-Avengers Mansion-

Hank Pym's Lab

Wasp walks into Hank Pym's lab, which is full of scientific equipment and glass cases full of ants and various types of insects, noticing Hank working on something, much to her annoyance. He has been working in his lab for months, and she has had enough.

"Ugh! Hank, it's been months since we've done anything together! Can you stop playing Science Geek and just look at me?" She asks as she stands behind Hank, her arms crossed.

"Janet, I'm not playing 'Science Geek'. I'm working on my Ant Man suit. I'm trying to enhance the reaction time it takes for the suit to grow or shrink." Hank says as he works on a red and black suit.

"Hank...this is all you do!"

"Janet..." Hank says, a slight tone of impatience in his voice.

"You just sit in your dumb lab..."


"...And work all day! You never pay attention to me!" Wasp says angrily.

"I said stop!" Hank shouts, suddenly swinging around and smacking Janet across the face, hitting her with enough force to knock her against a shelf of heavy equipment, hurting her badly. "Janet!" Hank says in horror as he rushes to her aid, only for her to push him away in disgust.

"Don't touch me!" Wasp says as she slowly stands up and turns around, slowly walking away from Hank, who approaches her once again.

"Janet, I-" He tries to say, only for Wasp's fist to illuminate with bio-energy.

"Stay...away...from me!" She says furiously, her fist aimed right at Hank's face. "You so much as come near me...I'll kill you. Bastard." Janet says as she exits the lab, getting no further resistance from Hank, who puts his face in his palms, horrified by what he had just done.


Wasp walks through the hall, passing the bedrooms of her fellow Avengers. "Hank is a jerk. Why did I ever fall for him in the first place?" Wasp mentally asks herself as she stops at Hulk's door and knocks on it. After 10 seconds, the door opens, revealing Hulk, who noticed a slight bruise on Wasp's right cheek.

"What happened?" He asks, concerned for his small but usually hyperactive friend.

"Hmm?" She asks, to which Hulk points to her cheek. She touches her bruised cheek, wincing in pain. "It-It's nothing, Hulk. I'll be fine." She says as she enters his room and shuts the door.

"Wasp, I might be dim, but even I know when you're lying. Spill it." Hulk calmly demands as he crosses his arms.

Wasp sighs, looking down at the floor for a few seconds, noticing Hulk's huge feet. "Wow, he has big feet..." She says to herself before looking up at her humongous green-skinned teammate. "Hank. He...He hit me, Hulk. He..didn't mean to, but...We were arguing, and I just kept yelling about how he never paid attention to me." She says, looking down once again, not noticing Hulk kneel down and hug her, clearly saddened by what happened to his beloved friend. She eventually hugs him back as she begins to cry.

"Wasp..." Hulk says softly with a sigh as he keeps hugging his sobbing friend. A minute of crying later, Wasp slowly pulls away, noticing a box of tissues on Hulk's side table near his large bed.

"Can I...borrow a tissue?" She asks innocently, getting a nod from Hulk, who holds the whole box in front of her as she takes a tissue and wipes her eyes. "Thank you. You're such a good soul..." She says before taking a new tissue and blowing her nose.

Hulk smiles in response to her calling him a good soul as he sits on his large bed. "Can I...ask you something?"

Wasp nods as she wipes her cheeks. "Please. Ask away."

"Why did you ever get with him to begin with? No offense...but Pym's a jerk."

Wasp chuckles and sighs as she sits next to him on the bed, which was really comfortable compared to the other furniture in the mansion, including the couch in the living room. "I don't know, Hulk. I guess...I guess I have a habit of getting the wrong guy's attention. I just wish for once I'd get the perfect guy to notice me...to love me."

Hulk nods as she says this. "Maybe you'll find that guy someday, Wasp. Just...don't let it be Pym."

Wasp chuckles lightly at Hulk's advice. "Don't worry, big guy. I'm done with Hank. There's no reason for me to go back to him. None." She says, unaware that Hank had his ear to the door, a sad look on his face, realizing that he ruined everything. Again. He then walks to his room in shame, locking the door behind him.

"Good. You're finally getting smart." Hulk says with a grin.

"Oh, now I'm smart? Look who's talking. You're the one that took forever to learn how to open a door without ripping it off its hinges! Tony had to buy 81 refrigerators!" She exclaims with a giggle.

"Not my fault the makers of those fridges are wimps." Hulk retorts.

"Hehehehe! Well..." Wasp says, struggling to come up with a clever response. "Uh, well...not everybody has super strength like you!" She says, groaning to herself, knowing how bad that retort was.

"Oof. Ouch. Great retort, Pixie." Hulk replies sarcastically.

"My name's not Pixie! You know I hate it when you call me that!" Wasp says. Hulk always called her that as a joke name, knowing she'd overreact and act all childish about it.

"Yep. I just like how funny you look when you react to it." Hulk says with a chuckle as Wasp lightly elbows him, forgetting how durable he really was. "That didn't hurt..."

"Hulk, don't you dare say Pixie again...!" She says, knowing that he'd say it, regardless if she wanted him to or not.

"...Pixie." Hulk says teasingly.

"Gah!" Wasp exclaims, only to softly laugh, to which Hulk does the same, albeit not as softly. "Hulk...thank you."

"For what?" He asks, confused as to what she was thanking him for.

"For...being here for me. Cheering me up, telling me to move on from Hank. You're so much more than just a hero or a fellow Avenger. You're a true friend."

Hulk smiles lightly. "Thanks, Wasp. Um...you're a true friend, too." He says, making Wasp smile as she hugs him again.