"Normal speech"

::Dragonese/Dragon speech (However you want to call it)::


A scrawny Viking dressed in a light green tunic and a dark brown fur vest covering it tripped as he carried a bucket of nails towards the forge. There were snickers as he bent over and picked the scattered nails off the ground, putting it back into his wooden bucket. A boot appeared in front of him and kicked the bucket over, sending the nails inside of the bucket spilling all over the ground.

"Oops, I'm sorry, Useless, I didn't see you there, nor did I see the bucket!"

The scrawny Viking looked up, emerald green eyes landing on the buff teen that was currently snorting. Another boy and a girl was beside him, both with blonde hair, both laughing.

"Alrigh', knock it off, all of ye, Snotlout, I though' you would hav' better people to pick at! I know ye' all beefy an' everything, but that doesn't mean you can keep doin' this! What would ya parents think? Ruffnut n' Tuffnut, I know ye like prankin' people, but sometimes ye hav' to take a holiday and keep off prankin' ye know? Nails on the floor ar' a really dangerous thing, don' do tha' again!" A large, muscular Viking with a long braided moustache and a wooden leg walked toward the auburn haired teen, still kneeling on the floor and picking up nails.

"Hiccup, are ye alrigh'?" The man asked

"I'm fine, Gobber, thanks for helping me… " Hiccup sighed as he picked up the final nails and threw it into the basket. Gobber grumbled and slapped Hiccup gently on the back as he accompanied Hiccup back towards the forge.

That's Hiccup. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third.

A scrawny Viking who wears a light green tunic and a dark brown fur vest, along with brown boots. He was thin and short for a Viking of his age. He has auburn hair and the most beautiful green eyes that you will ever see. Emerald green, full of curiosity and the desire to learn.

That beefy Viking teen? That's Snotlout Jorgenson.

Unlike Hiccup, he is a beefy Viking for his age. He wears a tunic tucked in his pants with open-stitching and a black vest over it, and dark grey bracers on his arms, with matching fur boots. It was Snotlout that gave Hiccup the title 'Hiccup the Useless'. Loves tormenting Hiccup with every chance that he gets, and is cocky and smug.

The one who came to Hiccup's defense? Gobber the Belch.

He is a large and muscular Viking with a long, braided blonde moustache. He wears a tunic made of fur and a helmet with yak horns. Gobber also wears a prosthetic left arms and right leg after both of those limbs were said to be devoured by a Monstrous Nightmare when he was still young.

And then the twins. Ruffnut and Tuffnut Thorston.

Pranksters, the notorious twin duo, the chaos of the village - well, except when there is a dragon raid. But then they just add even more chaos into the dragon raid - Ruffnut. The crass, conniving sister of the notorious twin duo. She delights in all things that are dangerous and super against the rules. She wears a light brown, animal skin-like mini vest and a dark blue tunic that goes a little over her hip and ends in tatters. Dark brown leggings and dark blue furry boots are also a part of her wardrobe. But Ruffnut isn't complete without her brother Tuffnut. Just like his sister, he loves all things crazy, stupid, dangerous and against the rules. He wears a dark brown long furry animal vest with a light pale green tunic that goes all the way past his hip. He also wears light grey-blue pants and dark brown furry boots. They both love pranking Hiccup

"Gobber, I'm tired of them…" Hiccup sighed as he picked up a sword in need of sharpening. "Tell yer father lad, he can resolve this quickly. You should've told him long ago ye know, it would have saved you from all of this" Gobber replied, bending down to reach a sheet of metal. "You don't think I did? I've told him lots and lots of times, Gobber, but all he says is 'You'll be fine, besides, who'd want to hurt you?'. I'm tired of that, it's like he treats me like I don't even exist!" Hiccup complained.

"What abou' Astrid? Fishlegs? They're yer friends righ'?" Gobber questioned as he started pounding on the sheet of metal.


"YEA, BUT ALL ASTRID DOES IS IGNORE ME AND FISHLEGS JUST STANDS ASIDE! NOT LIKE ANYONE ACTUALLY CARES FOR ME!" Hiccup shouted over the noise. "WHAT WAS THA'?" Gobber shouted back. "NOTHING!" Hiccup did not want to repeat the question, and most certainly did not want to disturb Gobber at work. Gobber nodded slightly before checking the sheet of metal. "Oh so you could hear me…" Hiccup mumbled.

Fishlegs. Fishlegs Ingerman.

Resident dragon nerd and statistics guru. He says he's read and memorize the Dragon Menu by heart. Hiccup DOES believe him, but no one thinks those information would be useful. He has a large and husky appearance, and likes to wear a brown furry outfit with a tiny Viking helmet with tiny, metal wings on them. Though kind hearted, Fishlegs does not want to be a target for bully as well if he stood up for Hiccup, therefore staying silent most of the time.

And finally. Astrid Hofferson.

Fearless Astrid Hofferson. She is competetive, tough and rational. She has long, blonde hair wrapped in a braid down her back, bangs that cover the left side of her face, and a leather band that is studded with metal across her forehead. She wears a sleeveless shirt with varying shades of steel-blue, tan cloth bracers on her arms with bicep wrappings above them. She had never stood in defense for Hiccup before. Afterall, why should she? That would just ruin her reputation.

"What if I asked my dad if I could go to Dragon Training?" Hiccup suddenly asked when Gobber was cooling down the metal, but that sentence alone was enough to get Gobber to stop and look at him with a face full of pure shock. "Wha'? What ar' ye thinkin' lad? Ye know ye father would never allow that-" "Yeah but listen, if I can kill a dragon then all of this would stop right?" Hiccup grins as he cut Gobber off. "What'll stop? This?" Gobber asked as he pointed at Hiccup. "You just gestured to all of me" Hiccup grumbled. "I'll get my dad to get me into Dragon Training. And if I win? Ohhhhh ho ho ho, this will all stop! Perfect solution, huh, Gobber?" Hiccup beams, turning to the blacksmith, who was still staring at him in shock. His muscle memory betrayed him as he tried to close his open jaw but fails. "I'll go find my dad now, I'll come back for work later." Hiccup got his apron off of him and threw it towards the hook on the pillar of the forge. "This boy… I just can't get what he is thinking sometimes." The blacksmith grumbled and went back to work.



It had only been 15 minutes since Hiccup had dragged him home and whined about letting him join Dragon Training.

"Fine. FINE FINE FINE. Just so you don't cause trouble. You start Dragon Training in 5 days. Noon. Don't be late, you'll be training with Gobber and the other teens" Stoick finally gave in. "YES!" Hiccup pumped his fist into the air.

"Love you dad!" Hiccup shouted in joy as he rushed out of the door. Stoick grumbled.


3 nights before dragon training

"What have we got?" Stoick turned to a man and asked sternly.

"Deadly Nadders, Monstrous Nightmares, Hideous Zipplebacks and Gronkles. And occasionally a few Terrible Terrors." The man replied. "Any Night Furies?" Stoick asked as he grabbed his hammer "Thankfully no, and it would be best to keep it that way." The man mumbled the last part.


"CLEAR CHIEF!" The Berkians responded.

As the battle progressed, 4 men have captured a Deadly Nadder and 8 men have subdued a Hideous Zippleback, and have dragged them off to cages in the Kill Ring. Dragons spewed fire, grabbing sheeps, taking livestock, burning several houses to the ground, and with the Thorston Twins adding to the chaos, everything was insane. Mad.

To make it worse for the Vikings, a whistling sound was heard overhead, a purple blast followed 1 second later, destroying a catapult.

That's the Night Fury. They come out at night. This dragon is weird. It never takes food, never destroys houses, but instead destroys most of our catapults. No one has ever seen this dragon, thus rendering the Dragon Menu useless. No one has ever seen this dragon completely, and no one would dare to.

Except for one Viking.

His auburn hair flew back backwards as he ran with his newest invention - The Mangler. Hoping to shoot down this rare and elusive dragon, The Mangler has been designed by Hiccup for just this purpose. Shooting down the impossible.

"Come on, come on, gimme something to shoot at." Hiccup murmured as he aimed The Mangler into the starry night sky.


"YES! YES I'M JUST GONNA- AIM AIM AIM AND SHOOT NOOOOOOO!" Hiccup, in a moment of excitement and panic, shot The Mangler elsewhere. "NOOOOOOO" He wailed, thinking that he had missed.

A screech reached his ears. Looking up, he could see a black silhouette tumbling down from the starry night skies and into the woods.

"YES! YES, OHHHHH THIS SOLVES EVERYTHING!" Hiccup yelled in delight as he pumped his fist up in the air. "DID ANYONE SEE THAT? I SHOT DOWN A NIGHT FURY! ANYONE SEE THAT?" Hiccup shouted as he turned around, only to come face to face with a flamed on Monstrous Nightmare. "Exxxxcept you…" He mumbled. The Monstrous Nightmare narrowed its eyes and roared, scaring Hiccup and making him on the brink of soiling his pants. The Nightmare reared and spread its wings as Hiccup rolled to the side, the Nightmare chomping down on where Hiccup had been a moment ago.

"AHHHHHH!" Hiccup screamed, running down the walkway. "Stoick! Ye boy in trouble' again!" Gobber shouted, swinging his hand-club towards a charging Gronkle. "Arghh tha' boy, didn't I tell you to keep 'im in the forge?" Stoick complained. "YE BOY NEVER LISTENS, YE KNO' HOW HE IS, HE WANTS TE PROVE 'IMSELF STOICK! HAV' A CHAT WITH 'IM LA'ER!" Gobber yelled back.


"Get away from my son, you vile beast!" Stoick bellowed, charging at the Monstrous Nightmare with his hammer raised above his head. The Nightmare's head perked up at the sound of a newcomer, and turned away from the scrawny Viking to the more beefy Viking.

::In a pinch?::

::Shut it, Nadder, just because you're tasked with distraction doesn't mean you are safe from these disgusting humans.:: The Nightmare growled at the Deadly Nadder flying over him while whipping his tail around to smack the face of a human

::Well make it quick, the raiding party's got enough for the Queen. We need to go back before there are any more casualties. We've already lost 3 Nadders, 2 of them killed and one of them captured, and a Gronkle, also captured. They're getting put in cages with another 2 dragons, I think it was a Nightmare and a Zippleback.:: The Nadder reported, urging the Nightmare to get out of the island quick, before they get captured as well, or worse, killed.

::A Nightmare? A NIGHTMARE?! WE HAVE TO SAVE HIM! I'M NOT LOSING MY BROTHER!:: The Nightmare roared.

::No! Save it for another time! I don't think he's in danger yet, but we have to go! You have to go if you even want a chance of saving the Nightmare! Come on, think!:: The Nadder screeched. They were running out of time.


::No buts! Save it for another time! We have to retreat right now!:: The Nadder squawked once more before flying off.

::Be grateful that I'm sparing you, HUMAN!:: The Monstrous Nightmare snarled before taking off, joining the pack of dragons in the sky.

"Looks like the raid is finished… Sven, report?" Stoick demanded. "No human casualties sir, 10 sheep were taken, 15 houses were on fire. 8 were put out during the raid, the rest are being handled right now. The Mead Hall sustained a little damage but nothing that can't be fixed within tomorrow. Gothi is currently tending to the injured, though she said no one was seriously hurt, just a few minor scratches. Spitelout was whacked on the face by the tail of a Monstrous Nightmare, the Twins were causing more chaos during the raid, Astrid did good extinguishing the fires, though I heard her complaining how she wants to fight dragons instead of just putting out fires, Snotlout was not much help, he stood there admiring Astrid for half the raid. Gobber fended off a few dragons, I heard Fishlegs talking about dragon stats, probably memorized from the Dragon Menu. And Hiccup was… well…" "Good job on the report, Sven, and HICCUP WHAT WERE YOU DOING? OR RATHER, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?" Stoick roared, turning to Hiccup.

"I thought… if I killed a dragon, I would be- NEVER MIND WHAT I THOUGHT THEN, DAD. I SHOT DOWN A NIGHT FURY. A NIGHT FURY, I SAW IT GETTING SHOT DOWN." Hiccup squealed in excitement. Stoick grumbled, holding his nasal bridge. "More of ye hallucinations, lad, now come on, back to the forge." Gobber sighed, pulling Hiccup towards the forge.

"Get outta way, Useless!" Snotlout jeered and laughed, the twins following suit. Astrid just stared at the boy. What was he THINKING?

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