In the big bedroom which Charlie's parents and Wonka's slept, Charlie's parents were in the middle of a conversation while Wonka was asleep. Their attention was turned when both of them heard the upper door opening and shutting. That meant Charlie was coming down to see them. Charlie's parents watched their son walk down the stairs and head towards the bed to where they are resting. They were expecting that Charlie wanted to join the conversation with them and see what they were talking about.

"Hey Charlie, what's up?" asked Mr.Bucket.

"What did you said to her?",said Charlie.

This made both Mr and Mrs Bucket freeze. Charlie just stood there. Both of them, as they both looked at each other and turned back to their son.

"Said to who Charlie?",asked Mr Bucket.

"Violet.. Dad... Violet told me you had said something to her.",exclaimed Charlie.

That made Mr.Bucket silent. He gradually turned back to his wife, who was right next to him being quiet about the whole thing. He began to talk about to his wife, to say something.

They heard a fateful sigh from Charlie which caused them to turn back around to their son to see what he was about to say. Charlie looked back up to both of his parents as they were waiting for him to say something.

"Dad, I get what you are coming from. Don't worry, Violet is not like that anymore. She is a good person just maybe get to know her, maybe she would show something you didn't know about her.",said Charlie with a soft smile.

He went back to his room leaving his two parents speechless to what he had just said. It wasn't until Wonka, who was sleeping, woke himself up with his own snoring.

"Morning Buckets, what did I missed?",asked Wonka.