"You did so awesome today and got invited to hangout with some people!" Grinned Sybil as she walked with Tommy out of the school building. "Want to come too?" He asked turning his head to look down at Sybil who clutched her binder to her chest. "I don't know Tommy, they invited you, not me. I'd feel like I was imposing." Replied Sybil with a shake of her head. Like Tommy she was the new girl at school and didn't want to step on toes.

"Nonsense! You were the first person to come up and introduce yourself to me when I got here. I wouldn't leave you out." He smiles and ruffled her dark curls and she laughed. "Stop that!"grinning playfully and brushed her hair back once he removed his hand. The two walked a little piece from school, Tommy had offered to walk Sybil home before meeting up. Suddenly out of nowhere grey odd looking creatures swarmed around them. "Syb, watch out!" Yelled Tommy who pulled her back behind him as one of the beings reached out for the girl. "Stay behind me." He demanded and Sybil nodded silently. She watched on as Tommy took a stance and started to fight the creatures. Everything happened so fast and a woman dressed in an odd costume appeared on top a building. "Tommy!" The woman called out and Sybil moved in closer to cling to him and his arm went around the girl protectively.

Everything happened so fast after that and when Sybil came too she was surrounded by odd looking creatures and one held onto her tightly. "She's awake my queen!" Growled the large golden creature. "Well down.. Hold her there Goldar." Smirked the woman who held a large staff in her hand. Once she actually focused on her surroundings she saw Tommy lying on a table and she struggled against the large creature holding. "No, Tommy! Let me go, what have you done to him?" Screamed Sybil and the woman looked most amused now.

"Quiet you, I am Rita Repulsa, and Tommy is my new Evil Green Ranger..Rise my Green Ranger." Before her eyes that esculated with fear, Tommy rose up. Green flashed in his eyes and he spoke in a monotone voice. "How may I serve my empress?" Sybil struggled more against Goldar before Rita started to speak again and the creature gripped Sybil tighter.

Tommy's eyes flashed with green once more and he looked toward Sybil then glared at Goldar. "Get your hands off her, you overgrown ape." Snarled Tommy and Rita cackled at this. "Let the girl go.." At Rita's request Goldar made a sound of disapproval but let go of Sybil and shoved her forward toward Tommy who reached out to catch her. "As a ranger, you can now enter the command center; there you'll disable Zordon and then destroy the Power Rangers." In an attempt to process what was going on Sybil took a breath and furrowed her brows. Only when Rita spoke next did she understand who the woman spoke of. "Jason, the red ranger, Zack, the black ranger, Kimberly, the pink ranger, Billy, the blue ranger, and Trini, the yellow ranger..Now prepare to receive the sixth Power Coin and become my Green Ranger!" Sybil stepped back a bit from Tommy when the coin appeared in his hand and he transformed into a suit with a gold shield.

Rita then teleported him away leaving Sybil alone. "He cares for you, even under my spell it shows through." Rita smirked and that made Sybil tense up slightly. "I'll use you as collateral.. Keep Tommy on path to being my Evil Green Ranger and once the Rangers are destroyed..You'll both know nothing but wonders beyond your wildest dreams." It was a tempting promise but Sybil's only concern was Tommy's safety. "And if I don't?" Countered Sybil with a glare of her own. Rita's expression hardened in disapproval.

"You'll die..Simple as that.."