One Last Chance

Summary: She had one last chance to change what had once gone wrong. To turn back time and stop her sister from running away from her and her family and never turning back.

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She had just been declared that her sister was officially missing. No one had seen or heard from 18-year-old Mary Camden. She had been missing for over a week now and they had yet to find her. She was a runaway. She ran away from home because of a silly argument. One in which affected her life completely.

~Flashback~ Annie- Mary you are aware that by doing this is basically throwing away your whole life

Mary- I don't care! It is my life and I am tired of you 2 controlling it!

Eric- Listen Mary, right now it seems like your life is nothing when really you have everything. We can help you. This family can help you get your life back on track.

Mary- Listen I don't want to and I won't go to college you can't make me make this decision!

With that Mary walked out the door. Not even turning around to say good- bye.

~End Flashback~

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