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"I am..."he paused for a moment."Valen"then he smiled at me.A mischievious yet warm glint in his eyes.

"Now who are you milady?"

"My name is Aliah"

"Aliah?What a lovely name."He smiled down at me.

"May I ask who you really are?I presume you are a knight."

He shook his head."That I am not.I'm just a common man who works for his food and shelter."He didn't ask who I was.He just continued smiling at me.

I cocked my head to the side in a thoughtful expression.Noting the fact that he was a refined gentleman who seemed to be brought up courtly.It made no sense to me what so ever that he was living in a rotting dusty cottage.I frowned at him.I wanted to say something but decided against it.He had his secrets and I had mine.Still,that didn't keep me from frowning.He frowned back at me.My stubborn self didn't let me look away.It was quiet for a while,both of us still frowning at each other, unblinking.It was really amusing me,I might have even broken out in fits of laughter if I was not so stubborn.

"You have beautiful silver eyes."Valen said ending the silence.I blushed and turned away.

"well then again I've seen better."he said thoughtfully,an arrogant air about him.I take back what I had thought earlier.Refined indeed,what a jerk.

I quickly turned around to the insult."Well I've seen people with better manners.Tell me,do people around here talk through their asses all the time?"

"maybe..."he said the same mischievious glint in his eyes.

I looked in awe at him.I guess he doesn't have any manners at all!I can't believe I actually thought he was brought up as a gentlemen.I shook my head and mubbled silently to myself then I headed towards the door.

"Where do you think your going?" he asked.

"Away from you!"I said and opened the door.The moment the cold, night wind hit me I felt faint.Dizziness washed over me again.

"Suit yourself"I heard him say through the slight ringing in my ear.I leaned my back against the door.My body threatened to fall forward,then I felt two warm hands hold me up.

"Are you alright?"Valen asked,his voice was gentle.

"I.........hungry.."Was all I could say.He laughed.

"Why didn't you just say something?"

He led me over to the table and gave me some warm bread and cheese.He then made me some warm poridge.I ate greedily.My strength returning to me.

After I was done I got up and patted my full stomache then I went up and headed towards the door once more.Valen grabbed my arm suddenly.

"Your not going out there are you?"

"Yes."I answered, stating the obvious.

"It's dark now,you shouldn't be out on your own."he said sounding a bit worried.

I scoweled at him."I have been on my own for a long time now,I don't think you should worry,I know how to care for myself."

He sighed and nodded,letting go of my hand."If you say so.."

"When I get the money I'll repay you for the food."I told him.

"You don't have to."

"I don't want charity from you.I owe you and I'll pay you back.No matter what."With that I left.

The streets were empty and deserted,that is if you didn't count the beggars sleeping here and there.I wasn't much better off then they are.I passed some children in ragged clothes huddled in an alley.I shook my head.This kingdom was not so different from the one I escaped from.People killed for unknown reasons, leaving behind their children.

I sighed while looking around for a deserted alley to spend the night.

The morning sun rays shone on my face.I yawned and opened my eyes.Sounds of a busy market rose all around.People yelling here and there.

"Fresh baked breads!!!"

"Fine jewelery!This necklace here is perfect for you miss!"

"Fish!Large fresh fish and eels!"

I scrambled up to my feet when I saw some rats running aross the ground.I then walked out of the cold damp alley shivering in my ragged dress.I squinted my eyes through the sunlight and looked around.It was a normal busy day as usuall.I walked through the crowd.Men and women pushing away from me made faces.Most likely from my stench.I sighed and pushed away a lock of my now greesy black hair due to the lack of bathing.

My head jerked towards the left when I heard shouts coming in the distance.People were being shoved aside.I caught a glimpse of tall figures in black robes.My heart began to thunder as I realised they were Hirlan's dark soldiers.I quickly crouched behind some barrels.As they pushed their way roughly forward and stopped a few feet away from where I was hiding.There was about four of them and they were speaking quietly in the elven language.I strained to listen over the commotion.

"Where can that wench be?I was sure they said they saw her come into this town."One of them said.

"Yes,the man distincly said he saw a silver haired girl come here."

"They could've been lieing you fools!I thought you said you were sure she came here!"

"We must find her,we cannot let her find the white mage!"

"I know that you fools!Come on now!We'll search the rest of the town."

With that they left and I breathed a long sigh of relief.

I had to get out of here.They were looking for me obviously.'But how?'I thought'Surely they have the exit routes gaurded.I can't leave now,that would be idiotic.Perhaps I can leave during the night but then I'll have to find a place to hide for the day.Valen,He would help.Whether he wants to or not.'

I silently crept through the streets hiding myself in the crowd.I learned long ago that the most dangerous spot to be is the safest.

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