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『Chapter 2: The realization』

What? Wait what? Is that, the GAMER? "WHAT?!" My voice leaked through, momentarily startling the nameless angel who was shakingly pointing at her title, having her face redden at a slow rate from embarrassment. Not that I can blame her, I mean. Angel of Cuteness. Even the system is calling her cute.

Her hands clamped over her ears as she curled into a ball whimpering about somebody named Rob cursing her. "A-a-angel o-of c-c-cuteness, m-me.. W-why, why must you do this!" I ignored her for now and decided to look into our situation as it seems most appropriate at the time. First off, Gamer's Mind. Why wasn't it doing it's job like it should? Unconsciously and obliviously I willed it to activate and surprised myself to see her calm down in an instant.


Several possibilities occured in my mind. Am I the system? I know for sure that she is the gamer because she can interact with the outside land while I'm cramped in the who knows where cursed to watch her for eternity or some other shit. The other probability is that I'm just a second helper, somebody that is supposed to be her partner though there is a flaw with that. What if she doesn't acknowledge me?

I'm leaning towards the latter because of how this is set up. If I'm the first then she'll probably be the most op gamer there is and that's speaking a lot. A lot. Emphasis on the a because you need to know the fact that every single gamer is considered op or has the potential to become op in so many ways it's incalculable.

The unnamed Angel of Cuteness, let's call her AoC for now woke up from her forced shift and got her mind into the gutter. She firmly said "Status" as if she was testing the waters which as expected opened her status window once again. It was a floating transparent blue box with english text on it, it's as you expect.

Name: [Data Expunged]

Race: [Data Not Known]

Title: Angel of Cuteness

HP: 650 (55 per minute)

MP: 2600000 (2550000 per minute)

SP: 525 (27.5 per minute)

Level: 1 (0%)

Strength: 12

Dexterity: 16

Vitality: 11

Intelligence: 42

Wisdom: 41

Charisma: 49 (150%) = 122.5

Luck: 17

Points: 0

USP: 0

-Bio locked-

〔 P.O.V: Unnamed Angel 〕

Gamer's Mind kicking in suddenly threw me a surprise packet. But what truly caught my attention was my title but looking past that my stats are actually pretty good. Though not amazing, not one bit. I've read many gamer stories and never expected to be in one. More over to have the honor of the gamer of all things possible. A feeling of happiness swelled inside me but it soon got taken over by a surge of calmness.

I seem to have a new bar that is the color of orange. SP, seems a lot like Stamina Points in certain games. I guess I have a limit before I get sleepy, my stamina seems really low compared to MP. Actually, everything I have is lower then my monstrous MP that I for some reason have. Looking at Naruto, does this mean I potentially have next to no control over my MP?!

*Ding* For acknowledging a potential flaw your intelligence and wisdom has increased by one.

Ignoring that

My intelligence, wisdom and surprisingly charisma are really high. Charisma the highest of course. I'm actually surprised about my charisma the most because it's so high for some strange reason. Maybe it's because of my title? That's most likely the reason because why else would I get the title of Angel of Cuteness if I'm not likeable?

*Ding* For your smart deduction of how you gained that title and your acknowledgment of how cute you are your intelligence has increased by one

I thanked Gamer's Mind for not letting me experience another wave of embarrassment and looked at the final change from the original system. USP, I'll figure out what it is soon but it seems to be another allocation point of my choosing. I wanted to try and figure out what it is but rejected the idea because I don't trust myself to stop searching for ways to get stronger later on.

I'm not one for fighting and especially not one for killing. I want to just convince them to stop fighting which charisma will be heavily needed for. Once again, thank you strange omnipotent god for giving me this opportunity and a large gift of charisma. This seems to give me an oppertunity for a peaceful solution most of the time.

Speaking of charisma, it's surprisingly high and one point away from reaching fifty. If I had any points I would either spend it on intelligence, wisdom, dexterity, vitality, luck and charisma or nothing at all. I didn't see any of my skills and furthermore nothing that seems afflicted with USP. But why wonder when you can just use menu.



Perk Tree




BGM (optional)



A surge of relief washed over me as I looked through the options. My brow elegantly raised at Soulscape but I decided to put it on the back of my hand because I have more important priorities right this moment but I'll go through them all one by one. My mouth moved and spoke up the word "Skills" which acted like a catalyst to show her variety of skills.

Gamer's Mind(100%) - Lvl: MAX - The user portrays the world like a game. Granting the user immunity to all mental and psychological status effects and keeping the user calm under any circumstance. Every of Gamer's Mind only grants the immunity but the lesser the percent the more the user can feel their emotions and interact as if it's reality, the level varies depending on @/#)@'(['s choice

Gamer's Body - Lvl: MAX - The users body is like that of a video game character. All damage and negative status conditions are healed after a good nights rest alongside 100% HP and MP. The user doesn't need food or water to survive. Sleep is optional but not needed. Strain will only hit like status effects. The user grows like a video game character and pain will be nullified a second after it's felt.

Limitless - Lvl: MAX - The user isn't bound by the laws of restriction. Due to this being overpowerd it has been nerfed to only removing level caps on anything that can be improved, increasing growth rate and making the user invulnerable to outside restrictions.

Heal - Lvl: 1 (0%) - The user can use their MP to heal wounds and remove negative status effects. The more MP the stronger the healing effect, this move, if strong enough can regrow lost limbs but cannot effect the dead. The distance covered will costs more MP the further the opponent is. This move can effect everyone that is considered living including yourself but wont be able to revive the dead.

Enigma - Lvl: 1 (0%) - Because of the fact that the user is the cause of anothers death she wished to be forgotten and this skill was created. A combination of many different spells to create one. This skill allows the user to become invisible, undetectable and untraceable as long as it's active. The absolute stealth skill. When active this skill drains 150 MP per second.

All's Tongue - Lvl: MAX - The user is able to speak and understand all languages as is they were it's prime language. This allows the user to communicate with beings of all sorts.

Flight - Lvl: 1 (0%) - Via the use of their wings the user can fly and soar through the skies. The speed, duration and mobility is determined by the users level of this skill. When active this skill drains 10 SP per minute

Cuteness - Lvl: 15 (76.5%) - Given by the god of trolling. The user is made to be extremely cute improving their natural charisma by 150%. Their charisma stat will also grow 200% faster and they have a natural aura that draws people of all sorts. This skill automatically grants you the angel of cuteness title for it's great synergy alongside the users race.

Primordial Mana Affinity - Lvl: MAX - Due to the user being a [@'(#*$ they have the highest affinity for magic. This in turn makes it so their spells cost 50% less and 50% stronger. The user also gains 1000% mana capacity/regen. Your mana is 4096x more potent and all magical spells have an increased growth rate of 50%

Heightened Sensitivity - Lvl: 1 (0%) - This skill is both a blessing and a curse. Due to the users extra sensitive anatomy the user can see in the night, their sensitivity overall is multiplied by 2x. They become sensitive to mana and emotions, making them able to sense them if they are within 50 feet of the user. The user in turn becomes mentally sensitive, more so then usual. Their emotions will be more potent, 50% so.

WAIT! So that's why I have that title. It's from my highest leveled skill that i- wait has anyone been spying on me? I shuddered at that possibility and quickly smapped my head around me. Oh, I guess nobo- "I am, remember? Winky face"

It is at that moment, that I, a reincarnate. Somebody with absurd and almost bullshit amounts of mana. The owner of a cheat like ability that grants somebody the potential to become gods. Somebody with the power to rain unlimited spiral mana arrows. One with primordial levels of magic, a girl unrestricted by limitations.

Went kya.

I went kya, and I hate it. My face flushed deeply in embarrassment before Gamer's Mind swept in. My usual pacifism broke apart, slowly reforming but I had a cold and empty feeling that brimmed to the very core with anger, as if I want to deck somebody in the face really hard. I clenched my fist, wanting to just unleash my anger out of somebody in the most painful way imaginable but once again. Gamer's Mind swooped in and calmness flushed the fort that was rage, sweeping it away.

"Hahahahahaha oh my god you must have seen your face! That was priceless! Priceless and cute! Cute especially!" My now known secret observer made himself known while I desperately looked around. "Show yourself!" I yelled with faux confidence, Gamer's Mind made sure I didn't stutter but my shyness made itself shown to the world. "Noooooo~but if I could I would have already. You have no idea how much I want to exit this white purgatory and cuddle you to death!" Pedophile! Creep! Stalker! Pervert! I silently thanked Gamer's Mind for keeping me calm though I have a seemingly limitless urge to curl up into a ball. "Wait a minute let me see. Gamer's Mind, weaken, 30%" That, was a mistake in his part

I felt the effects of Gamer's Mind fade and a wave of emotions hit me hard. Embarrassment hit me hard but none harder then fear. Fear for everyone else because of myself. I'm already so strong yet I'm just level 1. I was so afraid of my primordial mana affinity that I felt color drain from my face and shakingly look where I am. My body doesn't need water or food to live, I don't need sleep. I think I'll stay in this one place, and hope the forest is big enough so nobody will ever find me.

The voice sounded panicked, apologizing to me rapidly which I of course ignored. I think he saw my fear for myself and went back to being silent which I don't mind. It means I'll never be alone which lit a warm feeling in my chest. I curled up in a ball and let the tears stream down, not minding if somebody is watching because this situation is just indescribable.

One day I was walking home from school and the next I'm here, as one with pure unadulterated raw magic power that can make anyone speechless. What's worse is that I am just level one! I don't want to fight, I don't want to skill. I'll probably power level my heal skill and heal everything. This seemed so ridiculous and I want out. But I couldn't because fate loves to see my suffering, it prompted me to do the next best thing I can think off.

I cried

I cried harder then I've ever cried before. All my emotions that I've been bottling up, all my pain throughout my past life and this. All this ridiculousness and all this power. I let it all out, my hand that was grasping into my MP ever so tightly to stop it from running free slipped. Emotion imfused mana flooded the area but I didn't care. I wanted it to end, I want it to stop. I want to die, I want to die again so this ends but if I die. What effect will that have on whoever is in the "white purgatory" which may be my Soulscape.

Mana flooded out of me, emptying my reserves but that quickly regenerated due to my mana regeneration. I limped downwards closer to the ground which may be my burial. Unknown to me my mana has alerted many higher ups and scared away many beings that are low on the food chain. The mana washed through the forest, fertilizing it due to it's sheer potency.

I felt the presence of multiple individuals enter my sensor field. One being particularly powerful while the others were mostly the same. My soaked face turned towards their direction. I heard the bushes moving, my eyes locked onto the goblins. I recognized them at first glance as I was a fan of Tensei Shitara Datta Ken. I noted that Rimuru Tempest was with them, I probably disturbed them. I hoped for something in regards of death but..

But I know they wont kill me.

I can see worry on their faces which furthermore proved my statement. I blinked and begun observing them. Fortunately unlocking another useful skill in the gamers arsenal if not every gamers arsenal. Observe

*Ding* New skill acquired: [Observe]

Name: Gobta

Race: Hobgoblin

Title: Captian of the Goblin Riders

HP: 3200

MP: 380

SP: 4600

Level: 16

Strength: 40

Dexterity: 34

Vitality: 44

Intelligence: 22

Wisdom: 16

Charisma: 42

Luck: 38

-View skills?-

-View bio?-

*Ding* Observe has leveled up x2

I ignored the notification and started observing everyone else. Growing paler then my current state with each. My body was still with fear but now even more so as I watched them come closer. Sure they don't have much magic power but they all outclass me and I don't even know if I can use my magic power. Gobta, the first one I've observed stepped forwards which caused me to back up and land on my butt. I was in a very uncomfortable situation and want to get out but I know I wont be able to.

*Ding* Observe has leveled up x13

I finally swallowed up my courage and inspected the main two that currently have the most power. Their presence was radiating even though the slime kept his MP in check. I panicked, what if Rimuru ate me with Predator? He'll get more power, that's for sure. And it wont change the story because Rimuru is technically already classified as overpowered. I casted observe on the direwolf, Range, if I'm correct, first

Name: Ranga

Race: Tempest Wolf

Title: Rimuru's Pet

HP: 5700

MP: 1170

SP: 2400

Level: 24

Strength: 101

Dexterity: 113

Vitality: 92

Intelligence: 62

Wisdom: 42

Charisma: 76

Luck: 46

-View skills?-

-View bio?-

*Ding* Observe has leveled up x3

Hesitantly I slowly looked at the one who is most likely the strongest, even though he hides it really well. I almost didn't want to use observe has it'll just show me why I should be even more afraid but when I did use it.. It failed. I did notice that he twitched, maybe he has a mental barrier? I wanted to run and hide somewhere safe until I rot and die.

I took several steps back where they some took steps forward. What do I do?

『Chapter End』

So here I am, I'll mark this as a slow fic because I'm really lazy. Changes are made, quite a lot of changes to be honest. I really want to add in an EP bar later on, maybe an in chapter update? Well, I'll just explain ??? to you all if you are reading this.

??? is a pacifistic girl who hates violence, the gamer generally grants quest but I'll leave that part to Gen. The Gamer makes the user progressively power hungry or in simple terms. The girl doesn't want the gamer because all she wants is a slow life. She wants to be herself and not a puppet for strength. This story will not be like any other gamer fics.

She cried her balls out because she is scared, of herself. Like I said above she doesn't want to be strong because she wants to lessen her power over death and make it harder to induce it to others. She leaked her MP because she actively pushed everything away that she has away, everything. Revealing it naked to the world. I made it so she has absurd amounts of MP because face it, doesn't every person from the main world to the fantasy have much?

Rimuru is immune to observe because Great Sage will object to her reading Rimuru's fate and origin. The skill can get messed with and Rimuru certainly has the power to mess with it. I mean, OP slime. There is a reason why OP is there. ??? is sorta OP but that's just because of The Gamer and her race which I made up myself. A sub-race of an existing one, it has cons but it also has flaws. Well, here I'll be presenting this chapter. The length of many will differ as I haven't settled with one yet, so here you go. Enjoy the chapter.