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This is my first foray into the Doctor Who fanfiction fandom, but not my first rodeo in the fanfiction world.

I decided to write a story about love lost, love gained, and love in the past that needs to be dealt with in the present to create a new future.

I hope you like it. Happy reading, and as always, enjoy!
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Twice in a Lifetime

Chapter 1: How the ball starts to roll.

There always seemed to be a buzz of some sort going around, coming in & out of the rooms and offices of KWHO TV Channel 12.

Fresh news stories were being discussed, finalized and written out for that evening's broadcast.

New television programs being panned out; some all ready to be tested by the programming team with hopes of making next season's channel line-ups.

On the other side, old television programs were going through team restructuring and recasting to boost their ratings, to find new viewers, to adventure into new markets…

And, one show in particular, 'The Traveling Doctor', was doing just this.

'The Traveling Doctor' was heading into its 14th season on the channel, following Dr. John P. Smith on his many adventures being a country veterinarian. Along with his assistant, Ash; his fellow veterinarian & office mate, Dr. Martha Jones-Smith (no relation); and, their numerous work staff, the show had been running pretty smoothly. Producers, directors and other staff members came & went, but a recent 'restructuring' was causing a bit of disturbance.

"Okay, family…" Program showrunner Sarah-Jane (SJ) Smith stated to the 'Traveling Doctor' production team. "I have an announcement to make. With heavy hearts but happy tidings, we must bid farewell to our dear Vastra Nerada…"

Vastra sat silently next to her longtime friend & boss, as shock and questioning murmurs filled the conference room.

"Now, I know what you all are thinking," The woman restarted. "Why is she leaving and what will be happening with the show? I am going to be at home, assisting my dear Jenny with our adorable new baby boy, Edmund."

"So, what does that mean?" A crew member piped up.

"It means that we are shifting all of the producing jobs to accommodate her absence, until we get a new producer in for the upcoming season of the program." SJ replied. "We are currently doing interviews, so no one is set in stone as of yet. Any questions?"

"How does the Doctor feel about this?" one staff member wonders aloud.

"Does he even know?" Another one pondered.

"To answer both questions: yes, he already knows about it. He was the first person he told," SJ countered. "And, he actually suggested that she should spend more time with her son…"

"He suggested it? The Doctor was actually nice to someone?" A third staff member quipped, getting a few chuckles from the group.

"Thank you for that. And, yes, he can be. It just depends on the person. Any other questions?"

As soon as the meeting ended, the group disseminated into their respective camps for independent discussions. SJ walked into her office and plopped down behind her desk, letting out a rough breath that she had been holding deep inside.

Her brother's show was everything that she, the team and the channel needed. People flocked to watch it and its reruns, finding them fascinating and funny every time. It honestly wouldn't have gotten off the ground without the love & support of its long-running crew of characters. She remembered the first days of the show, and how hard it was to find one farm family that would allow them to film the Doctor tending to their animals. Eventually, they came around to the idea of being filmed. Some even got publicity for their farm-based businesses.

A soft knock at her office door broke her off her silent reverie.

"Yes?" She piped up, permitting the person on the other side to enter.

A soft, but concerned face of her sister, Michelle Masterson, came into view.

"Sarah Jane, I just heard about Vastra… Is Johnny really going to let her go?"

"Yes, Missy, he is… and, there's nothing we can do to change his mind…" the other woman responded.

"How about hiring a producer that we already know for the vacant position?"

"And, just whom do you have in mind? You?"

"Oh, no, I'm not reboarding that train anytime soon with him as the conductor…"

SJ chuckled lightly, before saying, "Then, who shall it be?"

"You know whom…"

"She's never going to want to return to our show… especially not after everything that has happened…"

"How do you know? She might be looking for another change of scenery… such the last time, you know…"

"Yes, Missy, I know the last time, and the last time left her devastated…"

Clara Oswald (formerly Mrs. Clara Pink) stood confidently in the control room, watching as the television program before her began its daily preshow preparations before going live. She was happy in her current position as producer of the channel's top morning program, even with all of things in her life crumbling around her.

Her 5-year marriage (and 8-year relationship) to Formula One driver Danny Pink had ended recently in rather tragic fashion with him dying in an alcohol-related car accident. The two, however, had been separated, due to Danny's much-publicized ongoing infidelity with a junior PR assistant working for his racing team. As time went on, it left her to raise twin daughters, Estella and Eleanora (aka Essie and Ellie) on her own; Danny was allowed his time to be with them, but it became smaller and smaller with his schedule, among other things. Because she was alone with two newborns at home, she had made the conscious decision to leave the only successful producing job she'd ever had: 'The Traveling Doctor'. Once the twins turned two, Clara decided to come back to the working world. SJ immediately hired her back without prejudice, knowing how hard it is to be a working single mother. But, she only had one opening for a producer. It was on a daytime program, which she wasn't sure was ideal for Clara herself. It was, however, perfect for her schedule with the girls, and thankfully, Clara knew all of the people behind it.

"Okay, folks," she stated loudly. "It's time to have a good show… cameras ready in 10…9…8…7…6. Hosts ready in for entrance…5…4…3…2… and, Strax, go for intro…"

"It's Monday, the start of a new week. So, it's time for a trip 'Around the Pond'!" the announcer thundered to the live crowd, who were loudly clapping. "On today's program, Rose Tyler is back with her glamour squad, and they will be surprising two of our lucky gallery members with saucy and sassy soon-to-be summertime makeovers. A summer fruit cooking lesson with everyone's favorite 'Champ Chef', Mickey Smith. And, a song from our favorite band, TARDIS. Now, please put your hands together and welcome your hosts, Amy and Rory!"

As the two hosts walked out, Clara watched the video screens to make sure cameras were in their proper places, before finding a seat behind the televisions at the control desk.

Clara knew that 'Around the Pond' was not in the caliber of 'The Traveling Doctor', but at least, it was paying the bills and people ate up the kitsch every morning, including herself. Some days she could be found watching the cooking lessons from the stage floor, taking notes as they happened.

That morning, however, she had decided to stay upstairs in the control room, not much interested in a cooking lesson or a glammy makeover gangbang. She glanced at the cell phone sitting next to her on the desk, hoping someone would call her, but to no avail.

SJ looked at Clara's work file as she sat silently in her office. Clara had always been an exemplary worker and producer on 'The Traveling Doctor', hence the reason she rehired her for the daytime program, 'Around the Pond'. She had a feeling the young mother couldn't and wouldn't stay away long. But now, the task was to get her to come back to a show she abruptly left for her own personal reasons.

One being, the Doctor himself.

SJ knew that her younger brother had feelings for the young producer, so did everyone else on set. Them getting together would have been inevitable, if they weren't both married to other people. Now, however, that didn't matter; the Doctor's wife was fully out of the picture and Clara's husband was dead.

SJ had to take a chance that Clara would be game to return to the show that made her career. She grabbed her cell phone and pressed the buttons for a number she knew by heart.

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