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Back in Scotland…

He couldn't believe what had happened the night before.

First, he saw a photo of Clara's girls, which he had told himself not to overanalyze. Yes, they were beautiful. Yes, they looked a lot like their mother, but there was something else; he had noticed their intense blue eyes and the hint of curls in their soft, brown locks. Two things unrelated to one Clara Oswin Oswald Pink, but not unrelated to him.

Second, his own mother came out to the barn and read him the riot act for not being involved in the girls' lives. Heck, he wasn't even aware that Clara was even pregnant, until she had the twins. He hated being that oblivious, but it was for the best; he didn't think he had any say in their lives, when he believed that Danny Pink was their father. Now, dear ol' Mrs. Rooney was on the outs with him, and his own family didn't know what to do.

Third, his beloved Ayrshire heifer, Aphrodite finally gave birth to her first calf, aptly named 'Eros'. Several hours later, and not to be outdone, his lovely cow, Madeline pushed out her second calf, a girl named Maxima. (Her first calf, a bull named Clemens, was out in a smaller pasture, thankfully nowhere near his father, a fierce bull named Gaspar). The Doctor had fallen asleep after both births on his barn's small office sofa, which he knew would kill both his neck and back, but he didn't want to see anyone in the main house at that moment.

Early the next morning, he awoke his cell phone buzzing. His morning alarm was going off, alerting him to start his day. He stood up from the sofa and stretched, body popping, bones cracking and creaking from stiffness and age. He pulled his work boots back on and strode towards the house, only to see a familiar car rumbling up the driveway road.

"Ugh, God…" He muttered to himself. "What now?"

He made his way through the house to see his young assistant dead asleep on the living room couch. 'Poor Ashildr', he thought. 'She's been through too much…'

With a deep sigh, he continued to the front door, looking out of the side windows to see his 'favorite' sister making her way to the entryway. She knocked brightly on the wooden slab, taking a deep breath as she did it. Only she got no answer from his side and him.

"John Peter Smith, I know you are behind that door…" Missy stated confidently. "Open up, and stop acting like a pansy…"

"I am not a pansy, and you are not entering my home! Not now, not tomorrow, not ever! Now, go back to London and leave me be!" He shouted back.

"Mum has been calling me angry and upset, and all she kept saying is 'He's just like his father' and 'He needs a swift kick in the arse by someone'. Guess that is my job today, eh, big brother?"

"Mom told you all of this?! Well, hell! Of course she fucking did! She's Mum. I'm surprised she didn't call Sarah Jane…"

"She did. I just choose the short straw…"

"Oh, you poor thing… let me play the world's tiniest violin for you…" His sarcasm was quite evident.

"Come on, Johnny! Just let me in… it's cold out here and I need coffee, which I know you have. You know how I am without coffee…"

"Michelle May Smith Masterson, I am not letting you in!"

"Doctor…?" A sleepy soft voice questioned from behind him.

He turned to see Ash, looking over at him, as she hung over the side of the couch.

"I'm sorry for starting this mess…" She continued with a slow yawn. "It wasn't my intention to upset you, sir…"

The Doctor let out a deep sigh, knowing that none of this was her fault. He was so exhausted by the whole situation happening around him. Before he could say anything, the front door swung open, revealing Missy in all of her glory as she stepped inside.

"What-the-hell?!" He spoke up annoyed at the sight of his younger sister.

"Never, and I mean, never, leave a spare key under your doormat!" Missy piped up, holding a golden key she had just remove from the door lock. "You are so ridiculous sometimes, John Smith!"

"I don't need this right now! I haven't even had my first cup of coffee, and already my morning is fucked to bits!"

"I can make you some, Doctor…" Ash stated, as she rose from the sofa swiftly moving into the kitchen.

Only to be stopped just short of it by Missy.

"Ashy darling, could you be a dear and go out & get some eggs for me? I'm going to make my 'favorite' brother breakfast." The older woman retorted.

"No no no! Not happening!" The Doctor reacted, irritated and turning angry by the second. "Michelle, you are not her boss! And, you will not or ever make me breakfast! I would rather perform seppuku!"

"Well, Mum's not here to do it, and we all know why that is, brother-mine. So, I want to make sure you're fed and fed well…"

"More like poisoned well…" Ash spoke under her breath, knowing all of them heard her.

"Pipe down, sidekick! This ain't your show, nor is it your fight!"

"How dare you, you old hag! Stay in your own bloody lane! Get a fucking clue! No one wants you here right now! Not me, not the Doctor, no one! Get the Hell out and do allow the door to hit you where the good God split you!"

Michelle smiled at the young woman and clapped slowly.

"Way to find your balls, Ashildr King!" She quipped with a smirk. "Way to go!"

"Go to Hell, you cunt!" Ash responded angrily.

"How dare you?!"

"Ladies, ladies! Claws away!" The Doctor immediately moved to stand between the two women in the room. "Ash, can you go into town and retrieve breakfast please?"

"What?! You want me to leave?! How fair is that?! She started this mess by coming here!"

"Ash, I want you to leave, because I don't want any witnesses, when I kill my own sister…"

"With pleasure! I needed to go into town anyway…"

"Perfect. Thank you."

"Yes, thank you, Ashildr…" Missy ticked up with a bit of sarcasm and a smirk.

"You're not welcome, you selfish crone…" the doctor's assistant sniped, as she pulled on her boots. "Your usual, boss?"

"Yes, thank you…"

"I won't be long," she stated, before turning blatantly towards Missy. "I hope you're gone when I return."

"Or what?" the other woman retorted coyly.

"Or, I'll assist the Doctor in dismembering your dead body to feed to the hogs. Ta!"

Ash grabbed her helmet and her keys, before leaving the house to go to where her motorbike was standing up, thus allowing John and Missy to argue in peace. The Doctor pulled a coffee mug from the cupboard nearest him and poured a cup for himself. And only himself.

"Oh, none for me, thanks…" Missy remarked with a bit of snark. "I'm a tea woman myself…"

"Michelle, what-the-fuck do you want? Honestly. Are you come here to call me a fool, an idiot, an imbecile, a bastard?" John wondered, taking a long drink of his morning brew.

"I was thinking 'arsehole', but all of the above options work just as well. How dare you treat our mother so cruelly? Who do you think you are?! Wait, wait, wait! I know who you are – the spitting image of the Devil Himself, minus the highballs of Bowmore No. 1 and pints of Tennent's Lager…"

"Oh, no! Don't you dare compare me to him! Don't you ever compare me to him! Don't you dare! I didn't abandon my family for a drunken binge and £20.00 whores!"

"Oh, but you did abandon your family! Why isn't Clara living with you, Johnny Boy? And, where are those beautiful little girls she has? Why aren't they here too?"

She did this.

She did this on purpose.

She knew his triggers:


The twins…

Their father…

She had to make him understand.

And, as she did this, John seethed in anger. He couldn't believe that Missy was doing this to him, that she would use his weaknesses against him, that she would hurt him in this way.

"Get out…" He grumbled, enraged by her. "Get out of my home! Get out of my life! How dare you! How dare you make me hate you! You are so cold, so cruel, and I hate you for this!"

"You don't hate me, John Peter Smith!" She stated back powerfully. "You hate yourself! You hate yourself, and you don't have any way to fix it! Well, goddamnit, John! Go to Clara and demand some answers about those girls! Go to Mum's and demand answers about the past from her and her husband! Go forth and find the answers! Use your intelligence for once in your bloody life!"

"No! No, I'm not going to! You can't make me do something that doesn't need to be done! The past is over; it's done with!"

"Seek forgiveness, Johnny! Seek answers! Seek and ye shall find! Get your head out your arse and get the truth!"

Before anyone could say anymore, the house phone rang.

That meant that the Doctor had to make a house call or there was an emergency someplace. He strode over to the wall unit and answered it smoothly, "This is the Doctor…"

"Hello, Doctor…"

The voice on the other end of the call was so familiar; it shocked him at first. He hadn't expected the call, nor had he thought in a million years it would happen just as the very moment. He stood there in silent shock, clutching the receiver as his younger sister looked on, wondering who could stop his brother dead in his tracks.

But, she had a good idea who it might be.



Oooh, cliffhanger! What would our dear Clara be calling the Doctor for?