Well, we all knew this day was coming. If I'm being honest it snuck up on me.

thank you, everyone

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Bella Cullen/our epilogue

My worst fear is brought to life a week after we decide that Maggie Grace is old enough to walk home from the bus stop by herself.

I'm feeding the baby when she bursts through the door and calls my name.

I drop a handful of peas on the tray and rush to her.

"Look what I found at the bus stop!"

"Put that down! Right now! EDWARD!"

I'm screaming.

I'm hysterical.

Edward fumbles down the stairs, his face covered in shaving cream and a towel hanging haphazardly from his hips.

"She brought a fucking raccoon home. Call nine-one-one! She's going to get rabies. My poor baby." I'm sobbing and trying to figure out how I can karate chop the trash panda out of my daughter's hands without hurting her.

Maggie's upset now and squeezing the thing to her chest.

Meanwhile, my husband is laughing his fucking head off.

"Bella, calm down." He walks over and picks the fuzzball up by the scruff of its neck. "It's a fucking cat."

Fuck my life.

For some reason I can't seem to be able to quit these two. I've started a little future something. No promises on how long or short it will be but it is definitely happening.

xoxo ashley