Phases of Mitosis.

Something was afoot, Chromatid was sure of it. Only a few days ago, his house, 171 Nuclear Membrane Avenue, disappeared into the night, leaving but a shadow of good times and memories. Chromatid sighed. Despite all the friends he had made in his long life (Chromatid was a proud for weeks old!), he was lonely. RNA constantly coming and going, disrupting his thoughts. DNA constantly separating, waking him up from the deepest of sleeps. Chromatid really was discontent.

'At least I have Chromy,' reflected Chromatid, his thoughts turning to his partner. His soulmate. Chromy and Chromatid had been bonded for as long as both of them could remember (which honestly wasn't long). Their meeting was a strange one, of that Chromatid was sure. Introduced through their mutual friend Centromere, Chromy and Chromatid were madly in love since day one. It was indeed an enigma; their bond was so strong Chromatid was sure even the Gods couldn't separate them. And it strengthened with every passing day, sturdy and comforting like Nucleus, the God of Chromosomes everywhere.

Bursting through the area where Chromatid's door used to lie, Spindle, one of the many Membrane City policemen, grabbed the being roughly by his sugar-phosphate backbone. "Time to go!" he ordered, dragging the disgruntled Chromatid across the cell.

Chromatid was ripped from Chromy's comforting hold, the pair of them screaming in agony at the separation. It had been years (or, more accurately five days) since they were last separated. And it was unbearable. "Chromy!" Chromatid wailed, grasping in vain for his partner, whom he had been with all his life. "Please, help!"

"Quit your whining and come with me. This is a national emergency. Anaphase is under effect." The Policeman's grip on Chromatid tightened.

How long had passed, Chromatid was not sure. It could have been minutes… or hours. He screamed in protest as he was hauled across Cell City, Spindle behind him staring pointedly forwards. Forwards towards a life without Chromy. Chromatid blinked away tears.

Chromatid was pulled from his thoughts abruptly as he was dumped at the outskirts of Cell City (meant figuratively and literally!). No longer sensing Spindle's presence, he ran, sprinting backwards towards his house in Nuclear Membrane Avenue. Towards Chromy, his love. For a few short seconds, Chromatid tasted feedom, and by extension hope. Hope that his old life could be restored. He ran, the wind rushing past his histone proteins until he collided with something strange. A membrane seemed to be forming around him, almost identical in appearance to his house in Nuclear Membrane Avenue. Chromatid was trapped. Overwhelmed with darkness, Chromatid lay on the ground, mourning the life he had lost, and fearing the future awaiting him. Once again, Chromatid was truly alone.