Ezran shot up from his desk. He had just gotten the impression of being stuck in a tight spot, being shaken violently while outside of said space, he'd glimpsed a fight.

If Azymondias was in trouble, so were his brother and Rayla.

He swiftly opened his chamber's door and told one of the guards to fetch Corvus.

Moments later, the tracker stepped in front of him, sinking to his knee.


"Corvus, do we have any soldiers behind the lines in Xadia?"

"We do have several ongoing covert operations, yes."

"Do you know a place named `Larwein`?"

"Yes, it is a small village about two weeks of travel off the border. If I may, what is this about?"

"I think Callum's in trouble. It's hard to say how exactly, but I saw them getting attacked."

The tracker nodded, all to familiar with his king's visions at this point and started pointing at the large map of Xadia and the Pentarchy that hung framed over the mantle. "We can't help them quickly, I'm afraid. Our nearest agent is stationed in a larger city, Tiram-Veltis, on the same river as Larwein. It would take them at least two weeks to arrive at Larwein in the very best case and a month at worst."

Ezran tapped his finger on his desk. He glanced over his shoulder at the empty bird stile. Pip had been a comfort to his father in times where he had not been sure what to do, but the bird was lost, thanks to Viren's breakdown.

The Katolin King rose to pick up his own pet, Bait, who enjoyed the attention.

"That's the only thing we have?", he finally asked after having studied the map carefully.

"Yes. I can get the raven sent immediately."

Ezran breathed an extended sigh, weighing the singular choice against its drawbacks. Ordering a hidden agent to ride hard to assist his brother and Rayla would very likely expose them or at least interrupt whatever it was they were doing.

To make matters worse, it wasn't likely the soldier would then be able to help them. If they were being attacked now, there was a good chance that they had already saved themselves - Rayla being Rayla - or were already past saving.

The reality of the situation bore down on him and he placed his hands on his face.

"It would probably be pointless to send them. Corvus, thank you."

As Corvus was leaving, Opeli entered, throwing a wry glance after the tracker.

She did not enjoy having him at her King's side so often.

Ezran was aware of this and it made him trust her less.

"Majesty", she began.

"Whatever it is you're going to tell me right now, can it wait for a few minutes?"

She showed her best `genuine, sympathetic smile`.

"Would you like to talk about it?"