It was the nearly the end of the first year of U.A for Izuku Midoriya or Deku. Currently, he was doing a patrol around Kamino.
He was doing this as part of his class final, he had to do patrol with a pro-hero.
The pro-hero he had gone with was Aizawa.

Aizawa had brought Eri along with the patrol. It had been a very uneventful patrol so far, which made Deku sigh in relief.
He didn't what Eri to get caught up in anything.

Deku turned towards Eri while he had his hands behind his back.

"Hey, Eri you want a candy apple?" Deku asked with a smile on his face.

Eri's face lit up with delight.

Deku then brought out a candy apple and saliva began to drip from Eri's mouth.

" Here you go!" Deku said with a big smile

Eri quickly grabbed the candy apple.

"Thank you, Mr. Deku!" Eri said as she began to gobble down the candy apple.

This made Deku even smile brighter and Aizawa cracked a small smile.

" Shall we head back?" Aizawa asked Deku.

"Yeah!" Deku said as the trio began to return back. Once they went back to U.A, Deku would finish his first year at U.A. He had come so far since he had gotten his Quirk from All Might.
He couldn't wait for his second year.
They continued walking towards U.A, they were about to turn a corner when a fist was suddenly swung at Deku.

Deku immediately activated full cowl at 8% and blocked the punch, however it did send Deku back a few steps.

"He's...strong" Deku thought to himself as he took a look at his assaulter.

His assaulter was a middle-aged man who had black hair with a long pointy nose.
He was wearing all black. He had black eyes as well.
He then stared directly at Deku.

"A One For All user..." He simply said

This sent alarm bells throughout Deku's head.
Did he know about One For All?

Aizawa looked at Deku and the villain in confusion.
"What is a One For All?" Aizawa asked himself.

Aizawa heard a quiet whimper.
Aizawa took a look to his right and saw Eri trembling.

" Dammit I need to get her out of here." Aizawa thought to himself.


" I know, leave it to me." Deku interrupted.

" I don't know this guys Quirk but Eri needs to get to safety right? So leave it to me."

Aizawa sighed

" This kid..."

" Alright, I will leave it to you." Aizawa then grabbed a hold of Eri and began to slingshot with his bandages.

Deku then looked towards the man in front of him.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Deku asked.

The man then smirks.

"My name is Dark and for what I why would I tell you that?" The now named Dark said.

"Well, I guess his outfit matches his name..." Deku thought to himself.

Dark then ran at Deku with extreme speed.
Dark swung his fist directly at Dekus neck but Deku dodged and kicked Dark square in the chest.

It doesn't seem to affect him much.

" 8% doesn't seem to be enough to harm this guy..." Deku thought to himself.

Dark smirked at Deku.

"Not a bad kick but not good ENOUGH!"

Dark then rushes at Deku once again this time even faster.
Dark then punches the air.
Deku jumps away but Dark suddenly appears right in front of him.

" What he can... teleport?" Deku says out loud.

Deku then uses his gauntlets and flicks his finger at Dark.
Dark then punches the shockwave that comes from Dekus flick.
The punch cuts the shockwave in half.

"He punched it and it was cut in half." Deku thought to himself. His Quirk must be able to cut through anything, though it looks like he can only do it with his fists.

Deku increases the voltage of One For All on his body.

" No way will I beat him with 8%... I need to go higher." Deku says to himself.

Green electricity comes off of Deku even brighter.

" One for all: 20%!"

"My body hurts but this is how I will have to capture him." Deku thought to himself.

Part of a building flies at Deku, he quickly dodges it. Deku dashes at Dark, only to notice parts of buildings lay everywhere around.
Dark had seemingly destroyed random buildings.
Dark is cutting everything and throwing it at Deku.

Deku quickly dodges another projectile.

Deku began to jump off of the broken buildings in order to reach Dark.

"Naive" Dark then "cut" the space between him and Deku and plunged his fist towards Dekus neck.
Deku caught off-guard by the sudden appearance, could not react in time for the fist coming towards his neck.

His fist reached Dekus neck... only to be blocked by ice.

Deku and Dark looked in surprise as Shoto Todoroki was standing below them.

"Todoroki!" Deku shouted in surprise.

" Midoriya duck... now."

Deku jumped off of the ice to another building as fire from Todorokis hand left hand encompassed Dark.
The fire looked like it was burning him but Deku knew better than to assume the flames would work.

"Todoroki, his quirk allows him to cut through anything he punches, he even seems to be able to cut through space." Deku warns.

The fire suddenly died out.

Todoroki then covered the area where Dark is with ice before jumping to where Deku is.

" He can cut through anything... that is a very powerful Quirk... why did he attack you? Todoroki asks.

" Aizawa, Eri and I were patrolling when this guy suddenly just attacked us."

"Aizawa took Eri to safety, but this guys Quirk is powerful... wanna help?" Deku asked.

Todoroki looks towards his ice and sees it parts of it disappearing.

"Yeah, lets do it Midoriya."

Dark then punches through the cuts through space to attack Todoroki.

"Delaware Smash!"

Only for Deku to send a major shockwave at Dark.

Dark punches the shockwave and cuts through it.

Flames erupt, and attack Dark, Dark jumps into the air and dodges it.
Deku sends another shockwave at Dark, however with nowhere to go Dark isn't able to dodge or punch and gets hit straight on.

"Gah" Dark grunts out as the shockwave hits him.

Dark is hit backward and sees Deku running up a pillar of ice towards him.

Dark then punches the air to cut through space and attack Deku.

However, his quirk doesn't activate.

"W-what my power, i-it won't activate?"

Dark then looks across the street and sees Aizawa staring directly at him.

"Detroit Smash!" Deku yells as he slams his fist into Darks stomach.

Dark then begins to fall down.
Ice then covers Darks body and froze him in place.

Aizawa then begins to run towards them.

" Midoriya, Todoroki... you have caused property damage everywhere, buildings lay scattered everywhere... but overall good job." Aizawa said with a soft sigh.

"Yeah..." Todoroki replied as he checked Dark to make sure he was unconscious.

Deku looked up and asked Aizawa:

"Aizawa, where is Eri?"

" With Mirio... anyways lets deliver this guy to the police."

Aizawa then slowly approached Dark, Dark's eyes suddenly opened and he cut the ice that held him hostage.
Aizawa quickly erased his quirk and threw his bandages around Dark.

Dark then smirked.

"What is he planning?" Aizawa thought to himself.

Dark then reached into his pocket and his fist was covered in black mist.

Aizawa jumped back.

"W-what is that?" Deku said from behind Aizawa.

"You two get back now!" Aizawa shouted at Deku and Todoroki.

A black mist began to cover Dark's body.

"You all fought wonderfully, to think I could be beaten by a couple of kids and a shaggy hero. However, this is the end." Dark then pointed his hand towards Aizawa.

The black mist suddenly exploded out towards Aizawa.

Before Aizawa could react, Deku launched himself between Aizawa and the black mist.

"Detroit Smash!" Deku punched the black mist however, it had no effect.

Todoroki launched flames at the mist however it also had no effect.

Todoroki grunted in frustration.

"Be consumed." Dark says as his entire body turns to black mist.

Deku flicks both of his fingers at 100% at the mist.


The mist goes flying back, however it just comes back stronger and larger.
The mist is now as large as buildings.
The mist begins to envelop buildings and by doing so turned the buildings into dust.

"Crap, if I don't do something this whole city will be turned to dust... including the people living inside it..." Deku thought to himself.

Todoroki continuously shot fire at the mist but it still had no effect.

Deku then focuses one for all into his right leg.
Deku then jumped into the air.

"One for all: 100%" Dekus pants rip where his right leg is.

"Manchester Smash!"


Dekus smash and the mist collided, surrounding the area with white light.

The white light got bigger and bigger until it surrounded the city.

Then it surrounded the country.

Then the world.

Then everything faded to black.