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Silver Rose of Everlast


Chapter one:no turning back _________________________________________________________

I walked among the street of the market in a tattered dress that was covered with dirt.My silver hair now a deep greasy black color and my body was embeded with scars.People who passed me, glanced at me.Some with pity in their eyes and some with disgust.I kept to myself with my eyes drawn to the ground and my wounded bare feet.I felt hunger deepen inside me as I walked.It had been days since I last ate or had a bath.

I stopped and stared at the man selling fruits and large loafs of breads wrapped in paper.The smell of bread drifted over to me and I felt weak as my hunger deepened.I glanced at my dirty hands and the black tatoo marks on both my wrists.The mark of the Everlast Gaurdians.I stood there in hunger as I wondered to myself.However did a Silver Gaurdian of the Everlast Circle come to be like this?No matter,I was never going back there.I could never go back.The Dark Elf Hirlan had taken over the throne of Empast,high kingdom of the elves.Sooner or later he would try to conquer the human worlds as well.There's no going back now.A useless coward as I am is nothing compared to a great army of Hirlan.But...just maybe if I found help then someone...Ah...how silly of me to think of such things.Who would help a half elfling like myself?

I wiped my hands on the dress as an effort to clean them but it only made my hands look worse.I sighed and walked away from the wonderful smell of bread.I felt weak and dizzy.My usually healthy body felt fragile,as if I would break into a million pieces if something was to crash into me.Just then something came crashing into me.What a coincidence.

I was slammed to the ground and my body gave away to the impact.I lay there as if paralized.Everthing was spinning so fast.I heard a man's voice ask"Are you okay miss?Hold on,I'm so sorry."I then felt myself being lifted up and carried."woah.Your as light as a feather."The voice said again.Something else was said but I couldn't hear.I was too busy feeling hunger,pain,and dizziness altogether as I fell to the darkness.



"Aliah?Aliahxia Sealie?Where are you?"Cried out a beautiful elf woman.She had silver hair to her feet and was dressed in white.Her snow white flesh shown brighter in the forest that was made up of white silver trees.She shivered in the snow.Her hand reached up around her silver cloak and pulled it tighter around her.Her silver eyes darted from trees to trees looking for her four year old daughter.She turned as she heard a rustle in the trees.Then from behind she heard a small cry."Mama?Mama!"Forgetting the sudden movements in the bush before her, she turned in relief that she had found her daughter."Mama!"Her daughter cried as she ran to her mother.But then in a flash moment a yellow eyed monster jumped out and attacked her mother.It ripped the woman's flesh and red liquid spilled upon the white snow..

The young girl stood in fright.Then she heard sounds of arrows being shot.Within a flash second an arrow shot through the monster's head and it fell to the ground dead. Her mother layed there drenched in blood bleeding and calling out to her."MAMA!"she cried as she ran to her dying mother.

"Mama!"she sobbed.

"Sh......My young one....."Her mother choked out while breathing heavily."Remember my child...Remember these elven words.Elven spells...Equil eras lerna ojjooh kalssah reyss..."She choked out the last words then closed her eyes never to awaken.

"she's gone..."a voice said from behind her."there's no use crying now."She turned and glanced up at the person.It was one of the gaurdian elves from the Everlast circle.The warriors who has come to age all have a silver mark on their forhead.He looked down sadly at her.

"What is to become of the child Namen?"asked one of the gaurdians.

"The child with silver hair...isn't there a prophesy about it?"Cried another.Mumurs washed among them.There were twelve of them in all,surrounding her.

"Yes,it was said that the day blood sheds on silver white.It makes sense now."Cried out another.

"Let me see your wrists child!"The one called Namen cried out.He grabbed the child's wrist and twisted it up to see.The child winced in pain."Sure enough,she has the mark."he said softly.

The whispers died down to a deep silence.

Then Namen spoked again."The child will come and train with us.She will learn from the best there is."


"Mama!"I yelled.My eyes fluttered open in an instant and I found myself sitting upright panting and covered with sweat.

'Where Am I?'I wondered when I noticed my surroundings.I seemed to be in a small cottage.There was a warm fire blazing on the hearth and a sword hung on the wall.Shadows danced on the walls.There was a crunching of footsteps that sounded as if someone was coming to the door.Out of instinct I grabbed the sword and stood behind the door.My body still felt shakey and weak.Whether or not the person had helped me, I couldn't risk it.They might be spies from the dark Elf for all I know.

The door opened and I pulled the sword over the person's throat.I stepped out from behind the door and found myself standing face to face with then most handsome man I had ever met.His deep blue eyes seeped deep into mine.He had dark black hair,as dark as night.Within a flash he disarmed me.After years of training a stranger had disarmed me.I stood and blinked in stupidity as I took in what just happened.

"He is a great fighter..."I thought.I was already able to tell that he is of the most skilled man I have ever met.Better than Namen even.He laughed at me.It was not a spiteful laugh but a laugh at a good joke type of laugh.His eyes sparkled and his voice rang out merrily.

"Strange of you to try and kill me.I did rescue you from the street you know."He said, smiling still.

"after you came crashing into me murderously."I came back at him.He laughed again.

"Who are you?"I asked.

"I am-


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