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Summary: AU Sequel to Consequences. After the death of his friend, Aragorn falls into depression and there may only be one person who can draw him out of it.

Note to readers: This is a sequel, so you might want to read Consequences first.

Life After Death- Sequel to Consequences

Chapter 1

"Father, I can't get through to him. It's been almost a month since the funeral and he hasn't spoken a word to anybody since" Elrohir said. "I am worried about him also, but we have tried everything, I am not sure what to do."

After Legolas' death Aragorn seemed to die as well. He was still there physically, but emotionally he was gone. He always thought it was his fault no matter what anybody said. Nobody knew what to say, for they didn't want to upset him. He was like a time bomb, he could go off at any time.


"Face it Estel it is your fault, you're the reason he is dead." This voice had haunted him since he learned of Legolas' untimely passing. "No, stop it leave me alone" he shouted at the voice that had been in his head for a month. "I'll never leave" it said. Aragorn was standing in the corner of his room. He started banging his fists against the wall. "Go away, it wasn't my fault". "Oh but it was, he died protecting you."

Aragorn slid down with his back to the wall. He drew his legs to his chest and began to cry. The voice wouldn't leave him alone, no matter how many times he apologized, it kept reminding him Legolas breathe his last breath to save him.

Elladan, was walking down the hallway when he heard his brother start to cry. He ran to the door only to find that it was locked.

"Estel what's wrong, let me in, I want to help you" he said in a soft tone. No answer. The elf wasn't expecting one but he had hoped. "I won't hurt you, I am just worried about you" he said. He did get a response but not one he had wanted. A piece of paper got pushed underneath the door. Elladan opened the folded paper and it read 'leave me alone, I don't want to talk to you'. The elf knew better than to push him. He knew that this was very hard for his brother, so he left.


Elladan made his way to his father's study. In there he found his twin and Elrond. He was going to try to find out the conversation by talking to Elrohir in his head, but he remembered he couldn't anymore. It was a hard decision to make, but he knew they had to do it. He knew they had to do it for their father. It would be hard enough for Elrond to lose one son, but two. And at the same time.

Instead he walked in. "I tried to talk to Estel" he began. "He wouldn't talk to me, but I did get a response out of him." He showed the paper to the two other elves. "Well lets not push him to do anything" Elrond said. The two younger ones agreed.

"But I do have some good news" Elrond started. "I was hoping Estel could be here but I'll tell you two now. Arwen is coming home." This did brighten up the twins day. "That's wonderful, when will she arrive?" Elrohir asked. "In about a week, Celeborn and Galadriel will accompany her."

All three were happy about this. They hadn't seen their Arwen in many years. She had been staying in Lorien, with her mother's parents. Now she was coming home.

But nobody knew what kind of effect her returning would have.

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