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Chapter 1: It Can't Be!

Coming down the stairs in the Capsule Corps home, Trunks quickly walked toward the mirror in the living room. As he looked himself over, he noticed Vegeta behind him.

"And where are you going?" Vegeta asked as Trunks turned towards him.

"Cheena, Goten, Miyuki and I are going to the mall for awhile" he said with a smile. Vegeta just stared at Trunks before a smirk fell on his face. Just then Bra walked into the living room and smiled at her brother.

"Did Cheena get her wedding dress yet?" she asked. Trunks just shrugged his shoulder.

"How do you not know? Aren't you going to go with her to get it? I wanna see it!" Bra said with a smile. Trunks just looked at her.

"I was going to go but Chi-Chi and mom warned me that I better stay as far away from a bridal shop or else. I'm not trying to find out what they mean by or else" he said. Bra just laughed as Vegeta smirked at him.

"What about Goten and Miyuki?" she asked as she stopped laughing.

"I don't know! I really have to go, ok" Trunks said as he grabbed his coat and put it on. Bra quickly ran over to him.

"Can I go? I want to go too" she said. Trunks just smiled at her as he placed his hand on her head.

"Aren't you hanging out with Pan today? You two are suppose to be going to Hercules dojo, aren't you?" he asked. Bra just frowned as she folded her arms across her chest.

"I don't wanna go there. All I'm going to do is just sit there and watch her beat up every guy in the place. I'd rather hang with you, Cheena and everyone" she said.

"Maybe you should go with Pan, then you can learn a few moves since your mother would rather you not fight" Vegeta said. Bra glared at him before looking at Trunks.

"I'll take you to the mall later, ok? I really want to spend time with Cheena, Goten and Miyuki today" Trunks said. Bra just nodded her head. Smiling, Trunks opened the door and walked out. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a capsule, pressed the button then tossed it in the air to reveal a black and red air car. Jumping in the air, he hopped in the car and took off.

Landing out front of the Son home, he climbed out and smiled as he saw Chi- Chi on the balcony hanging up clothes.

"Hi Chi-Chi!" he yelled. Looking over the edge, Chi-Chi smiled.

"Hello Trunks! How are you today?" she asked.

"I'm fine and you?" Trunks asked.

"I'm doing fine, thanks for asking. Goten, Miyuki and Cheena are in the back" she said. Thanking her, Trunks walked around towards the back. Chi- Chi watched him go before she clasped her hands in front of her chest and looked up at the sky.

*More grandkids! I can't wait!* she said with a smile. Walking towards the back, Trunks smiled as he heard the music playing. Rounding the back, he rolled his eyes as he saw the sight that he saw a little too often. Goten sat in the chair by the house with Miyuki on his lap. The two were deep in conversation...of the lips. Goten held her close as he kissed her softly.

"Would you two get a room" Trunks said catching their attention. Miyuki smiled as she looked at him.

"Hi to you too Trunks" she said with a smile. Trunks waved to her before looking at Goten who was glaring at him.

"You just had to come over here now, didn't you?" he asked. Trunks just laughed.

"Where's Cheena? She ready to go?" he asked. Miyuki smiled as she pointed to the side. Trunks looked to see Cheena under a motorcycle, working on it.

"You know that's all she does" Goten said as he looked over there as well. Laughing, Trunks walked over to her. Cheena had on a pair of goggles over her eyes as she held a pair of pliers in her hands.

"Why are you wearing those?" Trunks asked as he stood over her. Lifting the goggles up, Cheena smiled at Trunks.

"I was using the torch early to mend some of this metal. This is the 5th bike I've worked on today" she said. Trunks leaned on the bike as he smiled at her.

"So I guess you don't want to go to the mall again" he said. Cheena smirked at him as she pushed herself away from the bike. Reaching down, Trunks helped her to her feet.

"I said this was the 5th bike I worked on, I didn't say I was crazy" Cheena said with a smile. Trunks smiled as he leaned in and gave Cheena a kiss. Kissing him back, Cheena quickly pulled away.

"Don't want to mess up your clothes. Let me change and then we can go" she said as she gave him another kiss before running into the house. Watching her go, Trunks looked over at Goten and Miyuki who were staring at him.

"What?" he asked as he looked at him. Miyuki just laughed as she climbed off Goten's lap and walked in the house, going inside. Watching her go, Trunks walked over to Goten.

"And you tell us to get a room. What were you two doing just now?" he asked. Trunks just rolled his eyes while Goten just laughed.

Upstairs, Cheena quickly jumped out of the shower and ran into her room. She jumped slightly as she spotted Miyuki sitting on her bed.

"Don't do that" she said as she walked towards her closet and opened it up. Looking inside, she pulled out a pair of blue windbreakers and a white tank top.

"You're going to wear a jacket aren't you with that? The last time you wore that Trunks asked you the same thing" Miyuki asked as she looked at what Cheena picked out.

"Don't worry! I remember that and I will pick a jacket to go with this outfit" Cheena said. Miyuki just smirked as she stood up and left the room, allowing Cheena to change. Waiting down by the stairs, Miyuki looked up to see Cheena walking down. She smirked as Cheena stood in front of her.

"Nice jacket!" she said with a smile. Cheena jacket was only waist high. Looking herself over, Cheena just smirked.

"It's a jacket and it's the only one that matches what I have on, now let's go" she said as she walked towards the kitchen and out the back door with Miyuki following. Outside, Trunks and Goten were talking when the girls walked outside. Trunks quickly looked at Cheena and what she was wearing.

"That shirt again?" he asked as he looked at it. Cheena just nodded as she walked over to him.

"You want me to change?" she asked. Trunks just looked at her then smiled.

"No, if anyone stares at you I'll snap their neck in half" he said as he grabbed her hand and walked towards around the house. Cheena just laughed as she held onto his hand with Goten and Miyuki following close behind. The four of them hopped into the car and Trunks took off towards the mall.

Parking the car outside, Cheena and everyone climbed out.

"So what should we look at first?" Goten asked as he held onto Miyuki's hand and led her into the mall with Trunks and Cheena right beside him. Cheena just walked along as Trunks held her hand. Looking around, she smiled as she looked at a store that sold parts for skateboards, roller- skates and bikes.

"Well, I'm going in there" she said as she pointed to the store.

"You just finished messing with that garbage, must you drag us in the store to see more of it?" Goten asked as he glared at Cheena. Rolling her eyes, Cheena just continued to look around.

"How about we go into that store?" Miyuki asked as she pointed to a clothing store. Cheena nodded her head before running into the store with Miyuki close behind. Trunks and Goten just sighed as they walked over to the bench outside the store and sat down.

"Oh Cheena, this shirt would look nice on you" Miyuki said as she held up a tight gray tank-top shirt.

"Trunks would kill me if I wore that or even bought that" Cheena said. Miyuki folded her arms across her chest as she looked at Cheena.

"What makes you so sure?" she asked. Cheena smirked as she picked up the shirt then grabbed Miyuki's hand. Standing in front of the store doors, Cheena looked at Trunks who was looking at her. Turning towards Miyuki, she smiled.

"Watch" she said. Holding the shirt out in front of her, Cheena looked at Trunks response. His eyes narrowed as he folded his arms across his chest and put a frown on his face. Cheena laughed as she looked at Miyuki.

"See, told you" she said as she walked back where they were. Miyuki looked down at the shirt then over to Goten, who surprisingly was doing the same thing Trunks was as he eyed the shirt. Grinning, she quickly ran back towards Cheena, putting the shirt back where she got it.

Goten glanced as his watch just as Cheena and Miyuki came out of the store. The guys just looked at the number of bags each girl had in their hands.

"All of these are yours?" Trunks asked as he looked at the 5 bags Cheena had. She nodded her head as she handed him the bags.

"And this is just one store" Miyuki said as she handed Goten her 6 bags. The guys looked at the bags in their hands before looking at one another.

"Let's go check out a shoe store" Cheena said. Miyuki nodded her head as she looked at the guys.

"I hope you guys can carry all of this" she said. Again Trunks and Goten looked at one another before running off. Cheena and Miyuki smiled as they watched them come back with four shopping carts.

"Lazy!" the girls said together as they walked off. The guys just smiled as the pushed and pulled the carts along. Standing outside the shoe store, the guys looked bored as ever as the girls were inside trying on some shoes. After a few minutes they came out with more bags.

"Are you two shoppers going to take a break for awhile and let us look around?" Goten asked as he took the bags from Miyuki and placed it in the cart with the rest of her bags.

"You two want to look around as well?" Cheena asked as she watched Trunks load her bags into the cart. He just smiled as he placed the last one inside.

"Fine, where do you want to go?" Cheena asked as she looked at him. Trunks looked at Goten who looked at him.

"Well we'd like to get some clothes as well" he finally said. Cheena and Miyuki just nodded their heads as they walked off with the guys. Pulling up in front of a men's clothing store, the girls sat outside as the guys looked around inside.

"And they say we take forever" Cheena said as she glanced at her watch. Miyuki just nodded her head as she sighed. Kicking her feet back and forth, Cheena glanced over at a small booth where a man was selling toys. She smiled as she watched kids run over and look at all he had to offer.

"What are they doing in there? Buying the store?" Miyuki asked getting Cheena's attention. Soon the guys walked out of the store. Cheena and Miyuki both jumped up as they saw the number of bags the boys had in their hands.

"Please tell me you left the rest of the bags in the store?" Cheena said as she looked at the two bags in Trunks hand. Trunks just shook his head no as he placed the bags in the cart.

"They didn't really have anything we wanted. Goten only got one bag full of stuff" Trunks said as he watched Goten place his one bag in the cart. Miyuki and Cheena looked at one another before walking off.

"What?" Trunks and Goten said as they followed after them with the carts. The girls kept walking before stopping in front of a bridal shop. Cheena smiled as she noticed one of the dresses in the window.

"Isn't that beautiful Trunks? How do you think I'll look it in?" she asked as she turned around to see no one.

"Trunks?" she asked as she looked around. Looking to the side, she spotted him and Goten standing in front of a tuxedo shop. The boys were looking over the tuxes, figuring out which one looked best.

"Which one do you like?" Cheena asked as she walked up beside Trunks. Trunks just smiled as he pointed to the one he liked.

"That's great! Come see the gown I like" Cheena said as she grabbed Trunks arm but he held his ground.

"No way! Your mom and my mom said that I can't go near a bridal shop or else and I don't want to know what they mean by or else" he said. Cheena just looked at him and laughed.

"That's the same way mom was when Gohan and Videl were getting married" she said as she looked at him. Trunks just smiled. Turning towards the tuxes, Cheena smiled as she thought of something.

"I can't wait to see Vegeta in a tux. It's going to be great" she said.

"Dad said he wasn't wearing no tuxes and no one was making him either, not even mom" Trunks said. Cheena just laughed as she folded her arms across her chest.

"Oh really? Well, we'll have to see about that" she said with a smile. Trunks just smiled back as he turned around.

"Where did Goten and Miyuki go?" he asked noticing no one behind him. Cheena looked around, seeing no sign of her brother or her friend.

"Hey guys, over here" Goten yelled as he stood on line at the food court. Cheena just sighed as Trunks just laughed.

"All right! Lunch!" Trunks shouted as he ran over to Goten. Cheena just sighed as she walked towards a table, pulling the carts behind her. Seeing Miyuki, she quickly walked over to the table and sat down.

"Let me guess, Trunks is on line?" Miyuki asked. Cheena just nodded her head as she glanced over at Goten and Trunks who were ordering food.

"I wonder who they love more, use or food?" Cheena asked. Miyuki just smiled as she looked at Cheena.

"This question coming from the same person who eats just as much as they do?" she asked. Cheena just laughed slightly as she watched the guys walk over with a tray of food in each hand.

"Here you go!" Trunks said as he set a tray in front of Cheena then sat down, placing his tray in front of him. Miyuki watched as Goten placed both trays in front of himself as he sat down.

"Goten, which one is mine?" she asked. Goten looked at her as he raised his eyebrows.

"These are mine! You can wait in line to get yours" he said. Miyuki growled as she hit him in the back of his head. Cheena and Trunks both started to laugh as Goten slid one of the trays over to her.

"Geez, can't you take a joke?" he asked as he looked at her. Miyuki just shook her head no as she started to eat.

"I think she has some saiyan in her yet" Trunks said with a laugh. Cheena continued to laugh as she prepared to eat her food but something caught her eye. She looked at a table not too far away from where she was sitting to see a guy and a girl talking. The guy she had no idea who he was but the girl, she seemed familiar.

"Hey Che, you going to eat that?" Goten asked as he reached towards Cheena's plate. Pushing his hand away, Trunks glared at him.

"Would you at least let her take a bite out of something first?" he asked. Goten just grinned as he continued to eat his food. Cheena didn't hear a word of what was said, her attention still on the girl a few tables away.

*She looks so familiar but where do I know her from?* she asked herself. Noticing her friends distraction, Miyuki stopped eating.

"Cheena? What is it?" she asked. Goten and Trunks also stopped eating and looked at Cheena. Nudging her head towards the table she was staring at, Cheena spoke.

"That girl, she looks so familiar" she said. Trunks, Goten and Miyuki all looked at the table Cheena was talking about. They looked at the girl then at each other.

"She does look familiar for some reason" Goten said as he looked at Trunks.

"She does but who is she?" Trunks asked. Miyuki just shrugged her shoulders as she looked at Cheena. Cheena kept her eyes on the girl, trying to figure out who she was.

*I know I've seen her before but...wait...it can't be* she said to herself as she slowly stood up.

"Cheena? What's the matter? Where are you going?" Trunks asked as he watched Cheena walk towards the table.

"There she goes causing trouble" Goten said as he watched as well.

*It just can't be! Its been 6 years since I last saw her. There is no way it could be her* Cheena said to herself as she approached the table. At the sight of her presence, the guy looked at her as did the girl. Looking at her face, Cheena gasped.

"Jamie?" she asked.

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