"Ankoro Mocchi Mochi"a lich lifted a finger "Shijuuten Suzaku... Tabula Smaragdina... Peroroncino…"

Glancing at the hanging flags Momonga only sighed and closed his eyes.

Of course, given that displaying such emotions was impossible in the game — the legacy of the law limiting the realism of virtual reality — all that a person could do was to cover his eyes under his virtual helmet, feeling the wire from the plug uncomfortably crashing into his spine.

The existence of Satoru Suzuki was one worthy of pity.

Day by day, as a wordless slave of the future that became, as a small cog in the debugged mechanism of a huge mega-corporation which crushed all Japanese arcologies under itself. Living in a hopeless darkness of the future after the third world war. A man who has never seen the beauty of the night sky.

In his life, he had only one consolation - his radiant beauty, the DMMO-RPG "YGGDRASIL" and - his family that existed only inside this game. For twelve years he escaped from his gray, boring, mad world in order to plunge into the game, become a powerful black magician -a great lord of the undead, meet with forty of his friends, immerse himself in merry reckless adventures...

And now it's the end. Yggdrasil came to an end, as each beautiful story must.

What will happen next? How would he live without his Yggdrasil? Where else will he meet his family?

Satoru closed his eyes in pain. Not a physical one, but from something that is even more powerful and terrible.

The clocks were counting down the last seconds.

Fifty seven. Fifty eight. Fifty nine.

Well, that's all.


"S... Sen... Senp...ai" came a voice, as distorted and incomprehensible as if it was sounding from a distance "Senpai, wake up!"

"Ah..." he slowly opened his eyes to look at the source of the voice "A?"

"Senpai, what are you doing here?" the voice reaching him distorted, twisting and turning into an unperceivable white noise "Senpai, get up!"

Slowly looking at the girl who was trying to shout to him, Momonga blinked several times, then again and again, before...

His brain exploded with an understanding, unfamiliar terms burst into his brain with a hurricane of blades cutting in his subcortex. Servants, the Clock Tower, the call, the absorption of the soul, the body...

Apparently, his body, his mind, his abilities - he, the Momonga, the highest of all the undead, an Overlord, was embodied as one of these Servants and re-created in this world. However, for some unknown reason, he was recreated in this world. But not as a separate being - instead he took the body of an unknown mage and, unfortunately, the mage could not withstand such a clash of souls.

For a second, Momonga wanted to shout, but the understanding that such behavior would definitely not be seen as something positive made him instinctively reach for his existence as a Servant instead. After which this reflex action made him suddenly feel as if something had filled him with coldness, allowing his mind to take control of his body.

Having realized, however, a moment later, that he was still lying on the ground, Momonga leaned on one arm, after which he slowly stood up, trying to look around as discreetly as possible to determine exactly where he was at the moment.

Unfortunately, the memories of the previous owner of the body was not absorbed. Instead, the mind and soul of the man, that previously inhabited this body, was simply destroyed by the creature called Momonga. So, unfortunately, no part of his memory could answer the most important questions at the moment.

For example, the question of where he was now, why he was here, and whom he had the honor to meet.

Trying to glance at the girl in front of him, all that Momonga could notice was that the girl in front of him was... Beautiful. Yes, she appeared slightly sloppy, without frills, wearing a slightly baggy T-shirt and a blouse hiding her figure, however, there was something really attractive in her purple eyes, square glasses and timid insecurity. In general, only one thing prevented him from calling her the most beautiful girl in his life.

He was twice her age.

And if you add on the age of the new body to the age of his past body - then at least thrice.

He wasn't going to start such things with a minor.

"Senpai, are you ok?" the girl examined him from all sides, worryingly looking at Momonga, after which, having received a return nod, she sighed "Well."

"Senpai, first of all..." she finally took a step back from him, the girl allowed him to inhale with a full chest, after which, pointing to herself, she slightly bowed "Mashu Kyrielight".

"Momo ... n" Satoru had never had to communicate with anyone out of the game for more than ten seconds in his whole life, so his first and only reflex reaction was to answer with his nickname from the game - however, an instant understanding that few would agree to believe that his name really was "Flying Squirrel" forced him to cut himself short "Just Momon."

"Well, senpai," smiling at him, the girl looked at him uneasily again "But still... Why did you sleep in the middle of the corridor?"

Instantly looking around to determine the truthfulness of the words of his new acquaintance, Momonga was forced to admit that at the moment he was indeed in the middle of a corridor - a long corridor, as in one of the numerous transitions between the arcologies of the past world of his, but much lighter and cleaner.

"I..." the correct answer was 'because I was just transferred in this body and devoured the soul of my predecessor', but, according to a very obvious conclusion, a true answer is not always the right one. "I'm just suffering from exhaustion."

"Senpai?" - it was not the best option, but Momonga didn't come with anything better in that second - "Senpai, you shouldn't drive yourself so hard."

"Yes, I understand" having regained his senses, Momonga for a second felt an unpleasant sensation in his mouth, which came along with the memory of HeroHero, who was really suffering from exhaustion due to overwork. Indeed, in the real world, his friend was working somewhere far away now, dying from rough treatment in his black company, while he was just hiding behind these words.

On the other hand, what choice did he have? Either he uses lies or he will be caught as an invader who has killed and devoured someone else's soul.

'Stop!' Something in his head made him pay attention to the contradiction. Of course, the fact that he was falsely covering up the truth using the things from which his friend HeroHero really suffered from was disgusting in itself. But at the same time the understanding that he had just killed a living person and destroyed his soul, the very essence of his existence, meant nothing to him.

Instinctive knowledge again told him that the fault for this was in his personal skills as a Servant, and that he had only to wish for his emotions to come back to plunge into the hysterical laughing and regretting. But right now there were quite a few problems that came first. Therefore, all that was available for him at the moment was to accept the strangeness of his current state as a given and turn to the girl that he met with the question of 'where exactly I'm now'. However, he did not have time to do it.

A rapid movement in the distance of the corridor attracted the attention of the one now named 'Momon'. A small creature, looking like a small hybrid between a mouse and a fox, appeared as if from nowhere and made a big leap to Mashu, landing on the girl's shoulder, making her smile and a little bit embarrassed. But nonetheless the girl reached out to rub the neck of the creature.

"Sorry, senpai" turning to Momon, the girl pointed to the creature with her chin, slightly embarrassed, "This is Fou, a local resident. Actually it's pretty rare for someone to see him. So I think Fou thinks of you as a good person."

As if to confirm this, Fou pulled his little head forward and sniffed several times. However, in contradiction to these words, immediately after this - the creature that had so comfortably rested on the girl's shoulders jumped instantly - and in one continuous movement rushed to a corner, with such speed that Mashu had to recoil from the force. In one motion, the creature disappeared around the corner, leaving the girl to look surprised at the escaped Fou.

"Oh... He often does this" the girl tried to console Momon, but he was perfectly aware that she was doing a bad job "He doesn't show himself much to anyone, so you've already done more than most other people!"

"Uh-huh" Momon muttered, not impressed by this conclusion, then glanced at the direction the creature ran. No, he never kept any pets at home, but reacting to him so much... It was quite a sad thing for Momon.

"What are you doing here?" a voice from the other end of the corridor made Momon and Mashu turn to look at the approaching one.

It was a man and a pretty tall one, middle-aged - however, the thing that made Momon frown was his pompous clothes.

'How do they even trust you to do anything here, if you are wearing a fur coat at the job?!' - The indignation of his corporate employee soul knew no bounds. Who does this guy even think he is - how can he even expect a serious attitude towards him, while he is wearing such an atrocious thing?!

"Ah, Mashu" the man approaching Momon only now noticed the girl and waved a hand , after which he turned his attention to the new face "And...".

"Momon" muttered Satoru, trying not to look at the new guy with a distaste in his eyes for his taste in clothes.

"Ah, Momon" having heard the name, the man broke into a smile. "My name is Lev Lainur. I suppose you are the last of the forty-eight candidates. In that case, congratulations on getting to Chaldea!"

Unfortunately neither the mention of Chaldea or the forty-eight candidates made Momon recall anything from his memories. Except that the forty-eight were the largest number of participants for a raid on NPC-bosses, such as World-Level Enemies, although even in such a case the result was not guaranteed.

"I see that you were the last one to be recruited" while smiling a good-natured smile, Lev put his hand behind his head "Did you train a long time for this? One Year? Two? Half a year?"

"Not so much…" Not knowing how to answer, Momon tried to answer vaguely. "I did not train that long for this…"

"Oh, yes, exactly" as if remembering something, Lev realized himself "I remember, it seems there was one free place where anyone could get..."

'Hey, when you phrase it like that it's like I'm incapable of anything and only got here because of a miracle!' although, technically speaking, this all concerned only the previous owner of the body, for Momonga it still sounded excessively close to the truth and therefore doubly insulting - so this line of thought was born.

"In any case, I'm Lev Lainur a local technician and scientist. If you need anything please contact me anytime" The man smiled once again affably to Mashu and Momon.

"Of course, professor" Mashu also smiled at him in response, but Momon himself waited a second before doing it. Something in the smile of the 'local technician' gave him no peace. It's as if the man before him was like one of those business partners who were always smiling at the negotiations and who would also rewrite the contract every time you turn away and then scream in rage when you point out that they changed the conditions without anyone noticing.

"By the way, it's unusual to see you with someone" The man looked interestedly at Mashu "Acquaintances from the past?"

"No, I just met senpai sleeping on the floor in the middle of the corridor." Mashu suddenly realized that perhaps she should not have said this, but it was already too late.

"That's why?" Lev glanced worriedly at Momon "Perhaps, then it is worth sending you to the medical room for a check-up?"

"No thanks, nothing terrible happened." Feeling that the faster people would forget about his strange recent behavior, the better it would be for him, Momon tried to dismiss this thought.

"If you say so" Lev shrugged, and then as if he realized something, sayed in a concerned way. "By the way, aren't you late for a briefing from the chief?"

"Briefing from the chief?" Momon was interested in what was said, but realizing that, most likely, he should have known about this event, he nevertheless tried to follow the topic "Indeed, we should hurry up."

"Professor" after that, Mashu glanced at the technician with interest "Do you think... I will be allowed to come to the briefing?"

"I think if you get up quietly in the corner, then no one will even notice your presence" the professor's answer was quite complacent.

"Thank you, Professor" Mashu bowed back to the man, after which she glanced at Momon "Then, I think both of us should hurry."

"I hope you will not mind us then" Momon tried to smile "You know, I am so poorly oriented in this place, so please, Mashu..."

"Well, then do not lag behind" smiling at Satoru, Mashu moved forward from Lev and Satoru "Senpai."

The briefing was short but very informative.

Going out of the office door at the same time with the slowly creeping crowds of other people elected to the honorable mission together with the previous owner of this body, so-called mages, Momonga could not do anything but put his head next to the cold wall and silently try to comprehend what had happened.

To be called to another world, in the body of your game avatar, to destroy the soul and occupy the body of the poor mage, after which to get all the knowledge about the local world order was insane indeed.

But to find out that now you have to go back in time to prevent the destruction of humanity? This was something even more insane.

Of course, it would be foolish to say that a man like Momonga never wanted to become a hero of his own story. To save beautiful ladies and humanity itself - it has a nice ring indeed. But when your childhood dreams begin to come true in such a strange way you begin to understand that these dreams were not as great as they seemed.

However, there was no panic and no horror - and the blame was put on his working skill, which suppressed emotions. If it were not for that, then most likely Momon would now be rolling on the floor and shouting helplessly, not having any idea what he should do.

But, having suppressed the strong emotions that were distracting him, Momonga could look at the situation with a clear view and think about what was happening.

In the body of his game avatar, he was strong, in Yggdrasil, he was at the maximum level and had good characteristics and equipment, but he knew nothing about his level in this world. Yes, even if he knew - so what? Dedicate all his life to eliminating problems in the space-time continuum...

Perhaps, if in his shoes were someone like Touch Me - he would not have thought a split second before rushing to help the world without hesitation, but Momonga was not like that.

Or so he thought?

Of course, he owed Touch Me for his salvation, but he only saved his game avatar in an unpleasant situation once... But at the same time, if not for his salvation then, he would not have found his family, nor would he be in this current situation...

Raising his head, Momonga again leaned it against the wall.

"Senpai!" - however, Mashu, who appeared behind him made him distracted from his thoughts. "Senpai... Are you upset?"

Strictly speaking, no, he was not upset, he was just thinking about his life choices, but in order not to explain anything to the girl, he gestured vaguely in the air.

"I understand" Taking his answer as a positive, the girl bowed her head. "It's probably hard, not knowing where you are going and what you need to do - also it sounds like it has already happened and you can't do anything, but just follow the inevitable future..."

"Sure?" having nothing on his mind, Momon uttered thoughtfully and looked at the girl.

"Oh, sorry, my bad!" - immediately she tried to change the topic uncertainly - "In any case, you are in group D, so, for now, I should show you your room…"

"Probably," said Momonga uncertainly as an answer, moving away from the wall, and then he looked at the girl "Lead then."

The journey to the room was short but very uncomfortable. As if Mashu did not know how to begin the conversation, while Momon continued to reflect on his life choices. He could easily leave Chaldea, he was not frightened by the miles of hostile environment and lack of food. He did not even need them actually. But the thought of what he would do in life then and what other people would do did not give him even the opportunity to rest his mind.

"Mashu" however, nevertheless, without reaching a definite conclusion, Momonga realized that it would be impossible to choose any answer so easily so he turned to his attendant. "Tell me if you would ... No, forget, this is stupid."

'What was I just thinking about! To embroil a child in such matters!' Momonga wanted to hit himself in the head.

"Senpai?" the girl turned to him, but Momon just shook his head, as if saying "Nothing, everything is in order."

They both reached Momon's room in silence, feeling how an uncomfortable situation settled between them. Only when reaching the door, Mashu gave her voice.

"We got here, senpai" stopping next to the room, the girl turned to the man and smiled at him.

"Thank you, Mashu" sighed Momon and took a step past her.

The girl only spared him a worried look, after which she left the moment when the iron automatic door closed behind Momon completely.

However, the thought of being alone with his thoughts did not become a reality for Momonga.

"Good morning!" once inside, Momon almost immediately ran nose-to-nose with a man sitting on Momon's bed.

Surprised and intrigued, Momonga looked at him, but he did appear particularly normal. At least for this world. In the original world of Momon, a blue-eyed blond man with long hair tied in a ponytail would have been considered at least handsome, while here he was no more than an ordinary guy dressed in a white medical coat.

"You..." The Momon began the sentence but didn't finish it.

"Romani Akkiman!" However, the man hurried to finish the thought himself. "A modest doctor at your service."

The room in which Momonga found himself in did not look like a medical office and it was unlikely that for some reason Mashu unexpectedly escorted Momonga to the doctor. Rather the room looked like a normal bedroom with a small bed, which at the moment was occupied by the guy, a wardrobe, a desk and a small monitor hanging quietly on the wall.

"And what is a doctor doing in my room?" - sighing, Momonga took a step then pulled out a chair from the desk and sat so that he could look into the eyes of the doctor.

"I am always where I should be." the man instantly broke into a smile but Momon was familiar with this smile, a smile that said 'don't give me away to the boss'.

"And also where there is no work." sighing, Momonga put his head in his hands.

"Hah," the guy smiled awkwardly. "Well, that too."

There was silence for a couple of seconds before Momonga understood and accepted that Romani was clearly not planning to leave at the moment.

"So you are the doctor?" Sighing Momon looked the man in the eyes.

"That's right, chief!" Jokingly saluting, the doctor grinned. "The real doctor Roman at your service!"

"That's good I suppose" Sighing, Momonga looked away from the man again.

"Hey..." noticing, however, the melancholic mood of Momon, Romani looked thoughtfully at him "Are you alright?"

"Physically yes." Momon's answer was instant. "But... No, nothing. I beg your pardon."

The man in front of him, of course, looked much older than Mashu. But how old was he really? Twenty five? So he was younger than Momonga himself by ten years. Surely he didn't need Momon's own problems.

"You look like you are definitely not alright" looking at Momonga from the side, however, Romani answered that with all honesty "But don't be afraid, Dr. Roman can help you with anything you need!"

"Perhaps" Momonga answered evasively after which with a sigh he looked from Roman to the wall "But sometimes you need to handle things yourself."

"That's right too" the guy didn't argue "However, even if you cannot reveal all the details to me, Dr. Roman can always see what can be done about any issues you may have."

Looking at him again Momonga just looked away.

"It's just about an old debt," Momon said reluctantly "One I owe to a friend of mine - from a long time ago... And now I found out that I can repay this debt. But in such a multiple amounts, and using such a way that the person I owe the debt will never know about it. But should I return it in that case?"

"Sounds like a problem" with his arms folded over his head, Roman lay down on the bed "Tell me then, this debt... is it big?"

Lost in thought, Momonga nodded. Touch Me didn't just save him then, he led him to Nines Own Goal, the first version of their guild, where he met his first friends...

"This man, the debt to which you want to return..." At this moment, Roman thoughtfully turned his eyes over to the walls before looking at Momonga "Do you really want to return this debt?"

Touch Me was his friend, family even. Like an older brother, if you could say that.

Momon nodded slowly.

"Well, in that case…" Roman thoughtfully looked at the silent man in front of him. "I am not sure what to do."

For a couple of seconds, Momon interpreted what was said before looking frowningly at Romani, as if expecting him to say something like 'sorry, stupid joke'.

"What?" however, the doctor only fidgeted on the bed. "I have no idea what you should do. I'm just a doctor, I didn't study as a psychiatrist. And even if I studied, it seems to me that it is your choice whether you should return such debt or not. The only thing I could offer to you was to voice out loud the important points on your mind and think about them. And then only you can decide what you need to do."

After these words, Romani smiled and shrugged.

Momon just sat back in his chair, even more conflicted inside than before.

However, he was led out of his thoughts by the door to his room, which opened, revealing a man in extravagant attire.

"Romani? So here you are!" Looking into the room, Lev frowned at the doctor inside. "What are you doing here? Reyshifting is about to begin soon, shouldn't you be present? Team A seems to be doing well, but Team B is all on the nerves. Can you give them some sedatives?"

"Mmmmm, maybe." Sighing, Romani rose from his seat and then stretched.

"Hurry up, Romani" sighing, Lev left the room.

"I don't like him" waiting for the door to close behind the man, Momon said out loud. "He seems to be smiling, but it's restless inside me every time I see him."

"What are you talking about?" Looking at him interestedly, Romani bowed his head.

"About the professor" Sighing, Momonga laid his head on his hands "I don't know why, but when I look at him I remember the type of employer who delays wages while also saying that we are all part of a team that does not abandon each other when in trouble."

"Lev is not like that" but, dismissing his thoughts, Romani objected "He is a famous scientist and professor, one of the creators of S.H.E.B.A., a telescope that allows you to look into the future!"

"And yet, there is something about him..." Momon shook his head. At this time, the reason for these feelings were not his personality as a Servant, but the inner personal sensations and knowledge gathered from his experience, as a person, and as a simple office worker.

"Maybe you just need to talk to him to get to know him more." Romani shrugged. "Sometimes you just need to get to know a person a little better to become friends with him."

"Perhaps" with a sigh, Momonga, however, did not agree unequivocally with the doctor's statement.

"Anyway, I think..." the doctor's thought was suddenly interrupted by a darkened room. Momonga, due to his state as a Servant and being an undead, had absolute vision in darkness, therefore, he did not even feel the change in the situation for the few seconds, while for Roman himself, the world suddenly changed so radically that he could not continue to speak "What the heck?"

Almost immediately the dark room was lit up with the red light of the emergency lamps, and at the same instant a voice rang out over the loudspeakers placed in all the rooms.

"Emergency. Emergency. Fire in the central power station. Fire in the central control room. All personnel must be evacuated from the second gate. Gate closure will occur within ninety seconds. I repeat, an emergency..."

"Jesus Christ!" Roman almost swore at once "Bring the central office to the monitor!"

The monitor that hung so calmly on the wall of the room instantly blinked at the command after which it quickly charged up with a manifesting picture.

The picture that appeared on the screen did not inspire optimism at all. Upturned tables, scorched walls, cracks on the walls all the way to the ceiling, crushed equipment. It seemed as if a bomb had exploded in the room.

"Mother of God!" Roman once again cursed then turned his eyes to Momon "You! Find shelter and hide! The gates are about to close, you need to leave!"

Such words, however, did not convince Momonga. Despite the fact that he was never able to decide whether he should really get involved in this whole adventure with the salvation of mankind, Touch Me had managed to inspire him with something.

Helping the weak in danger is right. Especially when it costs him nothing.

If the closing of the doors does not mean the imposition of a high-level anti-teleportation barrier, then he will always be able to retreat again. And even if it means he can't, he always has a pair of aces up his sleeve. Or at least in the treasury of Nazarick.

Therefore, when Roman almost flew off and rushed into the control room, Momon followed him at the same second.

"Where are you going?! Gates on that side!" Noticing his companion not slowing down Romani threw the words to the Momonga over his shoulder "Run!"

However Momonga only ignored the words of the scientist so Roman was forced to mentally spit.

"Do not lag behind!" He shouted yet again, having reconciled with the decision of the man then moved forward.

Literally a few corners after the two men stumbled to the front doors of the entrance to the control room, which now looked pathetic. Twisted pieces of metal were stuck in the wall preventing the doors from opening completely so that they can squeeze through them.

"By the Lord!" Roman once again cursed politely, but to his surprise, Momon stretched out metal from the wall by his hand without any problems, pulled out one piece, then the second. "Huh, you are unexpectedly strong…"

To these words Momonga just shrugged.

Stepping inside, Roman almost immediately rushed to inspect it - but it was impossible to make out anything between the twisted pieces of metal so after just a few seconds Roman was forced to give up the useless exercise. However, the very core of Chaldea stood in place just as before, completely untouched by the explosion.

"Mother of..., the bomb exploded here!" Having angrily kicked the rolling piece of metal, Roman glanced at the untouched core "But how did…"

"Reduced energy levels. Energy generation is insignificant... "- the warning system immediately responded. "Automatic power supply change is impossible. Staff please manually change the power source. The doors will close in forty seconds. Please, all staff personnel..."

"Power supply!" - grabbed Romani his head. "It's in the basement for replacement! You! You run away from here! You still have time!"

With these words, Roman left the room, but before Momon himself could think about the doctor's suggestion another warning distracted him.

"Transition to the final stage of reyshifting. Coordinates: 2004; January 30; Fuyuki; Japan. Materialization of the Laplace system. Adjust the time factor of the singularity. The summoning program is carrying out. Please prepare the masters..." Momon clutched his head. If he wanted to escape, then now was his last chance. Only one teleportation spell and he can be anywhere in the world, and no one will ever know about it...

A quiet sound from the destroyed console caught his attention.

Instantly, Momonga jumped towards it and, raising the wreckage above his head, was able to detect the source of the noise.

Mashu looked pitiable. It seems that the console crashed into her with the force of the shock wave, and then pressed her into the wall, literally breaking the girl in half.

Blood flooded through the tears in her clothes, that hid the mutilated body of the girl, bent by an explosion.

The idea that his, perhaps a recent but familiar friend, suffered in an explosion, slightly clouded the mind of the man even if there were no true emotions inside him.

Her wounds were not terrible, in fact, Momon himself had enough scrolls, wands, and potions to easily heal the girl. But the idea that such wealth was an irreplaceable resource prevented him from using them instantly.

"S... Senpai" Opening her eyes, Mashu focused them on Momonga instantly. "Everything is all right... Run... Leave me... You need to leave…"

However, before Momon could respond to such words, another alert broke into his mind.

"Warning to all supervising personnel. The status of Chaldea is changing. S.H.E.B.A. observes a change in the foreseeable future. The absence of signs of intelligent life on earth over the next hundred years. The survival of humanity is not guaranteed."

Mashu's eyes widened to these words while Momon's gaze was fixed on a rapidly changing color for the Chaldea's oncle blue - and now red core.

Literally a second later, the loud crash of a metal partition that struck the floor distracted them both.

"The interior is closed. Starting to clean the interior... "

"Too... Too late..." Mashu said plaintively, at the moment when she realized her doom "The doors... Are closed..."

The idea of banal teleportation did not give Momonga peace. Why did Mashu not even suggest the possibility of teleportation? Of course, his knowledge of the current reality was incomplete, but according to knowledge from Yggdrasil, teleportation was one of the most useful spells and was studied very early so that every self-respecting magician and two-thirds of non-magicians knew it. It would be stupid if, on Earth, where magic existed quite legally, even if hidden from the general population, there would be no such banal teleportation spell.

"There is no possibility of reading the vital signs of the Masters' capsules" The cold metallic voice of notifications was heard again "There are not enough masters to complete the reyshifting procedure. Search for potential masters... A potential master was found."

"Installation of master number forty-eight as a priority master" At this moment Momonga felt how the gaze of a mechanical, insensible mass shifted to him. "The process of conversion of the Heroic Spirit begins...".

"Mmm" Mashu sighed "Senpai... Can I take your hand?"

"Of course" replying to her unequivocally, Momon extended his hand to the girl. Apparently, all he needed was to teleport from here.

Mentally, the man had already cast the Greater Teleportation, but before the magic was formed in his mind, the cold voice of the announcer answered again. "The reyshifting procedure was launched. The Grand Order Demonstration is running. Transfer - Fuyuki..."

Class: Foreigner

The Foreigner class refers to creatures that have come from beyond the edge of existence, understanding, and human history. In order to be summoned as a Foreigner class, it is not enough just to be a man from another world, it is not enough just to be a stranger in the way; it is not even enough to be just "the one who does not exist." It is necessary to be truly alien - alien to the world itself where the Foreigner is called up - embodying in itself other laws and impossible principles, the Foreigner bears the imprint of another existence.

It is not enough just to be a creature that embodies something that is impossible from the point of view of a simple average person or even a mage, a Foreigner personifies a paradoxical concept that contradicts itself, like "Gates and Key in itself", like "Sleeping Wonderer", like "The living Eclipse of all life".