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Inspiration: DBZ Super (My!) Version

The Gang was again waiting for Nothing to show up, Then he finally did... with more guests

"This is everyone" Nothing said to the new people

"Wow~, This place a fancy~" Coco said looking at the Void

(The Void is a Fancy house, But the outside is nothing but Pitch Black with only stars in the sky)

Coco and Velvet was now here

"Why did you bring Coco and Velvet here?" Jaune said

"Why, Is it wrong for us not to be here" Coco said

"I feel like bringing in more guest here" Nothing said then grabs the DVD in his coat then slides it in the Movie screen

"So... What it is this time!?" Nora said

"Nora..." Ren said

"All I can say is very weird" Nothing said then the screen turns on

Everyone is now looking at the screen

We see that Remnant is looking fine, All the Beacon students is doing their classwork and no it's time for Glynda's class

"Everything is pretty normal" Glynda said

"Yeah but how long?" Ironwood said

"Can I have Mr. Arc and Ms. Xiao-Long come down" Glynda said making the match of Jaune and Yang

"Okay Arc... I can do this" Jaune said

"Is Jaune going to be okay?" Ruby said

"I doubt it, Arc has no chance against Yang" Weiss said

"Really Weiss?" Pyrrha said

"He still lacking his fighting styles" Weiss said

"At least he's improving" Pyrrha said

Then Arc and Xiao-Long face each other

"Just for you Vomit Boy~, I give you a first hit on me" Yang said putting her hands in her hips

"I think I can take what you have on me Yang" Jaune said with confidence

"Oh~, you turn all Brave now, Okay you ask for it!" Yang said then goes to her stance

"I doubt the Kid can beat Yang" Qrow said then drink his Flask

"What happened if he did?" Ruby said

"Then it well be really funny that, Yang lost to that Arc kid" Qrow said

"Ready!... Fight!" Glynda said

Yang went in head on, But Jaune was just standing there eyes close

"Why is Jaune is just standing there?" Ruby said

"Perhaps want to end this as possible" Weiss said not caring that Jaune lose

"Come one Fearless Leader!, Don't sleep while Fighting!?" Nora said

"Nora... He is focusing his Aura" Ren said

"That's weird?, Since when did Arc started to "Focus" on his Aura?" Coco said

"Perhaps he's planning something?" Velvet said

Then out of know where, A Black light shines threw the room

"What is this Light!?" Cardin said

"Jaune!?" Pyrrha said looking at Jaune and notice his change

Jaune looks more buff, his Hair is now a bit longer and standing up (Goku Style), and his Hair turn Yellow to Black and his eyes Blue to Red

"He looks like a true Branwen" Raven said with interest

"Now he looks like us?" Qrow said

"Jaune looks so Cool!" Rose said

"He sure is sweetie, But I why did his hair turn Black all of a sudden?" Juniper said

"Perhaps this is his transformation" Noir Arc said

"Maybe, I like his Red eyes~" Violet said

Then Jaune looks at Yang

"I finally unlock my Semblance, I called this "Super Semblance", What do you think" Jaune said asking Yang

Yang looks at Jaune, He looks like a bit now like her Uncle Qrow and has Red eyes like him and her

"I am Impress Vomit Boy~, Now let's see what this "Super Semblance" of yours is made off!" Yang said then charge at him

"Yup, She's always charge right in" Tai said

"What's that suppose to mean dad?" Yang looks at her dad

"You always charge right in without a plan" Tai said

"Pfft!, Full force is all I need~" Yang said

Jaune looks at the charge Yang, Then he just flick his finger at her, And Yang was blown away and knock out of the Arena, and she was shock

"Winner Jaune Arc!" Glynda said who is also shock

Then Jaune De-Transform back to his regular state

"That was soooo Cooool! Jaune!" Ruby said

"I will admit, that was impressive Arc" Weiss said

Blake didn't say anything, But looking at Jaune making her wet for some reason

"Nice win Fearless Leader!" Nora said

"Glad that Aura training from Ren pulls off" Jaune said then scratch his head

"And thanks Ren" Jaune looks at his only male friend

"No problem" Ren gives a thumbs up to Jaune

Then something else happened, Some kind of a Machine came down threw the classroom

"Everyone!, Get back!" Glynda said

"What kind of a machine is that?" Ironwood said with interest

"It could be a Time machine?" Winter said

"A Time machine?, Really Winter?" Qrow said

"Shut Up, You drunk" Winter said

After Glynda pulls everyone back, She checks up to the pod and find a young boy laying there all beat up

"Who is that?" Jaune said

"I never seen him before?" Ruby said

"I hope that Ms. Goodwitch can help him" Velvet said

Glynda tore the Pod open and grab the boy to the Nurse Office

Hours pass, and the boy slowly getting up

"Huh?" He said

"Your finally awake" Glynda said

"Who are you?" The boy said

"I am Miss Goodwitch, and you are?" Glynda said

(This is an OC, I know that not many people likes OC that much, I feel like people just want to add their name in "RWBY" because they want to be in the Anime itself)

"My name is Nova, I travel back to the past looking for help" Nova said

"Why?, Why did you came back to the Past?" Glynda said

"This "Nova" kid is from the Future?" Mercury said

"Looks like it" Emerald said

"Why would he travel back to the Past, If their is "Huntsman" in the world he is?" Weiss said

Ozpin is looking at Nova

(I can tell that something bad happened to him) Ozpin said in his thoughts

Then the Nurse Office door opens

"Hey Ms. Goodwitch?, Is he awake yet?" Jaune said

Nova looks at Jaune and then his eyes widen

"Jaune Black!?" Nova said then grabs his sword from the counter of the office

"Jaune Black?" Everyone in the room said

"Why the hell does Arc has my last name?" Mercury said

"Who even cares about your last name" Emerald said

"Stop!, I don't know why your attacking my Student, But explain what happened in the Future" Glynda said to Nova

Then Nova looks at Jaune again, Then he realized that this is the "Good" Jaune

"I'm sorry Jaune" Nova said then he throws his sword upwards and the sword landed on his back case

"Okay, That was baddass" Qrow said

"I could do that two" Sun said

"I forget that you two are even here?" Jaune said

"We just like to stay quiet and enjoyed the Movie" Neptune said

Now Jaune and Glynda was confused, First he tries to attack Jaune, Now he was friendly again?

"I forget that "This" Jaune was good, better then the Jaune in my world" Nova said

"Wait, What happened to your world, Did my other did something?" Jaune said

"You may not know me, But you and I knew each other back in the other timeline" Nova said

"Really?, What happened?" Jaune said

"Jaune stop, Nova explain what happened to the Future" Glynda wanted answers

Then Team RWBY and NPR shows up

"We heard screaming, It's something wrong?" Pyrrha said

"No, But this boy, Nova is going to tell me and Mr. Arc here about the Future" Glynda said

"Oh my god, Just talk already!?" Qrow said

"Yeah come on!" Yang said

"The Future that I am now is in Ruined, Everyone is either dead or alive in the sewers, I am the only one that has to face this evil threat" Nova said

"Let me explain, The Future was normal like every other day, But then a black portal appears and a Person came out of it" Nova said

The screen shows the Watchers of what happened in Nova's point of view and indeed he was right a person did came out of it

"And This Person, Called himself Jaune" Nova said and shocking everyone in the room

The screen shows us Jaune with a evil smirk on his face then shoots energy blast from his hands and attacking Vale

"NO WAY!?" Team RWBY and NPR said

"A evil guy who looks like that Arc kid?" Roman said

"He looks powerful~" Cinder said with interest

"That evil smirk~" Salem said with a huge interest

"Really?" Mercury said

"But Jaune would never do that!?" Ruby said with tears

"He wants to protect the People of Remnant, Not Destroyed them!?" Pyrrha said

"My mother told me that is not Jaune, She said that Jaune is a hero of Remnant and this is a faker, So we called him Jaune Black" Nova said

"Really?" Mercury said

"Jaune Black?" Violet said

"That is not our idiot little brother" Verte said

"I agreed sis" Noir said

"I also feared that Jaune Black is coming here to find me" Nova said with fear

Then Jaune step forward to ask Nova

"How strong is my other?" Jaune said

"Too Strong, Everytime that I face him he keeps getting more stronger and stronger by pain like he enjoys it!" Nova said

The screen shows that Nova was fighting Jaune Black and hit him couple of times and Jaune Black likes it

"This Pain!, I guess this will make me stronger!" Jaune Black said

"He even sounds like Jaune?" Ruby said

"But more darker" Blake said

"Hmmm" Salem said looking at Jaune Black appearance

He was wearing a Black Ki with a Black Long sleeve underneath, has a Red belt on his waist, and has White boots, put the most outfit she is looking is the ring on his left hand

"What is the Ring?" Salem said

Then Jaune Black punch Nova in guts and making him falls to the ground

"You Humans, Faunus, and Grimms don't stand a chance against me" Jaune Black said

"I going to kill you and turn this world to ash!" Jaune Black said then point his Energy ball to Nova

"I won't give up!" Nova said getting back up

"I respect your strength of getting back up, But I already won, Give up you Humans are no match for me" Jaune Black said

"Why does he keep calling us "Humans?" Ruby said

"I don't know?" Weiss said

"He's not Faunus or Grimm" Blake said

Then Nova threw some kind of smoke bomb at Jaune Black face and runs away

"Running again!, I find you!" Jaune Black said then use his Aura to find where Nova went

We see that Nova is now In some building, and grab some kind of Blue Liquid in the Time Machine they so already and was now in the Pod, Nova is typing the numbers to the Past

Back to Jaune Black

"Where is he?" Jaune Black said then the Time Machine appears on front of him with Nova inside

"You think that little Pod of your is going to save you from me!" Jaune Black said then charge up the Kamehameha

Then a sheer of luck the Time Machine disappears before it got hit by the Dark cannon blast

"What!?" Jaune Black said

"Hiding again!?, Will see about that!?" Jaune Black channels his Aura again to find Nova

"He's not here!?" Jaune Black said

"That was a close one for Nova" Sun said

"Yeah, But sheer Luck" Neptune said

Raven is looking at Jaune Black then begins to write on her Notebook

*Raven's Notebook*

"It seems that this Arc boy not only destroyed half of Remnant, But can charge up Aura and use them as Energy Blast, I must have him in my Tribe so he can teach other members of the Tribe to use Aura like his" Raven said in her Notebook


"It's weird that Jaune can act like that?" Noir said

"I know sis, That's not the little brother I grew up with" Violet said

"Jaune" Verte said

"It has to be some strange brainwashed on my son!" John Arc said

"Calm down John" Juniper said

"Brainwashed?" Salem said then looks at Jaune Black

(Perhaps that is the case, But I feel a lot of Dark powers from him and it does not belong to the Arc boy) Salem said in her thoughts

Back in the Present

"That's the reason why I came back here in the past" Nova said

Everyone in the room was either shock, or disbelieved

"I believed you" Jaune said

"Jaune!?" Pyrrha said

"I know that this sounds crazy, But if their so happened to be another me around in his Future, Then that other me will try to come here as well" Jaune said

"How can we know that this story is even true" Weiss said

"We don't, We have to believed" Jaune said

"Mom was right about you Jaune" Nova said with a smile

"By the way... Who is your mother anyway?" Jaune said

"I tell you when were alone" Nova said

"Oh come on!, Tell us!" Yang said

"Yang" Tai said

"Sorry Dad" Yang said

"Great, Now I want to know" Qrow said

Back to Jaune Black

"Oh great were back to him" Mercury said

"What is he even doing?" Cinder said

They see that Jaune Black is still channel his Aura and trying to find Nova

"Where is he?, Okay I know that he was a few moments ago" Jaune Black said then flew to where the spot Nova was in

"This is the spot that he came out of, But It's weird It's like he's completely disappears from this Time Period" Jaune Black said then shoots down where he last saw Nova

Then his Ring again shaking

"And The Time Ring is going haywires, Where the hell is he!?" Jaune Black said

"The Time Ring?" Ozpin said

"I never seen a ring like that before" Salem said

"Like the Time Machine, The Time Ring allows you to go back to the Past or the Future" Nothing said

"Interesting" Salem said

"The Time Ring" Raven said

"Don't get any ideas Sis" Qrow said

"And what do you think I going to do" Raven said

Then the Time Ring opens a Portal

"What the?, Oh I see now~" Jaune Black said then steps into the Portal

"That's not good?" Ruby said

"Great, Now we have two Arcs!" Weiss said

"Calm down Weiss" Willow her mother said

"She's right Weiss" Winter said

Back to the Present

Then the sky in the Present turn dark and yellow lightning is coming from the Portal

"Is that the Portal that led The other me here" Jaune said

"Yes it is" Nova said he was shaking the fact that "He" is here

"I have to called Ozpin and tell him the Information!" Glynda said then leaves

(Goku Black Theme) By Friedrich Habetler Music

Then Jaune Black comes out from the Portal in front of Beacon Academy

"What the?, This is the Place that Nova came to" Jaune Black said

Then everyone of the classroom or around him looks at him

"Whoa Arc!, Where did you come from!?" A Random Guy said

Then Jaune Black shoots his energy blast a him turn him to ash

"That Monster!?" Glynda said

"Careful Glynda, We have to observe him" Ozpin said

Team RWBY, JNPR and Nova looks at Jaune Black

"He killed him!?" Weiss said

"That's me?" Jaune said

"I afraid so" Nova said with fear in his voice

"We have to stop him!?" Ruby said trying to runs out of the office room but Nova block her

"You can't!, He's too dangerous for all of you!" Nova said

"Nova!, Stand aside!" Ruby said trying to push him

"No!, This is my fight that I have to finish!" Nova said

"Is he insane! He will die!?" Ironwood said

"But the kid is right, This is the fight that he has to finish" Qrow said

"He can't do it by himself" Winter said

"Let me help" Jaune said

"But!, I just told you that you guys can't help me!?" Nova said

"Listen Nova, I don't even know what's going on, But right now Beacon needs help and we have to help them" Jaune said to Nova

"Trust us Nova" Jaune said

Nova looks at the group, Then he sigh

"Okay, Let's go" Nova said then all of them sprint to the center of Beacon Academy

"At least Jaune convince him to help him" Pyrrha said

"When did Vomit Boy grows a spine" Yang said

The Team were outside of Beacon and spot Jaune Black

"Jaune Black!" Nova said making Jaune Black looks at him

"Nova" Jaune Black said then looks at Jaune

"And Jaune Arc, What a surprise~" Jaune Black said with a smirk on his face

"I don't like this version of Vomit Boy, Doesn't feel like him at all" Yang said

"Everyone feels the same way Yang" Ruby said

(A Dangerous New Enemy) By Norihito Sumitomo

Then Jaune Black flew to the ground and stand face to face with the Real Jaune

"How are you Jaune, Your looking well" Jaune Black said

"Why are you doing this Jaune!?" Ruby said

Then Jaune Black look at Ruby

"The Silver Eyed Warrior, This is the best day I have in a long time" Jaune Black said

"What does he mean by that?" Ruby said

Summer knows but did not want to tell Ruby to soon

"As for your Question, I am here to deliver "Justice" to the world in Remnant, And for that I will exterminate all Humans, Faunus, and Grimms alike, That is the will of this world needs my own creation in this World" Jaune Black said

"Hearing him say that, Make's me sick to my stomach" Qrow said

"His World and Creation?" Salem said

"Please don't get interested in the idea, Lady Salem" Cinder said

"And who are you?, You don't even feel like me at all" Jaune said

"If you want answers, Then come face me then Jaune" Jaune Black said

Then Jaune agreed then goes to his stance

"What kind of stance is that?" Yang said

"I called this "The Turtle Hermit Style" (Goku Stance) I learned Hand to Hand while I was away from doing a job that Ozpin sent me" Jaune said

Then Jaune Black Does the same Stance that Jaune is doing

"This Body of your is powerful, I wonder how it changed when I make it to my own" Jaune Black said

"What are you talking about?" Jaune said in a confused tone

"Yeah what is he even talking about?" Ruby said

"It seems to me that someone took control of Mr. Arc's body and mind" Ozpin said

(Close Ozpin) Nothing said in his thoughts

"That Jaune, Is something that you don't need to know" Jaune Black said then shoot a huge energy blast to Jaune pushing him to Beacon

"Jaune!?" Pyrrha said

"I'm fine!, It looks like I need to take this serious!" Jaune said then transformed into Super Semblance

"Going to turn Super Semblance huh?" Jaune Black said then charge at Jaune

The Two Jaune's was the same, They have the same fighting move, But something in Jaune Black's Aura is different from Jaune and his powers

"Man!? Look at those two go!?" Sun said

"I getting pumped up just seeing them fight!" Yang said

"So as me!" Nora said

Then Two Jaune's punch each other in the face, Then the Two back away

"Man, I getting pumped up!" Jaune said

"This Pain, So this is the Powers of Jaune Arc!" Jaune Black said

"Your getting pumped up in your blood system to?" Jaune said

"Yes!, Haaaaaa!" Jaune Black said then charge up all of his Aura out of his body

The Watchers can feel the energy coming from Jaune Black

"His power is un-like I have ever seen before" Ozpin said with a little fear in his words

"I have to find a way to make him joined my Tribe, Either by force if I have two" Raven said

"Don't Sis, Did you even heard of what that other Arc kid said, He's trying to killed all of us!" Qrow said

"I agreeing with Qrow on this Raven" Summer said

"That power~" Salem said

"Lady Salem?" Cinder said

"I have to make a portal soon, and bring him to joined my side" Salem said

Then the two Jaune's fight each other again

"I hope Jaune can beat that faker!" Ruby said

"I have to agree with you sis" Yang said

"This is getting confusing" Weiss said

"Jaune?" Pyrrha said

"Don't worry Pyrrha!, I'm sure that Fearless Leader can take that Faker!" Nora said

"Have faith Pyrrha" Ren said

Back to the fight

Jaune's were still fighting, Until Jaune Black landed a kick in Jaune's Guts causing him to fall, and Jaune Black is chuckling

Then the black portal appears and trying to bring Black back in

"No!, The Time and History is trying to restore itself!" Jaune Black said then he looks at Nova's Time Machine then he shoots it with his Energy Balls

"There" Jaune Black said then Jaune comes back up and kick's Black into the Portal

"He did it!" Ruby said

"Well looks like the Kid did" Qrow said

"Man that was kinda cool to watch" Roman said

Neo nodded with him

The Watcher is now looking at Jaune Black and he's back in the Future, Then they say he fell forwards to the ground

"That's a long ass drop" Roman said

"How could he survive all of that!?" Weiss said with all the beatings that Jaune and Black did and he's still fine

"So Jaune, That is the Practice of your body's Power" Jaune Black said then he think back to when the pain with him and Jaune fighting

"The Pain, Even I get stronger with Nova, His wasn't even close to what yours did" Jaune Black said then looks at the Portal in the sky, he puts his hand out trying to go back, But the portal close

"No, It looks like I won't be able to back there again" Jaune Black said then gets up, and Started to smile

"Why is he smiling?, He's stuck in the Future?" Ruby said

"But that's aright, Because I destroyed Nova's Time Machine so they can't go here either" Jaune Black said then he begins to laugh

"Why is even laughing?" Velvet said

"That is the most terrifying laugh I have ever heard" Coco said

"I agreed" Mercury said

"At last!, There is no one around to stop me!" Jaune Black said

Then the screen turns off

"How was that" Nothing said

"Creepy, I mean two Jaune's fighting each other?" Yang said

"I like it" Raven said

"Of course you do" Qrow said

"I also like it" Salem said

"Lady Salem!?" Cinder said

"Him and the Arc boy's powers are different, And for what I gather It's not the same person

"I hate to say it, But I agreed with Salem here" Ozpin said

"Ozpin!?" Glynda said

"Mr. Arc's Twin double's powers is unlike any other powers I have ever seen in Remnant, And when he does come to our Remnant, All of us is in danger" Ozpin said

"There is know way that other Jaune can come over to ours" Ruby said

"He has a Time Ring Ruby, I get a feeling that he can also travel to other universe" Jaune said

"That's one way to say it I suppose, Here Jaune" Nothing said then gives all Jaune Black's things and the Time Ring

"Do not sell that Time Ring, It's really important" Nothing said

"Before I go, I going to unlock your Semblance" Nothing said shocking everyone in the room

"Wait?, You can just do that?" Jaune said

"The Semblance I will give you allows you to use your otherselfs Semblance whenever you want" Nothing said

"Okay that is so unfair!, How come Arc get's the good stuff!?" Yang said

"Didn't Summer got a give from that other Jaune?" Blake said

"I still have it" Summer said looking at the Wooden Solder toy from Jaune MacCready

"I don't need to say the chant, So I will just push my hand to your chest" Nothing said then he just did it

"How you feel" Nothing said

"I feel Great!, This is my Semblance!, I can use my otherselves Semblance!" Jaune said

"Good, Enjoy it Jaune" Nothing said then leaves

"Sooo~, Where do we sleep?" Coco said then everyone goes to there own rooms and Jaune has to take Coco and Velvet's room

Done!, Hope you all enjoy this chapter, This may not be Ultra Instinct Jaune, But I will do it next time and I will see you guys next time!, Peace!

P.S, (Ultimate Battle) By We.B (English ver.)

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