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Silver Water

I: First Glance


Eyes pure and as blue as the clear sky overhead opened slowly. A small sound emitted from the mouth of the owner of these eyes, stating it's final awakening.

Sora rolled over in his bed, hitting the top of his alarm clock with his fist before curling back into the ball he was in while sleeping. Slowly, he started to drift back into slumber when a cold hand landed on his shoulder, shaking him fiercely. Sora jumped, jerking away from the cold hand, eyes wide open from the first moment's shock.

"What the--" Sora stopped when his vision came through and first saw spikey blond hair before him. Next came in the blue eyes almost identical to his, and this was when he knew who it was. "Damnit Cloud..."

Cloud, sitting on the edge of Sora's bed lifted a fine brow. "You were supposed to be up minutes ago, Sora."

Sora scoffed and rubbed his eyes to remove the sleepiness. "So? Do I need to go somewhere?"

Cloud lightly smacked his younger brother on the side of his head, narrowing his eyes. "Yes, you moron. School. You know Mom's gonna get pissed at you if you're tardy the first day."

Sora blinked several times, still having a difficult time waking up. He groaned, as he threw off the covers, shoving his older brother off his bed as he fell out of the bed himself. "Why am I going to school again?"

Cloud shook his head and took his brother by the elbow and led him out of the room to the bathroom that separated both his and Sora's bedroom. "Because Mom said so. And you can't get anywhere without some kind of education. And I don't even know why I'm explaining this to you, so get in there and wash up before I kick your ass." And with that, Cloud threw open the bathroom door and shoved Sora in, closing the door after him. Through the door, he said, "And you better not waste your time or else I'll barge in on you. Naked or not."

Cloud heard an incoherent noise from the other side of the door and chuckled, making his way down the hall and down stairs to the kitchen. There, he received a kiss on his cheek from his mother and a plate filled with the day's breakfast. He made his way to the fridge and poured himself a drink before heading to the dining table where he placed his plate and glass with a plunk. Still waking up himself, Cloud yawned before digging into his meal.

Cloud was in college, but he didn't live in a dorm at his school because of his single working mother and younger brother who had no sort of guidance what-so-ever. Cloud was the man of the house, ever since the loss of his father, so he had to take care of things. He mainly drove Sora around before he didn't have time and Sora was forced to use the bus, and was mainly the one who took care of Sora while their mother was working like a slave just to support the funding for Cloud's schooling and just to keep the roof over their heads. So far, they made it alright, but even Cloud had to take up two jobs with what little pay he got for each, and Sora was forced to work on his vacations, summer especially, just to make up and supply for the coming year. Times were hard for them every year, this year especially since Ms. Strife had an operation not too long ago.

Pain shot at Cloud's heart as he remembered the cruel state his mother was in. Glancing over at her, he saw her smiling lightly as she always did, always ignoring the pain that was written on her face. Cloud looked away, glaring at his food. He wanted to call his mother stupid and foolish, but then again, she was only the way she could be. She wasn't one to cry out in pain and plead for help. No, she would take it on bravely and without a doubt, knowing she'd end up in the right place once she died, if ever that was the case. Cloud knew his mother was strong, but sometimes he wondered if she truly knew what she was doing, like remaining single and having no husband to support her mentally, spiritually, and financially as well.

Cloud sensed his brother's presence as he trudged down the stairs, head hanging and eyes still drooping. Cloud narrowed his eyes. "Hey Sora, didn't I tell you to wash up? That meant waking up too."

Sora growled at Cloud as he took a plate from his mother and sat across from Cloud, everything before him identical to his older brother's. Cloud was silent as he watched Sora eat in his usual manner: like a barbarian. The blond excused himself from the table silently and dumped his dishes in the sink, making his way back to his room. If anything, he didn't want to be with brother at the table with the way he ate. So continuing his way to his room, Cloud planned out his day as he got ready for a long drive.

Sora, downstairs, thanked his mother for the food and dumped his own dishes in the sink just minutes after Cloud had. He ran up to his room and changed as well, dressing in dark blue jeans that were Cloud's old pair and a bit too baggy for his own taste. The cargo jeans were held up by a single belt, all that Sora could find in his pile of clothing. Over the pants came a loose gray shirt with a simple logo on the front and a large picture printed on the back. A chain was placed around his neck, and another was looped from his waist where the belt loop was, to the inside of his pocket where a black wallet lay secured.

Sora stared in the mirror above his dresser. As always, his and Cloud's spikes seemed to defy gravity. Cloud only had that one blond spike in the middle, while Sora's shot out any which way they wanted. Sora combed his messy hair with his fingers, knowing over the many years that a regular brush or comb would not work against his hair. It was amazing in how his and Cloud's hair turned out the way they did, but then again, the trait was given to them by their father. That was how Sora claimed his brown hair instead of the golden lush his brother and mother possessed.

Sora frowned. His father... Wait-- Why was he thinking about his father?!

Sora narrowed his eyes. He never really knew his father, not like Cloud did, but for leaving his mother and then dying on them, he hated him for that. Sora hated his father for the pain he inflicted on him, for the pain he inflicted on his mother. He probably shouldn't hate his father so, but he couldn't help but do so. Sora was just so mad he could--

The brunette's thoughts were interrupted as a knock came to his door. "Come in."

A blond head peeked around the side of the door. "Sora?"

Sora turned away from the mirror to see his mother in his bedroom doorway. "Yes?"

"The bus is outside. You better hurry up and get going now," came the melodic voice that belonged to only his mother.

The brunette nodded and slipped on his sneakers. "Sure. But you shouldn't be up here, Mom. You know your condition."

The blond woman smiled lightly. "It's okay, Sora. One day won't hurt me." But already, there were creased lines on her forehead, showing how the woman was pushing her physical limit.

Sora was to object, but stopped himself just as he opened his mouth. Shaking his head, he smiled. "Don't push it, Mother. We don't need it. YOU don't need it. Wait for Cloud to help you downstairs, okay?" he said, slinging his backpack over his shoulder and approaching his mother.

Gently, he hugged her and called for Cloud to help her down as he ran down the stairs and out the house.

Lightly, he hopped up the stairs into the bus, suddenly feeling small against the size of some of the students who attended his new school. He became shy as he passed guys with muscular builds, girls with make up on and were dressed in cheerleader outfits, and a group toward the back of the bus who gave him hungry glances.

As he passed this last group, a pair of turquoise eyes stood out among the sea of normal blues, browns, and black hues. Eye contact was made for mere seconds until Sora was able to pass the group and sit at the very back of the bus. Those turquoise eyes still followed him even as Sora settled himself in the corner. The bus lurched to life just after he sat, causing him to jerk forward.

Sora was caught by surprise when he bus moved suddenly; he made himself a mental note to brace himself next time he got aboard a bus. The brunette had to grab onto the back of the seat before him, accidentally grabbing some of a girl's hair in the process.

Angry dirt and ash eyes met innocent blue ones. Sora apologized to the girl who had sleek dark earthen hair and wore almost no make up. Suddenly, all over again, he felt small and scared to some degree. When the girl turned around again after a small line of curses directed toward him, Sora caught a final glimpse of those turquoise eyes that stood out before they turned away.

Sora shook his head and sighed, leaning back in his seat. Great, he thought. This was going to be one FUN day for him...

Riku was terribly bored that morning. The only thing anywhere close to entertaining was when the teacher in Biology class accidentally set the room on fire by flicking his cigarette at one of the walls where paper was piled, catching them on fire momuntarily. That time, Riku thought that this teacher was a bum who happened to be in the wrong place, or maybe a smart person who really wasn't smart after all. But one thing Riku knew was that this teacher didn't care if you swore in his class or at him since he did the exact same thing, only worse and with more colors.

Just before lunch, though, the goth queen came up to him, a hand on his shoulder as he opened his locker. "Riku?"

Riku looked over his shoulder to see a girl with dark purple lipstick on and eye shadow of a similar shade. Black eye liner traced her eye and brought out the unique color of them. Riku smirked, knowing who she was immediately from the set of bangs that was brushed to one side, covering the left side of her face.


"Are you going to sit with us today?"

Riku smirked, turning back to his locker, dumping everything in his hands inside the small gray locker. "Maybe, why?"

The girl moved to Riku's side, letting go of his shoulder. "Just wondering. The rest of us just wanted to know if you were going to sit with us for a change. Unlike LAST year..."

Riku glared for a second then sighed. He slammed close his locker and locked it, turning to his senior friend as the lock clicked shut. "No thanks, Lulu. And I don't need reminding of last year, okay? What happened, happened. That was last year and this is this year."

Lulu half smiled. "Alright Riku. Don't get offended so easily. You're getting more strung, okay?"

The older girl patted her friend on the shoulder and left him in the near-empty halls of school. Riku shook his head, chuckling inwardly as he ran a black gloved hand through his white-and-silver-tinted hair. He stuffed his hands in the pockets of his black baggy jeans and silently made his way to the lunch room.

Once there, Riku grabbed a tray of lunch slop (so he called it) and found a seat in the corner of the cafeteria, away from a majority of the noise and people. The spot almost seemed dark and gloomy, like the devil's welcoming to anyone who sat there. Or rather, the spot only welcomed him as he was not affected by its darkness.

The silver haired boy smirked as he sat in the darkest of spots, facing the vast room before him, crowded with other students as he ate slowly. He only stopped when he caught a flash of something in the room. Looking for it, Riku caught site of a boy in dark blue jeans and a grey shirt. He recognized this boy as the one who got aboard his bus earlier that morning.

Sora stuffed his hands in his pockets, searching for money. How LUCKY he was to forget money, he thought. His wallet was empty, as it was usually full or carried several dollars in it, and Sora could only suspect that Cloud or someone else took his money without his noticing.

"Shit," Sora cursed and exited the lunch line, looking around the room for a place to sit through the lunch hour.

He realized that the four grades of this high school were jumbled together in different lunch shifts, the shift you receive depending on what class or part of the alphabet you were at.

The brunette say an empty table in the corner and reluctantly approached it. On the way, a guy tried to trip him, causing him to stumble over the foot and nearly fall. The guys around the one who stuck his foot out laughed, but one of the girls--she wore a cheerleader outfit and her face was adorned with glossy make up--smacked the guy in the back of the head, warning him of something that Sora didn't catch. He didn't have time to anyway. Someone from behind had grabbed his arm from behind and started hauling him in another direction. Sora stumbled and tried to turn around and see who had caught hold of him.

"What the--?"

Sora's captor grinned, releasing the brunette to let him face him. Sora saw a boy who seemed only a year older than himself, or maybe even less, with sand-colored hair.

"Hey, you're new, right?"

Sora blinked, not expecting this question; he eyed the sandy-haired boy warily. "Why?" he said slowly.

The other boy shrugged. "Name's Tidus. C'mon, follow me." And with that, he turned around, Sora reluctantly following him as he had nothing else to do.

Tidus led Sora out of the cafeteria, passing by the table Sora was originally going toward, the brunette feeling something eerie about that dark corner that suddenly seem too inviting anymore, even though it never really was in the first place. Outside the cafeteria, Sora was led to the courtyard where several students were already occupying benches and eating their lunch there.

When the two approached one of the benches that seated a girl with brown hair in a similar hair fashion as Tidus, only feminine, and another girl with brown hair, only it was straight and cut to chin length, a lock tucked behind her ear wrapped in something that Sora couldn't name.

Tidus tapped one on the shoulder, and placed a hand on the other's shoulder, almost possessive and showing Sora that this girl was off limits. Turning to Sora, Tidus grinned. "Those this is sudden, wanna sit with us?"

Sora shrugged. "That's fine with me--I don't exactly have friends here. Do you sit here often?"

Tidus nodded. "Yeah, when it's sunny. Winter, inside. Raining, inside. Common sense, y'know."

Sora nodded. "Yeah. And uh... thanks."

The girl with a hair fashion like Tidus' smiled, turning on the bench to face Sora. "No prob'! We're glad to be your first new friends! We know what it's like to be left out or new in the place, right guys?"

She turned to two more on another bench, one of them being a girl with blond hair pulled back and pinned up with a hair claw, securing most of her hair as her bangs rested on either side of her face, and what couldn't be pinned up into the hair claw twisted into braids, resting on her shoulder. The other was a girl with short earthen hair, almost to a boy's length, with eyes a mix of ash and dirt. Sora recognized this girl as the one who's hair he accidentally pulled on earlier on the bus.

By the expression on her face, she seemed to recognize him as well. "Hey! It's you! From my bus!" she exclaimed, standing up quickly and approaching the bench he was near.

Sora nodded hesitantly. "Um... yeah. Sorry about that."

The girl rolled her eyes and hit him on the shoulder with her fist. "Ah, it's okay. I'm only forgiving you 'cuz you're new, okay?" She smirked in a way that it showed that she really did forgive him for the accident.

Sora nodded, not knowing what to say. Tidus caught on to his hesitation and smiled, finding the brunette amusing in his shyness. He cut in and turned to the earthen-haired girl. "Yuffie, cool it."

"I am cool," Yuffie said, giving Tidus a funny look, almost as if he was crazy.

"Well, whatever then. Just get back to your bench."

Yuffie swung a punch toward Tidus, Tidus easily caught the closed fist in his own hand. Yuffie puffed and stuck her tongue out at the sandy-haired boy, stomping off back to where she was seated. On the way, she called over her shoulder, "You suck, Tidus! You never let me have fun!"

Tidus rolled his eyes and turned back to the confused brunette. "Sorry. She acts weird and her motives are confusing sometimes. I know. But don't worry. Here, there's an extra bench and go sit there and eat or something."

Sora blinked, his brows furrowed, even more lost. "Uh... I don't have any food."

Tidus grinned. "I know. I'm gonna bye you some."

Sora's eyes widened. "But--!"

The girl on the bench before with short brown hair and one lock wrapped in that something he didn't know of smiled, patting his arm. "Don't worry, Tidus is just charitable like that. He always does this to new-comers, whether they pay him back or not. He knows what it's like to wander stupidly--I would know--and what it's like to be new and kind of feel left out."

Sora stared at this girl blankly, seeing her sweet smile and her radiating golden eyes. The male brunette was drawn in this girl's spell and agreed to what she suggested. The girl smiled and turned to Tidus, giving him a knowing look.

Tidus returned the look and mouthed, "You always know how to bend people to your ways, Yuna." before leaving the group to re-enter the cafeteria to retreive Sora's food.

Sora stared after Tidus, confused yet willing for anything. He sighed and approached the bench Tidus pointed out to him, seating himself there in a shy posture. The bench was left of the female brunettes' bench and right across of the one where Yuffie and the other girl sat. He switched looks from one bench to another, noting in their behavior and postures and gestures. After a minute or two, he became tired and laid down on the bench, stretching on it with his head resting in the nest of his arms.

The teen sighed, staring up at the blue sky with those very few clouds. So much had this clear sky remind him of his last home, the home before this recent one when his father had left them. Sora had loved that house as it was near the coast and always, with his brother, he would bike over to the beach to play and come back just as their mother woke, always dirty or wet, but semi-clean as they tried to clean themselves before re-entering the house. Thinking of those times now made Sora sad and rather depressed as he loved that house dearly and those peaceful just fun-filled days.

But then, a shadow was cast over him, distracting him from his line of thoughts. Finding the source of the shadow caster, Sora spotted a blond-haired teen just two years older than him with a wicked black tattoo lining the left side of his face.


The blond boy who was most likely a Junior grinned at Sora. ""Hey. You're taking up the whole bench."

Sora sat up quickly in realization and apologized quietly to the older student. He flushed in embarrassment as the other student just grinned and laughed as his jerkiness. The blond-haired teen sat down beside the flushed brunette and handed him a tray of the school's lunch food. When the brunette looked questioningly at the blond, the blond only shook his head.

"It's from Tidus. He told me to give it to you."

"Oh..." was all Sora could say before staring down at his food in wonder. After poking it to make sure it wasn't alive or poisonous, he dug in.

The freshman made a mental note to thank Tidus when he found him and wasn't too busy eating with manners this time. (Sora wanted to seem at the very least civilized in eating as he certainly wasn't that way at home.) When he finished though, instead of having the blond with the tattoo dump his tray as the blond had offered, Sora went back inside the cafeteria himself to rid of his mess. Inside, he bumped into someone who was almost twice his size. Absently apologizing, as he had gotten used to doing at everything he did at this school, Sora quickly deposited his tray and left for the courtyard to meet back up with his new friends. What he didn't notice was the stares he got from several people in the cafeteria...

On the bus ride home, Riku was forced to sit in the back seat parallel of the handicap seat on the left side where that unusual brunette sat earlier that morning. Riku rolled his eyes. Why was he thinking of that freshman? That, he couldn't answer. As always, he was the first person to file in the bus as the school let out. He never liked standing outside of the bus like all the idiots who did, or wander the bus like some of the other people who had nothing to do. So, he always got first dibs on his chair as it was always first come, first serve. No one really sat in the back as it was the bumpiest part of the bus, but occasionally, the silver-haired teen would sit there just to be alone. Just that day was his thinking space violated when that freshman stepped onto the bus that morning. And now in the afternoon, it would be violated again as the freshman would board the bus again for the ride home.

Riku shook his head, sighing heavily. He tilted his head back on the back of the seat, sun rays landing on his face through the back window. He remembered the sweet small house that was owned by this brunette's family. Knowing his father would never buy a house as simple as that, Riku gave up any thoughts revolving around that house. He didn't know why, but that house was welcoming as were the other houses he's seen on the bus ride to and from school. All, but... his. His father, Ansem, was a dirty rich man and put his two sons in a dirty money-filthy mansion, telling them it was–- Forget what he said, Riku thought, pushing the memory aside. He didn't care what his father said and thought as he always told them it was for their benefit and own good. But no! Riku didn't enjoy being at his house, he didn't enjoy his "mansion" at all! He didn't like his father, not so much as he was stupidly rich and "decorating" his lawn and property with pointless demonic-looking sculptures. Not one bit did his home look inviting; not from outside, not from inside. To Riku, he would give anything to live in a different house, with a different family, living a better life. Sephiroth, his older brother in college, had become like Riku himself but with a worse personality than their father. Sephiroth was a fighter, and when he was putting someone down, he did it slowly and deliciously painful. Ansem, on the other hand, would kill the situation nice and quick, only sometimes drawing the pain out. In a way, Riku's entire family was walking hell. Riku himself, brought up with the wrong influence, was a known goth and punk at his school, and the schools before that. His usual wear was black and black, a rarity of gray, and almost NEVER white. Only two or three times was he seen wearing white, so it was a stated fact that Riku wore black through hot weather and cold. No one at his school has ever seen him wear anything less than black jeans and a short-sleeved shirt.

Riku opened his eyes upon hearing the familiar noises of the incoming students who rode his bus as it time to leave school grounds. When the silver-haired teen peeled himself off the back seat as he was in that position for several long minutes, he saw that familiar brunette being pushed forward by one of the football players. Riku smirked as he saw the brunette try not to fall and hold his tongue at the same time to keep from saying something that would make the situation worse.

When the brunette sat in his seat in the back, he seemed grateful to be alone. He threw his backpack on the floor next to his seat and fell on the cushioned bus seat, his head hitting the window in exhaustion.

Sora opened his eyes slightly just to see the bus start to move before closing them again, sighing heavily and staying in that position for the rest of the ride home. God, he thought, that was one HECK of a first day...


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