Chapter two

Steve stood up with everyone to welcome their guest but before anyone could say anything Tony gasp as he stared at the one person he thought he would never see again "Lily,"


Everyone was shocked when the lady with a fiery red hair suddenly flung herself to Tony hugging the young genius tightly.

"Anthony! Dear merlin I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," apologised Lily as she cried hysterically .

Tony held the woman against his chest as he whispered words of comfort. " Calm down , Lily flower. You have nothing to apologise for.

Lilly shook her head vehemently in disagreement as she continued to cry in his arms muttering thing that made no sense to Tony at all " I should have come sooner. I should have talked to you. I should have been here for you. But I'm scrared that they might also take him away. I'm scared that they might also hurt you. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry,"

Tony not knowing what to do he looked at the men who arrived with Lily. As if sensing his struggle, the blonde man approached them and extract Lily gently away from Tony. He then took out a small vial from his pocket and convinced Lily to drink it.

After a while Lily sagged unconscious in the blonde's arm,

"What happened? Is she alright?" asked Tony worriedly as he ushered them inside the room and into the couch where Lily was settled gently.

" Don't worry, she's fine. Lily has been suffering anxiety attack lately and the sleeping med's are the only one who could calm her down," explained the other man with them " I'm Professor Severus Prince," he added introducing himself "My bonded Marvolo Dumbledore and Sirius Black" he continued gesturing to two man sitting beside him. " Headmaster Albus Dumbledore," indicating to the old man beside his husband " They Remus Lupin. Lucius Malfoy, Lily's husband. And you already know , Lily,"

Tony nodded thankfully for the introduction " Um, so I am Tony Stark and-"

"You don't have to introduce yourselves, Mr. Stark. Your team are very well known even in Britain," Remus assured the young genius with a small smile.

"Oh. Okay. And please call me Tony,"

" We apologise for the unexpected visit but we really need your help-"

" How dare you?" Wanda interrupted quite rudely

"Wanda!" Steve chastised looking at Wanda in warning. But Wanda just ignored him.

" They claimed to be James friend but they never even attend his funeral. They weren't here to see Tony suffer. How he was almost destroyed by his grief. Even after that, Tony had searched for them for so many years. He was so worried for Charles. Each and every night he would cry himself to sleep thinking about Charles. He was eaten with guilt at the thought that he had failed James. He didn't stop for sixteen years hoping that one day he would eventually find him. And now all of a sudden you would all show up as if nothing had happened? You only show up because you needed his help. You didn't even asked about Tony at all," Wanda ranted furiously

The entire room was filled with silence after Wanda's rant. The other avengers was all stiff glaring at their visitors. Though Tony was looking at Wanda in shocked. He had no idea that Wanda knew he was searching for Lily and Charles. Steve on the other hand fully understand Wanda's outbursts as currently he also felt the same. But arguing wouldn't do anything. It would only upset Tony even more.

" You don't know anything about us. So you have no right to judge us," spat Sirius just as angrily

"Sirius, we already talked about this," Marvolo reminded him seriously

" You're right. We don't know anything about all of you. You didn't even gave Tony a chance to get to know you. You just all left him in his grief all alone. And now we don't plan to know you even more now. You all dare barge in here after sixteen years of hiding and demand Tony's help. No, you can just go crawl back from wherever rock you all were hiding," Wanda spat back in outrage red swirl of her magic was starting to form on her hands.

" You're right. We don't really want to come here. I don't really want to see him. He was the reason James is gone now," Sirius spat spiteful looking at Tony coldly.

Before anyone could reprimand Sirius.
Everything happened too fast and downhill after that. Before Steve could stop him Clint draw his bow and shot at the same time Natasha throws one of her knife. But before the arrow or the knife could hit its target some sort of shield formed in front of their visitors. Then out of nowhere a flash of red light shot from the man that insulted Tony and was about to hit Natasha if not for Steve shield blocking it.

All hell would have broken loose and Clint, Natasha, Thor and Sam would have attack but they found themselves behind a red barrier that separates them. From their guest while the one who insult Tony found himself unable to move

"ENOUGH!" Wanda bellowed furiously her eyes glowing red in anger.

Tony stood frozen on his spot looking looking very pale. His eyes filled with pain, fear and unshed tears and his whole body was shaking so badly that only Wanda's firmed gripped in his waist was stopping him from crashing on the floor.

Steve immediately rushed towards them taking Tony and guiding him to one of the couch. Pepper disappeared for a moment and return with a glass of water for Tony.

"Wanda, let go of them now," ordered Steve softly but firmly

Wanda's eyes flashed red as she stared at their visitors in anger " We welcome them here as guest even though their mere presence here cause Tony a great distress. They should return the favor by respecting us. Tony specially . They knew nothing about him. They have no right to insult and hurt him, not in his own home,"

"We apologized for my husband's uncouth behaviour. I swear that it would not happen again. Could you please free him now as we have no idea what your magic's effect to our unborn child," Severus asked stiffly

Wanda immediately released Sirius at the mention of the unborn child. Everyone staring at Sirius incredulously. All of them thinking the same. How foolishly reckless he was for provoking them when he knew he was pregnant.

" You're not the one who should apologise," Wanda sniffed

" Sirius,"

" I'M NOT GOING TO APOLOGISE," Sirius shouted in rage " he's going to take Charles and Harry away from us. He would get them killed just like he did with -,"


Sirius stopped his rant as he stared at Lily in shock.

" Don't you dare blame Tony on this, Sirius Black," Lily hissed furiously.

" Fine!" Sirius spat as he sat back down. He may be reckless at times but he's not stupid enough to cross an angry Lily Malfoy.

"He's pregnant?" Tony asked all the hurtful words already forgotten as he looked at the Black lord worriedly. He couldn't help but think that if James was alive would he also get pregnant? They always talk about kids before. He thought that James meant about adopting. Then his heart clenched painfully and he choked back a sob when he remembered the last time they were together before James died. He said that he had something very important to tell him. His fiancee was so happy. He kept touching his stomach with a sappy smile.

" Tony, are you alright?" Steve asked concerned when noticed the unshed tears.

Tony smiles in assurance as he hastily wiped the tears on his eyes " Im fine, da,"

" To answer your question Mr. Stark. Yes he is pregnant. And we will be talking about his foolishness once we went home," Severus replied shooting Sirius a warning look when he was about to open his mouth to say anything else.

" May I inquire why you all don't seem to be surprised with this news?" Marvolo inquired curiously . He too sent a look at Sirius.

" Being an Avengers isn't what you really consider as normal, sir," Tony pointed out politely

" This make thing more easier then," Headmaster Dumbledore commented speaking for the first time.

" Tony, we have something very important to tell you. Please don't be mad. Let us explain everything first," Lily said warily

" Lily, I'll never be mad at you," Tony reassured Lily

But Lily shook his head in disagreement then she look at Tony straight in the eyes. " Tony, James is alive,"