Author Note: Welcome! I know, publishing a Twilight fan fiction in 2019, who am I? Did I loose track of time? Am I crazy?

All of those are valid questions. And partly, yes I am crazy. My track record on stories to be finished is deplorable (thank god you only see the finished ones. This story in part, is something that I've been writing for a long time. In my head, in my notebook, on my computer, in my dreams, etc. So I figured, why not?

If you've read Bites and Claw Marks in the past this is a revamp of that abomination. You won't find it on any of my sites anymore. I have removed it for this. So please enjoy. Thank you in advance for any feedback. This one is more for me, but as always, if I'm posting it publicly it's also for you.

Summary (in full): Railey is the stunted child of David Katel, a shape shifter who has decided to be rogue as long as she knows. In their past they've had little conversations about her mother, the fact being she's dead.

Moving back to La Push is David's idea, his world starting to change more so as his daughter grows more into the woman she is, rather than the child he has been raising haphazardly. But the people he once knew as a young man have changed drastically, years appearing to be between them when they're in fact the same age. It's only customary for shape shifters to find their match and continue life as a normal human, so why has David clung so much to his form?

Railey's time in La Push is supposedly like any other place they've lived before. She's, however, never been around this many shape shifters in her life. When she meets friends of her father it doesn't go well, and she's shocked to find that Billy Black isn't her number one fan, in fact the opposite. He knows something she doesn't, a secret her father has been hiding from her well, until now. As the days slid by, and her father tries to grasp onto her childhood, she's haunted not only by what her father is, but what she can't seem to become.

Notes: Jacob is not in love with Bella in this story. He's not in love with anyone for that matter. He's just Jacob. (I wasn't a fan of the love triangle, kill me now). This will be an Author Universe story, some points hitting the movies/books, but mainly just my own thing.