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Recap: Since Sora and Seifer met, it was trouble for Sora. First he was drugged, then he was kidnapped to Kuja's house, a mysterious college student that's certainly up to no good for our brunette. And Kuja, it seems, doesn't plan on letting his 'catch' get away just yet. As for Riku, he doesn't plan on letting the young Freshman out of his sight either. Though the young silver-haired male may have a touch of curiosity for his brother's sudden change in manner, he cannot let another innocent person fall to the clutches of the dangerous duo.

Silver Water

By Ducehss of Darkness (Kaz)

IV: Riku

Kuja tilted his head to the side and lightly tapped his finger against his jaw. He turned to the tall blonde at his side and nodded. Then, he approached the blue-eyed brunette sitting on the lavender-scented bed. The boy's eyes were closed and his breathing slow. After Riku left, they went to check up on the boy and found him asleep where Seifer had left him. They moved him back to the bed and let him sleep peacefully for at least half an hour more. Now, they righted him and Kuja planned on waking the boy and getting him back home. Of course, it wouldn't be without a few instructions and a special gift, but they had to hurry. They knew this boy wasn't the kind to leave a mother worried and chance making his brother pissed at him.

Kuja sat on the edge of the bed and gently shook the brunette awake, getting dazed blue eyes to look at him. "There we go... Come now, we need to get you home."

The brunette blinked several times before nodded a bit, letting the silver-haired man move him until he was craddled by a pair of large strong arms that lifted him off the bed and carried him out of the room. Kuja trailed behind Seifer, the brunette's backpack slung over his shoulder. He helped the blonde make his way to the car in the garage, situating the sleeping brunette in the back seat before climbing in beside him. Seifer sat in the driver's seat and pressed the button for the electric garage opener, backing out and reclosing the garage before heading for the boy's house.

In the back seat, Kuja finished tying the maroon ribbon around the small wrapped object and set it amongst the things inside the boy's backpack. He smiled before closing it, glancing at the brunette beside him. The boy's head was leaning against the window, some of his unruly hair falling over his closed eyes. Such an innocent angel... Kuja almost regretted using the boy. Almost. He chuckled and leaned forward, reaching to turn on the radio.

"Seifer, how do you drive without any music to distract you from all the rude drivers?"

The blonde snorted and replied, "I usually don't listen to your crap."

"Mozart and wonderful classics such as his works of art are certainly not 'crap'. What you listen to is, however," said Kuja with a small snort in return. "Now, if you would please, press a little harder on the gas pedal. I don't want this dear boy to get into trouble, now."

Seifer scoffed but obliged, driving faster. He made it to the brunette's house just minutes later, pulling up in the empty driveway. Seifer didn't originally know where the brunette lived until he found out just a few days ago from a reliable source; it wasn't long until he found out about the family's personal information. It was dirty, but how else would he work? Seifer Almasy wasn't your typical businessman.

Seifer chuckled inwardly. Well, Kuja isn't too honest either. He looked in the rearview mirror to see Kuja loops his hands around the brunette's waist and help him slide out of the car.

"Seifer, be a dear and bring his things for me, would you?" After a moment, before shutting the back door, he added, "And don't waste the gas or battery."

Seifer grudgingly did as he was told and muttered, "Yes, my lovely wife."

Kuja caught the words and shot the blonde a look, but chose not to comment on it, instead busying himself in carrying the boy in his arms to the front door. Whence Seifer stood behind him with the brunette's things, he rang the doorbell, shifting the boy at his side. When the front door opened, he immediately met eyes far different from genuine sapphires and clear blue skies, causing his own eyes to widen a bit in surprise.

"Um, yes?" the male asked when he spotted the two, brushing back a lock of fine, naturally messy blonde hair. When he looked at who was leaning against the silver-haired man, his brows shot up. "Sora!"

Kuja smiled and chose the moment to speak up. "Ah, are you related to this dear boy?"

Cloud stepped forward and nodded. "Yeah, I'm his brother."

Kuja delivered the sleeping brunette over to the slender blonde. "Well, your brother missed the bus by accident and my friend and I offered to give him a ride home."

As Cloud shifted Sora, he extended a hand. "I should thank you." As a thin, long-fingered hand grasped his own in a fairly sturdy hold, he added, "By the why, why do late?"

Kuja smiled apologetically. "You brother was helping a teacher. Mr. Barret Wallace, I believe. It took him a while to do as his teacher asked, but we eventually got around to finishing it. You see, my friend here," he gestured to Seifer behind him, "is a classmate of your brothers and was helping as well." He paused to chuckle. "Well, when I came to pick up my friend from school, I offered to give your friend a ride as well. I hope you don't mind, but he spent a bit of time at my house before we drove him home. Apparently, he fell asleep after giving us the directions to his house. I couldn't bare to wake him up after such an exhausting day!"

Cloud opened his mouth to respond when another voice interrupted.

"Cloud? You're letting out the air. Who's at the door?"

Cloud quickly turned to face a woman with grey hairs streaking her blonde locks. "Mother! You should be resting. Sora's classmates are just here to drop him off."

Ms. Strife turned to Kuja and Seifer and smiled as best she could, leaning a bit on her elder son. "Thank you for bringing my boy home."

Kuja stepped forward and took the woman's hand and kissed the back. "Not at all. If you ever need someone to watch over your son, know that my friend and I will be there to help."

Ms. Strife nodded and let Cloud shoo her back to bed again. When the woman was out of sight, Cloud turned back toward Kuja. "Thanks for the offer, but I'm sure my brother won't be so absentminded as to forget to contact me when he's staying late at school. What's your name?"

"Kuja. And that's Seifer," he added, gesturing over his shoulder.

Cloud nodded. "I'll contact you if I need you again."

Kuja nodded and took the backpack from Seifer and set it inside the door. "Of course," he said and backed out, smiling still. Seifer followed him to the car and saw him wave enthusiastically as they backed out of the driveway and back on to Kuja's house. When they rounded the corner, Kuja dropped his smile, growling under his breath.

"What's wrong?"

Kuja turned to Seifer and stared at him through narrowed eyes, wondering if he really needed to ask such a question. "My dear Seifer, I'm sure you already know."

"...He does look like him, but that doesn't mean he's related."

Kuja was silent for a moment and suddenly smile, nodding. "Of course. He just happens to have the same eyes! What are the chances he ISN'T related?" When Seifer didn't answer, Kuja snorted and continued. "Exactly. ...He's too familiar. It reminds me once again of how much I cannot stand my cousin's righteous ways and attempts to do good. He's always in the way. I—" He stopped and breathed deeply twice, and rested his head back on his seat.

Seifer glanced at the silver-haired man at his left and extended his hand. [1] Kuja stared at the offered hand before taking it in his own, oddly cradling the hand to his chest.

"You bring me silent comfort, my friend. I wonder, are you better as a loyal dog or trustworthy business partner?" Kuja mused, partially to himself.

"Whatever you want, Kuja," Seifer replied.

Kuja lifted a brow. "Whatever I want?"

Seifer glanced back at him and snorted. "Not everything."

The silver-haired man chuckled and patted the other's hand. "Let's just have you concentrate on bringing our new toy home, all right?" When the blonde only rolled his eyes, Kuja chuckled again and relaxed in the passenger's seat, letting the silent ride take his anger away and replace it with his usual calm and secretive manner.

Sora stretched and rolled over in his bed. So far, he had been able to slip from giving Cloud a full explanation as to why he was late. He was partially grateful for Kuja lying in saying that he was helping out at school, but he still wished none of events of yesterday had happen at all. If he could, he would go back to yesterday and somehow get himself out of that mess. When he was pulling out his textbooks from his backpack, and found the 'gift' from Kuja that made everything in his backpack, even the backpack itself, smell like lavender perfume, he felt his heart drop to the pit of his stomach, knowing already that the man wanted something from him. Sora wished that he didn't have to deal with Seifer or Kuja, and he had today to try and fix things. Hopefully...

Music suddenly played from the radio sitting on his nightstand, breaking his thoughts. Sora quickly turned off the music and sat up in bed, swinging his legs over the side. He ran a hand through his hair and yawned before going through his daily routine in getting ready for the day. He took a small trip to the restroom before heading downstairs and meeting his mother in the kitchen. He was sure to make breakfast quick and run back upstairs to grab this things, pausing to open the top drawer of his dresser, pushing back his clothes to find the object still there. He had unwrapped it and read the note, and though he wished he hadn't he still needed to know what more trouble he was getting himself into and make sure he backed out right away.

There had to be a way to pull off the threat and get away clean. Chances were slim, but he still needed to try. Or... maybe he could just throw it away and lie. No, Sora berated himself, shaking his head and stuffing the object back in his backpack. It would never work.

Sighing hopelessly, he made his way back down to the first floor, passing by the living room just in time to hear the school bus honk its horn to announce its arrival. Sora had never been more reluctant to go to school in his life; but he didn't want to stay home and deal with his brother either. If he could, he would've just stayed home. But, of course, that wasn't an option. So, climbing aboard the bus, the brunette made his way to the very back as always, sparing a glance at the turquoise-eyed teen across from him.

Riku looked at the brunette out of the corner of his eye, shaking his head inwardly. He didn't see him at the house, but he wasn't able to get a good peek. From the looks of it, the boy was unharmed, but that was physically. Riku didn't know if they did anything to him just by looking at him. Of course, the boy didn't look like he was about to collapse, or suffering from some kind of hangover, but still...

Riku stopped his thoughts before they got very far, turning them instead over to what he would do for the day. Lulu had asked again if he would sit with them like he used to. This year, he had hoped everything would go back to normal, but ever since he had spotted that brunette, he knew that he would have everything but that. A sardonic smile passed his lips. Who was he kidding? Ever since he crossed paths with Seifer and heard of the name 'Seymour', he knew that his life wouldn't be so simple anymore. He wanted to make sure that no one saw or experienced what he did. No innocent should—

Oh, shut up, Riku. You're not some gallant knight on a white horse running to everyone's rescue from evil overlords and dictators who think they're megalomaniacs. Just drop it.

A silent sigh passed through the boy's lips as he leaned his shoulder on the window, looking out to the streets that flew past his vision.

Just drop it...

Lulu pushed back her bangs to stare at the silver-haired teen before her. He met her gaze with a bored expression but she knew what was behind that mask of emotion. A small smile crossed her lips and she lightly touched the teen's chin.

"You don't have to come."

Riku snorted and moved her hand aside. "You asked again and again. I'm coming, okay? Besides, I'm sure you guys miss me."

Lulu smirked and dropped her hands. "Hardly."

Riku smirked in return and walked with her out to their part of the courtyard that no one went by during all lunch hours, meeting the others that he used to dine with. They all wore dark pigmented clothing, leaving their hair in their natural states. It used to be that they all dyed their hair black, but when Riku came and refused to mess up his silver hair, they dropped that rule. Sometimes Riku didn't know why the hell he was with them in the first place, but since he didn't have any friends outside this circle of people, he didn't mind spending time with them and letting them stare at his seemingly albino appearance.

"Welcome, Riku," one of the many nameless males said, though Riku had a feeling he went by the name of 'Valentine', though he knew he wasn't Vincent.

The silver-haired teen nodded in response, sitting down on the raised concrete, trying his best to sit completely in the shade with the way the sun beat down at this hour.

"You came!" a girl said, sounding as surprised as her usually monotonous voice allowed.

"Like he would stay away forever?" came a low, rough voice from another spot of shade, opposite from where Riku was sitting.

Riku knew this voice to belong to Namar Coral, half-brother to Amarant Coral. [2] Namar was like a younger version of Amarant, if only appearance setting them apart as copies of each other. Riku, having been with Namar for a whole year, knew some of the slight difference between him and his half-brother, having met Amarant a few times through his own brother.


The dark-haired male turned his attention to the speaking silver-haired teen and regarded him with a simple nod. "Riku."

"Not spreading things about me, are you?"


Riku lifted a brow and gave the other a warning glance before drawing back to his usual bubble, going through lunch without any disturbance and with the usual random and short-worded sentences.

When the bell tolled, he got up and slipped away from the rest of the group in silence, stopping when he realized that he was being followed. Turning, he met Namar who gave him a half smile.

"What do you need?"

"Just wondering if you're going to stay this year."

Riku stared at the dark-haired male and shook his head. "I don't know."

Namar frowned. "You didn't..."

"No," Riku interrupted quickly. "I just... found one that might..."

Namar lifted a brow. "What do you mean?"

Before Riku could answer, a voice cut him off. Startled, he turned around to find he had conveniently stopped in front of the boy's restroom window. He narrowed his eyes and quickly lifted his hand to keep Namar from speaking.

In the restroom, Sora tried his best not to grit his teeth. For the past fifteen to twenty minutes he had been trying to reason with Seifer and see if he could withdraw from his 'job'.

"I can't deliver this! Are you crazy?"

The tall blonde flipped a bang out of his eyes. "Maybe, maybe not. Either way, you're in no position to argue. Remember what I said the other day?"

Sora glared. "Yes, and it's low to drag my mom in this."

Seifer tried not to roll his eyes. "Is this all you wanted from me? You interrupted me from taking a piss just to try and 'persuade' me into letting you off the hook? Sorry to disappoint you, but you can't go just yet. And besides, what harm is delivering this to a client of mine? I'm sure you didn't try and flush it down the toilet, did you?"

Sora looked away to keep his temper from flaring. "No. I wanted to give it back to you than flush it."

Seifer leaned forward, half supporting himself by placing his hand on the wall. "Why? Because you know I'd beat the crap out of you? Ah, so the baby boy can't defend himself."

"Shut up," Sora growled under his breath, fists clenched. If he squeezed any harder, he risked braking the object in his hand and cutting himself.

Seifer sauntered over to the brunette and pushed him back against a wall. "Why? Because you and I both know that if ever in the situation, you wouldn't be able to defend yourself, especially your mother if she was in trouble? Because you know you're helpless? What? Struck a nerve, baby boy?"

Sora met the blonde's gaze, his sapphire eyes flaring in suppressed anger. He would've considered throwing a hit at the blonde if someone else hadn't beaten him to it. The restroom door opened to reveal a silver-haired teen he knew to be the one who warned him the other day about messing with Seifer. Turquoise eyes met his for a moment before turning to the grey-eyed blonde leaning over him.


His name was all that was said before thunderous sound of flesh meeting flesh echoed in the silent restroom, the tall blonde stumbling back and knocking into one of the restroom sinks.

Seifer glared at the silver-haired teen and regained his step. "Riku! What the hell are you doing interfering again? I swear, if you mess this one up you'll pay dearly!" he spat.

Riku's eyes only narrowed into dangerous slits as he snagged Sora's forearm and dragged him out of the restroom, stating his defiance in the very way he walked. He passed by Namar who was waiting outside the restroom, continuing to put more distance between them and the vehement blonde left in the boy's restroom.

Namar was surprised to see Riku suddenly leave from his side earlier and head into the restroom without a word. He had tried calling the silver-haired teen's name, but was shut up by a look shot his way. He had never seen Riku so angry, even with his indifferent expression, rushing into the restroom and pulling out an innocent and young brunette that Namar could only guess was a freshman with the smallness of his body frame. He was also surprised by the blueness of the boy's wide eyes, but pushed that fact aside as he turned his attention back to his friend. Riku held a controlled expression, and it took a while to recognize the anger hidden under his calm composure.

"Riku..." Namar tried again.

The silver-haired teen only grunted and turned a corner, walking a bit more before stopping and finally letting go of the brunette he kept a tight hold on. He turned to face the brunette and saw him rub his arm from the grip. Blue eyes met sea green, holding for what was probably the longest moment in both their lives.

Sora frowned as he stared at this older teen. Was he supposed to be grateful he saved him? Or be more wary? Sora had only met this silver-haired male once, and that was but for a short moment. His unnatural silver hair reminded him too much of Kuja, and it put him on edge. Were they in the same league together? But if so, then why would this guy help him from Seifer and warn him about the duo?

Sora withdrew inwardly, turning his head to the side just a bit. He had one question on his mind, but he didn't know if he wanted to ask it. Still, he needed to. So, taking a deep breath, he managed: "Who are you?"

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[1] For one, the scene is very Kuja&Seifer, but if unless you readers absolutely adore strange pairings like that, I don't plan on making it solid. Really, it was just supposed to be Kuja ranting and kinda losing his control for once while Seifer listened like a good pet he was/is. Also, with Kuja sitting at Seifer's left while Seifer's driving, if you didn't know, places like England and Japan and other countries that obviously isn't America, drivers sit on the right side and drive on the opposite side of the street.

[2] Namar is a made up character. He doesn't really hold too much importance in the story, but his name should come up every now and then to help in reference. If you're wondering about the name, I basically just took the middle part of Amarant's name and wrote it backwards, with an exception of the M and R.