I'm putting this story on temporary hold. I originally planned to finish this story and then write two prequels, but I think it is best to write them in chronological order. So this story may not be updated for a long time. Update: The first story 'Looking for a home' is now up.

The snow and ice from the new ramp settled, and penguins began streaming up the new ramp out of emperor land, to freedom. Penguins everywhere were talking about how Mumble had saved them all from doom, again, and this time without any help from the aliens. Then Gloria called out "Mumble! Where are you Mumble?"

Bryan heard her and came over to her. "Yeah. About that. I saw mumble go down with a big chunk of ice as the last of the avalanche came down. He was still dancing as I saw him go under." As this sunk in and Gloria started to cry, Bryan added "He gave his life to save the thousands of penguins down there. Not to mention the entire next generation of chicks. Without him, there would not have been any more emperor penguins, ever."

Erik chose that moment to walk up and ask "Mommy, where's Pa?" In response, Gloria just looked further up the ramp. Erik followed her gaze, and saw a single grey feather sticking out of the snow.

Two days later, Mumble's funeral was underway. The penguins had built a monument to him out of stone and ice, and the entire population of emperor land, and the Adélies were on their way to release Mumble's body into the sea. Gloria, Erik, and Mumble's parents were leading the enormous procession. As they got close to the ocean, a small spot on the ground started glowing, a kind of translucent yellow-orange color.

As the circle widened and started getting brighter, Gloria said "What is that?", almost the first time she had spoken since Mumble had died. The phenomenon continued to grow, and swirling flames grew around it, melting some of the snow near it. (If you play Destiny, it looks kind of like the solar transmat effect.)

As the portal grew to human size a figure fell to the ground as he came out, a human. He stood up and then looked around, saw the penguins, and smiled, pleased he had hit the right spot first try. Then he looked at Gloria and said "Please don't throw his body into the ocean. It would be very annoying to have to find him and bring him back out."

"Who are you?" Gloria asked.

"The name's Dylan." The man said "I guess I need to explain some things to you."

Dylan: I know that chapter was pretty short-

Erik: it was really short.

Dylan: Yes Erik, your father's a hero and deserves more than five hundred words, you don't have to sing me an opera.

Erik: How did you know what I was gonna say?

Dylan: Later chapters will be longer Erik, I promise!

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