Hey guys this is a alternative version of my best story Shinobi of the Crimson Moon. I thought of changing the plot of the story to something that would make the story a bit better.

A loud roar echoed through the village as a huge fox with nine swishing tails. It's fur a dark bloodish red and its eyes, its powerful blood red pupils with black slits that can can stare deep into your soul glared down upon the mortals that were scampering and running. Its claws as sharp as any blade slashed and cut through buildings crushing any and all in its way.

"Its the Kyuubi! quickly warn the Hokage" one of the ninja screamed whilst running to the Hokage Tower.

The rest of the village had taken notice of the raging Biju approaching them as Shinobi were readying themselves for the onslaught. A small part of their forces were caring for the civilians and sending them to the shelters. Minato was no where to be found as the forces were gathering only for the Shinobi no Kami Hiruzen Saratobi to appear

"Sandaime-sama, the gates have been destroyed and the Kyuubi has entered the village perimiter what are your orders?" A random chunin asked.

"Everyone under Jonin must pull back to the shelters we need to make sure that the civilians stay safe." Hiruzen ordered. "The jonin and ANBU shall attack the beast and stall it which will give us time so we can seal it again"

"Hai" they shouted.

"Now go" stated Hiruzen as the ninja scattered. "BOAR! go find Minato, the rest of you follow me."

They charged as the other shinobi jumped up to the roof tops and skidded towards the ninetails. Almost half of the village fallen to the rampaging beast, corpses of villagers and ninjas littered the streets as they passed them. Thousands of jutsus were fired at the fox which was starting to annoy him.

"Argh! you filthy humans!" Kyuubi roared as it slashed it's claws towards the ground crushing many shinobi under his mighty paws.

"Fire Style: Great Firestorm" Fugaki shouted as he and his clansmen all launched blazes of fire at the same time causing the flames to form a Tsunami of raging fire as it roared itself to the fox.

"Pathetic Uchiha" Kurama laughed and with a swish of a tail the fire disappeared. He then unleashed his massive chakra sending the uchiha that attacked him flying a few feet. He was about to form a Bijudama when suddenly the Uzumaki sealing chains rose from the ground and began to bind him. He was pushed to the ground as he struggled greatly to break free.

"What? these chains? could it be? KUSHINA!" the fox roared in anger.

"Not really little kit" Kara Uzumaki teased making the fox looked down upon her.

"YOU!" Kyuubi roared.

"Im suprised you remember me kitling. It's me Kara Uzumaki now be a good foxy and sit there like a good boy so can we seal you up again."


Saratobi summoned Enma as the monkey king turned into the Adamantine staff as he had it enlarged and struck the beast in the head. "Quickly I stunned it for a short minute use your strongest jutsus on it."

The shinobi nodded as they began to go through handsigns as they unleashed Fire style, Water style, Earth style, even Lightning style jutsus at the fox causing a little damage. Hiruzen was about to use his jutu when a flash of yellow appeared next to him. It was none other than Minato Namikaze the Yondaime Hokage.

"Minato where have you been? dont you know that we are being attacked by the Kyuubi?" Hiruzen demanded. "Your sister in law can barely hold on with their chakra chains."

The Yondaime chuckled "I was with my wife, she was having our children, I'm finally a father" he said before getting serious. "until that masked man came in and ripped the fox out of my wife."

Kara interuppted him, "Minato as much as I want to hear the rest of your story we have more improtant matters at the moment!" she screamed as her chakra chains suddenly failed as one of the fox's massive paws got free and swung at her as she was immediately crushed by him.

Minato gasped as Hiruzen quickly reminded him that the Kyuubi is almost close to the center of the village and that they only hope that we have now is to seal it. The Yondaime knew that there was only one seal powerful enough to hold the nine tails, the Reaper Death Seal.

"Your right Hiruzen-sama and I will be using the Reaper death seal to seal the nine tails into my children but i'll seperate the fox to ensure it can't break out." Minato said with a pained look on his face. "I can't ask anyone else to sacrifice their child if I can't do the deed myself."

"Minato let me do the sealing" Hiruzen replied shocking Minato. "I have lived a long life and your still young. the village needs you now." he said with a smile. "The only thing I ask you is to keep your children safe and treat them all equal."

Konohagakure Hospital

Minato flashed back to his wife who was with their children. With a heavy heart he told her that he was going to seal the nine tails into their children to save the village. As always Kushina forbade it as she didnt want her children to suffer the fate of being a jinchuuriki.

"Kushina chan I dont want to do this but I have no choice, the village will fall if I dont seal the fox away." Minato said sadly but firmly. "Please Kushina its for the best surely you understand."

"Minato use me to seal the nine tails. You know the hardships jinchuuriki face. I wouldn't wish that upon my children." Kushina cried.

"Kushina, they need you in order to control the fox. Besides you'll be able to teach them things I can't, things only a mother would know."

"But they need their father!" She sobbed.

"And the village needs their Hokage right now. Please Kushina, remember our family is shinobi, the will of the village comes first."

Kushina was about to retort but sadly she herself couldn't help but agree. Konoha was her home and like any ninja she must put aside personal feelings for the safety of the village. She let out a little cry as she held the children to her husband. Minato could only look down upon the beautiful children that they made. Menma, the eldest had their fathers spikey hair but Kushina's eyes. Naruto was a perfect clone of Kushina with red hair but with blue eyes. The yondaime smiled sadly and hugged them close.

"Forgive me my children that I must make you become jinchuuriki but I promise you that your mom will always protect you. I will make sure that you have the happiest childhood you could ever want with her." Minato cried as he flashed back to the battlefield.

Battlefield: Village Gates

Hiruzen was going through the hand signs for the Earth Release: Mud swamp jutsu as the Kyuubi suddenly became stuck in the muddy depths restricting all of his movements. It looked to be trapped but even he shouldn't underestimate the nine tails. It would soon be a matter of time before it got free again, the sounds of cracks in the earth only added to his fear. He soon gasped as the nine tails rose his head to the sky and opened his mouth as it was gathering energy for a Bijudama.

'Damn it if that thing finishes its attack the village is done for' Hiruzen said grimly.

Suddenly a large poof of smoke appeared above the fox as Gambunta the toad boss landed on the fox preventing it from launching its attack.

"I don't think so furball" Gambunta said.

"D-Damn you!" Kyuubi roared.

Now was the moment for Minato to begin the sealing as he was about to begin the handsigns when he was stopped by the third hokage."Minato I said I would do the sealing, remember I am an old man and its time for you to lead the young generation. now hand me the children and I will seal the nine tails into them."

But Minato stopped him as he refused to let his predessor sacrifice himself if he couldnt do it himself. Minato sighed as he performed the hand signs as a fast rate. Finishing the last handsign he shouted. "Fuinjutsu: Shiki Fujin"

Suddenly the air got cold as the Shinigami appeared in all of her etheral glory. Her appearence was ghost like, her face hidden by a demon mask. She was dressed in whitish gray robes with a necklace in her left hand and a katana in her right hand. In front of her bound in ghostly whips was Minato's soul.

"Who dares summon me." the goddess demanded.

"Forgive me Shinigami-sama" Minato stated as he spoke to the goddess. "I wish to offer my soul as payment to seal the Kyuubi's chakra into Menma and the soul of the Kyuubi into my youngest son Naruto."

The Shinigami smirked "very well mortal I will seal the beast within your children" The goddess thrusted her hand into Minato's back as it reached through the man's frail body and towards the nine tails.

Kurama gasped in fear as the ghostly hand made contact."NO! NO! I WILL NOT BE SEALED AGAIN NOOOO!"

The fox screamed as he was seperated and pulled into Menma and Naruto. The eight trigram seal appeared on the baby's bellies as the sealing was complete. However the Shinigami noticed something strange about Naruto as she saw future events and it brought a smile, a dark evil smile upon her face.

"You are the one Naruto, I can tell you are a special boy, and you can be the one that will save and change her for the better" she smiled gazing down upon the sleeping red haired baby as she raised her arm up to the moon as an orb flew into her open palm. She then placed the orb within Naruto as Naruto's chakra color went from blue to white. "Good luck little one I have sealed Kaguya's power within you. I know you'll use it wisely and change the world." The goddess then turned towards the Yondaime as she grinned a bit which frightened him. "I won't be taking your soul mortal"

"What?" Minato said shockingly. He couldn't believe that he was being spared. But he felt there was some kind of catch.

"I'll get your soul one day and I am a very patient woman" she laughed darkly making Minato shiver. "But don't make me regret sparing your life. This is a one time deal, but don't take my decision as an act of mercy." she snarled as she vanished.

Minato sighed a sigh of relief as he picked up his children and flashed back to his wife. The village was saved thanks to the noble sacrifice of Minato. The following day of the attack Minato announced to the village of the noble sacrifice he performed to save the village.

"My people of Konohagakure!" Minato announced. "Today our village suffered a major blow from the attack of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. We lost many loved ones who gave their lives to help us defeat it. Today we honor their sacrifice, especially my sister in law Kara Uzumaki. It was thanks to her bloodline and her Fuinjutsu skills that we were able to contain it."

"So the kyuubi is gone for good?" A villager asked.

"Yes i was able to summon the Shinigami herself to help me defest the Kyuubi. But since the fox is pure chakra i had no other option but to seal it away into my son." He and his wife then held up their two sons to the village. "My eldest son Menma Namikaze holds the chakra of the fox and will use it to protect the village." He praised but somehow he forgot to mention Naruto.

The village cheered for their yondaime and their saviors, well savior as they view Menma as the hero who stripped the demon fox of its power. Minato and Kushina had trust in the village to treat their children with respect for their sacrifice. However nobody took notice of Naruto who was cosumed by strange white chakra. Minato knew that his children was going to be happy and he was going to ensure that happened.

Here's the first chapter of the alternative version of my Crimson Moon story. I look forward to your feedback and your ideas to help me make this version a good story to read.