In the island of Bali, Indonesia, it was calm evening at a hotel with a forest surrounding it.

"Ladies & Gentlemen, good evening and welcome to Bali. We are pleased that you have come to visit our small island paradise. Sit back and relax as you listen to our Bali ceremonial dance." An Announcer spoke when a cleaning man unknowingly swept a dinosaur card capsule with a broom.

A minute later, the ceremonial dance begins with the man dancing and singing with a chorus chanting 'Bali'.

"This chant is believe to bring good luck and good health." The Announcer mentioned while the chanting continues while the audience was watching peacefully.

That was until a few sparks of flames flew towards the opened card capsule and touch a Fire Dinosaur card and a Fire Move Card, which caused them to activate and turn into a Daspletosaurus. It witnesses the chanting and the ceremonial dancing, before it sniffed the buffet and ate it. Once it left, a waiter saw all the food was gone and eaten.

(Opening Theme: The Asterisk War Opening 2 English Dub by NateWantsToBattle)

(The opening theme starts with the Stone tablets when the six elements divided into a bright light)

The battlefield is bright

(Sunset Shimmer and Pinkie Pie came into a scene of flames with Blaze and Fang behind them)
The sun it shines today

(Rex Owen and Rainbow Dash appeared in with wind while riding Ace and Whirlwind)
Our emotions and shadows are cast away

(Applejack stands in an earthly field when Razor came out of the ground)
But everyone's aware
That soon enough it's bound to go down

(Sonata Dusk and Rarity dazzlingly spin around in front of Iry and Scales with a gush of water)
The light will fade out

(Max Tayler and Chomp appeared with lightning behind them)

Even dreams we had that came out of our lowest times

(Zoe Drake and Fluttershy were surrounded by leaves as Paris and Maya came out from them)
Will be forgiven by the world, by you and I

(Dr. Z lashes out his arms with Terry, Spiny, Tank and the Alpha Clone Dinosaurs being summoned behind him)
Now close your eyes and reach out
Let me guide you

(The D-Team and the Rainbooms pull out their Dinosaur cards)
If not alone, will you go with me?

(The D-Team and the Rainbooms prepared their Dino Holders and DinoShots)
We'll fly high

(They slashed and Fired)

Ringing out to break apart

(Ace started by using his Ninja Attack)
And like the spin you give my heart

(Chomp charges in with Electric Charge)
I'm screaming out to you

"You're my star! Will you shine forever?"

(Iry uses Water Whip then Blaze activates Elemental Power)
Live on and guide this madness

(Fang shoots his Fire Cannon then Whirlwind jumps up and zooms down with Atomic Bomb)

All of the things that we need are in front of us

(Paris unleashes Nature's Blessing then Maya uses Diving Press)

Love will guide you
And pick you right up off the ground

(Scales uses Water Whip also, but two appear on his tail)
We have a purpose
We'd rather die before we back down

(The D-Team and the Rainbooms' Dinosaurs battle the Alpha Gang's Dinosaurs and the Alpha Clones)
And I'm screaming out
Louder than before

(The Rainbooms were glowing and the pony ears and wings appeared)
"Maybe someday you'll get
This is the Asterisk War!"

(The D-Team and the Rainbooms and their Dinosaurs appear on top of a tall rock as the title appeared)

The next morning in Bali, there was a tour in the forest, being hosted by the same man with the grey beard (who tried to give the cards to the D-Team and the Rainbooms).

"Ladies & Gentlemen, I hope you're prepared for an adventure of a life time. You're entering one of the most forbidden primitive jungles in all the land. Stay alert because there's no telling what kind of ferocious wildlife you might see." The man said with the tourist saw two Gorillas.

Only the gorillas are animatronics being controlled by some of the staff.

"There ya go! Gorillas! You're in luck. Let's see what's on the other side of the trail!" The tourists then saw a Asian Elephants which are real.

The man stopped the tour bus and pulled out bananas. "Alright now. Anyone foolish enough to feed them?" This had one of the tourists volunteered and gave a mother elephant a banana and feed it to her calf. "Hope you all enjoyed that. And now who knows what other sites awaits us."

That was when the Alpha Gang showed up on the trail all exhausted. "We should've taken the island tour. At least that way we could ride the track." Zander spoke before Ed was next to complain. "You're right and they got bananas too."

Ursula then saw the man driving the tour bus and pointed to him. "Look! It's that crazy pilot who flew us to the Alps!"

"Yeah. And then he showed up at the mall too. Zander, you remember, right?" Ed asked Zander with flashbacks about their bad flight to the Alps mountains.

"Of course, I do. I'm still having nightmares." Zander mentioned.

That's when Ursula asked, "Still wish we gotten on his tour bus?" Then Ed said, "Maybe we should ask him if he has seen the dinosaur around here." But Ursula rejected that suggestion.

"Nah. There's no use. We've been walking through this jungle all day and still haven't found a trace of one." She complained as they continued walking.

Zander then agrees with her. "You're right. With all our experienced dinosaur hunting, if we didn't find it, it's not here." That's when the Daspletosaurus walked passed them unnoticed.

At the Taylor's residences house, the Rainbooms arrive with their dinosaurs when they noticed Zoe teaching Paris to sing.

"Hey guys. What's going on here?" Rainbow Dash asked.

Zoe first spoke only to Paris. "Now, listen to me." She then began to sing "La, De, La" repeatedly. "Now, we'll sing it together. Okay Paris?" She asked.

Problem is, when Zoe started singing with Paris, Paris does poorly.

"Now, I get it. Zoe's trying to teach Paris to sing. Except Paris isn't doing any good." Sonata noticed.

Applejack then agrees. "It sure does sound like high-pitched squeakin' though. Guess repeatin' hardly helps." Applejack then notices Razor covering his ears. "I know how you're feelin', Razor."

"Let's try it like this." Zoe decided now repeating "La" while Paris does it poorly again. Only this time, it caused Chomp to jump out of Max's arms and try to sing.

Rarity was covering her ears in irritation along with Scales. "Ugh. Darling, I'm afraid that's a little too high-pitched."

Now, Zoe begins to feel irritated herself. "Hey! No messing around! Let's concentrate!" She tries again for the third time which Paris failed miserably.

"Uh, Zoe, what's up with Paris's voice?" Sunset Shimmer asked.

Zoe answered. "I don't know, Sunset Shimmer. It seems like pitch is slightly off today."

"Slightly? No offense but that's not singing." Rex honestly said not amused.

Rainbow Dash came into agreement while holding Whirlwind. "That's more like squealing on a high-pitch."

"The only one who liked it was Chomp." Max spoke seeing Chomp trying to sing. "I think he's trying to sing too."

"Maybe they just need more practice to sing. I mean it does work for us when practice a song to perform." Pinkie Pie said removing Fang from on top of her hair to join Chomp. "See? Fang is practicing too."

Zoe then held Paris and looked at Rex. "Well, anyway Rex, you're wrong. Paris does sing and pretty well for a dinosaur if you ask me. Isn't that right?" Paris responded to Zoe with agreement.

Then the moment Max started yawning, Ace squirmed out of Rex's arms and jumped on Zoe's head. "Hey! What's his problem?!" She asked angrily.

Rex answers in apology. "I don't know. Sorry about that. He's been cranky lately."

Zoe then asked back. "Oh. I wonder why?"

"I think maybe he's not getting enough exercise around here since there's not enough room for him to run free." Rex guessed.

Max notices the problem as well. "You're right. Even when we walk 'em, they need to have their leashes on. I'd love to take Chomp to a field so he can run all he wants." This cause Chomp to lay on the table in a cranky tone.

"Oh my. Poor things. Some of us have been having that trouble with our dinosaurs. Even though Drill prefers sleeping, I'd still like for him to exercise." Fluttershy said in sorrow while petting Drill.

"It's true. The world all our dinosaurs come from is different from where we live, so it's no wonder they get stressed sometimes." Zoe agreed when Ace jumped on Chomp and ran around the house.

"Ace. Stop that." Rex told when all the dinosaurs (except Scales and Drill) started acting all cranky while the D-Team and the Rainbooms got stressed by it.

Max chuckled slightly. "Guess I shouldn't have said that about going to a field."

"Obviously. But I agree that you're right." Rarity said when the Dino Holders and Dino-Shots started beeping.

"Sweet! We got a hit! Let's go!" Rainbow Dash responded as they all went to the D-Lab.

A moment later, the D-Team and the Rainbooms all arrived to know where the Dinosaur signal is.

"Dad, another dinosaur appeared!" Max alerted to his dad.

This caught Dr. Taylor's attention. "So, where is it this time?" He asked when the signal on the map was detected on Indonesia, Bali.

"The island of Bali." Reese identified on the map.

This caused Rarity to giggle in excitement. "Oh! I always wanted to visit the island of Bali."

"Never heard of it." Max said.

"It's a fairly remote Indonesian island. Aside from beaches that have become tourist destinations, most of the island is still an untouched, undeveloped jungle." Reese explained.

"Hey, I've been reading about that place. There have also been some ruins there." Sunset Shimmer added.

Back in the forest of Bali, the tour was still going peacefully. That is until the tourists all say Daspletosaurus walking past them. "Hey buddy, what kind of creature is that?!" A tourist asked.

The man quickly identified to answer. "Well, it look to me like a Daspletosaurus, I'd say." That caused the tourist gasp in shock. "However, since there aren't supposed to be any dinosaurs on this tour, I suggest we start screaming and running for our lives." He suggested which caused the tourists to do so while Daspletosaurus roared.

The Alpha Gang was walking through the forest in misery. "Man am I hungry." Ed complained.

"Oh, I wish those tourists would give us some bananas." Zander joined in.

A few seconds later, the Alpha Gang got trampled by the running tourists. "Well, they didn't exactly bring us bananas, but they made us pancakes." Ursula groaned in pain.

Zander agreed with her. "Careful what you wish for."

A moment later, the D-Team and the Rainbooms all arrived in Bali, only at the beach.

"So, is this Bali?" Max asked.

"You were right about it having a beautiful beach, Rarity." Sunset Shimmer observed.

Rarity was looking like she was staring at a dream. "Oh my. It's more beautiful than I imagined it to be."

"I guess so. But the dinosaur didn't appear on the beach. It's further inland." Zoe noticed on the map.

"Then we better get moving before it gets furtherer away." Rex suggested when some of their dinosaurs headed towards the water.

Applejack responded to this while seeing them play. "That may be a little bit of a problem."

"Hey! Come back here you guys. We don't have time for you to play in the water right now." Max told while Ace stopped while afraid.

Rarity then come up with an idea. "Scales, darling, do you think you and Iry could bring them back here, please?" Scales nodded taking Iry to get the other dinosaurs out of the water.

"Hey, don't worry about it, Ace. You'll face your fear of water someday." Rainbow Dash said petting Ace while Whirlwind nudged him.

"Come on, guys. Let's get our dinosaurs and find the one loose here." Sonata told.

Sunset Shimmer agreed. "I'm with Sonata. We can relax and play later. Right now, we have to focus. Plus, this might be some exercising for you, Blaze." She added petting Blaze as they all left the beach.

Meanwhile, the Alpha Gang was in front of the hotel trying to convince a cleaning staff.

"We lost our room key, so we'll just hang out here at the pool until we get a new one. Okay?" Ursula made up.

"And our travelers checks are in the mall, so until they get here, we'll just have a little lunch and put it on our tab." Zander added.

The last one to join in was Ed. "I'll have a banana and six shrimp cocktails."

But the staff member didn't believe what they said. "What a bunch of baloney. You three couldn't afford to breath the air here. Now get lost." He demanded.

That's when the Alpha Gang heard the manager tried to persuade the tourists from earlier to stay.

"We're leaving today and that's final!" The tourist decided.

"But sir, you must have been mistaken about this. It's not possible that you saw a dinosaur here on the island." The manager begged which got the Alpha Gang's attention.

"Don't tell my husband what he did or did not see!" The tourist's wife responded as the tourist couple left.

This caused the manager desperation. "Wait. Oh, if this rumor gets out, it could ruin my business."

"Did I hear you just say dinosaur infestation? Then, this is your lucky day." Ursula spoke getting the manager's attention. "In fact, getting rid of pesky unwanted dinosaurs is our specialty. But it will cost." She continued.

"Yeah, like how much?" The manager asked.

"Do you want the dinosaur gone or not, pal?!" Ursula asked annoyed.

"Of course, but do you really think what those guests saw was really a dinosaur?" The manager asked again.

Ursula had a smirk on her face. "And a big one too. But I guess you can wait until it eats up all of your costumers or you'll wind up without a hotel or a job at all. Is that right?" Ursula asked in blackmail.

"All right! All right! Do it! Find that dinosaur and get rid of it. And if there's anything you need at all, I'm at your service." The manager accepted in defeat.

Ursula's plan worked pretty well, as she relaxes with a cocktail while Ed eats banana and Zander lays on a hotel bed.

"Mm. Good bananas." Ed happily munched on the pile on the pile of bananas.

Ursula was glad her plan worked. "Even I didn't think I'd be brilliant enough to get us a deluxe suite and free meals. I'm really awesome."

"Wait 'til he sees our order. Nothing but stake and lobster. Now, to practice swimming and hit the pool." Zander decided practicing a swimming stroke on the bed.

Ursula spoke again. "You know, let's not find that dinosaur too quickly. So, we can keep enjoying the good life."

Moments later in the forest, the D-Team & the Rainbooms were trying to find the Daspletosaurus.

"I don't know Max. Are you sure we're going the right way?" Zoe asked.

Rarity was beginning to complain from the walking. "I must agree with her darling. We've been walking through this forest and didn't find a thing. I would like to relax at the beach."

"Of course, we are. Don't you worry. Just leave it to… huh?" Max started off when they saw the tourist's car driving away.

"Kids get out of here! Run! There's a huge dinosaur running loose in this jungle!" The tourist warned.

"Really? There is?!" Max asked while Applejack joined in.

"Did it look like a meat-eating one, for that matter?" She asked.

"Yes. Sorry I don't have room for ya. But take my advice. Turn around and run for your lives!" The tourist warned again as the car left.

"Thanks for the tip, mister. See ya." Max waved in "goodbye". "See? I told you we're getting close, Zoe." He bragged.

"Yeah. Yeah." Zoe sighed in annoyance.

Then Sonata joined in. "You're right this time."

That's when they all saw Ace struggling in Rex's grip again.

"Stop Ace. Just chill out." Rex told trying to hold him.

Pinkie Pie then had an idea pop into her head. "Hey, I just remembered something."

"And what would that be, Pinkie Pie?" Sunset Shimmer asked.

Pinkie Pie began to answer. "When we find this loose dinosaur, what should we name it this time?"

"I don't know. We haven't named any new dinosaurs lately since Sunset Shimmer got Inferno." Fluttershy shrugged.

Rainbow Dash stepped in to remind everyone of the mission. "We'll think about naming it later. Right now, we gotta find the dinosaur first."

Later that evening at the hotel, Ursula and Ed were eating the buffet while watching the ceremonial dance.

"This is the best steak I never paid for." Ursula spoke satisfied.

Ed was enjoying more bananas. "Yeah, but shouldn't we be out looking for the dinosaur?" He asked.

"Come on. Don't be such a kill joy. That's probably nowhere near hear. And as long as it's not around we can keep living large. Have some cherry pop." Ursula doubted.

A moment later, the D-Team and the Rainbooms arrived at the hotel.

"Do you think it's around here? Maybe we should ask in the hotel." Max asked.

Rarity then made a sigh. "Well, I would like to ask for a relaxing spa or soothing bath right about now."

"Again, not important right now, Rarity." Rainbow Dash told just when Ace got out of Rex's grip while Whirlwind followed.

"Ace, stop!" Rex told.

'Whirlwind, get back here." Rainbow Dash added when their other dinosaurs followed.

Applejack responded with a question. "Where the hay are Y'all runnin' off to?"

While the dinosaurs were heading towards the hotel, Rex and the rest of the D-Team and the Rainbooms ran after them. "Wait up, you guys!"

Meanwhile, Zander was relaxing in a bubbling hot tub.

"Aw, yes. This is the way to live." He said in relaxation when he saw the Daspletosaurus. "Ah! This is the way to live!" He responded as he ran while Daspletosaurus follows.

Back at the ceremonial dance, the D-Team and the Rainbooms arrived while their dinosaurs begin to eat the buffet.

"Stop! That's not yours!" Rex told.

"Scales, darling, you know better than to do that." Rarity said when Zoe noticed something.

"Hey! It's the old lady!" She pointed knowing it was Ursula.

Once again, this got on Ursula's nerves. "How dare you call me old lady?!" She asked in anger.

Sonata face palmed herself. "Again, we agreed to not call her an old lady again."

"But at least we know that the Alpha Gang is here looking for the dinosaur here." Pinkie Pie pointed out.

"We should've known you've come! Stay away from that dinosaur!" Zoe demanded.

Just when they heard the ceremonial chant, most of the D-Team and the Rainbooms' dinosaurs ran up to the stage.

"Where are they going?" Zoe asked.

"Chomp, no!" Max told when theirs and the Rainbooms dinosaurs started singing and dancing to the ceremonial chant while Paris was singing, only this time it was a lot better.

"Paris, wow. You really are a great singer, aren't you?" Zoe asked amazed.

Fluttershy giggled softly seeing Maya and her son sing as well. "Yes. And the same thing goes for Maya and her son."

Ace and Whirlwind both stopped eating as they stared at the ceremonial chant and listened for a moment, until they ran towards the stage.

"Hey Ace." Rex called out while Rainbow Dash also noticed this.

"Whirlwind, where are you going?" She asked as Ace and Whirlwind joined the other dinosaurs on the stage.

"Well, I'll be darn. Look at them all." Applejack chuckled.

Max was also amazed. "They're all singing pretty good."

"Yeah. Guess they all like the rhythm." Rex agreed seeing Ace tapping his feet which gave him a thought. "Something about the rhythm seems to calm Ace & Whirlwind down."

"Primitive creatures respond to primitive music." The D-Team and the Rainbooms saw the voice was coming from the tour guide.

Max suddenly remembers him. "Hey. You're the man who gave us that card folio."

"So, what are you doing here?" Zoe asked.

"Well, maybe you can help us. Do you know this island pretty well, sir?" Fluttershy asked.

The man answered Fluttershy's question. "Well, I happened to be the island's best tour guide, but I really came here to be a dancer." He then started dancing away while chanting while the D-Team and the Rainbooms' dinosaurs continued singing and dancing.

"Good thing the show is free." Ursula murmured while watching.

Zander then came while wearing a towel. "Ursula. Ed. Look out! It's hear! It's terrible! It's frightening!"

"That's for sure! Put some clothes on!" Ursula demanded throwing a bottle at him.

Zander quickly put his clothes back on. "No, no. Not me. It's the dinosaur. It found us." That's when the stomping was heard.

The Daspletosaurus arrived at the stage, scarring away the dancer and the audience.

"Everything's fine. No need to panic. It's all part of the show." The manager tried to say in persuasion.

"Wow! It's a Daspletosaurus!" Rainbow Dash identified when the D-Team and the Rainbooms noticed Daspletosaurus also began to dance to the rhythm.

"Ha, ha. The rhythm's making him wanna dance too." Max observed.

"Kinda reminds me of the Altirhinus who was playing soccer." Rainbow Dash remembered.

That's when Applejack began to feel the urge to join. "Well, I don't know about Y'all but I'm gonna give the dancin' a shot." She decided joining Daspletosaurus and the other dinosaurs on the stage.

"Hey look. Applejack's dancing with the Daspletosaurus!" Pinkie Pie pointed with a smile.

Rarity looked in amazement. "Oh my. I can see that Applejack and the Daspletosaurus are a perfect match."

"Guess seeing it dancing got to her to join the rhythm." Sunset Shimmer added.

Applejack dancing along side the dinosaurs when she looked at Daspletosaurus. "You know since you like to dance like a prancing horse, I think I'll call you Prancer. How does that sound?" She sees Daspletosaurus dancing in enjoyment. "I'll take that as a 'yes'." She giggled.

"Get rid of that thing, you so called experts!" The manager demanded.

This caused Ursula to complain. "I'm a little full from the buffet, but I suppose I can give it a whirl." She quickly changed into her normal outfit. "Come on out Tank and Alpha Saichania!" She then slashed an Alpha Scanner, causing Tank & the Alpha Saichania to both come out in battle mode.

Not only the Tank and the Alpha Saichania scare away the chanting chorus, but interrupted Prancer's dancing.

Applejack was not happy about it. "Oh, Y'all did not just do that! Alright Razor, let's help Prancer." Applejack then turn Razor back into his card and puts inserts it in her Dino-Shot and spins the wheel forward. "Unleash the Power! Make an earthquake, Gastonia!" Razor gets cover by rocks and comes out of them in battle mode.

While Applejack and Razor came to help Prancer, Prancer wasn't very happy about the music being stopped and jumped and flew towards Tank & the Alpha Saichania with flames in his mouth.

But Ursula was aware of that. "Let's see how your Fire Bomb works against Earth Barrier!" She used an Earth Barrier move card to protect Tank & Alpha Saichania from Prancer and pushed him back.

"Hey! Y'all gonna regret that! Nobody messes with our friends! Let's go Razor!" Applejack told as Razor went into battle.

"So, not so fiery anymore are ya? Tank, Alpha Saichania, counter attack!" Ursula ordered when Tank & her Alpha clone swatted Prancer in the stomach.

But Prancer quickly responded by biting Tank's tail and threw her while Razor pushed the Alpha Saichania with them both on the ground while upside down.

"What do we do now?! They landed upside down!" Ed asked.

"What do you think? We flip them right side up!" Ursula answered angrily.

That's when Prancer began to get angry and unleashed his Fire Bomb everywhere. He then turns his attention to the rest of the D-Team and the Rainbooms and charged right at them.

Applejack had a worried look on her face. "Prancer no! Those are my friends!" She cried out while she and Razor were trying to stop Prancer. "I need some help, Y'all!"

Rex quickly responded turning Ace into his card. "Okay! Here we go Ace!" He said about to use his Dino Holder. "Dino Slash! Carnotaurus, Blow them away!" Ace then was turned into his battle mode.

Ace then tries to help Razor stop Prancer before he pushed them both off and began to respectively stomp on Ace.

"Ace!" Rex cried out in fear.

Sunset Shimmer took a deep breath and pulled out Inferno's card. "Well, guess now's the perfect to send you in." She said when she inserted Inferno's card into her Dino-Shot and spun the wheel forward. "Unleash the Power! Ignite your flames, Acrocanthosaurus!" Inferno collected flames and comes out in his new battle mode.

"Sunset Shimmer, are you sure Inferno on our side this time?" Rarity asked.

"Don't forget when I touched his card after we got it back, my magic freed him from the Alpha Gang's control. Inferno, Ace and Razor need your help!" Sunset Shimmer ordered with Inferno about to help out.

Max and Zoe were about to do the same thing. "Let's go Chomp! You gotta help Inferno rescue Ace and Razor!" Max told.

"You too Paris!" Zoe added when Chomp, Paris and the rest of the Rainbooms' dinosaurs approached Prancer.

They all started singing which actually calmed Prancer down lead him to the stage.

"What?" The D-Team all-asked.

The Rainbooms were all just in shock as well. "Wow. Are you guys seeing what I'm seeing?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Yeah. Also, I don't think Inferno, Ace and Razor are being no different." Sunset Shimmer noticed when Inferno, Ace, Razor and Prancer all began dancing with the other dinosaurs.

Rex quickly caught up on it. "You know what? I think Prancer was mad because he was forced to stop dancing earlier."

"That's really kinda weird." Max chuckled.

Fluttershy began to agree. "Applejack, I think Prancer enjoys dancing more than fighting."

"And he loves to hear Paris sing." Zoe added.

"Ha. You know, the way Prancer is dancing, it kinda reminds me of Michael Jackson." Rainbow Dash observed.

This gave Max and Zoe an idea. "Well might as well let Chomp sing and dance at full size, right?" Max said activating his Dino Holder.

"Paris too." Zoe agreed doing the same thing.

Max was the first do it. "Dino Slash! Show time, Triceratops!" Chomp went into battle mode.

"Dino Slash! Show time, Parasaurolophus!" Zoe added when Paris went into battle mode too.

Rainbow Dash pumped up her arms. "Sweet! Let's do this!"

"Great idea! Whee! This is gonna be so much fun!" Pinkie Pie cheered as the Rainbooms prepared their Dino-Shots again.

"Unleash the Power!" The Rainbooms all said as they all had Blaze, Whirlwind, Scales, Maya & her son, Fang and Iry in battle mode.

Then a moment later, they all joined into the dancing.

That was until Zander and Ed finally got Tank and Alpha Saichania right side up.

"Don't just stand there! Go drop the curtain on that dinosaur!" Ursula ordered.

Problem was Zander and Ed were exhausted. "It's intermission." Ed said as they fainted.

Ursula then pulled out another Earth move card. "Guess I'll have to do it myself. Earthquake, Saichania and Alpha Saichania!" She said activating it.

This caused Tank and Alpha Saichania to stand on their hind legs before slamming their front ones on the ground and cause an earthquake.

The crack from the earthquake swallowed Prancer before it close on him and turned him back into his card.

As a response, Applejack gasped and ran to grab Prancer's card. "Prancer! No!" She cried when she grabbed Prancer's card and his move card.

The rest of the Rainbooms and the D-Team were just as shocked and appalled by this. "Why'd you do that?!" Max asked.

"Yeah. How could you do that?!" Sonata joined in anger.

"I was tired of that song and dance." Ursula answered having Tank and Alpha Saichania use Earthquake again.

But this time, Rex was prepared. "Ace! Ninja Attack!" This caused Ace to use Ninja Attack and dodge the Earthquake.

"Oh no!" Ursula feared Ace's Ninja Attack hit Tank and Alpha Saichania multiple times.

Applejack started to hold up her fists. "Alright, those no-good wrestlers made this personal. Razor, let's do this for Prancer!" This had Razor nod in agreement as he glowed and activated a hidden move, which is when he charged at Tank and Alpha Saichania while covered in large purple crystals before ramming into them and shattering the crystals.

Sunset Shimmer took a good look at it. "Applejack, your determination for Prancer helped Razor unleash a hidden move, called Crystal Breaker. Now, it's our turn, Inferno! She then pulled out her Crimson Flame move card. "Crimson Flame!"

Once Sunset Shimmer activated Crimson Flame, Inferno runs and knocks Tank and Alpha Saichania down and burns them with scorching fire.

Finally, it was Max's turn slashing his move card. "Lightning Strike!" This causes Chomp to unleash the Lightning Strike to electrify Tank and Alpha Saichania until they both turn back into cards.

"Yeah!" Max called in victory.

Rex also saw this. "Good job!" He said with all the D-Team's and the Rainbooms' dinosaurs roared in victory.

A few minutes later, all their dinosaurs were back in chibi mode while Max takes Prancer's card from Chomp.

"Thanks Chomp. I kinda felt sorry for Prancer. Here you go, Applejack, he belongs to you now and so does his move card." Max said handing Prancer's card and his Fire Bomb card to Applejack.

Applejack was in relief as she took them both. "Thanks sugar cube. Just can't believe his dancin' was interrupted."

"Don't feel sad, Applejack. We'll dance with him again someday." Zoe told trying to cheer her up.

"Yeah. You're right." Max agreed.

This gave Applejack an idea. "Why wait until someday when that would be now?" She then insert Prancer's card into her Dino-Shot while spinning the wheel backwards and summoned him in chibi mode. "Welcome to the family, sugar cube." She announced hugging Prancer.

A moment later, Ursula picked up both Tank's and the Alpha Saichania's cards. "Those meddlesome monsters. They and their teenage friends messed up my plans for the last time."

"Excuse me, ma'am. This is for you." The manager spoke handing Ursula some paper.

"This looks like a bill." Ursula guessed correctly.

"It is. In the total of 7,612 dollars for your suite, room service, spa treatment, massages, 9 steaks, 12 lobsters, damages done to the building from dancing dinosaurs the 75 pounds of bananas. Thank you." The manager explained.

Ursula had to come up with a good excuse. "No way! What is that thing?" Once she had the manager look the other way, she grabbed Zander & Ed and made a run for it. "Get up you slugs! The show is over! Time for our grand exit!"

"Hey! Come back here! And give me your credit card!" The manager demanded in anger.

Later that evening, the D-Team and the Rainbooms arrived back to the Taylors' residence, when their dinosaurs continued singing and dancing, even Prancer.

"Listen to her. Don't you think Paris is singing better than ever?" Zoe asked.

"Yes, but most importantly they all really seem to be enjoying themselves." Aki Taylor agreed.

"It's really fun, Mrs. Taylor. Plus, Applejack made a new and danced with him." Pinkie Pie told.

Applejack felt very flattered. "Aw shucks. It was Prancer who did most of it. I just helped him out." She then petted Prancer.

Max and Rex on the other hand were exhausted. "Yeah, well all of them are pretty good I guess but they've been going at it since we got back. Can't they take a break? I'm getting a headache." Max complained.

Zoe disagrees. "Well, I think the music is really helping Ace a lot. Right?"

"Yeah. That's a relief." Rex agrees seeing Ace dancing.

Sunset Shimmer took at look at them also. "Well, now we know. If Blaze, Inferno, Ace, Prancer and others get stressed out, all they need is to sing and dance to make them happy again."

"Yeah, I guess so." Max said in annoyance.

Pinkie Pie just jumped up and thought of something in excitement. "Ooh! I really like that idea! Come on, let's sing it again!"

"No!" Max and Rex both opposed in annoyance and exhaustion while Applejack has a new friend.