"Soooo~ let me get this straight: you, want me, to babysit this brat, because no one else would take the job. . . so what makes you think that I would take it?"

It was an average morning in the city of Nagano, Japan; in the early mornings of the day, snow drifted down from the bleak sky of grey, draping the pine tree forests in a soft white, and turning the moving rivers into sheets of ice.

There, anchored to the side of a mountain by sheer magic, sat a traditional japanese structure; tall and poised and engraved in fine gold. It practically glowed in the thin rays of sunlight, and was invisible from the naked eye of muggles.

'Wintertide Hallow'* was alike its many sibling abodes in other countries: a simple pub for the many witches and warlocks that were in the area. And if so be it, a place for any muggles that just so happened to stumble upon it.

Within the japanese palace, and in a well furnished office stood one familiar Warlock; a boy of 17 dressed finely down from the silver buttons of his thick wool coat, to the mahogany cane tipped with gold.

Alan Kretzmer eyed the file he had in his hold, single brow raised in a sign of disbelief and eyes burning with distaste at the mere sight of it. What should have been a relaxing day of drinking and playing tricks on the local tourists, was instead hours of arguing in a stuffy old room that up until now, he would rather never see again.

His purple gaze flitted to his boss; a man of power ruled by a greater power, and was currently stationed in the japanese post for the remaining 10 years of his vacation. If it weren't for the fact that the guy was still breathing, Alan would have pegged him for a corpse; the man was seriously frail looking like some delicate flower.

But describing his ill looking boss wasn't the problem.

What was, was the job that he was hand picked 1 of 7 to complete; another 'Guardian Angel' mission by none other than the higher power that his boss served under. He had never met the person that his boss thought so highly of, just that every once in awhile new jobs would accumulate and his current boss would hand them out to whoever was competent enough or free of any present work.

Alan, in his lifetime, had only ever been given 15 missions; all of which comprised of children in need, or children of great potential. Lately, it had only been children of need, simple orphans who could contribute to the great cause simply by assisting, or gathering information. As adults, they were given important jobs according to their magic potency; muggles were mostly kept as assistants or informational gatherers, and if they were excellent at their jobs, warlocks and witches would become informants, or one of the guardians.

Alan was one of the lucky few who managed to gain 1 of 7 titles of 'Guardian'*, after the last one died of 'natural causes'.

"Because, all of the Guardians have their plate full already. Either with personal affairs concerning family, or already having to deal with 4 children presently. They are at their limit, anymore and the work they've built on would crumble." explained his boss in a monotone tone of fact. "Not only do you have free time for the next couple of years, but the last charge under your care has just recently left, leaving you with nothing on your plate compared to the other Guardians."

Alan sighed and dumped the file on the desk, "yes, and the only reason why I didn't take up any more Guardianship is because I wanted a vacation. What's so great about this boy that you need to ruin what little time of relaxation I have for the next 5 years.*" he asked, tone hard. He took his relaxation seriously; his vacations were always at the top of the list. And after his last -successful- Guardianship, he needed the rest that came after every child.

If his boss could roll his eyes, he would have, but according to his elders, it wasn't exactly 'proper'. Not that Alan ever disregarded their opinions, most of what they said was wise. And taking their words into account had really helped the teen with many a hard mission with rather difficult individuals.

"I know that you take your vacations to the highest regard, and you know that I wouldn't purposefully take your relaxation away for something as low as cruelty-" the old man flipped open the folder and tapped at the single photo they had of the client. A lanky young man by the age of 35 stared back at him with bottle cap green eyes behind a pair of wired glasses. With neatly brushed hair, perfectly trimmed beard, and a smile full of white washed teeth, Alan was briefly reminded of another one of his client's; a later in life Lawyer. "-But this boy is rather important to our cause."

Alan raised a brow, the last time his boss regarded such a child with high praise the girl* ended up becoming the goddess of her world; ending war, uniting nations by fear, and creating a new type of power. The female had been one of great potential, to the point that not even the supposed Uchiha and Uzamaki could take her down if her path had been kept the same.

"How so, if I may ask."

"Harry James Potter. 'Boy-Who-Lived' and hero to the wizarding world. His potential is rather unique, pliable and could be easily manipulated if done at an early age. From what our Deity has revealed, the man had lived a rather interesting life. Lived after a fatal attack that should have killed him, progressed despite his stay with his abusive Aunt and Uncle, survived the many trials of Hogwarts, and defeated the Dark Lord Voldemort."

Alan whistled, "Sounds impressive, for a human with such little progressiveness in the beginning that is. But what does our Deity want with such a boy."

"The child has potential. The Universe of Magus28.26Terra* is an interesting plane; it gives Harry his power. And we could use that to our advantage."

Alan raised a brow "Advantage?" he pursed his lips and bemusedly gave his boss a look "So this is just another 'Change of Fate' sort of job." it hadn't been the first time he received such an assignment. Half the clients he was given were such projects of needed 'Fate Changes'; that hybrid boy* in Beach City Universe Magus40.72Terra was a prime example of 'Fate Changed'. A simple boy of human gem origins that was supposed to live the life of a hero beside his adopted aunts, and absent father figure, but with little moves here -brief none categorized kidnapping- and a little change there -complete brainwashing and manipulating on his magnificent part- he managed to sway the boy to the quote on quote 'Dark Side' just like he did with the Pines Twins*. The stupid group of 'Crystal Gems' didn't even see it coming, poor fools didn't take to mind that their sweet and 'innocent' little Diamond Heir would stab them in the backs in the last minute. Though he had to give credit to that perma fusion couple; they lasted a lot longer than anyone could have imagined. But not too long, his calculations were never wrong after all; and while the warrior was the last to fall, she fell nonetheless. Still stupidly devoted to their leader's spawn.

Achievements temporarily pushed to the side, and examples filed for later enjoyment. Alan watched as his boss sighed, while he wouldn't mind taking another 'Change of Fate' job, he just wished it was something a little more exotic.

"Yes, it is. But you and I both know that you'll nonetheless take the job. The boy is important, our Deity has spoken. Please ensure that this boy's path is changed for the future."

And with that, their hours long conversation was over.

Alan sighed but took the folder with little hesitance, stalking out of the room with cold eyes and an agitated scowl. Really, for once he just wished he could skip on a child, but he knew what he was getting into when agreeing to the title of Guardian. It was either that or stay as the informant he had been before being offered the spot. While good at it, he hadn't exactly found it worthwhile after years of getting the same type of information from different clients.

Walking down the familiar hall of velvet red carpets, golden pillars, and Chinese influenced decor. Allan casually strolled down the corridor with hands stuffed into his suit pockets, folder tucked under one arm and his cane in the other; when he walked into the main lobby decked out with comfortable love seats, and grand chandeliers, he turned right and ambled into the parlor of the Hotel. The most prominent room known to tourists.

Settled in a dark corner of the room, blanketed in a dozen multicolored lights was a band of cloaked individuals playing a slow melodic jazz that Alan couldn't place his finger on. Bypassing a high table of silk, heart shaped stools and an ever changing bouquet of flowers from Oz, Alan tilted his hat to the women in red and the man in white; a pair of wedded Guardians. They nodded in acknowledgement. Passing the built in love-seats in the walls, he once again tilted his hat to another trio of Guardians, a girl decked in Lolita cosplay -who scowled at him-, a man that highly resembled one Jack Sparrow if not for the purple mane of hair and braided beard -who winked quite perversely as a sign of acknowledgment- and a young boy who couldn't be older than 9, dressed in a blue school boy uniform -who merely nodded blankly-

Greeting the lesser known wizards, informants and a group of quadruplets -no older than 5- who raced passed him in squeals, Alan wondered to the bar and took a seat. Setting the folder on the counter, and the cane at his side, the 17 year old ordered a drink -Ambrosia to be precise- and finally relaxed into his folded arms. Tired. He wasn't particularly looking forward to this assignment, he had planned so many things for the next 5 years of vacation and now, all for naught until this assignment was cleared. He groaned.

"You don't look so well old friend, penny for your thoughts~"

Flickering an eye open, Alan tilted his head and peered over his arm; meeting eye to eye with a particularly familiar blue iris. Closing his eye again Alan sighed "Nothing of importance, just another 'Change of Fate' job."

Chandrelle's eyes glowed "'Change of Fate'? How interesting! Who is it this time? You know I enjoy how you work with the kids~" he flirted uselessly. Riffling through the snagged folder with pale slim fingers. Like many of the Guardians Chandrelle held an air of oddity, like his name, his appearance was otherworldly; a real life Elf that was popular amongst the clientele -especially children-. The guy, was in other words, a bona fide player; the Elf couldn't go within two steps of a room without flirting with the nearest person or thing, an actual Jack Harkness. But with a more feminine appearance that all Elves seem to have; long pale hair, slim arched nose, freckles and a milky complexion that brought out his large almond shaped blue eyes. The girly green dress didn't help.

"Oooooooooh~ Harry Potter huh? I've heard of him, not much, but just enough to recognize the name. Wow, he's a cutie~" Chandrelle cooed, fingering the photo with a love-struck gaze.

"You do huh? have any information that isn't on the file?" Alan drawled, snagging the folder back to place on the counter, drink included.

Chandrelle pouted at the loss, but once his eyes focused back on Alan that same light of mischievousness came back "Aw! you know you look cuter when your half dead~"


"Right right-" Chandrelle huffed playfully "-But like I said, it's not much. I probably have the same information that you do on this file. But if you want it so bad, i'll happily give it, but it comes with a price~" he winked at him.

Alan bemusedly raised a brow; and rather than give in to Chandrelle's antics, merely closed the folder with a thump, and shrugged listlessly "Well if you don't have anything, then that's quiet alright with me~"

Chandrelle all but pouted, his 'Hook, Line and Sinker' shtick wasn't going to work on him no matter what information he had. He knew that. It was just annoying that he even tried.

"Oh fine." Chandrelle glowered, once again pulling the folder over to flip it open to the current information and photo of one Harry J. Potter, his eyes flitted over the words "From what it looks like, it seems like allot of the information I have on the boy is already listed. . . buuuuuuuuuuuuuut~ I do have a few things." he slid a finger across the photo, the man that had once been smiling at the camera glimmered and rippled before another figure took his place; a boy of about 10 with wired glasses, forced smile, and lonely bottle green eyes "-apparently he discovered his magic at 10, after going to the zoo with his caretakers. Despite having a horcrux, and a pureblood wizard family, the boy didn't discover his power until he was 10."

Alan raised a brow and took a drink, if the Elf was correct and the boy really did have the advantage, it was only a wonder why his power showed up after 10 years "Cause?"

Chandrelle hummed "An accident. When visiting the reptilian sector the boy was harassed by his cousin -one Dudley Dursley-, and in a fit of anger Harry teleported the brat into the a terrarium with the snake." the 15 year old whistled in appreciation "The kid sure has some magical power, for his age anyway. Being able to do wandless magic and talk to snakes is quiet a power to have in that universe."

Alan blinked "Talk to snakes?" this was the first he heard of that particular detail.

Chandrelle tilted his head, and tapped at the folder in curiosity, finding a bewildered Alan such a treat "It says here in the profile that the boy could talk to Snakes. Apparently, around the same time as the accident, he spoke to the snake; which freaked him out, and ended with Dudley in said terrarium with snake. I guess that would be the leading cause to activating his magic. Over there in that Universe, the ability is called Parseltongue, Parselmouths are the users and if I am correct are descendants of Salazar Slytherin. Your dear Harry Potter is one of these descendants."

"So let me get this straight" Alan droned "This boy could speak to snakes, and yet, he had only discovered it while at the Zoo?" he pursed his lips "So why hadn't he discovered it earlier? snakes aren't just native to Zoo's, he must have crossed one at some point."

Chandrelle shrugged "Maybe he hadn't tried before, probably didn't have the time to figure out if he spoke to snakes." he joked.

Alan sighed "Maybe."

Settling into silence, the two enjoyed their alcohol and fruit juice respectively.

The bar section was a rather interesting part of the space. Positioned before an expanse of crystal clear windows, a shelf bared any view from the outside world; holding variations of strategically placed bottles of alcohol, juices and unknown beverages that hit the light just right to create a multi colored pattern that blanketed over the bar. It was a sight to behold and Alan couldn't help but follow the gleam through the air, it bounced off the crystal flowered chandeliers and showered the parlor in a thin film of colors.

"So." Chandrelle hummed, smacking his lips of any wildberry fruit juice "How are you going to go about this dastardly deed of yours: Kidnapping? Ransom? Brainwashing? or maybe! you'll plant a seed of doubt and slowly guide the boy down the path of darkness!" Chandrelle dramatically squealed. The flowers that were planted in his hair popped and fluttered at the Elf's excitement.

Alan chuckled and shook his head, a secretive smile growing on his lips "Maybe, who knows, it depends on the boy's mentality and how he had walked his previous life." Standing up, Alan brandished his drink and suited up, folder under his arm, and cane in the other.

"Leaving already?" the Elf asked with a sad pout of disappointment.

Alan shrugged "Might as well get this over and done with. If I don't, i'll never be able to go on that vacation. It really is a shame, I was so looking forward to cheating the mortals out of their cash, I was sure that the silly game of Hook and Sinker would work." he pouted, Chandrelle giggled "sounds fun. Maybe when you come back we could do just that."


Before the young man could leave the room, Chandrelle called out to him "Oh! I would suggest you start at the beginning! would make your job a whole lot easier if the guy wasn't a stubborn adult!"

Alan hummed in acknowledgment but didn't say a word. Disappearing beyond a corner.

Chandrelle huffed, turning back to his refilled drink of mixed wild-berries and pixie dust -the aftertaste had one hell of a kick-. A sad look entered his eyes, seeing so, the bartender -a well crafted man hiding behind a cracked porcelain smile- couldn't help but speak through the silence "penny for your thoughts?"

The 15 year old giggled at the use of the previous words, 'how ironic' he rolled his eyes. Side eyeing the man, Chandrelle shrugged his delicate shoulders and hummed "Nothing much to say, just wished Ally could have staid a bit longer. It's been so long since we got to hang out, and now he's off, traipsing after another child! really-" he huffed "it's like he's trying to avoid me." he flipped his hair for added affect of haughtiness.

The bartender spoke, eyes never leaving the cup he was polishing "Maybe he didn't do it on purpose. You Guardians have allot on your plates, 5 years of vacation never seems enough for the work you 7 do."

Chandrelle snorted into his drink "Nope, it isn't. And even with the vacations we never get to use them. It's rare for us to put our needs before the children." he dropped the cup onto the counter and eyed the condensation that slid down the glass, a thoughtfully serious look clouding his gaze "You know. Many people had always figured that we took care of the children out of the goodness of our hearts, merely as a parental mentality to fill the holes in our souls. But that isn't it." he smiled "The role of Guardianship is only given to people with the fortitude to lead the children down a different path, to curve and carve them into something the complete opposite of what they were meant to do. We're basically telling Fate* to fuck off. And let me tell you, the guy isn't quiet fond of us for that." he chortled.

The bartender said nothing, letting the cross-dressing Elf rant about their job, and what they were meant to do. It was hardly a secret that what the Guardians did wasn't exactly looked upon with the upmost of respect. Derailing innocent children from their destinies in order to serve their more than obscure cause. It was disgusting to watch the Guardians brainwash, or kidnap, or play with a child's mind to either backstab the people they love or turn them against their loved ones. They were glorified Angels of Darkness these Guardians, not meant to protect the child but to push them down the opposite path. Whatever child was picked had always been prayed upon by the knowing populace in hopes that one day, a Guardians influence wouldn't taint their precious minds.

It wasn't until an obnoxious ding from the Elf did the 15 year old finally stop speaking. Digging through his lime green blouse and under his just as green petticoat did the Elf finally pull out a phone. Flipping it open he briefly squinted at the screen before clicking it shut and stuffing it back up his dress. Standing to brandish the last of his drink he winked at the bartender with a chipper smile "Gotta leave! Sorry for not being able to stay longer but my job awaits." he rolled his eyes playfully "my kid apparently needs help with his plans. Poor Deku* doesn't even know whether to begin with his plan for All Might, or proceed with his idea of a 'Cult' against Heroes. Honestly, it's slaughter this and slaughter that, kid needs to take things slowly." with a snap of his fingers, the chipper Elf flashed away, leaving nothing but the bit of glitter that always drifted off him when doing so.

The bartender said nothing, merely picking up the glass to clean.

The time was 1981, November 1st. In another part of the world, London England to be exact, the cold street of Privet Drive sat silently.

From the darkness of a street lamp, Alan Kretzmer stepped out of the inky darkness and stood curiously below the light of the old hanging bulb. He dressed differently, sporting a finely crafted suit of silver and purple, made to fit his lanky figure. The fedora shadowing the pale of hair gave him an air of authority.

Glancing around with placid violet eyes, the 17 year old snapped his finger and a familiar vanilla folder appeared in his hand. Breezing through the crumpled papers, Alan squinted at the picturesque cottage before him. It looked identical to the other houses; other than the paint job, the obvious try at a garden, and the numbers boldly curved on the mailbox, Alan was sure this was the right address. In all honestly he was hoping for something more. . magical for a family that was supposedly known for hating wizards, not something so plain and simple. Though he had to digress, it shouldn't have been a surprise, the information clearly stated that the Dursley's were a muggle family, Petunia herself being nothing but a squib -which, if he remember correctly, was a person that while having magical parents, had no magic themselves-. Quite odd when her sister had magic, maybe it skips a child.

With silent steps, Alan crossed the street and through the front yard of the house, only grateful that the Dursley's seemed to be deep asleep by the lack of lights in the house -other than the door light-. So it was pretty easy for Alan to do a quick scan of the property -the house and all- and was pleased to find the supposed 'Magical Essence' of Harry Potter, not upstairs but on the first floor of the house. Alan didn't comment on the oddity of the living arrangements, focused primarily on meeting his client more than the fact that the infant slept on the first floor, rather than with Petunia who was sleeping on the second -along with Mr. Dursley, and little Piggy-. While he understood that infants at this age shouldn't have been sleeping alone this early in age, it wasn't his problem to deal with, maybe later in the future when little Harry Potter decided to get a place of his own, Alan would then step in to help. At the meantime however, it wasn't exactly in his plan to give the project a comfortable bed to sleep in.

As the teen stepped up to the door, he was startled when a piercing wail struck the air, almost making him jump to another part of the world. He winced. That would have been a pain.

Straightening his suit and briefly checking the perimeter for prying eyes. Alan snapped his fingers and popped into the house, appearing in the hall leading up to the second floor. The wail continued on, getting louder by the second; Alan couldn't help but be amazed by the lungs of that child. It was loud, obnoxious, and just demanded attention like the infant it was.

So it was no surprise that as Alan made eye contact with the cupboard, the creaking of footsteps thumped from somewhere upstairs and the sound of curses followed after it as one Petunia Dursley scurried down the stairs. Only to halt when her eyes landed on Alan.

She blinked and stepped back in surprise, hands flying up to automatically pull her robe closed "Who are and how did you get into my house!" were the first words that left her mouth.

Alan staid silent, there were many ways he could play this; some longer than others. But seeing as he was just here to meet his client he decided to go with the shortest response that came to mind.

Tilting his hat off and bowing as a show of politeness, Alan grinned widely at the woman with closed eyes "I'm sorry to intrude so late in the night, I should have come earlier in a different disguise. But I was a bit tied up in the morning and could only show up now." he neatly slid on the hat, a hand to his back and the other poised in the air "As for who I am, i'm sorry to say that I also can't tell you that. But you need not worry, in a little while, you'll be asleep and you won't remember any of this."

Before Petunia could react, Alan snapped his fingers and she crumpled onto the stairs in a heap, breath slowing to something of relaxation.

Grinning and fixing his suit, Alan gazed upon the woman on the stairs and snapped his fingers again, watching with little interest as the woman was lifted by invisible hands and pulled back upstairs to somewhere down the hall. Most likely to her shared bedroom. If the wailing hadn't awoken anyone but Petunia, than they wouldn't wake up to her floating down the hall.

Casting the space another look, he was reassured by the lack of human life and proceeded to the Cupboard that caught his eye. The infant seemed to have quieted between speaking to Petunia and sending her back to her room, odd, but it didn't matter.

Eyeing the aging wood with disdain, Alan peeked into the 'breathing holes' and peered in. Nothing but darkness greeted him, from what little he could see in the dark, all he could make out was a ragged teddy bear, old knick knacks and jars, and boxes of unknown objects. Most likely the caretakers hadn't cleared out the space before stuffing Harry into the cupboard, he was only glad that if The-Boy-Who-Lived was still alive now -a healthy 35- than he hadn't choked on anything as a baby.

Tapping on the wood, the door opened with little resistance, swinging to reveal a rather putrid cupboard that was most likely given little care by the amounts of dust and cobwebs that coated each storage box and shelf.

Jars of unknown substance sat on each rack, partnered with old china and utensils, boxes of unknown storage where packed into the back with umbrellas, coats, deflated and broken toys. And at the bottom, nestled amongst a thick scratchy blanket, and dirt was little Harry Potter. Pudgy cheeks red from crying and chest heaving from all the dust in the cupboard. The boy was struggling in the thick blanket and looked ready to scream again when Alan came to the rescue; weaving the 1 year old out of its confines and professionally cradling him in the crook of his arm.

The baby ceased his sudden need to cry and blinked teary big eyes up at the unfamiliar male. Harry understood that he never met this person in his short life, but for some reason, all he could do was coo and go back to sleep, suckling on the pacifier that Alan had shoved into his mouth for added measure. It was odd how sudden he trusted this stranger, like being held by the mother he still remembered, and carried by the father that he was slowly forgetting.

Rocking the infant with an air of care, Alan hummed at the cage his client had been shoved into. It wasn't the best, but he had seen worse. Glancing at the child he pursed his lips, a little cleaning would be alright, right? not like the Dursley's would notice anyway.

With a snap of his fingers the closet rearranged itself. Boxes disappearing and reappearing in the spare closet upstairs, jars moving to throw themselves out, and what toys that had been broken mended themselves and settled onto the now cleaned shelves. Even the floor swept itself, clearing of any dust and dirt that had gathered over the years, what had once been the itchy blanket was replaced with softer quilts; ones of childish design he picked up from his other clients after entering adulthood.

Nodding in satisfaction, Alan's attention was demanded by the infant again when his stomach grumbled. A whine left Harry and Alan raised a brow "Hungry are we? probably had nothing to eat with these Miscreants looking after your care." there was nothing wrong with getting his client something to eat before going.

Leaving the Cupboard open Alan strolled down the short hall and into the kitchen, where he flipped on the light and began preparation for warm milk. It hadn't exactly been the first time he took care of an infant, a newborn in rare cases, but infants where something he was personally inept with*.

While the milk began to warm in the boiling water, Alan sat himself on the counter and rocked the 1 year old, other arm moving to flip the briefly forgotten folder open.

Looking at the photo of the 10 year old, the teen swiped a finger over it like previously, the image rippled and glimmered and was replaced with the very infant he had in his arms, this one looking happier than the babe he was rocking, 'most likely taken before he was given to his Aunt' Alan theorized.

Tapping the sheet the words rippled and lifted off the papers like stickers unsticking from a surface. They positioned themselves neatly in the air and moved when Alan glanced in a particular section.

Name: Harry J. (James) Potter


Age: Currently 35/ (Jump at 5:00 P.M) Presently 1

Status: Alive

Magic Status: Currently advanced/ (Jump at 5:00 P.M) Presently Low (Parseltongue understanding, levitation, transmutation of inanimate objects etc etc)

Living Arrangements: Currently- (Wife) Ginevra Potter (nee Weasley). (Son) James Sirius Potter. (Daughter) Lily Luna Potter/(Jump at 5:00 P.M) Presently- (Aunt) Petunia Dursley (nee Evans). (Uncle by Marriage) Vernon Dursley. (Cousin) Dudley Dursley.

-Room: Currently- Bedroom/ (Jump at 5:00 P.M) Presently- Cupboard (Bedroom in later years)

To influence Harry James Potter to the possible extent of nefarious doings.

Use any means necessary.

When the 15 minute mark hit Alan turned off the stove and checked the milk. When satisfied he allowed Harry to nibble on the nipple of the bottle. Turning back to the folder Alan skimmed over the unimportant information -mere likes, dislikes, dreams of the future* sort of thing- "Looks like you have a long life ahead of you little Potter" the teen lowly whistled, popping the P of the surname. While the boy might not have the greatest of paths he had seen compared to his other clients, it was certainly more epic than any other person in this current Universe.

But what the cause had planned for this boy was unknown to him. It wasn't like he cared however, all his job implied was changing Harry's fate, which should be simple enough, if he played his cards right.

Shutting the file Alan leaped off the counter and pulled the now empty bottle away from the sleeping infant, it was no wonder he cried, he was absolutely starving!

Putting the quiet 1 year old back into the cupboard and skillfully swabbing him in an extra soft quilt, Alan shut the door and locked it like it had been before; impulsively moving his magic to script Harry's name into the wood when he dragged his finger across it. Work done and finally having met his future client, Alan leisurely popped outside of the house and stood under the street lamp he had walked under previously, humming thoughtfully when he turned to look back at the house, "So many plans, yet so little time. I think first i'll start with that extra bit of soul you have in that scar of yours. . . " he mumbled, and with a snap of his fingers he disappeared from sight.


1. Wintertide Hallow: It is basically like Clementine Hallow in the first chapter, except this one is located in Nagano Japan, up in the mountains. It works as a Hotel, entertainment center, and a place to get directions. It is open to both muggles and wizards alike.

2. Guardian Angels: The whole 7 Guardians is hard to explain. Basically its a group of individuals hand picked by the Deity itself to work with any child that the Deity deems important. Their job is expansive; from protecting the child from future danger, to completely changing their destiny (either into something good, or into something bad, it really depends on the Deity.) Alan is the youngest out of the seven, with Chandrelle being the second youngest to join. Every Guardian could get more than 3 children. 4 being the minimum due to it being too much 'work' for said Guardian. They can't focus on too many children or something would eventually go wrong. I have stated in this chapter that they could travel between dimensions/universes.

3. 5 Year Vacation: After every assignment -Taking care of a child- every Guardian receives 5 years to do what they want before moving on to the next child. Depending on the amount of children you still get 5 years for every child. They only receive these vacations after their mission is completed.

4. The Girl: The girl that Allen was referring to was Kaguya Otsustuki, the rabbit goddess in Naruto Shippuden.

5. Magus28.26Terra: The numbers have no special symbolism, Magus in Latin means Magic and Terra means Earth. Simple.

6. They Hybrid Boy: The hybrid boy that Allen was referring to was Steven Universe from the show 'Steven Universe' (look it up if you don't know what it is.)

7. Pines Twins: The Pines Twins that Allen was referring to was Mabel and Dipper pines from the show Gravity Falls (also look it up if you don't know what show that is)

8. Misc: Its a nickname that he gives Chandrelle, it's short for Miscreant.

9: Fate: In my Fanfic, Fate is a guy. And seriously doesn't like any of the Guardians or 'the cause', due to them changing destinies that should have been fixed.

10: Deku: When Chandrelle mentioned Deku, it was Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia.

11: Infants: When a Guardian is assigned a Child they have the decision of ages. They could either begin when their client is an infant, a newborn, a child, a teen or an adult. They usually prefer to begin when their kid is an infant, it makes manipulation easier. Otherwise, the Guardians have the choice to do what they want with their given child, just as long as it ends with said child reaching their needed destiny.

12: Dreams of the Future: A reference from Naruto.