown tussled locks of hair under a blue and white pine imprinted cap, red t-shirt under a blue jacket, swamp green pants tucked into brown boots and a backpack.

From Frisk's point of view they managed to catch the odd tattoos the 19 year old sported on his right arm but they turned away when Dipper gestured for his sister "Mabel."

They guessed that the reason Dipper wanted to leave was because of their sisters who where picking and poking at him, asking him questions, tugging on his backpack and jacket, and practically being the little pests they were.

Mabel groaned "But Dippin-Dots! we just got on! look i even made a friend!" she said, grandly gesturing to Frisk who nervously waved.

Dipper eyed the 13 year old and sighed "Our stop is right around the corner, might as well get off here. . please." his tone sounded pitiful, begging almost, and Frisk didn't judge, Edith and Emilia where a force to be reckoned with.

Mabel pouted "At least introduce yourself."
Dipper sighed "Fine fine, will you come with me if i do?"
Mabel nodded.

"Alright." he turned to Frisk and held out his hand, a small forced smile on his lips "Name's Dipper, or well that's just a nickname, but i'd like to be called that, right, well i'm Mabel's twin brother, nice to meet you."

Frisk shook his hand and nodded "Nice to meet you too, I'm Frisk Bennett, and. . it looks like you already met my sisters Edith and Emilia." they smiled.

Dipper blinked and cringed when the aforementioned little girls popped up beside him as if being summoned "they're.. they're your sisters?"

Frisk nodded "Yeah, little sisters, i'm just taking them out to go snowboarding." they explained.

Opening his mouth Mabel was quick to cut him off with a squeal "TWINS! oh my gosh Dipper! they're just like us!" she grinned, as if pointing it out would make them even more identical.

Dipper cringed "yeah 'just like us'" his tone sounded more like disdain than awe like his sister, "But uh, they don't really look like you?" Dipper pointed out, comparing Frisk's chocolate locks and tan skin to their sunflower golden locks and pale skin.
Frisk shrugged "Their adopted, all of our family is adopted, my older brother, me, Edith and Emilia, we're actually just this big adopted family mix."

Mabel gasped "Really! that's sounds so cool! wish our family was like that, i bet you have allot of cool birthday parties." she groused.

Frisk smiled "Yeah, we do."

There was silence after that comment, Dipper fidgeted while Edith and Emilia prodded at him, Mabel was grinning and Frisk was silent, unable to come up with anything to say. That was until Dipper spoke up again "Well, uh, it was nice to meet you Frisk and uh, your two sisters but we gotta go, thanks for taking care of my sister."

Mabel let out an indignant squawk "Dipper! i'm offended." she sounded dramatic, hand flying up to her forehead and eyes rolling back.

Dipper merely rolled his own identical brown eyes "you can be offended out of the bus, come on, our stops here, uh nice meeting you three."

Said three watched as the male twin dragged his female twin out of the bus, Mabel groaning and moaning the entire way as if leaving was taking the life force out of her. While passing by the bus window Mabel energetically waved, mouthing 'i'll see you some time' which was impossible, the teen had forgotten to give Frisk her number and vice versa, unless they bumped into each other on the street, this would be the last time Frisk would see the energetic female.

It wasn't long before the bus moved on again, picking up more passengers along the way.

"I liked her sweater." Edith exclaimed, having taken Mabel's spot beside Frisk.
Emilia huffed, precariously sitting on the seats ledge in front of theirs "Well I liked the guys cap, it had a weird looking leaf on it."
Edith rolled her eyes "Das war eine Kiefer, du Trottel! (It was a pine tree you dolt.)"
Emilia puffed out her cheeks "same thing."

"~ Hey there mister blue
We're so pleased to be with you
Look around see what you do
Everybody smiles at you~"

"Frisk your a life saver, sorry having to cut your day short sweetheart, i won't ask of anything from you today, promise." Abigail smiled, taking the bags from Frisk who grunted out a 'its fine'.
"I swear i'm loosing my head, its a good thing i have you four. . and your father, but thank you again, Frisk, i owe you won."
Frisk smirked "An extra bowl of ice cream for dessert?"
Abigail paused, then shrugged, sending her own smirk and a wink their way "Deal, but don't tell your father, you know how he is with you kids being too spoiled."
Frisk nodded and Abigail smiled "Thanks again, life saver, see you later, and remember about your sisters."
Frisk nodded again and ran off "Got it! we'll be back in a few hours."
"Before dinner! and nothing later, your father will have a fit if your out here too long!" Abigail called out.

"We will!" and the sound of the door shutting was the last thing Frisk heard before they where running off after their sisters, the two having been running around the snow in a game of tag, snow boards in hand with Edith having to carry two due to Frisk needing their hands for the groceries and present.

"~ Mister blue sky, mister blue sky
Mister blue sky~"

Mt. Ebott was the biggest mountain around this part of America, sprouting more than 16,734 ft it was coated top to bottom in snow, taking the nearby villages with it, it was also the most used in snowboarding, every kid living nearby having the basic skill to snowboard.

And the Bennett family weren't any different.

"WOOHOO! schneller! schneller! (Faster! Faster!)" Squealed Edith as she clung onto Frisk's left side, Emilia doing the same to their right.

Frisk grunted and swerved around a tree, which was harder than it looked, with the extra weight of having two little girls at their sides and two extra snowboards on their shoulders, Frisk had a hard time maneuvering around the brush and foliage that where in their way.

"I can't go any faster." Frisk groused out, huffing as they swerved around another tree, the spray of snow getting into their face but unable to get to their eyes due to their trusty goggles, both girls squeal and the feeling of cold frozen water on their face.

"PLEASE! lets go this way." Emilia giggled.
Edith frowned "Nein, this way!"
"Aber wir sind doch schon da lang gegangen! (But we already went that way!)"
"Nein, wir sind nicht da lang gegangen! (No we didn't we went that way.)"
"Nuh huh!"
"Uh huh!"

Frisk yelped at the pull on both sides of them, the snowboard swerving unsafely at the friction of trying to go two ways at once. "Guys! stop it! you can't fight on the board! what did i say abo-" *SWISH* *BANG*

All three children screamed as the board swerved and hit a rock hidden in the snow, reeling forward, the three flew off and landed harshly into a snow drift, the two snowboards flying over them and into another.

Frisk groaned "-fighting on the board."

The twins moaned "TO NOT TO."

"~ Mister blue, you did it right
But soon comes mister night creepin' over
Now his hand is on your shoulder
Never mind I'll remember you this
I'll remember you this way~"

"Alright, you know where to stop, yeah." Frisk asked, strapping Edith's feet to the board and doing the same to Emilia at the top of a snow hill.

Edith nodded "Ja, just a few yards away-"
"-next to that big weird looking tree." Emilia finished, tugging her pink flowered beanie more over her head.

Frisk nodded "that's right, don't go any further until i meet you down there, and no de-tours either, Mom wouldn't like that."

Edith groaned "Fine fine! can we go now!" she pleaded.

Frisk sighed but nodded "Yeah, i'll see you down there, and i better not see a broken bone anywhere on your body, yeah, cause we both know, that hiding a broken arm is harder than it looks."

Both girls nodded "Ja sis."/"Ja bro."

Frisk smiled "Alright then, off you go." and then they promptly shoved the twins down the hill, both girls squealed and giggled as they easily straightened themselves out and skillfully went down the hill, this hadn't been the first time they went sledding, and it certainly wasn't the last.

Watching them go down, Frisk slid their feet onto their own snowboard and strapped in, this hadn't been Frisk's first time either, growing up near Mt. Ebott, you learned that the best sport here was snowboarding, Frisk was a pro.

Pulling their goggles over their eyes they pulled their finger-less gloves further up their hands and nudged forward.

"~ Mister blue sky please tell us why
You had to hide away for so long (so long)
Where did we go wrong?~"

"Hey Emy! Denk schnell! (Hey Emy! Think Fast!)"

"Wha?" was the only thing that left said twins lips before she was pelted in the face with a fresh ball of snow, Emilia let out a squeal and frantically began to swipe the cold MELTING snow off her face and clothes "EDITH! Tu das nicht! (don't do that!)"

All her twin did in reaction was cackle "SNOWBALL WAR." came the roar before Emilia was pelted with lumps of snow, they weren't even snowballs, just lumps of snow that miraculously staid together as they slammed into Emilia's back and face.

All the twin could do was scream out 'stop' and 'Das ist nicht lustig Edith! (this isn't funny Edith)' as she ran, un-able to stop the rain of attack from her sister.

Frisk grunted when a snowball pelted them in the face, dropping the snowboards out of reflex they quickly swiped the frozen water out of their eyes before more snowballs pelted them.

It wasn't long before all three kids where running around in the frozen wonderland known as 'Ebott Woods', dashing around frozen trees, jumping over snow drifts and shrubs and slipping on frozen water and small puddles, snowballs flying every which way as all three tried to get the other to surrender.

At the moment, Frisk was winning, Edith was second and Emilia was dead last, not having good of an aim like her sister who made quick work at trying to bury the other two in snow.

All three where now hiding from one another, jumping and skidding around like a soldier would during war when sneaking around an enemies territory.

Edith was located just a yard away, shacking behind a clove of tall trees, a dozen or so of snowballs laid around her.

Emilia was just a yard or two away, having built a snow wall around herself in order to not be pelted, she was shivering slightly from the amount of snow that was delted to her, beanie, gloves and coat wet and frozen.

And Frisk was just up the mountain where they could see the two of them, hidden behind a couple of shrubs with their own snowballs in hand, they had their goggles pulled over their eyes so they wouldn't get blinded when Edith threw snow into their eyes.

"~Hey there mister blue~"

They where silent, the only sound being the wind in the air, a couple of woodland animals and Emilia's audible breathing as she tried to keep warm, Frisk wondered if maybe they should head back, not only was the sun close to the horizon but Emilia looked like she was going to freeze over. There was certainly a cold in the air, and not just from the snow.

All those thoughts flew out the window when Edith let out a roar like yell and leaped out from her 'hiding' place, both kids where taken by surprise when the twin threw snowballs every which way as if she was trying to hit enemies that weren't there.

Lets just say that Frisk wasn't prepared to get hit in the face again, nor in the stomach and chest, Emilia was the same, letting out a shriek when one of the snowballs managed to punch a hole into her wall of ice, blanketing her in the packed snow.

"~We're so pleased to be with you~"

Sputtering, Frisk choked back a laugh when Edith tripped on a rock and landed face first into the snow, seeing the opening, Emilia was quick to stumbled out of the snow and throw her own snowballs, managing to get two in when Edith rolled to the side and stumbled into a run after her sister. The twin squealed and backtracked back to her wall, only for Edith to continue after her like a crazed maniac.

Giggling Frisk reared back and through their snowball, managing to catch Emilia in the back of the head by accident, and for Edith to let out a guffaw of disbelief, Frisk didn't have time to apologize when Edith hit them in the face with a lump of snow.

"~Look around see what you do~"

The 13 year old grunted and stumbled back, only to choke on their own saliva when something caught their foot and the next thing Frisk knew, they where meeting face first with the snowy ground multiple times before they finally stopped at the bottom with a winded grunt of pain.

Frisk groaned and shakily sat up, whipping snow off their face and neck in the process. Blearily glancing around, Frisk looked back and saw where they fell, it was a surprise that the 13 year old didn't see the hill they where hiding on top it, it wasn't that big just a couple of feet above ground, and Frisk wouldn't have seen it do to the amount of shrubbery that was hiding it.

It looked like they tripped over a root that was hidden in the snow, poking out, as if it wanted to trip Frisk in the first place.

Groaning in disdain the child crawled on their knees and began the wet process of trying to find the headphones and ipod that flew off their head on their way down.

"~Everybody smiles at you~"


Frisk paused and sat up, confusion on their face. . . was that a . . giggle?

. . . .silence

"Edith?. . Emilia?" Frisk called out, wondering if the two girls had fallowed them down here. .

Silence. . .

Frisk furrowed their brows and began to look around in the snow again, this was the third pair of headphones and ipod they had lost, 'mom is going to freak.' they thought.


There it was again, Frisk stood up and narrowed their eyes around the terrain, so sure that someone was with them or around.

"Is anybody out there?" Frisk called out.

Silence. . .

But they where so sure that-


There! from the corner of their eye.

Swiveling around they blinked in confusion when they spotted nothing, no person, no living thing, just nothing, other than the pure white flat terrain, a cave just a yard away and surrounded by trees as if they where shielding the area from prying eyes.

Frisk frowned, they swore they saw something, something bright and. . . green?

Okay maybe they hit their head harder than they thought, they do feel a bit sick and their head hurt a little, maybe that's it-


Frisk jumped when something bright, and green dashed away from behind a tree and ran into the cave, giggles escaping the thing.

Frisk blinked and before they knew what they where doing, fallowed after the glowing being, confusion in their eyes "H-Hey wait! who are you!?" Frisk called out.

Only to be met by silence.

Pausing at the mouth of the cave, Frisk peered in and was met with the average space of a cave, stalactite hung from the ceiling like decorations, small dew drops dropping from the points and hitting the cold hard ground with small plops. It was humid in there, which was surprising considering that it was winter out here and yet it felt like spring.

Though what really caught their attention was the large crater like hole, it sat in the middle of the cave, soaking in the sunlight and spanning just about Frisk's size, maybe more.

It dipped into the earth and that was all Frisk was able to see from their point, but there was no green glowing thing, no giggling, just the sound of dripping water.

Frisk furrowed their brows "Hello? is anyone there?" they asked.

But nobody came. .

Frisk frowned "But. . . but i swore there was something.. . " they mumbled.


Frisk yelped when a cold lump of snow knocked them straight in the head, making them stumble and sputter when the cold ice slid down their neck and into their coat.

The sound of Edith's familiar guffawing caught their attention and they glanced up, there, on top of the hill, was Edith, hunched over and laughing with Emilia not far behind doing the same.

Frisk huffed.

Edith giggled "Bullsey! looks like i'm the winner!" she boasted.
Emilia stuck out her tongue "That's only because i have a bad throwing arm, if i didn't i'd be the winner."
Edith scoffed "in deinen Träumen. (in your dreams.)"

Then they where bickering again.

Frisk rolled their eyes and turned back to the cave, their eyes instantly being draw to the large crater again as if being drawn to it, there was just. . something about that hole that pulled them in, something that they couldn't quiet place on their tongue.

"FRISKY! hello!"

Frisk jumped and turned to the voices, seeing the twins staring down at them with a look of irritation and impatience.

Edith was the one to speak first, cheeks puffed out from being ignored by their eldest "Can we go home?"
Emilia nodded "Yeah! i'm freezing-"
"-and hungry!" Edith finished.

Frisk sighed "Alright, you got the boards?"

Both twins nodded, holding up said boards plus one.

Breathing out, Frisk took one last glance at the cave and began to make their way up the small hill where both twins instantly flaunted their sides, dragging them towards their family house.

Halfway there Frisk pouted, they never did find their headphones, or ipod.





"Hey Edith. . . . why are you limping?"




"this way."
"over here."
"Don't go too far."
"fallow me."

6 figures giggled and squealed as they chased each other around, whispering and speaking to each other as if their voices couldn't reach this plane, echoing around one another, like sounds in an empty room.

Light blue

A round of colors as bright as the sun, misting and evaporating as if being burned by the light itself, but they weren't.

"This way!"
"Shhhhhhhh! before they see you!"
"Too loud!"

The figures called at each other and one by one ran into the cave and jumped into the hole as if they where diving into the ocean, one by one disappearing.

Until the last.

The green figure giggled and grinned as they hopped into the massive crater, falling and falling and falling until they landed with a burst on the flowerbed, nothing but mist and air, as if evaporating once in contact with the ground.

Then silence.

The only sound being a pair of familiar headphones and an ipod twisted and wound into the pile of buttercups, nothing but silence.

"~Mister blue sky~"

PoisonCupcake101 here and i'm just here to say that this is my new AU, made it up myself and its called SALVAGE-Tale, i hope you'll all like it, i put thought into it and i know that it'll probably be boring compared to the other Au's i saw.

but i hope you take a chance on it.

anyway this Au is copyrighted, so yeah.

1: Nancy*: is Mrs. Feather's first name.

2: i might add other crossovers like Gravity Falls into my Au, its just something i wanted to try out since i hadn't done that before.

3: the song is called 'Mr. Blue Sky' and honestly, i thought it would fit into this chapter.

4: Since Frisk doesn't have a gender people give them one, like how Zoe calls Frisk a 'she' and Chloe calls them a 'he' others will do this too and Frisk doesn't mind.

5: Edith has underlined lines and Emilia is normal, just so you can tell the twins apart.

anyway i think that's it.

6: The twins only speak in German when talking with each other, sometimes their English would slip when excited, mad, or when not paying attention.

have any more questions than ask me.

7: As for my German, I thank BlauOrange for being my translator, they've been a huge help with my German. Please visit them.


1. Nein = German for 'No'

2. Ja = German for 'Yes, Yeah'

8: As for Lucas, its Portuguese that he's speaking, I also don't speak Portuguese, so if anybody is fluent in the language, PM me, you'll become my exclusive Portuguese translator. You know, Google Translate could only get you so far.