Chapter 1: Coming to Another World

"I cannot believe he did it, again!"

Danny Phantom, the half-ghost 14-year old superhero, often deals with supernatural forces that act like either apocalyptic threats, supervillains, or just the occasional annoyance of the Box Ghost.

Johnny 13 isn't a supervillain like Vlad Plasmius, nor is he a major threat the world like Undergrowth, he's just a jerk. He once stole some tech from his father's lab, and he's done it again. Danny is racing through the Ghost Zone to find whatever it is he took. He recalls it being a portable version of the "Ecto-stopper-power-o-fier" his father once made. It wasn't powerful given the size, but he knew he can't let anyone else use it.

"Why Kitty is still into that creep is beyond me…" Danny mutters this to himself. Without warning, a blast shoots near him, Danny barely being hit by this shot of white energy. "Whoa!"

"You thinking of stealing my girl again, punk?!" Danny hears Johnny's voice calling out to him in a threatening manner. Turning around, he sees Johnny 13, on his motorbike. Said motorbike has what looks like a blaster of some kind near the headlight. "Like my new toy?"

"Uh oh…" Danny says.

Danny then flies off, with Johnny soon chasing after him, firing his new accessory.

"Since Kitty confiscated my shadow, I gotta find some way to vent my frustration out on someone!" Johnny shouted as he goes after his younger foe.

"So because he's an idiot boyfriend, he's taking it out on me?" Danny said to himself.

He kept flying as fast as he could, when he saw ahead of him were doors. He remembered how the doors were gateways to other regions of the Ghost Zone and decided to enter one, he didn't care which one, to escape Johnny.

Upon entering a door, he found himself in what looks like a jungle of some kind. His first thought is that this was the island belonging to Skulker, but he didn't have time to find out. He flew upwards and as far away from the motorcycle maniac as he can. By the time he was about 30 miles apart from the door, Johnny finally made his way in, taking a moment to look around.

"Where is he?"

Danny kept flying as fast as he can, looking back to make sure Johnny doesn't see him. He should turn invisible and leave, but he can't leave without getting the device. He had to do it without the risk of Johnny hitting him with it. The last time he was hit by the larger version, he was losing his powers, while it's weaker he didn't want to risk it. Once he looked forward, he noticed the portal he was about to reach was shaped like a capital T.

He remembers something Frostbite once told him.

"Remember, Great One, some portals will lead you to certain locations throughout time AND space." Frostbite, leader of the far frozen, explained to him.

"So, I'd end up in a world where everyone I know is evil?"

"Or a world where Abraham Lincoln lived to his full term. Those are the portal that won't last a short time and there's no need for the Infi-Map to go in and out."

Frostbite held up the Infi-Map and showed some of the portals he was speaking of.

Danny notices something odd on the map. "Is that a T?"

Frostbite turns the map around and sees what he's pointing at.

"That leads to a location in that world call "Jump City". We've heard a Tamaranian lives there."


"Tamaranian." Frostbite corrected. "An alien."

"Aliens? Cool!" Danny wanted to be an astronaut, so seeing an alien would be amazing for him.

"Not as "cool" as you may think." Frostbite used air quotes when saying cool. "They are a race whose biology reacts differently when in the presence of a ghost of this universe."


"Each universe will have its denizens of different species reach different to a being of the Ghost Zone's energies. A Tamaranian will have its emotions be enhanced thanks to prolonged exposure."

"How is that bad?"

"Imagine If one of them disliked you. Repeated exposure to you will make those feelings stronger until they are unbridled hatred."

"Gotcha, so stay away."

"For now, try to avoid such a place."

Danny thought hard about not going in.

"There you are!"

Danny heard Johnny shouting and decided to go in.

At Titans' Tower, returning home from dealing with the mysterious shapeshifting creature in white, the Titans decide to kick back and relax. Starfire, the princess of Tamaran, decided she should do something to celebrate. She wanted to have all her friends together for a dinner at the pizza location they all enjoy. She knocked on Raven's door. Her dark friend opened the door slightly.

"Greetings Raven!" Starfire greeted with her usual warm smile. "It is now the afternoon; do you wish to grab the bite to eat?"

"Sorry, Starfire…" Raven answered. "But this is a meditation I need to do."

"Oh, a meditation?! Perhaps I can join you?"

"Sorry, but this is usually when I make contact with my mother's spirit so…"

Starfire looks sympathetic. "I understand. Please forgive me." She steps away, allowing the door to close. "Perhaps Beast Boy and Cyborg wish to do the hanging out."

Starfire walks over to the garage, where she last saw Cyborg. Since and Beast Boy hung out the most, she figured she'd find them both there. She was right, though surprised to see both in the T-Car. She flew quickly to the vehicle, where Beast Boy, in the passenger seat, opened his window.

"What's up, Star?" He greets.

"Wherever are you two going?"

"Now that the Brotherhood of Evil are literally on ice, I'm going to pay a visit to the Doom Patrol to see what they're going to do with them."

"And I'm going to help them beef up their security." Cyborg adds. "We'll be seeing you later, Star."

She takes a step back and waves goodbye. She smiles for them as they leave.

Once they're gone, Starfire sighs in a moment of feeling depressed. She brights up when she remembers one other person left.

"Perhaps Robin wishes to spend time with me!"

With that thought, she hurries over to his room, but before she can knock on his door, she hears something.

"I understand, Barbara."

A girl's name?

"I'll be heading back to Gotham soon."

He is returning to Gotham. Why?

She hears him walking to his door, causing her to fly away. This makes it look like she was just down the hall when he steps out.

"Robin!" She catches his attention. "Do you wish to do the hanging out?"

"Sorry, Starfire." He has a sympathetic smile on his face. "I'd love to but I have to see an old friend tonight."

"Oh, I see." She pretends to not know. "Then I wish you luck."

And with that, all of her friends are either out of town for the night, or locked away from the world.

Feeling a bit upset, she slumps on the couch in the living room. Her only companion now is her worm-like pet, Silkie.

"Silkie…" She pets it. "My little bumgorf… I fear Robin's old friend may be more than just the old friend."

She's beginning to feel something that no Tamaranian ever enjoys the feeling.


She always feared she and Robin deep down weren't very compatible. He was of Earth, she was of space. He was serious in his dedication to fighting villainy, she was more interested in spreading love and compassion for others while fighting evil. He was human, she was closer to cats than apes. They both clearly admired each other and showed an interest in more than appearances, but she feared it wasn't enough.

She remembered when she was ordered to return home because he sister, Blackfire, tricked her into coming back to be married off. She thought one handsome looking young man was her betrothed, before encountering the… whatever it was, whatever the pronunciation of its name was.

She thinks that perhaps a male Tamaranian would be a more appropriate choice of a potential romantic partner. That said, most were only interested due to her being the princess. She relinquished the throne to her surrogate father, who is more than happy to give it back to her once she feels she is worthy to lead her people. But she would return once she found a proper betrothed. One who she wants to be with who loves her.

Such a thing doesn't seem likely.

So, first off. This takes place after Season 5 but before "Trouble in Tokyo".

I always thought of how funny it'd be if Danny was ever caught in a scenario like in a Pepe le Pew cartoon and at first it was going to be another ghost. Then I decided to use Starfire in a Teen Titans crossover. So many are about Danny joining up to fight a ghost with the Titans, but here it's more comedy than heroics.

Also, you might question why won't Danny just use his powers to go invisible or phase through walls. You'll find out.

Obviously, I don't own Danny Phantom or Teen Titans. Heck, most of this story is based on Pepe le Pew cartoons. I'm just a guy who wanted to do something funny.