Last Chapter.

Just a remind to everyone, including me, i don´t suppose the characters follow the actors ages, so, this way, let´s suppose Jane and Jack are both around 40-45, while Michael are 35-38. The twins are 10 and Georgie is 6-year old.

Hope you don´t mind.

Plese, enjoy.


For the rest of the week, neither Jack nor Jane came close to Number 17. Sure, Jack still passed by the street during his lamp route, but he was always careful to avoid the Banks' house, afraid of bugging Mr. Banks again.

Meanwhile, Jane was busy with her work and chores in her own house and for the first time in a long time, couldn't go visit her brother and her nephews and niece. Besides, the Banks siblings had an enormous discussion a few days ago over the children schooling and other things and Jane decided to give her brother a silent treatment, till he apologized for what he said to her.


A week later than, while Jane was helping him with his lessons, Jack decided to build up courage and finally ask her to go dining with him and to his surprise, she accepted the offer. Still, since neither of them had enough money, they chose to go on a simple meal at a pub near Jane's flat, for which Jack could pay with his salary.

However, the dinner wasn't less delighted, the food was pleasant, and the talk was marvelous. Both Jack and Jane realized they could talk about everything, share their thoughts and talk about their fears, even if they hadn't talked about that yet.

Just before the dessert then, Jack summoned enough courage to do something he wanted to a long time and before a second thought, he put the small box he was carrying, on the top of the table, giving Jane a fright and she kept silent.

''Jane, are you all right?'' he asked and she shacked her head no.

''I'm terrified!'' she confessed without breath and he took her hand over the table.

''Since when something terrified Jane Banks?'' he asked in a playful tune and in response, the woman giggled nervously, ''You can tell me what is bothering you, I will do everything to help you, Jane."

''Well I…'' she looked down at their hands, Jack was holding her's firmly and she wanted nothing more than to hold back his, still… ''If I say it, you will judge me a fool.''

''Me? Judge you a fool? Why I would?'' Jack asked, confused.

''I´m afraid to fall in love; it´s something foolish. Something I did once,'' she started, ''Jack, when I was 27-years old, I met someone…''

''Oh…'' he said simply.

''Well… I don't know what have done in me, I think I was jealous, Michael was just gotten married a year before and since I spend my life caring for him, I didn't have time to live my life.''

''So, you fell in love?'' Jack asked.

''Well, I suppose so,'' she said, ''I met this man, Phillip Lockhart on Michael's wedding day, he was a friend of his father-in-law… He was a bit older than me, but at first, he was a funny man, protective and once I had never fell in love, I let myself be seduced by his charm and six months after we met, we ended up having relations.''

''Jane!'' Jack exclaimed, fearing the worst-case scenario. But Jane gave him a reassuring smile, that what happened, happened because they wanted, not because of a forced action.

''It didn´t prevent Michael to be furious when Phillip and I told him what happened, he accused me of been naïve, so Phillip assured him he would wed me, to avoid a scandal, in case I ended up in a delicate condition.''

''So, he did?'' Jack asked, but realizing Jane was about to cry, he changed the question ''What Mrs. Katherine Banks do at the time?''

''Well, turn out my foolishness earn a discussion between her and Michael, she accused him of being sexist and told me, she and her family would support me if something happened… thinking about it now, I'm glad nothing happened.'' Jane took a deep breath. ''On the other hand, she just advised me to be careful, as 'a book wasn't a cover' or something about it'' after that, we start our wedding preparations, the Travers Goff helped us with everything and to my relief, my brother apologized for his behavior to both his wife and me.'' Jane looked toward Jack.

''I'm happy he did, Mr. Banks is a good person'' Jack smiled at Jane, who after a deep breath continue her story.

''In the end, we agreed to get married a month after the twins were born, everything seemed perfect, Phillip had told me he would protect me if Michael never talked to me again, but…'' Jane stopped, holding back her tears ''He never showed up'' she gasped

''He what?'' Jack felt anger creeping over him, how dare this bastard Phillip Lockhart hurt his Jane this way.

''Can you measure the shame I felt? The naive older sister, planted on the altar, waiting for the groom who never arrived?'' by this point, Jane was sobbing. ''when we realized that Philip was not coming, Kate and Mrs. Travers Goff escorted me back home along with Ellen and the twins. Michael, Mr. Travers Goff, and a few friends go look for Phillip, fearing he was hurt or dead, but there´s no sign of him anywhere. The only thing he left behind… was a note on Michel´s doorsteps, calling me a fool.'' She sobbed, hiding her face on her hands.

Without a second thought, Jack got up from his chair and pulled Jane into a tight hug, not bothering if they are in the middle of the pub, he just wanted to comfort her and prevent her to get hurt ever again.

''After that I swear never to fall in love again, I just dedicated myself in taking care of my brother and his family, as I always did'' she said into his shoulder ''When I saw you that morning, in front of my brother´s house, I confess my heart skip a bit, but I´m afraid I can't fall in love again.''

''Let's take a walk,'' Jack said ''It's too crowded here.'' he led her away from the pub.


During the next half hour, Jack Foster and Jane Banks walk around the park in silence, Jane managed to somehow calm down and Jack decided to don´t bring the story anymore, as it seemed to be very painful to Jane. Still he couldn´t help but feel hate toward this Phillip Lockhart for what he did with Jane.

''I'm sorry for bring you into this Jack'' Jane took his hand and he smiled ''Michael told me you went to talk to him, it makes him trust you… the problem is that I don´t know if I´m brave enough to face everything again.'' She said and Jack hug her again.

''I love you Jane Banks, more than you can imagine it, it would be a great pleasure to call you my wife, you want to marry me, if I ask again?'' he asked and in response, she give him a shy kiss.

''I love you and I will accept gladly if you ask again'' Jane smiled ''just give me more time, to get used of this, to be in love again''

''all the time in the world, Jane Banks, I will give you all the time in the world'' he said and they shared a kiss, while Jane hoped Jack to be the second chance she needed in love.

As for her story with Phillip. Well, it's just enough to say that the past is the past, it´s lives on as history, that's an important thing.


Sorry if the end was a bit cliche. My ideas were fading away and i didn´t knew what to write anymore.