Yaoyorozu Momo was beyond excited. Today was her first day at the prestigious U.A Academy- her first step to becoming a real Hero! She was so excited, in fact, that she ended up arriving a whole hour early to her homeroom.

"Hah~" Momo sighed. She was very fortunate that the administration was used to such eager students, and therefore allowed her access to the building, despite her untimely arrival. She'd been sitting in her chair for nearly thirty minutes, occasionally standing and pacing a circuit around the empty room, only to sit back down with another, long drawn-out sigh. She kept her phone turned off and in her bag, despite how tempted she was to pull it out and fiddle with the device. Her parents had warned her numerous times about how easy it was to fall prey to the allure of mobile games, until one was even playing them during class, when they should have been paying attention to the teacher. If Momo fell victim to this elaborate plot, her grades would drop, she would fail her exams, and she would have to drop out of school, forever cursed to be known as a stain upon the Yaoyorozu name. Needless to say, the girl was thoroughly frightened, and never even so much as touched her phone while in a classroom. The device was left buried under her books, at the bottom of her school bag.

Bored as she was, though, Momo feared she might soon reach a breaking point, and decide to do something she would most likely regret. Thankfully, there were only fifteen minutes left until homeroom began, according to the clock on the wall behind the teacher's podium, so she was more than halfway there! If she could just hold out…!

Momo sighed once more, desperately hoping something, anything, would happen. And then, as if her wish had been granted, the classroom door slid open. The girl perked up, staring intently at the entrance. In stumbled a tall, curly green-haired boy. His eyes were half closed, deep black bags under them, so dark they looked like bruises. His blazer was hanging open, as were the top two buttons of his white button-down shirt. His red, standard-issue tie was missing completely. A navy blue school bag was tucked under his right arm, and his right hand loosely held a black metal thermos. In his left hand was a black smartphone, the bright screen lighting up his emerald eyes.

The boy staggered over to the blackboard at the front of the room, where the seating assignment was taped. He had to stoop over to be eye-level with the paper. After a few moments, the boy let out a deep growl.

"Why the fuck do I have to sit right behind Katsuki…?" he muttered, voice echoing in the empty room. Momo startled at the crass language, but managed to keep herself from making a noise. The boy rubbed the corner of his phone against his temple harshly. "I swear, if that asshole wakes me up during class…" To say Momo was scandalized would be an understatement.

This boy plans on sleeping in class!?

She had to place a hand in front of her mouth to silence the inevitable gasp, but that didn't stop her from gaping at the back of his head behind her fingers. The boy finally turned away from the board, and walked over to his seat; two chairs in front of Momo. Yet, somehow, during his entire shambling stroll, he hadn't even glanced at her once. She didn't know whether to be indignant at having her entire existence ignored, or to be worried that the boy seemed to have to put so much focus on just putting one foot in front of the other, leaving little to no space in his mind to pay attention to trivial things, such as the only other person in the room.

Finally, the green-haired boy collapsed into his chair, upper body sprawled haphazardly over his desk. He carelessly dropped his bag and thermos to the ground, ignoring the loud clang the metal made when it struck the reinforced linoleum. A few moments later, his breathing became audibly stable, and Momo felt the world tilt on its head.

He really fell asleep!

"Please remove your feet from on top of the desk!"


Momo watched with trepidation as a blue-haired boy with square glasses confronted a red-eyed boy with a blond afro. The blond was sitting right in front of the green-haired boy, who was still asleep, leaning back casually with his feet up on his desk. Upon walking into the classroom, the blue-haired boy had zeroed in on the lack of proper conduct, and made a beeline for the perpetrator.

"Don't you think that's rude to the U.A upperclassmen who sat there before, and the people who made that desk?" Blue-Hair asked, hand pointed at the blond in a stiff gesture.

"Like hell!" Blond barked, though there was an undertone of malicious glee in his voice. "What junior high did you go to, you side character?"

Blue-Hair opened his mouth to respond, then paused, apparently realizing something. "It seems we have gotten off on the wrong foot. My name is Iida Tenya, and I attended Somei Private Academy!" Iida-kun said proudly, a hand on his broad chest.

"Somei!?" Blond growled, voice dripping with so much disdain his sneer was virtually audible. "So you're a damn elite, hah!? Looks like I'm gonna get to have some fun when I murder y- bu-hah!?" He pitched forward in his seat, startling Iida into stepping back. The blond whirled around on the green-haired boy, whose hand was still hovering in the air after delivering a solid thump to the head.

"What the fuck was that for, asshole!?"

Even though she sat two seats behind (and directly behind a very small boy with purple balls for hair, who kept glancing back at her over his shoulder and then whispering to himself in an unpleasant manner), Momo could feel the glare of the green-haired boy. Blond, who had previously been on the offensive, was now leaning away, the barest of shivers running down his arms, which were held up in front of him defensively.

"...I thought I saw a spider."

"That's a goddamn lie, you shitty broccoli!"

This time, Green-Hair slapped Blond right in the face with enough force that Blond spun around in his chair, facing the front of the room.

"...Another spider." Green-Hair dropped his head back to the desk, falling back asleep in moments.

Iida-kun opened his mouth to say something, but at that moment, the classroom door slid open again. A man wearing all black clothes and a multi-layered scarf walked in, and eyed the students blankly.

"I'm your homeroom teacher, Aizawa Shota. Nice to meet you."

"A Quirk assessment?"

"What happened to the Entrance Ceremony, or Orientation?"

Aizawa-sensei glared at the student who asked that second question; a girl with brown hair and pink spots on her cheeks. "If you're going to become a hero, you don't have time for such leisurely events. Here at U.A, we teachers have a bit of freedom with how we run classes, which includes skipping useless things. Anyways, you kids have been doing these things since junior high, right? The physical fitness tests, where you weren't allowed to use your Quirks. For some bizarre reason, the government insists on using these tests to determine your capabilities. It's not rational. Now… Midoriya," Aizawa said, turning to the green-haired boy from earlier. "You were first place in the Entrance Exam. What was your score for the softball throw?"

Midoriya-kun just shrugged, causing Aizawa-sensei to narrow his eyes.

"What's that supposed to mean?" the man asked, a hint of an edge to his voice.

"I don't remember," Midoriya-kun responded dully.

Aizawa-sensei sighed and shook his head. "Whatever. Go throw this, and use your Quirk." He handed Midoriya-kun the ball, and the teen stepped into the circle. He reared back and threw the ball. It went high up into the air, soaring through the sky… Only to land fifty meters away, according to the sensor on Aizawa-sensei's phone. Sensei and Midoriya-kun stared at each other blankly for a solid five seconds.

"...Can I try that again?"

The man nodded tiredly, and Midoriya-kun retrieved the ball. This time, when he threw it, the ball flew horizontally instead of vertically, and landed an astounding six-hundred meters away.

"Better," Aizawa-sensei said, turning to face the rest of the class. "The purpose of these tests is to figure out your maximum limits, so that you can eventually grow past them. That's the most rational way to form the foundation of a hero. This was just an example, so we're going to move to the other tests now. We'll come back to the softball throw last. Midoriya, since you just went, you won't have to do it again."

The students surrounding Momo began chattering cheerfully, happy that they would no longer be quite as restricted in the usage of their Quirks.

"Oh, and by the way," Aizawa said, sounding like he'd just remembered something. The students leaned in, realizing that this man didn't slow down, and not wanting to miss what he was going to say, in the event that it was important.

"The student with the lowest overall score will be judged as having no potential, and be expelled immediately."

"Okay, it's time to show you your scores. The total is simply the sum of the marks you got on each test. In Uraraka's case, her score from the ball throw will be that of the highest plus one meter. I don't feel like saying them individually, so I'll just show them all at once."

Sensei clicked a button on his phone, and a hologram popped up above, listing the names of each student with their rank and numerical score. Momo was a bit disappointed to see that she had only placed second, beaten out by Midoriya Izuku. In third was Todoroki Shouto, the boy with red-and-white hair, then Bakugou Katsuki took fourth. At the very bottom was Mineta Minoru, who, judging from the crying, was the very short boy with what looked like grapes for hair who had been staring unpleasantly at the female students.

Momo shied away from his wailing. Normally, she wouldn't simply allow someone to cry while she could do something about it, but considering how Mineta-kun had been acting for the entire assessment, she would much rather not be near him, if it could be helped.

"Oh, by the way," Aizawa-sensei said, cutting through the sound of ugly sobbing, "That whole expulsion thing? It was a lie."

The class grew quiet in an instant, staring at their homeroom teacher in shock.

"It was a logical ruse," he explained, "Designed to force you to do your absolute best, under threat of severe punishment. In times where a person experiences fear, they tend to ignore most slight discomforts to perform at their maximum. That is the spirit of Plus Ultra; going beyond your ordinary limits to get the job done. Anyways, with that, we're done here. There are handouts with the curriculum and such in the classroom, so when you get back, look them over. See you tomorrow."

"I AM… Coming through the door like a normal person!" All Might shouted, leaning into the room while latching onto the door frame in a manner that was decidedly not normal. The Number One Hero laughed boisterously and strutted over to stand behind the teacher's podium. Momo could almost feel the stars in her eyes. This was the man who upheld society- the Symbol of Peace. The man who scared most Villains into hiding, and took down the ones that were foolish enough to still act out. He was Momo's inspiration (one of them, at least), as he was many others. She was more than excited!

"I-it's All Might!"

"Wow, he really is a teacher!"

"That's a costume from the Silver Age, isn't it? Kero."

"Its style is so different, it's giving me goosebumps!"

"Hello, my young pupils!" All Might said, cutting through the chatter. "I will be your teacher for Foundational Hero Studies, where you will learn the basics of being a Hero! This will be an everyday class, unaffected by your schedule rotations! Now, let's get right into it!" he shouted, flexing his incredibly large muscles. He turned suddenly, throwing a hand in front of him that a light gust blew through the classroom, ruffling Momo's spiky ponytail. Sparkles joined the stars in her eyes at the casual display of his immense strength.

"This is what we'll do today!" All Might said, holding a card. "Combat training!" The class cheered, excited at the prospect of being able to do something so active on only the second day. "And, to go along with that, are these!" All Might cried, pointing to a section of the classroom wall which had four gray stripes on it, standing out from the whitewashed walls. Slowly, the panels rolled out of the wall, revealing tall racks with cases numbered one through twenty. "Your Hero Costumes, made based on your Quirk registrations and the requests you sent in before classes began! Now, get changed, and meet me in Ground Beta!" All Might left the room, booming laughter echoing the whole way.

Momo… Was not sure how to feel about her Hero Costume. On the one hand, it fit very well with her Quirk, Creation, which required a fair amount of skin to be exposed. The more surface area she had to work with, the larger and faster she could Create things. Still, when her Costume was basically a red leotard that was open down the middle, and a yellow belt wrapped around her waist, she was more than a little uncomfortable. It definitely didn't help that Mineta-kun was unabashedly staring at her, drool leaking from the corner of his mouth. She frowned at him to attempt to show her displeasure, but he simply flashed her a thumbs-up, and Momo recoiled, shuffling towards the back of the group, behind some of the other students in an attempt to break line-of-sight.

"They say the clothes make the man, young men and ladies! Be fully aware; whenever you are in those outfits, you are HEROES!" All Might roared, standing in front of the class on the asphalt road. The students cheered, and Momo put aside her momentary turmoil to join them. "Yes, good! You all look very cool!" All Might called encouragingly. "Now, shall we begin, you zygotes!?"

A loud yawn beside Momo startled her, and she glanced to her right. It was Midoriya-kun, wearing… A white t-shirt and gray sweatpants.

"Um… Midoriya-kun? Are you sure you have the right costume?"

The green-haired boy glanced down at her- for all that people said Momo was tall, Midoriya-kun towered over her. "...Who're you?"

"Oh, forgive me! I seem to have forgotten my manners. My name is Yaoyorozu Momo! It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." She did a half-bow, and smiled at him. Midoriya-kun simply grunted.

"...Right. Well, apparently you already know who I am…" The corner of his lip twitched downward- he didn't seem to like that very much. "Anyways, what about my Costume?"

"It just seems… Forgive me for being so blunt, but it is rather lackluster." Midoriya-kun raised an eyebrow, pointedly glancing at her Costume, and Momo crossed her arms over her stomach self-consciously. "M-My Costume is made to work with my Quirk. The Support Department is the one that designed it like this, so…"

"...Right." He faced forward, and that seemed to be the end of that conversation.

"The point of this class is to simulate indoor urban battles!" All Might said, capturing the attention of his pupils. "You may be thinking that battles with Villains take place outside, but that is not the case! The reason the most televised fights occur in the streets is because the more intelligent, the most dangerous, Villains lurk out of sight, careful to not draw attention! If you look at the statistics, more conflicts with Villains happen indoors than out! Human trafficking, drug deals, extortion and blackmail- in this society filled with Heroes, the worst crimes are hidden in the shadows!

"For this class, you will be split into teams of two, then two teams will be set against each other! One team will be the Villains, with the goal of safeguarding an objective and defeating the Heroes, while the other team will be the Heroes, with the goal of capturing the objective and defeating the Villains! There will be two ways to win; For the Villains, it will be to survive the entire fifteen minutes while keeping the objective safe, or capturing both of the Heroes, using the special capture tape I will be providing! For the Heroes, it will be to secure the objective before the fifteen minutes are up, which can be done by simply touching it, or capturing both of the Villains! Now, we will be drawing lots to determine the teams, since in a real-life crisis, you will likely not be able to choose who you work with!"

With a flourish, All Might produced a box from behind him, and held it out to the closest students. Hesitantly, they stepped forwards. The closest one, Bakugou-kun, stuck a bracer-fitted hand into the box, which thankfully had a large enough opening for him to grab a ball without getting stuck. That would have been quite embarrassing. He tilted the sphere to show All Might the character painted on it, then walked back to his place.

"Alright, Bakugou-shonen is on Team D! Now come, young men and young women, and decide your fate!"

Team A: Midoriya Izuku and Yaoyorozu Momo

Team B: Shoji Mezo and Todoroki Shouto

Team C: Iida Tenya and Uraraka Ochako

Team D: Bakugou Katsuki and Minoru Mineta

Team E: Aoyama Yuga and Ashido Mina

Team F: Sato Rikido and Koda Koji

Team G: Kaminari Denki and Jiro Kyoka

Team H: Tokoyami Fumikage and Asui Tsuyu

Team I: Ojiro Mashirao and Hagakure Tooru

Team J: Kirishima Eijirou and Sero Hanta

"The first battle will be… Team D as the Heroes, versus Team A as the Villains!"

Momo turned to Midoriya-kun, sticking her hand out for a shake. "I look forward to working with you!" He stared at her for a solid moment.