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Chapter 48 – Worth Woodsea and the Oración Seis

"Now… It seems we're finally all here… Allow me to explain the mission." Ichiya began, standing on a small platform with lights on each corner pointed at him for dramatic effect. Why he had such a thing, none of the Mages from the other Guilds could fathom. "But first a trip to the men's room!" He quickly hustled over to a door on the far wall.

Everyone blinked at the delay, wondering why Ichiya had even begun if he was just going to run off before explaining anything. Fortunately, he was back a short time later.

Ichiya got back atop the small platform and posed before continuing from where he left off, as if nothing had happened. "If you go north from here, there's a huge expanse of the Worth Woodsea. The ancients sealed away an amazingly powerful Magic in that forest." He leaned forward, making sure the two lights at the front corners of his small platform illuminated his face while holding up both hands, his index and middle fingers extended like finger guns. "That Magic's name was…Nirvana!"

"Nirvana?" Lucy repeated.

"I've never heard of such a Magic." Lyon said with a stoic look.

Sherry looked to Jura. "How about you, Jura?"

Jura shook his head once. "No. I have no knowledge of it."

"Would you like a fish?" Happy asked Carla as he offered her one from his special green bag that he carried with him.

Carla turned her head and crossed her arms. "Not interested."

Happy's first love struggles were completely ignored by everyone else.

"If the ancients sealed it away, then it must be destructive Magic." Ren said with narrowed eyes.

"We don't know what this Magic is…" Eve admitted to the group.

Hibiki spoke next. "It's safe to assume that the Oración Seis are gathered there to get Nirvana for themselves."

"And to make sure that doesn't happen we have to stop the Oración Seis!" Ichiya finished, once more posing and pointing his finger guns at the gathered Mages.

"We have seventeen Mages compared to their six." Hibiki held up his hand and a square of golden light appeared. "But don't take them lightly." He threw his hand to the side and the one small square of light turned into six larger squares, each with the face of a different person on it. "These six are unbelievably strong."

Everyone looked closely at the six faces, making sure to remember them.

Hibiki began to list off the six members of Oración Seis one by one. "The Mage who controls venomous snakes, Cobra." He pointed to the first picture. "One who, it is believed, lives up to his name with speed-based Magic, Racer." Hibiki made the second picture glow as it was further away. "Hoteye, the Heaven's Gaze." The next picture lit up. "The girl who can see into your heart, Angel." Hibiki pointed at the closer picture. "We have very little information on this man, other than his name, Midnight." He pointed at the picture of a mage with black and white hair and red eyes. "And finally, the commander of them all, Brain." The final picture lit up to show the leader of Oración Seis.

"Each of them has enough power to crush a Guild on their own. We must use our advantage in numbers." Ichiya took over the explanation again.

Lucy raised her hand. "Um, I'm not sure just how much help I'll be against Mages of this level." She was smart enough to know that she was still the weakest Mage among the Fairy Tail group, even if she had been improving a lot since she joined.

Ichiya pointed his fingers guns at her with a straight face. "You can relax on that account. We do not simply count fighting strength in our tactical advantages. As long as we can simply find their base, we'll be fine."

"Base?" Lyon and Gray asked at the same time, before looking at each other with narrowed eyes.

"There is much we don't know about Oración Seis yet, but one thing we've deduced is that they have a stronghold in the Worth Woodsea." Ren said to the group as a whole.

"What would be best is to have them all gathered in that base." Ichiya pointed down at the small platform that he stood on.

Mira raised an eyebrow. "How do we do that?" It wasn't like the Oración Seis was just going to sit and wait around in their stronghold for the group to find them.

Cana let out a thoughtful hum. "We could try and force them to retreat into their stronghold, but given their strength, that might not be possible."

"What will you do once they're gathered?" Erza asked the members of Blue Pegasus.

Hibiki smirked and pointed straight upwards. "Our Guild's sky steed, the pride of the continent! With Christina we can bury their stronghold!" He declared with a sure smile.

Sherry nearly gaped at what Blue Pegasus had brought to fight the Oración Seis. "A magic Heavy Bomber?!" That was a vehicle usually reserved for wartime and getting permission to own it from the Council had to have been insane for Master Bob.

"Wait, we're up against people, do we need to go that far?" Wendy asked, knowing that such a craft would be overkill when dealing with most Dark Guilds.

"They are that kind of enemy." Jura stated firmly. "Listen…" He looked each and every Mage in the eyes. "Even when it comes to battle, we must not fight on our own! We must always battle with odds of at least two against one."


The sound of Natsu punching his right fist into his left palm got everyone's attention. "Right! I'm getting fired up!" He had a large grin on his face. "Let's get started!"

Gajeel was already heading for the doors. "We just have to head north, right?" He smirked and his slitted red eyes glinted with challenge.

"Gajeel…" Juvia sighed at how eager the Iron Dragon Slayer was to fight.

The Fairy Tail group headed for the doors together, their coordination as a group was smooth from their closeness and years of working together.

"I'll come with you!" Wendy followed after them and quickly caught up.

Carla used her Aera Magic to make her white wings appear before taking off after Wendy.

"Wait for me!" Happy flew after Carla with a smile.

Lyon shook his head. "I don't really want to be shown up by Fairy Tail." He took off for the doors. "Come on, Sherry!"

"Yes!" Sherry agreed instantly, rushing to follow after Lyon.

"Lyon! Sherry!" Jura called out to his guildmates, but they were already out the door.

Ren, Eve, and Hibiki ran for the door as well.

"Let's go too!" Ren declared.

"Right!" Eve said as he ran with his teammates.

"Angel, hm?" Hibiki let a suave grin cross his face, clearly thinking about the lovely woman.

In mere seconds only Jura and Ichiya were left in the building.

"Oh, for the love of…" Jura sighed at how eager the younger Mages were to fight against the dangerous Oración Seis.

"Meeeen…" Ichiya exhaled heavily, seemingly commiserating with Jura.

Jura turned and took a step towards the open doors. "Well, however it started, the mission has begun. We should join in as well." He glanced back at Ichiya. "I take it that you'll be flying the magic Heavy Bomber, Christina, to the location?"

"Yes, but first, Sir Jura!" Ichiya pointed his finger guns at the Wizard Saint. "I'd like to ask you, as a member of the Ten Wizard Saints, would you consider yourself equal to someone like Master Makarov?"

"Not at all." Jura shook his head, looking at Ichiya like the short man was crazy. "The title of Wizard Saint is bestowed by the Council. I was recently given the title to fill the vacancy left by Jose Porla's expulsion. While I may have the title, I am the least of them. Comparing me to someone like Master Makarov would be like comparing heaven to earth."

Ichiya nodded as a small grin formed on his lips. "I am relieved to hear it. I was worried about what I'd do if you were on the same level as Makarov."

Jura looked perplexed before a cloud engulfed him. His eyes widened and he nearly retched from the putrid smell of the thick mist. "What is this terrible smell?!" His body spasmed and Jura hunched over.

"It's a Magic Perfume that destroys a person's will to fight…so I hear." Ichiya said as he gently waved the vial around, letting more of the thick mist engulf Jura.

"Ichiya, what are you…?" Jura covered his mouth and nose with his hand to try and prevent breathing in more of the perfume.


Ichiya's answer was to stab Jura with a knife, right in the gut, the tip of the blade coming out of the man's back.

"Urk!" Jura hacked out a mouthful of blood as Ichiya took a few steps back.

Ichiya's body suddenly turned into a burst of bubbles that then vanished to reveal two short, blue creatures with a pair of antennae on their heads, round eyes, and wide mouths. Both were wearing shorts with a strap crossing over their torsos.

"Fuu!" The creature on the right exclaimed.

"We're back!" The creature on the left said.

Jura stared at the two creatures wide-eyed, realizing what they were after a moment to feel out their Magic.

"That Ichiya guy doesn't think of anything but sex, huh?" The creature on the right asked.

The creature on the left laughed, much like a child. "He doesn't think at all! He's just a useless adult!"

The sound of light footsteps caught Jura's attention.

"Yes, yes. Stop your complaining." Angel said to the small creatures.

"Peeri, peeri!" The duo made a strange noise as they stopped talking.

Jura felt his body failing him as he narrowed his eyes at Angel. "Y-You're…"

"Ah, you're wondering where that dirty man went?" Angel asked with a mocking tone. "I had him copied." She shrugged with a grin. "That's how I found out about your entire plan."

"When we copy somebody we even know how they think!" The two creatures high-fived each other.

Jura grimaced, trying to fight against the encroaching darkness. "How…"

Angel placed her right hand on her chin delicately, a small smile on her lips. "Yes…! We were able to take care of two right off the top."

Inside the bathroom, the beaten and bloody form of Ichiya laid up against the wall, his pants still around his ankles.

Jura collapsed to the floor, his staff falling from his hand. "I am…mortified…" He lamented his inability to complete the mission, and even worse, the fact that he'd been taken down in such a manner.

"I will not allow any children of light to interfere." Angel said darkly as she looked down on the fallen form of Jura. "And any who try will be punished by an angel!"

-Worth Woodsea-

"I can see the forest!" Natsu grinned as he crested the hill and looked out over the vast sea of trees that spread all the way to the horizon.

"Did we really…have to run…all the way…here?" Lucy was breathing heavily, not having been expecting to literally run the whole way to the forest from the meeting spot.

A shadow fell over the group from above and everyone looked up.

In the sky was a massive ship that was built to look vaguely like a Pegasus. It was decked out with various guns and cannons as it flew through the air above.

"Ohh!" Erza marveled at the ship. "So, that's the magic gunship, Christina?"

"Amazing…" Juvia breathed out as she looked up.

"I've heard about it, the Sky Steed…but seeing it is different." Lisanna mentioned as she watched the flying ship.




Multiple large explosions erupted from the flying gunship. Pieces and large chunks of Christina fell to the ground like hail.

"Eh?!" Lucy gaped at the sudden destruction of the huge Heavy Bomber.

Wendy covered her mouth with her hands. "You're kidding…"

"Christina is…!" The Tri-Men could only stare in shock at the destruction of Blue Pegasus's greatest weapon.

The burning magic ship fell out of the sky and crashed, further breaking it apart. Flames flared and engulfed the ship, quickly spreading across the damaged vessel, further dooming it to complete destruction.

"What just happened?!" Lyon questioned as he stared at the burning wreckage.

"Someone's coming out." Mira narrowed her eyes at the silhouettes appearing from the flames.

Six people walked out of the flaming wreckage without a mark on them.

Given that they'd just seen the pictures of these people, the entire alliance group said the same thing simultaneously.

"The Oración Seis!"

"The maggots have been gathering." Brain glared at the group of Legal Mages.

Angel raised her right arm into the air with a smirk. "We see through all of your futile plans."

"We already took down Jura and Ichiya!" One of the strange blue creatures spoke up.

"What do you think?" The second creature asked.

Lyon visibly flinched. "What?!"

Sherry put her hand over her mouth in shock.

"Impossible!" Ren shouted at the Oración Seis.

Cobra smirked at them. "I can hear it…your trembling."

"It's best to race through our problems." Racer said before pointing at the group. "And you lot seem like you could be a problem."

"Money makes people stronger." Hoteye said, never taking his eyes off of the gathered Mages. "I'll give you a tip. 'Money makes the world go…"

"Shut up, Hoteye!" Racer interrupted the taller man. He didn't need to hear the other man's money talk again.

Gajeel glared at Midnight, who was sitting on a flying carpet. "Is he asleep?"

"I never thought you'd come to meet us." Erza's eyes sharpened as she took in their opponents.

Natsu took a step forward. "Saves us the trouble of looking for you!"

"Get them!" Brain swiped his hand and the Oración Seis, barring Midnight, moved.

Racer was suddenly between Natsu and Gray, seemingly hanging upside down in midair. "Motor!" He spun at high-speed and kicked the two away.

"The hell?!" Gray bit out as he hit the ground.

"Natsu! Gray!" Lucy called out, but there were two Lucy's standing side by side.

"Eh?" The Lucy on the left blinked at her copy.

"Huh?" The Lucy on the right looked equally shocked.

"Idiot!" The Lucy on the right pulled out her whip and lashed it at the real Lucy.


What the copy didn't expect was for the Star Arms of Cancer to slice the whip into pieces.

"I knew it!" Lucy slashed at her copy with the twin blades. "You're a Celestial Spirit! Gemini, the Twins!"


In a cloud of smoke the fake Lucy vanished, being replaced by the two blue creatures. "Peeri, peeri!" The two chorused, surprised that they were meeting another Celestial Spirit Mage.

"Oh?" Angel looked amused. "It seems like I'll be able to add to my collection today."

Lyon and Sherry charged at Hoteye, preparing to unleash their Magic.

Hoteye pointed at his eyes, which glowed, before pointing his two fingers forward at the charging Sherry and Lyon. The ground lost cohesion and erupted into a mud-like consistency. "One does not need love so long as one has money! It's so true!"

"Kyaah!" Sherry cried out as the ground shifted beneath her feet and slammed into her hard.

"What the?!" Lyon bit out as he was hit by the shifting earth. "The ground!"

The Tri-Men moved to join the fight, but Racer, who had been in front of them, vanished, only to take their back, passing between the three men to slam a kick into the back of Hibiki's head. Before he could even fall, Race's other leg slammed into Ren's side, and then his fist crashed into Eve's face. The Tri-Men hit the ground hard as Racer landed on his feet.

Erza requipped into her Heaven's Wheel Armor and summoned two dozen swords. "Dance, my swords!" She launched the blades straight at Cobra.

"Heh!" Cobra moved backwards, then to the side, managing to constantly keep ahead and avoid each and every blade that came at him.

Mira transformed into her Satan Soul and held her arm out, facing the sleeping Midnight. "You should wake up." A large sphere of Dark Magic formed in her palm which she launched at the sleeping man.

The orb of darkness warped and spun around the sleeping Midnight before exploding a good distance behind the man.

"What the fuck?!" Mira's blue eyes widened in surprise at what had just happened.

"I wouldn't. Midnight's scary when he wakes up." Racer said from behind Mira as he swung a punch at her.

Mira lashed her tail at Racer, not being an S-Class Mage for nothing, and the man was out of her range in a blur. A second later and he vanished again as a ball of flames exploded where he'd been standing.

"Mira!" Lisanna called out to her sister as the two went back to back. "There's something weird about his Magic, I think."

"Weird how?" Mira asked as it was almost impossible to keep up with Racer's speed.

Gajeel rushed at Brain, his arm transformed into the Iron Dragon's Sword. "I'll take you down first!"

"Insect." Brain raised his skull topped staff and a swirling mass of darkness and wailing spirits gathered together with such power that the air began to tremble. "Dark Rondo!"

"CRASH!" Cana held out her hand and the huge sphere of darkness and screaming spirits developed a grid pattern of white lines on it before it exploded into motes of shadow that quickly vanished in the sunlight.

"What?!" Brain exclaimed only to have to raise his staff to block Gajeel's attack.

"Iron Dragon's Sword!" Gajeel poured more of his magic into the blade and it glowed with a green aura. The Dragon Magic sliced straight through the skull atop the staff, the orb within its jaw, and the wooden shaft before Brain leapt back to avoid being cut as well. "Tch!" Gajeel scoffed at Brain's successful retreat.

"OWWW!" The split skull screamed in agony, making all fighting come to a halt as everyone turned to look at the screaming skull on the ground. "Wh-What?! H-How…I'm fading…" The skull's voice began to get quieter as whatever Magic animated it started to fail.

Gajeel didn't wait for it.


The Iron Dragon Slayer stomped the animated skull to dust beneath his boot. "Keeping talking skulls around is pretty messed up, you know?" Gajeel pointed his Iron Dragon's Sword at Brain.

The fighting resumed as Cobra's snake struck at Erza during the distraction.

Erza juked out of the way, but the large, purple serpent followed after her unerringly. She slashed at it multiple times, but it always managed to avoid her strikes, even if just barely.

"I can hear your movements." Cobra grinned darkly. "Cubelios!" He called out and the viper suddenly sped up, its fangs going right for the only exposed areas on Erza's body while donning her Heaven's Wheel Armor, her neck and her stomach.

"Blumenblatt!" Erza summoned a dozen swords and launched them at the snake.

Cubelios managed to weave its wave through the hail of steel and was closing in on Erza.

Erza glowed and requipped again. When the light vanished she was in her Adamantine Armor and slammed the two large half shields together, blocking the snake's only avenue of attack.

"I told you; I can hear your movements!" Cobra had a demented smile on his face as Cubelios shot straight up and over the paired shield and then lunged straight downward towards Erza's face.


Erza blinked in surprise and Cobra stood stunned at what he was seeing.

Wendy had a powerful hold on Cubelios, right behind the head of the snake, preventing the large serpent from being able to move its head and bite her. "This snake… Something's wrong with it. A curse?" The Sky Dragon Slayer looked at the thrashing purple serpent with sharp eyes.

"Cubelios!" Cobra was pissed as he growled at Wendy.

"Where are you looking?!" Lyon placed his hands together and a frosted mist appeared around them. "Ice Make: Eagle!" From the frozen mist five eagles made of ice shot forth at speed. The screeching ice birds flew at Cobra, looking to shred him with their sharp talons.


Everyone only heard a single crack, but all five Ice Eagles shattered into powder snow as Racer suddenly appeared between Lyon and Cobra.

"You're the one looking in the wrong direction." Racer said before he was gone again.

"Guh!" Lyon hacked as Racer's fist slammed into his stomach as the Dark Mage was suddenly in Lyon's guard.

"Doll Attack: Mud Doll!" Sherry controlled the mud that Hoteye had turned the ground into and created a massive golem. "Attack!"

The golem reared back its fist and slammed it down on Hoteye.

"I can see you, can I not?" Hoteye spoke as his eyes glowed with Magic. "Can I not?!" The Mud Doll warped and rippled before exploding into a rain of muck from the two opposing Magics.

Lucy rushed forward, clashing with Gemini, who had taken on the form of Gray and was using his Ice Make Magic against her. "Hah!" She slashed apart a shield, and stabbed forward, nearly striking the Celestial Spirit. "You have a horrible Key Holder!"

"Peeri, peeri!" Gray's mouth moved, but the odd voices of Gemini emerged instead of Gray's voice.

"Water Lock!" Juvia intervened in the fight, trapping Gemini in a sphere of water. "Juvia will hold this one, Lucy!"

"Thanks, Juvia!" Lucy rushed towards Angel with the twin swords of Cancer at the ready.

Angel, not having expected Lucy to put up this much of a fight, and certainly didn't expect interference in the form of Juvia, held out a Silver Key. "Open! Gate of the Chisel: Caelum!"

A golden glow appeared, before a mechanical-looking spirit materialized. It was a floating metal sphere with a green gem-like lens on the front, a white metal 'halo' floated above the spherical body as well.

"Fire!" Angel pointed at Lucy.

Caelum opened up and then glowed and it transformed into a hovering cannon. A blast of green magic was fired straight at Lucy a second later.

"You're not fit to be a Celestial Spirit Mage!" Lucy roared out before opening her mouth wide and inhaling deeply.

The green beam wavered in its path and veered off course before spiraling into Lucy's mouth. The blonde swallowed three times before the beam was fully consumed. Lucy briefly glowed with sparkling golden light before the power settled down.

"What?!" Angel actually took a step back in shock at what she'd just seen. "How did you do that?!"

"Star Arms: Sagittarius!" The twin swords of Cancer vanished, only to be replaced by the magical bow. "Take this!" Lucy pulled back the bow string and a dazzling bright golden arrow formed as she poured all of the new energy that she'd gotten from Caelum into it. The arrow was fired straight at Angel in a near blinding bolt.

Angel grabbed Caelum by its 'halo' and threw the spirit in the path of Lucy's shot. The golden arrow pierced the mechanical spirit and in a wavering light, the Silver Key Spirit vanished in flecks of green back to the Celestial Spirit World.

"You sick bitch!" Lucy nearly snarled at Angel using her spirit as a shield. "Celestial Spirits are our friends! How could you do that to Caelum?!"

Angel scoffed at her, a mocking smile on her face. "Friends? They're more like tools or pets, you little idiot. I'll make good use of yours once you're gone."

"Like hell!" Lucy shot back. No way in hell was she ever letting this bitch put her hands on her friends' Keys.

"ENOUGH!" Brain suddenly roared as Racer had intervened in Gajeel's attempts to attack him. "YOU'RE ALL IN MY WAY! BEGONE!" He swiped his hand through the air and lines of green Magic appeared under all of the alliance Mages, forming a huge Magic Circle in seconds. In the next instant they all shot randomly across the Worth Woodsea in streaks of green light.

With the other Mages now gone, Oración Seis was able to stop and take stock of themselves.

"Little bitch was better than I thought." Angel grimaced, looking at a damaged part of her white feathery dress. "I'm down a spirit for a while too." It would take Caelum some time to recover and be summonable again.

Cobra was gently running his hand over Cubelios's head, soothing himself and the huge snake. "I'm gonna take out that girl that put her hands on Cubelios."

"Their numbers made them more of a hassle than expected." Hoteye spoke before a grin spread across his angular face. "I should get paid more for this, right?" He turned his eyes to the still angry Brain.

"Hunt them down." Brain ordered without looking at the other members of Oración Seis at all. "Make full use of all of the subordinate Dark Guilds. None of them are to leave here alive!"

"I'll run them down quick." Racer nodded before vanishing in a blur.

Cobra hopped on the back of Cubelios as the giant purple snake revealed that it had dragon-like wings and flew into the air.

Hoteye and Angel both walked in different directions into the sea of trees, each having targets in their mind.

Brain slowly calmed himself down, looking at his destroyed staff for a moment. "Klodoa… It seems you will not be able to see the triumph of Oración Seis as we lay claim to Nirvana." He started walking towards the treeline, his eyes focused straight ahead, towards the faintly seen wisps of black smoke-like Magic in the distance. "Nirvana's seal is weakening. Soon enough I'll be able to take possession of the Magic that flips Light and Dark." He disappeared into the shade of the trees as he made his way to Nirvana's resting place, Midnight's magic carpet following behind him as always.

-Wendy and Erza-

"What was that?" Wendy asked, looking around in confusion. "Did he teleport us?"

Erza shook her head, recalling how they'd gotten here. "That Magic Circle beneath our feet. It launched us away at high-speed, and we passed through physical space. It was some type of Movement Magic."

Both women's eyes narrowed as their sensitive hearing picked up movement in the forest around them.

From the brush and even in the trees, dozens of people emerged, all of them dressed similarly in black clothing with dark purple accents.

"Well, well, lookit what we have here… Two pretty ladies have come to play." The largest man amongst the gathered group chuckled, his head covered by a black hood leaving most of his face in shadow.

The rest of the men also chuckled along with their obvious leader while eyeing up Erza and Wendy.

"Dark Guild: Fuga…" Erza recognized the emblem on several of the members. A Dark Guild that normally operated in north central Fiore and had been able to avoid capture by the Rune Knights for the last few years. "So, Oración Seis really did bring its subordinate Guilds here."

"Sure… But enough of that boring stuff." The leader had a nasty grin on his lips. "We've been forced to lay low for WAY too long! We're just dying to get our hands on some new toys, and you two will be a good start!" His body was enveloped in a hazy reddish aura.

Erza glowed and requipped into her Lightning Empress Armor. The armor was golden and light bluish in color. The breastplate was decorated by golden trimmings, and had thin plates going up to surround Erza's neck while her head was adorned by a band with two ribbons on it. Her long, scarlet hair had been styled into a long braid. Along with the armor was a long spear with a very large blade and a decorated circle resembling a shield that attached it to the shaft, which was also adorned by a large ribbon. "We don't have time for you. Stand aside."

Wendy stood up and the air around her began to spin. A breeze became a gust, became a gale, became howling winds that threw dirt and debris away from Wendy's position. "We have to stop the Oración Seis!" The Sky Dragon Slayer stated with a small growl in her tone.

All of the members of Fuga charged forward at the same time, their leader blitzing forward faster than all of them with his Magic as he threw a punch at Erza. "Let's tear all of that armor off!"


Sniffing around, trying to find any trace of his Mates, friends, or other allied Mages, Natsu came up with nothing.

"Where the hell did that jackass throw me?!" Natsu nearly roared as he started running through the forest. He knew what direction he'd been launched in, so he ran back the way he'd come from.

A sudden arrow came flying at Natsu, forcing him to jump backwards. It was a good thing he did, as the arrow glowed the instant it hit the ground and exploded, but not into flames, instead the explosion was pure kinetic force that threw up a cloud of dirt and dust.

"Who the hell are you guys?" Natsu looked up at the dozens of men in the trees surrounding him.

"We're the Dark Guild: Btenza, under Oración Seis!" The Mage that had fired the arrow at him answered. He was rather plain looking aside from the tattoo on the right cheek that was three lines in red.

"Today we're hunting some famous Legal Guild trash!" Another member chuckled as they drew their bowstring.

Natsu looked up at the various Mages with his slitted amber eyes. "Save me the time and yourselves the trouble and just come at me all at once." He had no concern about these people, he needed to get back to his friends and Mates.

"Kill him!" All of the Mages pulled back their bowstrings as their arrows glowed with various Magics.

"Fire Dragon's Roar!" Natsu blasted a massive conflagration of flames at the Dark Mages of the Btenza Guild before a single one of them released their arrow.

-Eve, Ren, Hibiki-

"Black Unicorn, huh?" Ren narrowed his eyes at the Dark Mages, all of them dressed in what appeared to be school uniforms.

"What're they doing here?" Eve already had his hands swirling with his Snow Magic.

Hibiki was already typing into his Archive Magic. "They're usually found around the western coast of Fiore. They're far from their normal stomping grounds. Oración Seis must've brought them along."

-Gray, Lyon, Sherry-

Lyon didn't look amused by the large number of people dressed like pit crew members that were surrounding them. "Who're you supposed to be?"

"I believe this is the Dark Guild: Harpuia." Sherry noticed the patches that all of the men in helmets and jumpsuits had on their person. "They're supposed to be directly under the control of one of the Oración Seis."

"Whoever they are, we don't have time to waste." Gray spoke up, tossing his shirt off without a thought. "Just freeze." He placed his hands together and ice shards started swirling around them. "Ice Make: Subzero Shotgun!" The shards were fired off in a wide spray that knocked multiple of the Dark Mages on their asses, tearing holes in their jumpsuits. Those struck started to be frozen over as well.

"Heh." Lyon scoffed and tossed his own jacket and shirt off (making Sherry squee in happiness at the eye candy from her crush). "Who do you think you're talking to, Gray?" He placed his hands together and focused. "Ice Make: Snow Tiger!" In a blast of super-chilled frost, the large tiger construct was formed and roared loudly before charging at the Dark Mages, stomping some into the dirt while swiping others through the air.

Sherry, not wanting to look useless in front of Lyon, quickly activated her Magic as well. "Doll Attack: Wood Doll!"

"Huh?" One of the Dark Mages blinked as the tree beside him made a creaking noise. "GAH!" The next second he was batted across the clearing as the tree started to move and a face formed on it. The towering golem started smacking the members of Harpuia around like a child threw their toys about.

-Lisanna and Mira-

"Dark Guilds, huh?" Mirajane scoffed as she and Lisanna stood over the beaten and broken forms of the entire Dark Guild known as Lancer. All of the members living up to their Guild's namesake and wielding lances. But against Mira and Lisanna they'd been decimated in a very short time.

"You think everyone's alright?" Lisanna, currently in Cat Soul, asked as she let the last member fall from her grip to hit the ground.

Mira wanted to say 'yes', but not knowing much about the overall strength of the members of other Guilds, she couldn't say for sure. "We'll find out as soon as we meet up with them again."

Lisanna understood the unsaid words and glowed with her Takeover Magic. Her form grew large and she was suddenly a massive squirrel species known as a Toskr. Very few animals could move through a forest faster than the immense rodents.

The Strauss sisters rushed through the trees quickly, trying to find their family and friends.


"How the hell did I end up alone?" Cana wondered as she walked through the forest. "Maybe it was where I was standing?" She suddenly stopped moving and sighed as dozens of people wearing red hoods came rushing out of the underbrush.

"We're the Dark Guild: Red Hood, under Oración Seis!" One of the Mages declared as the members all brandished weapons at her.

Cana gave the one that spoke the most deadpan look she could. "I don't care. Move."

Another member spoke up from her left. "Typical Legal Guild member, looking down on us!"

Cana sighed heavily, a nearly invisible vapor escaping her mouth in large amounts. "I'm in a hurry." She rolled her eyes at the group surrounding her. "So, tell me something. Have any of you ever been blackout drunk before?"

"What?" One Red Hood Mage looked confused by the question.

That was, until several members started staggering around, some falling on their asses, others to their knees, and some even throwing up. All of them suddenly went from sober to appearing as if they'd just been heavy drinking for an entire evening.

"You're all about to get absolutely sloshed." Cana inhaled deeply before throwing her head forward. "Booze Dragon's Roar!" A spiraling torrent of crystal clear liquid blasted through an entire section of the still standing Red Hood members.

-Gajeel and Juvia-

"Looks like we were thrown somewhere randomly." Gajeel sniffed at the air a few times, but didn't pick up any familiar scents.

"Juvia is confused about what happened." Juvia admitted as the two trekked through the immense forest. "We were fighting one moment, and then the next we were flung across the forest."

The pair walked for a bit, only to find a group of Mages waiting for them.

Gajeel sniffed a bit and didn't look impressed at all. "Who're you weaklings supposed to be?"

The other Mages didn't say a word, merely activating their Magic as the forest seemingly came alive under their command.

"Juvia recognizes that mark." Juvia noticed the emblem on the cloaks of the silent Mages. "They're the Dark Guild: Gloria. They deal in a lot of illegal trade for rare and endangered plant and animal species that they sell to the highest bidder as ingredients for magical study and experimentation."

"I don't need their life story." Gajeel inhaled deeply, his chest seemingly expanding from the amount of air he took in. "Iron Dragon's Roar!" The razor sharp torrent of blades sliced through the air and turned the rapidly encroaching plants into shredded clippings instantly.

"Water Nebula!" Juvia produced an incredible blast of boiling water that killed the animated plants quickly. The Dark Mages hit by the water finally made noise as they cried out in pain from being scalded.

"It burns!"

"Get it off!"


"Potion!" One Dark Mage yelled out, his entire right side having been grazed by Gajeel's Roar and was a mess of cuts and lacerations that were weeping blood. Had he been any closer to the Roar, then he would've assuredly lost his arm at the very least.


"Hello?!" Lucy called out into the vast forest. "Where the hell did that guy throw me?" She wondered, having no luck smelling any familiar scents. She hated being alone in the vast forest. She worried about her friends and family and where they were right now as well.

She walked further and found still more forest. Everything looked similar and the only heading that Lucy had was walking back in the direction that the Magic Circle had thrown her from. So she continued walking, hoping to find anyone from the allied group and figure out what to do next.

She didn't know that one member of the Oración Seis was already trying to track her down to settle the score with her. And had forcefully enlisted one of their subordinate Guilds to help in the endeavor.

It was a Dark Guild that Lucy was partly familiar with too. Having stopped their attempted robbery of Love and Lucky not long ago.

Angel and Naked Mummy were combing the forest to find Lucy and settle grudges against the Celestial Spirit Mage.

-End Chapter-


Well damn… Things certainly changed from Canon, huh?

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The talking staff, Klodoa, was destroyed by Gajeel as he tried to take out Brain.

That's one 'member' of Oración Seis down.

As the subordinate Guilds try to take out the allied Mages, what will be the outcome?

Who will find Nirvana first?

Will it be unsealed and activated?

Where the heck did Carla and Happy go when Brain activated his Movement Magic Circle?!

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