Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Avalon Web of Magic. As for the main plot of the story, it is based on the video game Persona 4 by Atlus. I am merely using the plot to help create an AU of sorts for the characters of Avalon.

It was the beginning of the year, some where in January, that a strange rumor started floating around in Stonehill High. It was currently a Thursday when it finally reaches the ears of a certain sandy-haired teen and his friends.

"Have you heard the rumor?", Marcus asked to the group.

"No, what rumor?", Joey replied.

"The Midnight Channel rumor!", Marcus explained, "When you stare into a closed TV at midnight, on a rainy night, you get to see your soulmate!"

"Ha! That sounds like horse shit!", Kyle laughed, "I didn't know you were interested in that kind of stuff!"

Marcus grinned sheepishly, "I know, but I thought that it would at least benefit one of us."

"Oh! You mean Joey?", Kyle smirked, looking at the mentioned teen.

"You're still pinning after her?", Adam asked, looking surprised, "Even after she ignored you during the graduation party for the 8th graders last year?"

"S-shut up!", Joey glared, "That's none of your business!"

"Dude, your blushing.", the sandy-haired teen pointed out.

"Ooh! So, you do still like her!", Adam joined in.

"Ugh… Fine!", he relented, "Yes, I still like her and yes I know that it's impossible for me to win her heart now."

"Come on Joey!", Marcus cheered up, "She's now in the same high school as us, so you have plenty of time to woo her into your side."

"Do you really think so?", Joey asked, looking hopeful.

"I'm sure", the curly-haired blonde reassured, "But if you need some help, then maybe try the Midnight Channel rumor!"

"But isn't that just a rumor?", Adam asked, looking skeptical.

"If it's false then it's false.", Marcus explained, "But if it's true, then it can help Joey give some more courage to face his crush!"

"Hmmm… Sounds fun. Count me in!", Kyle chimed in.

"Alright, then me too.", Adam added.

"Joey?", Marcus asked, looking at the teen.

"… Fine", he finally answered.

"Alright! Now all we need do is to find out when it rains all night!", Marcus said.

"Let me do that.", Adam volunteered, as he pulled out his phone.

After a few minutes, he looked back up to the group, "We're in luck, there's a rainstorm that's plowing through the town tonight."

"Perfect!", the curly-haired teen looked happy, "Make sure to watch it tonight, alright everyone?"


"Sure, whatever…", Joey said, looking done with his friends.

Keith Holien checked the cameras to make sure they are working one last time for the live interview. He glanced back to see a curly-haired teen fidgeting in the seat where they will film her at. The Stonehill news had decided work together with the three girls of Ravenswood to try to give a little celebration to their success so far. Though he was surprised that the blonde girl, Kara Davis, didn't take the spot to be in the live interview, especially since it looked to be in her area.

"Keith are you finished with those?", one of his coworkers asked.

"Sure am.", he responded back, as he got out of the way from the camera lens.

"Good cuz we're going live in a few minutes here!"

Nodding, he went towards the other workers, who were watching in the back, as the cameramen took their places. The director soon came down and sat in front of the teen, looking like he was giving her a few words of encouragement. The female teen nodded, and the director got up and left, another person taking his spot. In a few seconds, they were on air.

Keith watched, curious to see how the interview will go, especially since the girl looked shy. However, his expectations were blown away as she was able to answer the questions clears and put in a lot of emotion behind her words. He heard a sniff right next to him, causing him to turn and see a few of his coworkers crying. This was turning out better than the director expected it to be.

For a moment, he felt a stab of jealousy, as she seemed to be doing far better than he was when he was in high school. In fact, he wouldn't be surprised if colleges and universities will start begging her to join them, unlike him.

He shook his head, trying to come back to his senses. Come on, he was getting jealous over a freshman? How ridiculous is that? He continued to watch the live interview, as he pushed those dark thoughts back into the depths of his mind.

Kyle sat in front of the flat screen TV in the living room, sitting on the couch just in front of it. He lazily looked at the clock and saw that it was a few minutes till midnight. While he did agree on doing this, he was having some second thoughts. A supernatural TV channel that can tell you your soulmate? Ridiculous.

However, he couldn't help but think of his sister, Kara, and her animal-loving friends, Emily and Adriane. He had caught a glimpse of the live interview earlier this afternoon, but it wasn't until he really thought of it, that he realized how much they accomplished. To think it all started with that rumored purple bear.

He tilted his head a bit at that. Purple bear? He had always assumed that it was because of the radiation of the place, but the place always looked so healthy and natural from all his trips there. If there was radiation, then it should have infected the other animals, but they all looked normal in the tours. The only other weird animals there were those weird French ducks that Kara's older friends mentioned.

The sound of static pulled him from his thoughts as he looked up to see the flat screen TV suddenly on. No, he had pulled the plug on it as an extra measure, so the TV wouldn't suddenly turn on and ruin this experiment. He gawked at the static filled screen, unsure of what to do. It worked. The Midnight Channel exists, but what about…

He gave out a gasp, as a figure appeared on the screen. It looked to be human. He carefully got up from his seat, not taking his eyes away from what he was seeing, and slowly approached the TV. The image was too fuzzy, making it hard to see who it was. He tried squinting his eyes, hoping that he would get something, but much to his disappointment, the screen darkened until all that was left was a dark screen. Looking back at the clock, Kyle realized that it was now 12:01.

He gave out a defeated sigh, as he realized that he needed to sleep soon, as it was still a school day tomorrow. Still, he felt excited. He was proven wrong about the existence of the Midnight Channel, but he didn't mind. That just means that he has something to entertain him.

Friday morning came, and Emily Fletcher was currently having a hectic school morning. It seemed like everyone in the school had seen the live interview and was greeting her at every direction. Being an empath, she could tell the feelings of the people and animals around her, but to have so many people have their attention towards her… It was overwhelming. It also didn't help that her magic was making her be more sensitive to emotions and feelings.

Everywhere she went, she could feel their stares as they crowded around her, it was full of admiration and longing. As well as jealousy, condescension, and irritation. The feelings that were coming to her were starting to choke her.

"Emily?", the ginger turned around to see Kara, who was staring at her with a worried expression.

"Kara!", Emily greeted, relief washing over her body as she spotted her friend. Unlike that shallow feelings that the people around had on her, the blonde teen next to her gave off genuine concern.

"The spotlight too bright for you?", the blonde asked, guiding her through the crowd, while waving off any people who wanted to get closer.

"A bit…", Emily sighed, already feeling exhausted, "I don't know why they're going after me. You and Adriane did an amazing job in Ravenswood too."

"It's because you did such a good job at that interview!", Kara explained, before leaning in and whispering, "It's scary that you have a high charisma along with some ESP powers. You could rob a bank and convince the police that you did a good thing!"

"That last part was unnecessary…", the ginger grumbled, "Is that supposed to be a compliment?"

"Of course, silly."

As the two continued to chat, a male teen around their age stepped in front of them. He had neat black hair and wore simple clothing. It was a bold move of him to step in front of the two girls, especially since it involved Kara, the most popular girl in the school. However, judging by his flushed face and his eyes not being able to look at them directly, he didn't seem very confident. In fact, you didn't need to be an empath to feel the awkwardness coming from the poor boy.

"Um… E-Em… I mean! Emily Fletcher!", he addressed her, "C-can I s-s-see you after school?"

Emily felt her stomach drop, hoping that this wasn't what she thought this was.

"Why is that?", she asked, as the teen flushed, struggling to say what he wanted to say. Oh no, the ginger thought.

"I just… Wanted to say something…", he answered, trying to be cryptic, "J-just meet me after school. Behind the building!"

With that, he jogged away. The crowd of students around them, who had witnessed the whole interaction, started whispering to each other. Looks like this was going to be spread around the whole school. Great. Just Great.

"Looks like someone has a crush on a certain someone.", Kara teased, pulling her friend along towards their classroom.

"Kara, stop it.", Emily demanded, not looking amused. She knew that he was going to try to confess to her, but she already had her answer.

"You're not going to give him a try?", her blonde friend asked.

"We don't even know each other…", she reasoned, "Besides, he probably only likes me because of the live interview…"

'Smart move.', Kara thought, before speaking out loud, "You have someone else in mind? Like maybe a certain fish prince?"

Kara grinned in satisfaction as she saw her friend's face become rosy red.

"Oh, did I hit the nail on the coffin?", she continued to tease.

"Kara, please.", Emily glared, "It's not like that between us! Merlin is just a friend!"

"A friend she says.", Kara repeated, not looking convinced, "What's with that blush then?"

Emily flinched at her response, placing her hands on her cheeks, as if to cover up her flushed skin. Deciding that the blonde had teased her enough, she smiled warmly at her.

"Well… Who ever you choose is up to you.", she said, before noticing that they were close to their destination. She glanced at her friend who looked tired.

"Hey, buck up girl!", Kara encouraged, "You still have a full day ahead of you!"

Emily just grumbled in response, as she was dragged into her classroom. If she had felt drained before, she now felt utterly exhausted.

It was lunchtime when Kyle was able to meet all his friends again. They all sat together in a table that had less students around them, not wanting his sister and her group to eavesdrop on them.

"Alright! This is our first meeting about the mysterious Midnight Channel!", Marcus announced, "Anyone wants to go first on what they found?"

"I can't believe it actually worked!", Joey started, looking excited, "Honestly, I didn't expect to see someone on it!"

"Who did you see?", Adam asked, looking curious.

"Er, well…", Joey flattered a bit on that, "The thing is… I couldn't really tell. I mean, there was so much static, that I couldn't tell who the person was on the Midnight Channel."

"Eh, really?", Adam looked surprised, "It was the same for me!"

"Hate to say it, but I experienced the same thing too.", Marcus admitted.

The rest of them turned to Kyle, but he just shook his head.

"Well this is disappointing…", Kyle muttered. He had hoped that the others would have seen something more, but it looked like that wasn't the case.

"How about we try again?", Marcus suggested, causing the other teens to look at him, "I mean, we may not have seen anyone specific today, but maybe it'll be

different next time. I already checked the forecast, and there's another rainstorm coming tonight."

"I don't know…", Adam said, not looking convinced.

"Well it doesn't hurt to try.", Joey reasoned, "Besides, it's already amazing that something like this exists."

"That's true."

"Well, why not then!", Kyle piped up, "It's not like we have any better courses of action. So, you all want to watch the Midnight Channel again tonight?"

"You bet!"

"Why not"

"Alright, let's do this!"

As the group of male teens continued to pump themselves up on this, another group of teens sat in a table next to them and began to talk obnoxiously loudly.

"Did you see what happened this morning?"

"You mean that freshman who confronted Emily Fletcher? It's, like, totally obvious that he's going to confess to her."

"For real?! Who's this dude?"

"Some freshman named Allen Whatsit. He looks soooo plain. Does he really think he has a chance with her?"

"Dunno, that Emily chick also looks plain herself."

"Come on, did you see that live interview yesterday?! She's an angel!"

"Whatever, they both look plain. Won't be surprised if they hooked up. Plain people attract plain people."

Kyle raised an eyebrow at this news. Were they serious? Is someone trying to hook up with Emily Fletcher? He looked at his friends, who seemed to have also heard the conversation.

"My, someone's getting famous.", Marcus laughed, "Funny. I still remember the time when she first came to our town."

"Kara's old friends weren't really fond of her…", Joey added, "And Adriane."

"Honestly… I didn't know why my sister started hanging out with them.", Kyle said, "Adriane is the polar opposite of her, and as for Emily… The only prominent memory of her that I have was when she passed out during that football game."

"She did, didn't she?", Adam mused, "Kara said it was a bad hot dog."

"But… Wasn't she watching over three dogs at once?", Joey pointed out, "I doubt that she had time to scarf down a hot dog."

From that, Kyle felt a twig in his consciousness. It was the same feeling that he had when he was musing about the purple bear from last night. It felt like he was being left out on something. He shook his head at that, feeling ridiculous.

"Then it was probably just the heat.", Kyle proposed, feeling annoyed, "Come on guys, she just fainted. She got back up, didn't she?"

"Sorry!", Marcus apologized while smiling, "I was just worried for her, that's all!"

"Oh? Are you getting interested?", Adam joked to the curly-haired teen.

"Oh, no!", he protested, though he couldn't help but blush a bit, "It's just that… I noticed her looking a bit ill during that game, but I was so wrapped up in our team that I didn't give it much thought. I guess you could say that I still feel guilty since then."

"Come on Marcus, I don't think she hates you.", Joey assured, "It's been so long ago, so I bet that she already forgot about it."

"Y-you think?"

"Sheesh, if your so worried, I'll ask her myself.", Kyle popped in, surprising the whole group.

"What?!", Marcus looked mortified at the idea.

"What's wrong with that?", the sandy-haired teen asked, "Since your acting all sissy about this…"

"I appreciate your help, but-!", however, Kyle cut him off.

"Don't worry, I'll go find her right now!", getting up from his seat, he began to scan the area for the familiar ginger.