And so the girls are ready for spring break. Akeno Misaki and Rin Shiretoko and Kouko Nosa are in place to take over their ships. As Akeno Misaki was about to prepare for the set sail and everybody goes on to the adventure.

After they set sail, the girls are wondering about how they end up getting lost at sea. "Hey. Captain, we got hungry." The girl with purple hair said.

Akeno Misaki was excited to get food as the anchors goes down and it stopped sail. "Hm. I wonder what is going to be?" Misaki said. "It's chicken strips for spring break." The girl with purple hair answered. As the girls going for lunch break, they decided where to go. "Where do we go Captain?" Mei Irizaki asked. "We are going to U.S.A. to find out where we can stay at the hotel." Misaki answered.

Everybody was excited for the wait for the U.S.A. trip to Las Vegas. "Hm. That's what i called Las Vegas." The girl with purple hair said. As soon when they started to eat it up, the girls are ready for an adventure. Misaki yelled, "Anchors Away!" And so the girls set sail again.

And so the girls went on to the next stop was the first to California U.S.A. And made it into the shore. "Were finally here!" As the night gets darker, it seemed that the lights are turned on. The girls are on their trip to Las Vegas and heading to hotel to stay. "Hey Taxi!" Mei Irizaki yelled. The taxi arrived in California U.S.A. and Misaki tells him that they will go to Las Vegas and heading towards the hotel.

"Thank you!" The girls yelled at the taxi with loud noises coming from the streets. The girls are inside the hotel and had a reservation. The girls are so impressed and so they go to their rooms. Misaki and Shiretoko are in their room so they had to stay for 3 Days or 10 Days. or 12 Days. Whatever the girls are in another room, Misaki had an idea to sleep with Shiretoko.

"Hey, Shiretoko-san. How about we can sleep together." Misaki said to Shiretoko. "Uh. Okay." Shiretoko nervously said. Misaki and Shiretoko enters the bathroom to get changed into pajamas and they are looking at each others vaginas. "What are you looking at my vagina Shiretoko?" Misaki asked. "Did it grow much bigger?" Shiretoko worried asked. Misaki was changed into pajamas and getting ready for bed.

Misaki looked up the ceiling and see what just happened in the past decade for Misaki misses her childhood friend with Musashi. Misaki had a dream about Musashi was reunited with her childhood friend and she claims that her crew was on the attack on her ship. Misaki woke up from her dream and looks at Shiretoko and she had a dream too. She can't understand what she has saying.

The Next Morning, The girls woke up and it was still spring break and had it left the hotel and so they went to water park. In Las Vegas, Water park has the most iconic chatacters of them all in Water Park. The girls changed into swimsuits and getting ready for their big fun. "What kind of girls are alike?" Shiretoko asked in her deep voice. Misaki tells Shiretoko what is wrong with her.

Misaki plays with water guns in Water Park and they seemed to have some fun at each other. Las Vegas has chicken strips in there so they got out of Water Park and made it into the restaurant. Las Vegas has the only restaurant that sells chicken strips in there. The girls order their chicken strips and made it into promise that they will cheer for their next adventure on their ship.

"Mmm! So Good!" The girl with brown hair said. Maron was about to eat some chicken strips but her mouth was full of sauce. And so the girls are ready for their hotel to stay again. They will sleep together as they will to be in their next adventure.

I think we will continue with Hai-Furi 2019 Las Vegas trip story. So have fun and see ya.