I turned the brass handle slowly, and could not believe my eyes. There she was, my naughty little patient. Laying in her Johnny ready for me to take advantage.

"Hello Doctor" Kate said in her sexiest little naughty patient voice. My boner was fully visible through my scrubs. "Well hello there" I managed to choke out as she locked her eyes on my dick. I set my bag down on the bed began to untie her Johnny. "You won't be needing this" I said. She looked at me slightly confused. But she quickly realized what I meant when I revealed the heavy-duty hospital grade straight jacket she would soon wear. "It's just a precaution" I assured her. I could tell she was becoming aroused by the second.


He sat me up on the bed had just finished tightening the final strap on his straight jacket. I couldn't believe this was happening. Without saying a word he forced me into my stomach, and pushed my head into my pillow. "Did you take all of your medicine little girl?" he said in a stern voice. I tried to reply, but I was still in awe. "I- I tried to doctor b- but—" I was swiftly cut off. "No but's little girl". I then felt the force of his big, dark hands smacking my ass over and over. *SMACK SMACK SMACK*..

I knew Steve was an ass guy, but the spanking felt like it lasted forever. My ass was on fire, and I loved it.

While my face was still being forced into the pillow, I heard a strange buzz out of nowhere. I quickly realized what he was doing.. "This might tickle a little, but if you are a good girl I'll give you doctor Patel's special lollipop" .. I LOVED when he talked down on me. While I fantasized about his manly voice, I felt an abrupt buzzing on my vagina lips.

"Oh god.. here we go" I thought. He worked me in and out, fucking me with his vibrating dildo. I loved every minute of it. He made his way up towards my clit, and I knew it was over. I completely submitted to his antics, and violently orgasmed three times.


After making her orgasm three times, I decided to finish up. I pulled out my vaginal sanitary wipes, and cleaned the squirt from between her labia and perineum. I broke the silence by saying "You look perfectly healthy for a girl your age." she smiled and hid her face. I undid the restraints on the straight jacket allowed her to put her Johnny back on. Her legs were quivering quite badly so I helped her stand up. I had to leave quickly because her parents would be back from their monthly snowmobile club members meeting. I packed my things up, gave her a kiss, and went to grab my shoes.

That's when the issue arose. Her puppy had recently gotten sick, and decided to throw up on my brand new white polo shoes. "FUCK." I thought aloud, "Her dad will be home any minute.."

I must have spoke too soon because before I could turn around I heard the familiar voice. "And why would that be an issue?" Her dad said as he stood directly behind me.. I slowly spun around, wearing nothing but my scrubs, boner on full display. He was joined by all of the snowmobile club members. "I-it wouldn't be sir, I jus- just. Hah.."

KC Hickson bent my ass over the sofa the sharp brothers yanked down my scrubs. "Where's ya skivies bahhddd?" Casey said as he wound up to spank me. I couldn't believe I got into this predicament. Kate just stood and watched. I was humiliated, and completely defeated. I felt the first blow smack my left cheek, and a tear ran down my face. As horrifying as the situation seemed, there was another emotion I was feeling. As Casey continued to spank me, my boner slowly grew back, and everyone was watching. I knew instantly that I'd never live it down.