The important stuff first:

Since it's getting a bit too much on my profile, when it comes to my Venom One-Shots, I have decided to open up this one-shot collection now.

You can still find the other Venom one-shots, which I have written before opening this collection on my profile, just saying.

I am not gonna re-upload them to this collection. If you want to read the older one-shots, please check out my profile, thank you.

I have a few things to say, before this collection starts and I would be very happy if you take your time and read through this, thank you.

What kind of stories are you going to find here?

I write a lot of different kinds of story. I write fluff mostly, but I also write dark stuff, horror, drama, emotional stuff and so on. I also write tickle stories (but I would like to point out that I distance myself from any kind of sexual or fetish related stuff when it comes to tickle stories! My tickle stories are all clean and consist of harmless fluff only!). The only thing which I don't like at all and what I don't write at all are sex stories, romantic stories, fetish stories and so on. If this is what you are looking for, then I must disappoint you, because you will NOT find this here. Venom and Eddie are FRIENDS in ALL of my stories, so if you are looking for your "symbrock" stuff: You will NOT find this here!


I gave this one-shot collecting a high rating, because of the first story and future stories, since I wanna write some serious/darker stories with Venom and Eddie too. I have chosen an M-rating, because the first story turned out to be pretty brutal in my eyes and I just want to be on the safe side when it comes to this, just saying ;). There will also be some swearing in my other stories and that's why the rating is pretty high here. The high rating here is because of violence, gore and swearing!

One very important thing you need to know about me and my stories:

You should know that english isn't my first language and that you will find some mistakes here and there.
Most stories I have translated from german into english, others I have written in english only.
Just for your information ;).


Like any other author I LOVE Reviews and the contact to my readers, so please, please, please, DON'T BE SHY and share your thoughts with me if you enjoy my stuff. I am not going to bite you or anything like this. Reviews are the reason why I still write all those stories of mine, since they are a HUGE inspiration for me to keep going. So please: Share your thoughts with me :3. But please stay polite, thank you. If you have questions for me, please use the PM function of this site and send me a Mail, instead of asking questions in the review section, for I am not going to answer anon questions in puplic. Thank you for understanding.

Do I take story requests?

No, I am sorry, but I don't take story requests. I have done this many, many years ago and I totally regretted this, since I stumbled across so many ungrateful and rude people and I got a lot of disturbing story requests back then. That's why I only write for myself. Sorry guys.

How do you find out what kind of story you are going to read?

I will mark all of my stories. Like I upload a horror story I will write a (Horror) behind the title of the chapter's name, so you will know what you are going to read. I will also put a small summary in every chapter, so you will know what is going on ;).

And that's it for now.

I hope you will find something here what you will like.

Now please have fun browsing through my stories^^.