Author's Notes: Hello and welcome to the companion piece to "Of Explosions and Riots". This is going to be a feels parade. At the moment, I am estimating 15 chapters, but when and how the spirit moves me, we shall see. You do not have to read the prior series, but there will be some references and it might help you understand Bakugou's POV as the series progresses.

This is something that I have had in mind for a while now so onward with the intro…


You've Got a Friend


Friendship: noun

The emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends.


Class 2-A sat in the auditorium at UA listening to their teachers speak of their growth this semester and things to look forward to in the second semester. Summer vacation was upon them and the students would be moving back home for the next three months.

Principal Nezu's comments had struck a chord within the student body that morning.

"Be thinking about the course of study you want to pursue. There are many aspects of hero life and many of your peers at UA and other academies will be vying for the same jobs you seek. How will you make yourself stand out?"

As they had witnessed during their first year, quirks and good grades weren't enough to make one a hero. Perseverance and heart played a major role and one's rating in society was determined by the aesthetic a hero followed. Even villains had their own ideals, making heroes and villains two halves of the same coin. They were both motivated by success and failure.

Since Aizawa's lesson, Kirishima had decided he would not only focus on his quirk but on his stamina and control of unbreakable. The redhead wanted to be someone others could rely on and had given real consideration toward his future.

Bakugou had seen pamphlets about the team practical exam on Kirishima's desk during a study session. The blond recalled the sharp toothed boy's remarks,

"Yeah. My quirk isn't flashy enough to climb the ranks as a solo pro," he was quick to wave his hands defensively at the look of reproach he got from his friend, "but I think partnering with a teammate is something I'd be good at. I got good grades during the provisional exam for cooperation and I'd like to use my quirk to clear areas and rescue civilians."

By now Bakugou was leaning his elbow on the coffee table and giving Kirishima his full attention as his companion continued,

"Fat Gum says mentors can be pretty lazy and they don't always have time to train you to work with others, so if I come as a package deal," he hit his hardened fists together for emphasis, "I'm going to set myself apart from the competition."

A pale eyebrow lifted, "Do you already have someone in mind?"

"I've been doing a lot of thinking about that," admitted the redhead, rubbing the back of his neck in thought, "Tetsutetsu would be a solid choice since we have similar quirks, but I'd really like to find someone with a great offensive quirk."

The moment Kirishima leaned his back against the carpet, this study session was officially defunct.

"Close combat is my style, so someone with mid or long range would help boost the appeal to an agency at graduation."


Three weeks into the summer vacation Bakugou had already had enough of his mother's nagging…

"When is Eijirou coming to stay with us?"

Katsuki swore to God, the old hag had asked him this question on a daily-fucking-basis since he had walked through the front door.

By the forth week, Eijirou was fucking coming for a visit. The blond stated it was to get his mother off his back; however, if the teen were being honest, he might just miss his best friend's rambunctious spirit and manly nature. Besides, it would be good to go for a hike with someone who could keep pace…


Kirishima arrived by bus, wheeling his red suitcase behind him as he made his way toward the Bakugou residence. His explosive friend had already laid the ground work, mentioning hiking, a shit ton of exercise and the promise of video games and snacks.

The crimson eyed teen soon saw the nice two storied home come into view, as he made his way to the door step and rang the bell.

The door practically flung open to Kirishima's surprise—had he been a lesser man, he would have jumped—but it wasn't his best friend standing before him, it was Mrs. Bakugou. Her expression was genuinely happy at the sight of the redhead.

"Eijirou! Thank you so much for coming to see my brat," she beamed as the boy rubbed the back of his head and gave an embarrassed laugh.

Kirishima had little time for causalities when he heard the angry voice of said brat, "Oi! Don't just go answering the damn door and taking over my friend!"

Mitsuki's features shifted to a sly grin, her eyes narrowing, "I wouldn't dream of stealing your friend, Katsu."

Eijirou sighed from his position on the doorstep—eventually the two might stop bickering and invite him in. At least the sun was shining, and it was a warm day.


The two friends did a lot of things during Kirishima's week long stay. They went hiking and stayed up late watching action movies. The redhead's good fortune continued, by kicking all three Bakugous butts at Hero Monopoly.

And even after losing, Katsuki realized his friendship with Eijirou was something that had become a constant in his life.


"Katsuki tells me that your class has been asked to declare a major after the summer vacation," Mitsuki informs, her hands around the coffee cup as she occupies a seat at the dining room table.

Masaru is in the kitchen with Katsuki as they prepare tonight's dinner. It's Kirishima's last night and the two are working on something spicy as a big send off. A manly dinner, if ever there was one, in Eijirou's opinion.

"Yeah," begins the teen sitting across from Bakugou's mother, "I'm thinking…"

Katsuki observes the interaction from his spot at the kitchen counter. He notices how Kirishima talks with his hands when he's passionate about something. Or the way his crimson eyes take on a new light, and how he speaks more rapidly as he engages someone whose attention he has gained.

Kirishima's so different compared to Bakugou…

Mitsuki nods and smiles fondly at the sharp toothed boy, who rubs the back of his neck and laughs out of embarrassment for having rambled.

Bakugou continues to chop vegetables but is reminded of his best friend's reasoning for needing a teammate. To hell with a flashy quirk, isn't conviction and drive alone, enough?

Katsuki thinks that whoever becomes Kirishima's partner better be man enough to have his back…

Eijirou deserves that much.


That night as they are drifting off to sleep Bakugou is the one to break the silence, "Shitty Hair?"

"Yes, Bakubro?"

The two nicknames are tit-for-tat.

"When you get a partner," the blond's voice sounds somewhat softer, "are you still going to have time to fucking spar and shit?"

Kirishima has become pretty fluent in the language of Bakugou Katsuki. He smiles nonetheless,

"I'll always have time for you, dude," he confirms, lying on his side on the spare bed in the teen's room.

Katsuki occupies a spot in the middle of his mattress. He stares upward at the dimly lit ceiling and can barely hear the rhythmic rustling of grass and leaves from the half open bedroom window, as he lets his mind grow silent.

"No matter how manly my future partner is," Eijirou teases, "you'll still be my best bro."

Kirishima gets a pillow to his face shortly after...


Three weeks later Bakugou took a train to Chiba to stay with Kirishima for a week. Eijirou is quick to show Katsuki all the traditional sites during their morning runs.

Today they stop at the Izumi Nature Park in Chiba City. The pair stop to catch their breaths and dig out their water bottles, on the Izumi suspension bridge. The teens stand 200 feet above the park's pond. It's a spectacular view in the early morning light with its vivid greens and reds formed by the surrounding trees. The air is crisp, but as the pair lean against the rail and look down at the tranquil water below it makes the long run worth it.

In another four weeks they will be moving back into the dorms and gearing up for courses contingent on their majors.

"Have you decided on your major yet?"

Bakugou studies Kirishima's reflection in the water below. His hair being held back by a familiar white bandana, arms draped over the rail and looking out ahead.

"I'm not sure…" it wasn't entirely true. Katsuki had narrowed it down to a few potential careers. He was going to be the number one hero after all.

"You're smart," complimented the redhead at his side, "you'd be good at tactical operations. You're quick to assess a situation and you're a good judge of character, bro."

The blond looked up to find his friend's face holding a sincere grin, "Your quirk makes you desirable to a bunch of different agencies, so no matter what you choose,"
he watches as Eijirou gives a thumbs up, "I think you'll be great at it."

Bakugou's red eyes widened a fraction, "Kirishima…"

His mind has drifted to the concept that Eijirou wasn't someone who blindly followed him, he walked next to him, not aiming to surpass him. Their relationship was based off equality.

Katsuki decided to put those thoughts on hold, "I'll fucking race you to the next trail."


They are texting when Kirishima mentions he is going to spend the last two weeks of vacation with Fat Gum and Amajiki-senpai. His best friend indicates that he needs to learn to not be so reliant on his quirk and Kirishima hopes to improve his maneuverability stats too.

Apparently, Fat Gum has connections and Kirishima might be able to find a partner through another academy.

Bakugou's thumb hovers over the message on his phone. Yeah, so they participate in provisional exams with other schools, but what the fuck does that mean? Would Kirishima go to another school if he found a partner?

His brow creases at the idea which has weaseled its way into his mind. How the fuck is Katsuki supposed to survive with all of those extras at UA if Eijirou wasn't there?!

Shitty Hair: Still there bro?

The text brings the blond back to the present, so he's quick to type his response:

I'm still fucking here. You better not be fucking dead by the time second semester starts or kicking your ass in gym won't be any fun.


Moving back into his dorm room at Heights Alliance was both a blessing and a curse for Bakugou. On one hand, he didn't have to listen to the old hag, but on the other, he was now surrounded by 18 extras—all annoying as fuck!

Yes, Katsuki was good at math…

20 students in 2-A, 18 annoying as fuck…

Keep up…

Second semester was going to be interesting…


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