Nobody wants to be lonely and yet they love it and true to there heart they
are lonely .

Without depression without love without emotions i am me this is what i
am .

I don't feel the love i will always feel the pain the loneliness of a nobody .

Drifter drifter i will always be anti-social u may say .

But because of u and your greed for everything that one human has to give
to another u suck it up like water.

Take it and leave nothing for me or anyone else .

So i became cold and hard the mask i wear will always be chained to my
heart .

Never will a real smile grace this marred and ugly face scratched and scarred
i hurt myself and wallow in the pain .

Threating the life of another will all ways spill from cracked lips broken and
untouched by the warmth of anothers .

I turn away from the light i turn from the dark i am neither dumb or smart a
empty shell broken apart by u and your sorrows that spill from the heart ......