I been thinking about something, Should I redo all of my universe and try to make it better?, I'm still thinking about that and what I'm trying to say is that if you guys want me to start over again from scratch? Because I don't even feel like I'm making any progress at all, Anyway I hope you all like this one.

Inspiration: DBZ (SSJ3)

Nothing was again looking and looking for new Universe to watch, Until he spot another Universe for the Gang to watch

"This will be so Epic" He said then teleport back to the group and tell them about the news

He arrive back to them and see that Ruby is trying to make herself Cookie's and only to destroyed the Kitchen soon after and Her Mother Summer goes in and save her from the Fire

*5 Hours Later*

After the whole event, Summer made sure to not allow Ruby to use the Kitchen again

"Now that everything is going okay again, Ready to watch another Universe" He said to them

"What's going to be this time?" Jaune ask him and hope not another Lemon Scenes... He has some bad nightmare again about him and his own sister Verte

"Is it going to be another Lemon Scenes for Vomit Boy and his other Sisters~" Yang with some Lust in her eyes said that and only to get hit by her "Real" Mother... Raven Branwen

"Yang, Quiet" She commands her to stop and Yang just huff at her

"I'm sure that this Universe is going to be cool, Now let's see the action" Nothing slide the Disk into the Movie and waits


The Screen opens to show Jaune wearing Dark Blue Gi with Orange undershirt, sash belt wrist bands as he look at his opponent a Fat Pink guy with a goofy look on his face, Beside him was a short alien guy with a Orange Cape behind him

(SSJ3 Music)

"Your going to love this, Trust me what your seeing now is my normal state" Jaune said to the being in front of him

"When did Arc got all buff~" Coco look at This other Jaune all buff and muscle

"Ditto~" Yang agrees with Coco and look at Jaune's Build

Blake was more curious as to what's that Yellow circle thing above Jaune's head

Then Jaune turn into Super Semblance 1

"This is a Super Semblance" He said

"Oh he's going to do that again?!" Ruby was excited to see this Transformation again, The Last one was short

"Oh Baby~ He's even more hotter now~" Yang even more lust in her eyes

Then Jaune transformed into another state for Super Semblance

"This is known as Super Semblance ascended above Super Semblance, or you can just called this Super Semblance 2" Jaune said and his Hair grown a bit longer with Red Sparks around him

"Interesting" Raven again takes note for this other Arc's power, If she somehow can cross over to this Universe and recruit this Arc, Her Tribe will be even more powerful then ever

"Is it just me? Or is Vomit Boy getting a bit more Handsome~" Yang pointed at the Other Jaune in the screen and noticed the Difference between the Normal and Transformation state

Ruby was in awed at this point and looking at Jaune's New Transformation was so cool to her

Weiss still doesn't want to believed that this Arc is growing even more Handsome for just some Transformation

Blake was about get into Heat... And it's a bad thing for a Faunus

Yang was now considering to grab Lover boy and pull him into her bed and staring to have ***

"What a useless Transformation, You change your hair so what?" Babdi said

"Just wait" Jaune begins to smirk at them

Then the screen shows this Green Alien guy who is sensing Jaune's power from a distance somehow

"Has he finally found a way to surpass an ascended Semblance? Is that Possible?" Piccolo said

Then it shows us two other people, It was Ruby and Yang

"He must be bluffing, What would it make him? Double ascended?" Yang said

"I have a bad feeling about this Yang?" Ruby said to her sister

"Oh look, Finally we showed up" Yang was beginning to even wonder if she even exist in this Universe at all

"And there's me!" Ruby look at her otherself and wonders what's going to happened next?

"And This?!" Jaune begins to do another Transformation and started to scream out loud for Remnant to hear

"Eh what's he doing?!" Weiss said making everyone who is even sensing Jaune's powers is starting to grow even more powerful and stronger

It shows that Jaune is again powering up to his next state

"And This is to go Even Further Beyond?!" Jaune begins to scream out loud again and power up, causing everything in Remnant to shake


"Does he have to scream? We can hear him just fine" Mercury was pissed that this Arc is screaming out loud

"He's Powering up and going to show is his true powers" Cinder isn't going to lie... She was scared at this point and looking at the Arc in the screen generating this much Aura inside of him? Does her Arc has this much Aura too?

Raven stop at her tracks and look at the Arc Boy in the screen and noticed that his Hair is starting to grow like hers, Considering that his Transformation been change into Blake and his eyes turn from Blue to Red almost make him a Branwen... If this Arc exist in this Universe she would have marry him instead of Tai


"No stop Jaune! If you do this now it will drain away all the time you have on Remnant! And I say you need every second of it as it is" King Kai begs Jaune to stop, But he didn't listen


"Cinder, When we get back to our Universe I want the Arc boy, Understand" Salem is now getting more and more interested on the whole event by the Young Arc's Aura and Transformation

"Y-yes, Lady Salem" Cinder doesn't like it... But her mistress order her to bring the Arc to her and that's what she'll do

Ozpin heard about Salem's Plan, And he has to protect his own student away from her

"NNN It's Unreal! How is even getting all this Aura From?!" Piccolo said

Then a Little Jaune pop up in the screen

"Do it Dad" The Boy said

Then all the Female in the room (Except Salem and her Minions) started to go all emotion on how cute Little Jaune is

"Oh~ He look's like Jaune when he was younger~" Juniper was now remembering the time that her and Jaune having fun together all the time in the house

"He even has his cute face when he was little~" Noir begins to blush and get's nosebleed on Little Jaune in the screen

"The only question I have is?... Who's the mother?" Blake said to all of the Females and the Teenagers begins to think on who's the mother is?

(I'll let you guys decide's on who's little Jaune's Mother is)

Then the screen shows us another boy who is flying the other way from Jaune and the Pink Creature

"Huh? What's going on, Jason's Dad (Yes that's Jaune's son's name) is putting out more Aura than before, I-i should go... I don't want to get yelled at again?" Then the Boy fly away



"Dude you should listen to him, Aren't you even done yet?" Roman look at this watch and it's been over twenty minute since the whole "Transformation" thing even started it

"Don't stop, I want to see how this last" Mercury wants to see how long this will even take

"There's terror in the streets?!" The News reporter said then the glasses from the buildings he was in shattered into pieces

"Damn that's some ruckus" Qrow again drinks his Flask

"JUST HOW MUCH AURA DOES ARC EVEN HAS?!" Weiss was in shock as to the person who keep on asking her on the date has this much power inside of him

Jaune was kinda scared on his other, Grated that he has a lot of Aura... But his otherself took things a bit too far?


"Uhhhuhuhu What's is Jaune doing! If he doesn't stop this everything is going to be Destroyed!" A man with Three eyes said



When the Light went down, All the Female in the room was now Blushing, Lust, and Wet

Salem now want this version of Arc as her King and she will be the Queen of the Grimms

Cinder and Emerald was surprise on the Transformation by the Arc Boy

Neo's pants begins to wet and now as more and more reason to get the Arc for herself

Glynda was cleaning her Glasses after a Nosebleed by her student... Transformation

Raven looks at the new transformation in front of her, and she has even more reason to bring this version into her tribe and wants to have powerful babies with him

Kail looks at Jaune and her mouth begins to drool, By his hair and stern face looking at the being in front of him

Summer was like Glynda, But has Nosebleed and Blushes on her face

Winter and Willow blushes, But Willow was the one who has Lust in her eyes and wish the this version of Arc exist in her universe and marry him instead of her so called "Husband"

Team RWBY was getting the worst, Ruby looking at the screen with even more awed at this point, Weiss begins to blush even more, Blake getting Nosebleed and wants to touch that Arc's body, While Yang was the only one in the group wants to have *** with that Arc and sees if he has something else inside of his pants after that power up

Team NPR was happy that their leader was getting more and more stronger, Pyrrha like all the females getting blush and nosebleed, Nora was happy that her Fearless Leader was getting more buff, While Ren was happy that his leader was even more powerful then ever

"Sister, I need him" Mealanie said to her twin

"Right back at you Sis" Miltia said back to her

Coco and Velvet was looking at the Arc like a fresh meat, Coco wants to see if the Arc in different attires that she will plan out, While Velvet was touching herself a little while seeing this version of her crush

"Brother is so cool!" Rose said

Rouge now has even more reason to test this version of her brother

Violet was happy that her baby brother gotten stronger... And has good muscles in his arms

Noir was the only Arc touching her private parts on seeing this version of her brother now even longer hair and gain more muscles in his body... The only thing that stand out its his eyebrows it's like gone from his face

"I didn't know that Jaune can get longer hair?" Merron always wonders if her twin can even grow his hair, Its been the same ever since they were kids

Verte for some reason feels like she has to protect her brother even more, Because he's all hers and she doesn't share not even her own flesh and blood sisters

Juniper blushing and nosebleed by her son stern face, No eyebrows, and looking calm and confident on his face... It's amazing to see that Jaune grew up like this

The Males in the Room

"Damn" That's all Mercury can say?

"Great, Even more OP Jaune that can get all the Women's" Neptune curse the Arc's good luck

"While I still hate him taking Blake, I have to get credit to him for getting all the Females dude" Sun said to him

"And the Kid is getting more and more powerful from each and different universe" Qrow drinks his Flask in shame and wish that he has some power ups

The Husbands in the room as a different view for the Arc

"Damn it, It looks like this kid gain my wife's attention again" Yes Tai said "Wife's" He love Summer and all... But inside of himself he for ever reason still love Raven

Ghira was getting more pissed at the Boy for stealing his wife again

"That's my boy! Show them how the Arc's gets it done!" John Arc was again proud of his son

The only one in the room that has some problems is Jaune himself, It's like these people doesn't even know that he's here at all and he sometimes ask them he's right next to them while they talking like how cool and good looking he is now, He feel flatter by all the comments by all of them, But it's sometime annoying

"I'm sorry that it took longer then the others, I haven't had the occasion to practice this one yet, This is what I called Super Semblance 3" Jaune spoke in a deeper, and more powerful voice that would freeze the weak heart in their tracks, And Red Lightning bolt zapped by him and look at the Pink creature

"OH MY OUM... That Voice~" Coco and all the Females in the room Blushes at the Arc's new deeper voice, While the Males not so much, But John is the only one supporting his own son

*Movie End*

"How was it?" Nothing said to them

"Again?! We we about to see the action!" Yang screams at him

"All we did is hearing this Arc screams out loud and just waiting until his done doing his longest Transformation in history" Mercury even though he like the Transformation by the Arc, But is it worth it to just sitting around until its done? He has some better things to do

"We can see the Action in another time, I'm going to find more universe and you guys can do whatever" He left them again

Sorry that you want to see the action, I was busy doing something at the moment and have to cut this short, Anyway I see you guys later.

P.S, Check out Madman479R, He also does some Universe but the only chapter he does is the Fusion between Cinder Falls and Jaune Arc V.S Janemba from the DBZ Gogeta Movie

P.S #2, Before I forget, The Jaune in the SSJ3 state has Black long spiky hair and has Red Eyes kinda like Raven and Qrow, I did this because Jaune is already Blond he doesn't need to transform into another Blond form