I'm putting this story on temporary hold. I originally planned to finish this story and then write two prequels, but I think it is best to write them in chronological order. So this story may not be updated for a long time. Update: The first story 'Looking for a home' is now up.

Dylan, Mumble, Lovelace, and Noah were seated in four chairs, facing the president of the United States, Thomas J. Whitmore, at his desk in the oval office in the White House. The U.S. was the only country that had not asked to see them, so it was their last stop before they went back to Emperor Land, to rejoin Mumble's parents, Gloria, and Dylan's friends, who had already been teleported back.

"Thank you Mr president." Noah was saying. "I'm sure those terms will be quite agreeable."

"Have we taken care of everything?" The president asked as he stood up and got ready to leave."I'm a busy man, you know!"

"Almost." Dylan said. "You remember the last part of our greeting, about how Mumble and I are omnipotent gods?"

"I remember." The president said "Prove it."

"Mr president, please look out the window at the front lawn." Mumble asked. Everyone went to the window, and saw that every nuclear missile the U.S. owned was stacked neatly on the lawn.

"Impressive." The president said. "Now please put them back before you start a nuclear war."

The missiles disappeared from the lawn, and the president shook his head and said "At this point, I'm ready to accept anything."

"Good." Dylan said. "Because we have one more crazy piece of news for you. The Earth will soon be invaded by an unstoppable force of advanced aliens from a different universe called the Cabal."

"Alright, what are they after?" They president asked. "Can we negotiate with them?"

"Unfortunately, no." Dylan said "They are after me. That, and conquering the entire multiverse. For obvious reasons, they can never achieve that, but as far as they know, I am the only threat left to stop them."

"But you can stop them, right?" The president asked

"I can not." Dylan said "Their leader is a god as well, and a hundred times more powerful than me. Once they kill me, they think nothing else will stand in their way. Luckily for us, they don't know about Mumble."

"He can stop them?" President Whitmore asked.

"That's right." Mumble said "I am a thousand times more powerful than Dylan, which makes me a ten times stronger then Ghaul."

"Well, that's very good." The president said. "It looks like you have these aliens covered. I will take measures to defend the United States if they get past you." With that, he stood up and left the room.

"Well that wasn't very nice" Mumble said "He could have at least offered to help us."

"Don't worry about it." Dylan said "We will have our own army of robots soon anyway." They all stood up and followed four secret service agents out of the white house and across the lawn to the road. "All right Mumble." Dylan said "Bring us home."

As Mumble was getting ready to teleport all five of them back to Emperor Land, Lovelace saw somebody walking towards them. "Dylan?" He said "Who is that?" Dylan looked and saw a younger version of Arnold Schwarzenegger wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket walking towards them.

"Hello?" Mumble said.

Then the man reached into his coat and pulled out a shotgun. The people on the street screamed and started to run. "Lovelace, Noah, get down!" Dylan said. Mumble stepped in front of the two leaders and got ready to shield them from the shotgun blast. Dylan was about to pulverize the terminator, when it surprised him by aiming the shotgun past him and the penguins, and firing. Dylan whirled around to see a second terminator get thrown back by the shotgun blast.

"Come with me if you want to live." The first terminator said and blasted the second one with again with the shotgun.

"Thanks," Dylan said with a laugh "But I don't need your help." He stepped past the huddled group of penguins and picked up the second terminator, which was mostly exposed metal now, just as it was getting up after the second shotgun blast.

Dylan applied seventy five tons of pressure to each end of the robot, and simply folded it in half, crushing the terminator's extremely durable, but not invincible power sources. The machine's glowing eyes went dead and it stopped trying to strangle Dylan with one hand, and it's other hand fell away from where it had almost grabbed its own shotgun. Dylan picked up the shotgun, handed it to the first terminator, and said "Hold this for me please." The terminator looked genuinely impressed.

"Dylan, what's going on" Mumble asked "Who is that?"

"This," Dylan said "Is a terminator. It is a machine that was built to kill people. It looks like a human so it can blend in."

"Why is it here?" Noah asked "What does it want?"

"I have no idea." Dylan said. He turned back to the terminator. "What is your mission?"

"To protect you, Mumble Happy Feet, Erik Happy Feet, and Boadicea." The terminator responded.

"Who sent you?" Dylan asked

"I was sent by the resistance to the Cabal invasion in the year two thousand and twenty five A.D." The terminator responded.

"And who sent him?" Dylan asked, and pointed to the terminator he had destroyed.

"He was sent by the Cabal invasion force. They had been steadily destroying the human and penguin resistance, until one day, the resistance attacked the flagship of the Cabal. They killed Dhominus Ghaul. They had won. So the Cabal sent him to eliminate the key leaders of the resistance, and those same leaders sent me back to protect themselves. To protect you."

"Well," Dylan said "We don't need any protecting."

"I can see that." The terminator said "However, my mission is to protect you, and I will continue to do that until I am destroyed."

"Well," Dylan said "That's very nice of you, but that sounds very annoying. And annoying me is not very smart." With that, Dylan made both of the terminator's power sources disappear, and the machine shut down and collapsed.

"That wasn't very nice Dylan." Mumble said "He just wanted to help us."

"That's what he says he wants." Dylan said "But we don't know what his mission really is."

"He was lying?" Mumble asked.

"I don't know." Dylan said "That's why I need to bring him back with me. Bo can take a look at his programming and see what his mission really is."

"Sounds good." Mumble said, and teleported the group back to Emperor Land.

When they got back, there was a huge crowd of penguins waiting for them. "How did it go?" Memphis asked. Then they saw the two terminators.

"Who is that?" Gloria asked as she pointed at the disabled terminator. "And what is that?" She asked about the wrecked one.

"It's a long story." Dylan said "I'll explain it all to you later. Right now, I need to talk to my team. I assume they're with their parents?"

Before anyone could respond, Dylan split himself into five copies and they each ran off in different directions to gather his team of engineers. Just then, Hiccup landed next to them on his dragon Toothless, and Zavala walked out of the command post to meet him.

They watched the various copies of Dylan disperse, and Hiccup said "There he goes again. I assume he didn't explain what he's doing to you either?"

"Of course not." Memphis said.

"He's always very mysterious." Mumble added "And he's so spontanous."

"Spontaneous." All the penguins corrected him out of habit.

"Either way, he will always have his secrets." Hiccup said "I'll bet he's never told any of you about Shadow?"

"Shadow?" Gloria asked "What is that?

"Shadow was Dylan's dragon." Hiccup said. "He was a nightfury, like toothless here." He said, as he patted his dragon's head.

"Dylan had a dragon?" Mumble asked.

"And now he doesn't." Hiccup said sadly.

"What happened?" Mumble asked.

"Dylan came to our universe by random chance." Hiccup said. "At that time, he had almost no control over his powers, and had no idea where he would end up. We found him casually strolling through a part of the forest on our island that was infested with a very aggressive tribe of monstrous nightmare dragons, like Hookfang here." Hiccup pointed at Hookfang , Snotlout's dragon, who was currently amusing himself by melting an iceberg with his ability to light his whole body on fire.

"We were about to land and warn him," Hiccup said. "When we saw a huge monstrous nightmare jump at him from on top of a boulder. The dragon had it's whole body lit on fire, but Dylan pinned the dragon to the ground with one hand, and knocked it out with one punch from his other hand. When we landed, we saw he wasn't even scratched or burned from the fire. We saw him point one of these at the dragon." Hiccup said as he took a cellphone out of his pocket.

"I thought it was some kind of weapon, so I ran in front of him and yelled Don't hurt it!" Hiccup said. "Dylan lowered the phone and said 'I would never hurt such an amazing creature. Well, I guess I already did. That'll hurt when it wakes up. But I was not going to kill it'. From that point on he was part of our team. We told him about our world, he told us about his. We brought him with us on missions to stop dragon hunters and pirates, and we never lost a fight again."

"Eventually, he wanted his own dragon. He hadn't figured out how to teleport or fly yet, and everyone was tired of having to share a dragon with him. So, we brought him to an island that had some of every known species of dragon." Hiccup said "We started asking him what traits he wanted a dragon to have."

"Dylan said he wanted something strong." Hiccup said "So we suggested something from boulder class. He said he also wanted it to be fast, so we said it should be something from hunter class. Then he said it should be stealthy and smart enough for both of them, because he wasn't. Strong, fast, stealthy, and smart only fit one dragon, the nightfury. But Toothless was the only nightfury we had ever seen."

"I told Dylan that, and he just laughed." Hiccup said. "Then he snapped his fingers and a nightfury just appeared in the air above us. He just said "I've been practicing". That was when we realized just how powerful he was. Dylan and Shadow stayed with us for a long time, as Dylan gradually got stronger, until one day he got a distress call from a different universe. He left with Shadow, and we never saw them again, until he called us here. Obviously, he doesn't have shadow anymore."

"That distress call was from me." Zavala said, startling everybody because he had been so quiet they had forgotten he was there. "Sorry." He said. "Combat training. Anyway, I sent that call out to anybody that could be listening, because I had my back to a wall and was about to die. Then Dylan and Shadow came flying out of nowhere and demolished the aliens that had me trapped. I brought him back to our headquarters, and gave him a medal in front of all the guardians. And that was when the Cabal attacked. They destroyed all of our defenses, captured almost all of the tower from us and surrounded us in the courtyard where the ceremony took place."

"Then their leader, Ghaul, entered the courtyard. In bloodthirsty Cabal fashion, he wanted to kill the survivors himself. Then Dylan stepped in front of our position and walked directly up to Ghaul, who was ready to just step on him and move on. Dylan punched Ghaul in the chest. Not very hard, but enough to make him stagger. Ghaul grabbed a gun from the nearest member of his elite guards and emptied the entire magazine onto Dylan's face. Once Ghaul was done, Dylan humiliated Ghaul in front of his entire army by beating him, literally, to a pulp and then sweeping the cracked remains of his armor off the edge of the tower with a mop from a nearby janitor robot."

"When they saw what happened to their leader," Zavala said. "The Cabal hesitated, and then Shadow flew overhead and blasted the rest of the Cabal out of the courtyard. After that, it was easy to clear the rest of the Cabal out of the tower and the rest of the city. Dylan instantly became a hero. Then, about a week later, The Cabal came back. They brought a massive army, but Ghaul had somehow been reborn as a god, and he walked into the tower alone to find Dylan and kill him."

"The rest of us guardians were fighting the smaller force of Cabal that had landed in the tower." Zavala said. "I saw Shadow fly into the courtyard where Dylan was waiting at the same time that Ghaul reached it. After a few seconds there was a flash and I never saw either of them again until you brought us here Mumble."

"You want to know what happened to shadow?" A voice said from behind them. The group turned to see a copy of Dylan that had not left.

"Dylan!" Hiccup said. "I'm sorry."

"It's alright." Dylan said. "They deserve to know. Shadow flew past me so fast I couldn't stop him. Somehow, he must have known that Ghaul had become stronger than me and I didn't stand a chance. He attacked Ghaul, who after a few seconds of confusion, annihilated Shadow with a burst of energy stronger than anything I could ever create. That's when I figured out what had happened, and those few seconds of confusion were enough for me t get away and get a second chance at stopping Ghaul."

"Dylan?" Mumble asked. "I'm sorry about what happened, but why don't you just bring Shadow back to life?"

"To do that, I would need to have some part of him to copy and rebuild from." Dylan said "There's nothing left of Shadow."

Dylan: So, were you able to get at the terminator's real mission from its program?

Bo: No, It's heavily encrypted, and it uses a ton of AI related structures I've never even heard of. It would take a master of programming to do this job.

Dylan: Unfortunately, I know one guy that can do it.

Bo: Unfortunately?

Dylan: Well, he doesn't really like me.

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