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When Michael opened his eyes he knew something was wrong. For starters he couldn't sense Dean. His mind is silent. It wasn't a peaceful silence. His mind is empty he tried to reach out but he couldn't find Dean. Its like somebody cut the line between them and broke the connection.

The archangel mourned the loss of the hunter. This is the first time since the cage that Michael has truly been alone. Dean has been by Michael's side since Michael was released from the cage. Now Dean is gone Michael felt uneasy, afraid he felt he has lost a part of himself.

His breath hitched and he started to tremble. He is alone. He wraps his arms around himself as he felt the walls closing in on him. He squeezes his eyes shut and shudders as the fire brushes against his wings.

Then the archangel froze. He opens his eyes and scowls.

Pull yourself together.

Michael calmed his breathing. The fire burns down into nothing. He smiles feeling happy that he fought the panic attack on his own.

The archangel stands up and looks round at his surroundings. His eyes stop at the mirror. Dean's flannel and jeans are replaced with a military uniform. His fingers trail over the material. Michael's eyes go wide with curiosity as he looks at the badges that are pinned on his chest.

"The First War, the Rebellion." As the archangel read each badge realization dawned on him. "These are all the wars I have been in. The wars I won."

He notices a gap. If the badges go in chronological order the badge that is missing is the Apocalypse. Of course that wouldn't be there he lost in the Apocalypse. The archangel continued to examine the badges until he suddenly paused. The recent events flash across his eyes. Michael gasps and looks at the mirror with a horrified expression.

"Loki!" He spins round and glares. "LOKI! SHOW YOURSELF NOW!"

There was a giggle. Michael clenched his fists.

"Loki I am not going to ask you again."

"You have to play the game." Loki's voice spoke in his head.

Michael furrows his eyebrows and frowns.


"This is Loki's Playhouse." Loki giggled. "If you wanna get Rowena back you gotta play the game. NO CHEATING! You have to follow the rules. That shouldn't be too hard. Mikey you always been a good little soldier."

"You are not going to give me Rowena." Michael folds his arms. "You are working with him. My mistake you are working FOR him. He owns you."

"HE DOES NOT OWN ME!" Loki growled.

"You have his grace in your system. He can control you. This is not a team up he is using you to do his dirty work. If you are hearing this Michael." He sneered the last part. "You are a coward. You will always be a coward. You send monsters and Pagan Gods to fight me. I want you and only you to fight me. So come on! FIGHT ME!"

Michael suddenly flies across the room and slams in the wall. The archangel grits his teeth and stands up.

"Mike wants you at your weakest. He wants you broken. Then he can kill you and claim what is his."

"He will never get his hands on Dean Winchester. The Sword was made for me not him. He tried to break me before and he failed. He drained my grace and sent me into his world. I came back. He can beat me over and over and I will always come back fighting." He smiles. "Your games Loki. If you are planning on putting me through the cage trauma." He fakes a yawn. "Been there and done that. Its getting boring to be honest. You can put me through any reality. I will figure it out and I will break out and I will defeat you."

Loki laughs.

"Who said I was gonna do anything to do you. Yes there is a game yes you have to follow the rules but your role the soldier. A soldier saves lives. You might welcome the pain but seeing your loved ones suffer."

"Where are they?"

"No telling. I don't like to ruin surprises. I'm giving you a chance to save them. Each level contains members of your family and you have to save them. Sounds simple huh. I'm the Trickster nothing is simple. If you fail a level then they die. Their blood will be on your hands. You wouldn't be able to live with the guilt knowing you killed your family. You will be so weak and vulnerable Mike will be able to finish you off. Dean will be his vessel. Rowena, she will be mine."

"We'll see about that."

Michael tried to look brave but the fear of losing his family scared him. If he fails to save them he will forever blame himself. Dean would blame him. They are not just Michael's family they are Dean's family as well. The friendship Dean and Michael formed will fall apart and this would make them even more vulnerable to the alternative archangel.

I have to save them. I have to save them all.

"You ready General?" Loki asks.

Michael nods.

"I am."

"On your left there is a red door."

Michael looks left. Across the room is a red door. It suddenly opens on its own. Light pours out making the room glow. Michael walks towards the door. He stops outside the entrance. He couldn't see anything due to the light. That did make him nervous. Michael has led many armies into the unknown. He is always up for a challenge.

That was before the cage.

"Are you going in or not? We haven't got all day." Loki snapped.

The archangel takes a deep breath.

Dean. I don't know if you can hear me but I will get everyone out I promise. I will not let Loki or the other me win. Okay? I will beat them.

He smiles.

I will see you on the other side.

The archangel walks towards the light.

Then the door slams shut behind him.

If anyone has any ideas on what they want to see in Loki's Playhouse please do share. My mind is a fog. This heatwave and virus is really affecting my ability to write.