Hey everyone Naruto Senju Ootsutsuki here with the long awaited next chapter of Naruto Senju of the hidden leaf. Things were pretty hectic lately and I was having a hard time thinking of what to do next. But after a long while I was finally able to do the chapter. I hope you all enjoy it this one is my longest chapter yet. I hope the long wait was worth it.

Sunlight shined through the window on the upper level of the compound. It's warm rays shined lightly upon the faces of Naruto and Menma. Menma spent the night at the Senju compound and was welcomed with open arms from Hashirama and his family. Naruto was sleeping soundly on his side with Menma huddling close to his little brother. Mito came in and smiled at the sleeping boys. Walking over she gently shook them awake.

"Naruto, Menma, wake up your going to be late for breakfast." Mito said softly.

The boys mumbled a bit as they weren't ready to get up yet. Mito sighed and decided to use her usual method when Hashirama wouldn't wake up. Gathering her chakra and pushing it to her hands she formed electric currents in her hands. Chuckling with a happy smile she leaned forward to their sweet little faces.


Naruto and Menma immediately sprang up clutching each other. Barely awake they turned to look at Mito. Menma let out a yawn and spoke to the Senju matriarch.

"Wow I didn't know Naruto's old clock had a banshee alarm."

Mito gasped in shock, her face twitched and large tick marks appeared on her forehead, "WHO'S AN OLD BANSHEE?!"

"Ahhh! Mito-sama!" Menma screamed, coming to his senses.

Back downstairs Madara was cooking breakfast for the whole family. He had a knack for cooking and it was one of his hobbies. He wore a black tank top which showed off his ripped muscles and six pack. He also wore a pair of black hakama Anbu pants with a skull belt buckle on it. He also wore a white apron that said the following DISRESPECT MY COOKING I'LL BURN YOU ALIVE. Tobirama walked in rubbing the back of his head and yawning at the same time.

"Morning Sunshine." Tobirama said jokingly to Madera as he sat down at the table.

"Morning Tobi, sleep well?" Madara asked back flipping the pancakes.

"Better than my 100 year dirt nap." Tobirama answered reading the newspaper. "Where's Hashirama?"

"He's preparing for the peace treaty with Kumogakure. Hiruzen and Kurama are with him to oversee the treaty."

Madara set the table and began placing the pancakes on the plates. The sweet aroma was so heavenly it even made Tobirama's mouth water. The second hokage didn't want to admit it but he liked his cooking better than Mitos. Speaking of Mito, she should have woken up the boys by now. Soon they heard loud crashing from upstairs and screaming from Mito. The boys came rushing downstairs fully dressed as they say at the table. Naruto was perfectly fine but Menma looked like he was a street fight.

"What happened?" Tobirama asked concerned about Menma for a bit.

"I tickled a sleeping dragon." Menma groaned in pain.

"He called mom an old banshee." Naruto ratted him out.

"Hey I was still tired and I couldn't see straight okay." Menma retorted angrily.

Menma's eye was swollen along with his left cheek and he had a black eye. Madara immediately took notice of this and knew who the sleeping dragon was. Speaking of the dragon they noticed her coming down the stairs humming to herself. Mito was smiling warmly and brightly except it was a smile the family was familiar with.

"What a fine fresh morning." The matriarch chuckled taking her seat at the head of the table. "It's a special day for Konoha."

"Special day my ass. I wouldn't trust Kumogakure as far as I could throw them. You know their main goal is obtain as many bloodlines as they can to fuel the ranks of their Shinobi." Madara spoke his piece with malice against the cloud. "I believe this treaty is no more than a trap. Once we have our guard down they will steal someone from one of the clans from under our noses. Surely Hashirama placed that ambassador under watchful eyes. From what I heard the tried this the last time and almost kidnapped Hinata Hyuuga."

"Yes he did he appointed Minato for that." Tobirama sighed turning the page.

"Hedgehog head, scratch that you would be insulted to actual hedgehogs. Why him of all people?!"

"Minato no longer has the Hirashin, so he won't able to teleport to the guys location in a instant." Madara pinched his nose before sitting down to eat. "If anyone, he should have chosen you Tobirama, you originally created the Hirashin."

"Oooh don't worry, I'm the back up."

"Say wha?" Madara was confused now.

"Hashirama knew Minato lost his ability to use the Hirashin. So I'm the backup in case Minato screws up. Which I know he will." Lord second smirked.

"So children how are things at the Academy?" Mito asked the boys.

Naruto and Menma looked at eachother before Naruto answered his mother. He revealed to her that the academy qualifications weren't as they once were. Basically the old civilian council reduced the effort it took for Shinobi to be prepared for the real world. The curriculum was falling behind with basic math and writing which you can actually learn at home. The most they learned during the first year or so was shinobi history and other basic classes. Mito couldn't help but agree that the curriculum wasn't living up to its glory days and she had noticed that civilian born Shinobi were passing a lot easier than clan born Shinobi.

Tobirama, overhearing the conversation added his own piece of advice. He told the boys that learning about the past helps to improve the future. It was easier to learn from the past if they wish to improve and bring fresh ideals and other things to the future. Many people pride on their past while others suffer from it. The only difference is whether the person wishes to learn from it or run from it. He understands that some classes may be boring than the others. But they could also benefit from it. Hearing this the boys seemed to agree with Lord Second and soon the family dug into Madara's sweet, delicious pancakes. After the heartwarming breakfast the two boys bid them farewell and headed out to the park. Madara placed the dishes into the sink and began to wash them when he felt a pair of strong arms wrapped around his waist.

"Tobi?" Madara panted.

"Now that the brats are gone how about we move on to the second course. How's breakfast in bed sound?" Tobirama purred nibbling Madara's ear lobe with a gentle nibble.

Madara shivered at the touch and dropped the dish he was holding back into the sink. Why did Tobirama have to be some handsome and alluring? They dated in secret after the creation of Konoha and eventually fell in love and was going to be married. Until Madara became consumed by power and waged war against Hashirama. But now that he was back they would now be free to continue their relationship.

"Tobi-Chan...I...uh." Madara struggled to find the right words, yet he couldn't get them to come out.

"I still need to punish you for leaving me for your greed for power." Tobirama grinned a devilish smile.

Tobirama hoisted Madara over his shoulder much to the shock of the Uchiha. Madara struggled a bit demanding he put him down. But Lord Second being the stubborn and dominant guy he was just carried him upstairs to the bedroom for some delicious breakfast in bed.

"I hate you." Madara mumbled with a deep blush.

"I love you too." Tobirama laughed.

Ootsutsuki Clan Compound

Kaguya was washing dishes humming to herself after having a delicious breakfast. She had to thank Mito for the recipes. After putting the away she turned around to see her son, Neji on the back porch. She was the same height as Naruto and wore a traditional white robe with the clan symbol on the back. Neji underwent a genetic change, he still resembled his father a bit but he had Kaguya's white hair and two horns on his head. He was petting his little dog that he named Hachiko. The little doggie yipped happily as he settled in Neji's lap. Neji was gazing up at the sky, for some reason he loved looking at the sky. Kaguya walked outside as she noticed her son was sky watching. It reminded her of how she always gazed at the sky every night when she came to earth for the first time.

Taking a seat next to him she placed her hand on his hand making him look at her with a small gasp. Neji turned to look at his mother's warm smile. He looked at her as he saw her face change to his birth mother Himiko's face for a slight second. Crying small tears he leaned close into her arms.

"Mommy" Neji said softly with a smile.

Kaguya brushed her hand through his hair gently. She understood that Neji lived without a mother for the first years of his life. But she promised to go out of her way to be the mother he needed. Ever since the side branch broke free from the Hyuuga clan and became Ootsutsuki, life had become better for them. She had their genetics altered so they could look like members of her clan. Of course she was met with many members of the Hyuuga clan and each meeting never went well for them. Kaguya always managed to be one step ahead and some Hyuuga even ended up killed.

"Neji." said Kaguya.

"Huh?" Neji said looking up at her. "What is it?"

"What do you want most in life? What do you fight for?"

Neji was confused from this question. But at the same time he remembered that his mother hadn't known love from her past. She never understood what humanity strived for. It never interested her in the slightest so why was she asking him this?.

"Well I fight for my village and everyone in it. We live as protectors of the leaf. Some may say shinobi are slaves that serve their kages. But to me it's different. I fight for a brighter future to bring peace. But peace is never everlasting, it's temporary with the dark fact that there will always be war. Peace is only an illusion." Neji explained in his usual tone. "I used to believe that fate was sealed in the very thread of life itself. But never would I have thought that fate could be altered. I was once a slave to the main branch of the Hyuuga but now..." Neji cried tears of happiness for the first time in such a long time. "I'm finally free of my cage, free to fly where ever my life takes me."

Kaguya could only smile at how far her little boy had come. Neji had certainly matured in the short time he had been with her. One of the Ootsutsuki members approached them. It was a middle age woman who was once Neji's nanny after his mother died in childbirth.

"Lady Kaguya, forgive me for intruding. But Lord Hiashi is here to see you."

Kaguya's eyes narrowed with a sharpening glare from the mere mention of that's man's name. After what happened that day when she liberated the side branch and used the caged bird seal on him. She thought the man who would the brains to realize she was not someone to be challenged. She calmly stood up and told Neji that the meeting won't last long. She told him to go see his friends for a while but Neji shook his head for he wanted to help his mother. He explained that if he is to become head of the Ootsutsuki clan one day then he will need to learn all he can. She was going to refuse till she noticed the determined look in his eye. She sighed but nodded her head.

"Very well Neji you may come. But remember these few rules, you don't speak unless spoken too. Second regardless of your past with this man you must show him respect unless he insults the clan in any shape or form. Third, you must contain your negative emotions during the meeting and only release them at the right time. One screw up could ruin everything." Kaguya explained harshly making Neji nod.

Kaguya then turned to the old woman and told her to let Hiashi in. The woman nodded as she headed to the front door to allow the man in. Hiashi walked into the compound as he and Kaguya stared down at one another. He took notice of Neji and how different he looked. He could see his former nephew resembled the woman who broke apart his clan.

"Lady Kaguya." Hiashi said trying to hold back his distaste for her.

"Lord Hiashi." Kaguya replied back with equal distaste. "What brings you here to my compound on such a fine morning?"

"I have come here for the return of the clan members you stole from me." Hiashi demanded.

The Hyuuga elders have pushed him to retrieve the side branch since the side branch made up most of the clan itself. Losing them had greatly reduced the clan in numbers. It left them at a very vulnerable state, they weren't weak or defenseless but it put their bloodline is severe peril. Hiashi was ordered to ensure the side branch was returned for their bloodline was vital.

"Know who you are speaking to Hiashi." Kaguya threatened as she unleashed her chakra infused with massive killer intent.

Neji felt the air thicken from the amount of power his mother was releasing. He could barely even move, it was like being frozen solid. It was like being in a nightmare you couldn't wake up from.

"This KI it's so powerful. I...I can't move my body. Is this? Is this power I'm feeling mother's true power?. Her chakra it feels so dark, so benevolent, so..so divine." Neji shuddered as he gazed upon his mother.

"What is this strange chakra?" Hiashi gasped, shielding his face with his arms. "Who are you?"

"I'm the embodiment of power itself. I'm the very core of which all chakra originates. I am know throughout history by many names. Some call me a goddess, a healer, a demon, a killer. But I am infamously known as the Rabbit Goddess, the mother of all chakra." Kaguya shouted.

Hiashi's eyes widened. This woman? This very creature that attacked him and severed the clan was the embodiment of chakra itself. The infamous Rabbit Goddess herself. No that couldn't be true, the rabbit goddess was just a fairy tail. Surely this woman must be an imposter and a Hyuuga rebel.

"You honestly expect me to believe that?" Hiashi scoffed with a laugh. "The Rabbit Goddess is a myth, a mere story told by generations of shinobi. What I see a Hyuuga woman with an over egotistical ego who tried to defy the power of the main branch."

Neji grit his teeth seething with anger at his former uncle's disrespect to his mother. What he wouldn't give to rip that smirk off his smug face. But he had to remember his mother's rule. He couldn't show any negative emotions until the right time calls for it.

"You dare call the fourth greatest woman of divinity a liar. You dare mock her power and ability? You dare mock the woman who lived before chakra even existed, the woman who ended all wars before the rise of shinobi, the woman who has the rank of divinity that only the three divine sisters have. You dare mock her like she was some kind of peasant under your shoe! Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you where you stand?!" Neji stepped forward before Kaguya held her arm in front of him to stop him from approaching any further. Neji grunted in frustration but backed down as commanded.

"Whether you believe me or not Hiashi is up to you. But what is true is that I am on a level far greater than anything you could possibly achieve." Kaguya smirked darkly. "I'm a person of divinity and I won't hesitate to end your life if you continue to demand me of anything. Your clan's numbers have been greatly reduced making you now the smallest clan in the village."

"You dare mock the Hyuuga!" Hiashi screamed charging at Kaguya with full speed.

Kaguya stood her ground to fight until Hiashi fell to the ground clutching his forehead. The cage bird seal was still branded on his forehead. The elders who knew the seal and it's design tried to remove it but couldn't. It was if the seal itself was burned into his skin. Kaguya turned to see Neji standing there with his hand forming the symbol. Neji spoke out against Hiashi once again.

"You told me to only lash out when the time came. Well that time was now, it was bad enough he called you a liar. But it crossed the line when he mocked you as some low class peasant, like some commoner. I have tolerated his insults but that one crossed the line." Neji screamed adding more Chakra to the seal making Hiashi scream louder.

Kaguya immediately grabbed Neji's hand breaking the seal. He looked at her asking her why she stopped him. She shook her head at him basically telling him to let it go. Letting out a small growl of anger and frustration he stopped the flow of Chakra to the seal on Hiashi giving him relief. Hiashi looked up at the two. Kaguya stepped forward.

"Let this be a lesson to you. I have shown you mercy by having my son spare your life." Kaguya warned him. "But try to demand anything from me again and I won't stop him from killing you next time."

"You won't get away with this you hear me." Hiashi screamed. "I'm the head of the Hyuuga clan...argh!"

Kaguya pressed her foot upon his neck adding pressure to crush it. Hiashi struggled to pry it off but was having trouble trying to budge it.

"Don't push me, I'm in a really foul mood." She said coldly before removing her foot. "You've become the kind of man you despise. The once great Chi Blocker Hiashi of the Leaf now a figurehead for the Hyuuga Elders. Once a proud clan head now reduced to an elder's lap dog."

Hiashi picked himself up trying to put on a brave face. But he was shaking so bad that urine travelled down his pant legs. Kaguya groaned, her new carpet was ruined. She picked up Hiashi by his collar and kicked him out the door making him fall flat on his face.

"That's for ruining my brand new carpet you filthy mutt! It cost me a pretty penny to buy that!"

The villagers who saw the whole thing felt sorry for Hiashi for being at the end of her wrath. Either from demanding her of something or insulting her. Hiashi grunted as he got up and dusted himself off. Seeing the villagers staring at him, he coughed before walking off as if nothing happened. Neji smiled watching him walk away in shame.

"Well that was fun. I'm going to meet my friends I'll be home by dinner."

Neji rushed off to meet up with his friends. Kaguya smiled before heading back into the house to continue with sewing a sweater she was making for her son. She needed time to relax after her morning was ruined by Hiashi. Neji was hurrying down the street as the park was close by. On his way there he heard the villagers talking about the Kumo peace treaty. He couldn't understand how they could trust Kumo after what happened to his father. The Raikage denied any involvement with the kidnapping and the village actually believed it and sacrificed his father. The only problem was that his father willingly gave his life not just for his brother but for the village. On his way there he noticed Naruto and Menma outside of the park gates. They met with Sasuke who also arrived along with Shikamaru and other kids. Naruto noticed him and called him over which he happily responded and rushed over to greet them.

Meanwhile the villagers were gathered in the main district as the Kumo Shinobi arrived with the new Kumo ambassador. The man was 6 ft 2, dark skin and well built muscled body. He wore a dark green vest and dark blue pants with white tape wrapped around his left leg and both arms. He had long dark hair with a pony tail tied at the end. He also had a long scar over his left eye that ran from the top of his eye down passed his nose. His name was Arashi Akumi. The dark tempest of the Hidden Cloud and S Rank shinobi who specializes in nightly assaination. He was accompanied by his sister who was one of the group of shinobi that was in charge of protecting him. She was 5 ft 8 inches with a slim body and DD size cup. She was dark skinned but fairly beautiful with long black hair and beautiful blue eyes. Her name was Ketsu Akumi, the bloody tempest of the Hidden Cloud. She was an A Rank kunoichi and a deadly one at that. She was well infamous for killing 1000 shinobi with a single typhoon caused by her deadly bloodline Storm Release.

While everyone greeted them with warm smiles and cheers of praise. A figure watched from a distant in the shadows. He wasn't fond of having Kumo ninja here. Oooh not one bit, he only returned today from his month long mission tracking down a highly dangerous rogue ninja that was wanted by the leaf for over 10 years but was never found until now. He let out an angry hiss before vanishing into the shadows. He was going to keep a close eye on them. Arashi and his sister were greeted by Minato and Kushina, the infamous yellow flash and Red hot Halbareno. They exchanged greetings.

"Minato Namikaze, your legend preceeds you. You're quite the legend in our village, the only one who could match the 4th Raikage in speed and managed to almost defeat him and Killer Bee in combat." said Ketsu.

"Ketsu Akumi of the Akumi clan, and the infamous Bloody Tempest an A Rank kunoichi that single handedly killed 1000 Konoha shinobi in third great war using Storm Release. It's been a long time since we met on the battlefield." Minato replied before looking at her brother. "And who can forget the infamous Dark Tempest, Arashi Akumi, Kumo's deadliest assassin."

"Seems we are quite known in the leaf as well." Arashi boasted as he gazed down upon Kushina.

"Ah, Kushina Uzumaki, the Red Hot Halbareno, and member of the infamous Uzumaki Clan. It's been far to long since we last met."

"Indeed your father tried to capture me along with his team when I was a little girl." Kushina snarled. "Then he was killed after he tried kidnapping the Hyuuga heiress. Now you dare come here to settle another peace treaty when you failed to secure one last time."

"That was when the third Raikage was in power. The fourth Raikage, Aye wishes to form a non conflict peace treaty with the leaf. He is not interested in bloodlines as he's perfectly fine with the ninja we have. We don't need bloodline fueled ninja to show off our strength." Ketsu rebuked her.

"Kumo have lusted after bloodlines in the past. That will never change." Kushina screamed.

"Pardon my wife, as she still is sore about her past experience with Kumo shinobi."

"Well next time keep your wife on a very short leash." Ketsu scolded. "If our villages want this peace treaty to happen. Then we must be civil to one another. Not be at each others throats like pack animals."

Minato nodded before leading them to the Hokage's tower. Once there they were shocked and astounded at the man who sat upon the chair. They had heard rumors of the return of the first Hokage. But didn't believe it was true, but here he was sitting before them. But the other thing that shocked them was that the nine tails fox sat on his left side. They thought the nine tails was sealed away after it rampaged through Konoha.

"So you must be the ambassadors that has come to sign a non conflict peace treaty with my village?." Hashirama asked them with warm greetings.

"Yes Lord First, we are shocked to see you here of all people. Rumors had spread far and wide of your return to the mortal world. It looks like the rumors were true. But yes Lord Aye wishes to secure an alliance with the leaf. He had hoped this will mend the rift that his father, the late Sandaime created after the failed Hyuuga kidnapping."

"Yes, although Aye's father denied any involvement. We still had to give in to their demand for the killer's life as it violated the first treaty. We had to sacrifice Hizashi Hyuuga, Neji's father. Luckily he had the cage beard seal which not only saved the village but preserved the Byakugan. As much as I hate and despise that kind of slavery, it did prevent a war." said Hiruzen. "However Kumo sent Yugito Nii one of their Jinchuuriki as peace offering and a piece of good will."

"Speaking of Yugito how is she? She is the Raikage's niece and he wants to know her status and condition." Arashi asked concerned for the girl.

"Yugito is fine she is staying with one of our most trusted occupants." Hiruzen replied wanting to keep her location with Danzo a secret due to Kumo's attitude towards the man.

"And who is that?" Ketsu narrowed her eyes.

"The kitten is living with me at the Senju compound. Mrs PMS is the holder of my elder sister Matatabi. So who better to raise her than me."

"Hey her name is Yugito Nii you baka fox. How dare you call her such a name." Ketsu ranted.

"Heh! I call her that because her tantrums are exactly like Matatabi's when she's on her period." Kurama smirked, being a smart ass. "I feel sorry that Naruto has to marry her. But hey his tastes are his business. I mean look at Hashirama, he's the God of all Shinobi yet he's whipped and leashed by his wife."

Hashirama sulked in his chair from the Kyuubi's statement. Sure he was the greatest shinobi in the world and feared by all. Yet he wasn't able to stand up to his loving and scary lotus flower, Mito. Hiruzen let out a loud exasperated sigh.

"Can we continue with the treaty?" Hiruzen groaned. "I want to get home and relax with my favorite book."

Deciding to get this over with, Arashi and Ketsu were lead to the council chamber. The large marble hall was filled with the clan heads, the civilian council led by Mebuki Haruno, and the representative of the Fire Daimyo who was a young woman around the age of 20. She was the Fire Daimyo's eldest daughter, Aiko Takahashi and his pride and joy. The Kumo ambassador and his sister were seated at a white marble long table with the clan heads on the left side and the civilian council on the right. The Hokage sat at the head of the table with Hiruzen and the Fire Daimyo's daughter standing behind him and Kyuubi standing next to him.

"Now that we are all assembled we can discuss the terms of the treaty." Hashirama said in his stoic yet commanding voice.

The treaty that was given to Hashirama stated that the two villages won't engage in any hostility from one another. Business and trade routes will be opened to one another's merchant guilds to greatly improve business relations. All Kumo asked for was knowledge on the almost extinct art of sealing. As there were very little Fuinjutsu users in the Land of Lightning. The contract also came with a marriage agreement that the son of the recent hokage would marry the niece of the current Raikage. Basically they were asking for the marriage between Naruto Senju and Yugito Nii. Having read the treaty Hashirama asked for the council of his peers, if they agreed with the terms. Everyone nodded their head, Hashirama asked Kurama for his council since he knew humans better than anyone.

"Kurama in all your great council what say you?"

"Hmmm the terms of the treaty are minor and basic at best. However regarding their term involving the sealing arts. If we handed over any high ranking or powerful seals to them. Then even without their or our own knowledge someone from Lightning Country would use it to their advantage and violate the treaty to try and destroy us, given our past bad blood. After all our sealing knowledge comes from the Uzumaki clan who were The masters in the art. Therefore my final council is, yes we share our sealing knowledge but any sealing formulas and knowledge known to the Uzumaki clan are to be kept secret. As for the marriage proposal, Yugito has already shown interest in Naruto and openly wishes to marry him." Kurama said giving his wise council. "However to ensure the treaty stays effective for years to come, It needs an ace in the hole. Therefore as a message to Kumo, any attack on the village is an attack against me. I may have been sealed three times already but I had pledged to defend this village. Every shinobi knows that while I may be sealed I'm still the most powerful force in existence."

The Kumo ambassador and his sister nodded their heads fearing the fox's retribution should anything happen against the village. Sure they have the 8 tails but Konoha has the god of shinobi, the Kyuubi, and other powerful forces. Satisfied with the agreement the treaty was signed by both parties. The bad blood between Konohagakure and Kumogakure can finally be placed to rest. The ambassador was welcomed to stay for the day and depart the next day. They took the offer with great sincerity. The rest of the day passed quickly and the village was in joyous celebration. Bars and restaurants were opened and a festival was held to honor the peace between the two villages.

Naruto was enjoying the festival with his brother and friends. Playing games at booths, eating delicious snacks and other things. It was the most joyous day of his life. He had never been happier. He and Menma sat be the edge of a large lake looking at the sunset. Menma took in its beautiful sight as he felt relief, something he hadn't felt in a while. He turned to look at Naruto who had somehow fallen asleep. Placing an arm around him he held him close. Watching from the trees Minato and Kushina were pleased to see how close the boys had become. Now that the boys have become close it will be easier for Naruto to help his brother achieve his destiny. Hearing the rustling Menma turned to see his parents.

"Mom? Dad? What are you doing in the tree? Are you spying on us?" Menma asked disturbed.

"Of course not, we came to look for you?" Minato said as they jumped down. "We noticed how close you two have gotten and we are so happy."

"Something tells me your more than just happy." Menma answered.

"We knew Naruto would understand. Now he will finally be able to help you achieve your goal in bringing peace to the shinobi world. Just like the wise old toad said."

Menma stiffened hearing about the prophecy again. Menma began to slowly realize that his parents seemed to care more about the prophecy than their kids. He began to realize that he was only special and receiving extra love and attention because of it. If Naruto was the child of prophecy would they have abandoned him like they did Naruto?.

"Mom dad if Naruto was the child of prophecy would you have left me here in the village?" Menma asked a little coldly.

"What? What are you talking about son? You're the child of prophecy." Kushina laughed thinking he was joking.

"What if I wasn't? Would you have left me behind?" Menma asked again impatiently.

"Of course not." Minato said hurtfully.

"Then what made Naruto otouto any different?"

His parents tried to speak their answer. But the words wouldn't seem to come out. It was if their guilt was trying to prevent them from saying something stupid or something they would make everything worse.

"We had to keep the soul container away from the chakra container. The Kyuubi would be able to remove it's chakra from you and break out of the seal once more. We aren't proud of what he did but it was the best solution at the time." His mother tried to explain.

"All this time I believed I was special, some kind of hero." He said before looking at Naruto. "But now I see what that could have costed me if the roles were reversed. I'll fulfill the prophecy as foretold. But I'll do it on my own terms. As the Uzumaki code states, family comes before all."

"Menma, the future of the shinobi is going to be at serious risk soon. A great evil will befall the world and the child of prophecy will decide the fate of the outcome. Plus with that masked man still out there who knows what he will do." Kushina explained.

"When has the shinobi world not been at risk. Our lives are at risk everyday. You speak of this great evil but don't know what it truly is? I also know prophecies change all the time."

"Menma what's gotten into you?" Minato asked.

"I grew a brain!" Menma retorted before standing up with Naruto on his back. "I'm taking Naruto home, I'll be home afterwards."

Minato and Kushina tried to stop him but Menma had already left. Deep in the shadows a man was watching before creeping back into the darkness. Night fell quickly as Menma carried his brother home. He jumped up a tree and through the open bedroom window. Once inside he placed Naruto on the bed and tucked him in. Afterwards he left and headed home. Unbeknownst to him a figure crept into the room and approached the sleeping red head. Pulling out his large sack he stuffed Naruto in it and ran out into the night. A snake was nearby as it slithered it's way into the surrounding woods. Approaching it's master that was waited for it, it slithered up his arm and hissed into his ear.

"I knew it." The man gritted his teeth and dismissed his summon.

The figure ran quickly through the woods and into the dark areas of the village to avoid being seen. He was eager to bring the Senju heir to Kumo. They would have access to the legendary Mokuton. He knew being chosen to go with the ambassador would give him perfect access to snatched a child from one of the clans. Ketsu and Arashi had no idea of his motives, and when he brings the brat to the village he might even replace Aye as Raikage and finally have the power to demolish Konoha. This so called peace treaty wasn't worth the effort, why should they be making peace with the leaf when they still had the manpower to wipe them out.

"You're going to be the key to Konoha's destruction boy. With the Senju and Uzumaki bloodline we will breed an army that will bring the villages to bow at our oooh I mean my feet." He laughed maniacally.

Suddenly he heard movement in the trees. Taking out a kunai he prepared for any attack. He looked around for any sign of movement but found none. Feeling a bit paranoid he continued on. After moving a few more feet he heard it again. This time his nerves got the better of him.

"Who's there? Show yourself." He screamed. "I know your there. Come out and face me coward."

"Ku Ku hahahahahahahaha!" The voice laughed. "Now why in the world would I want to do that?. When I can ravish in the joy of making you sweat."

"Come on out, I'm not scared of you. Show yourself!" He demanded louder this time.

The figure soon jumped down in front of him. The cloud ninja readied his weapon as he gazed upon the shape from the shadows. The moon's bright rays illuminated the woods revealing the figure who stood in his way. His skin was very pale and white like snake's skin, his eyes were golden with slitted pupils, and purple markings around them. His wide grin showed off his fang-like teeth. He also had pronounced cheekbones and straight waist-length black hair with some locks covering and framing his face. He wore the standard Jounin uniform, flak jacket and all. He also carried a long sword with a golden snake handle strapped to his back.

"O-O-Orochimaru of the Sanin." The man gasped dropping the sack.

"Did you really think I wouldn't find out what you were up to?" Orochimaru said coldly.

"I don't know what you're talking about I didn't do anything wrong?" He screamed while still sweating.

"Your lying, even your body language and tone of voice gives it away. You tried to kidnap my godson and use him a breeding tool. Hoping this will raise you to the ranks of ultimate power within Kumo. It was bad enough Minato was planning it. But when another village wants the same thing. I don't show any mercy. Snakes are very protective of their hatchlings." Orochimaru smirked drawing his sword till he saw his reflection within the blade. "Because believe when I say your not going to leave this village alive."

"You think I'm scared. You can't do anything to me as it will violate the treaty and Konoha isn't prepared to fight another war." The man boasted. "I hold the cards now Orochimaru. Konoha wouldn't risk going to war for a single brat."

"Hahahah oooh but I would!"

Orochimaru charged at such speed he appeared behind the man. The ninja turned his head as Orochimaru slashed his arm off. The man screamed as blood gushed out of his severed arm. The sanin laughed as he licked the blood from the blade.

"Don't bother screaming no one can hear you. I set up a sound proof before confronting you. But please scream as loud as you want, it only makes me want to kill you more!" Orochimaru laughed approaching the ninja.

"Oooh Kami please no, please I beg of you. No! Please No, NO!"

Orochimaru grabbed his other arm and pulled out his kunai and laughed maniacally.

"And this little piggy went to market." He cutting off the first finger causing him to scream.


"This little piggy went went home screaming." He yelled cutting off the second finger.

"Ahhhh no someone help me!"

"Hahaha and this big piggy lost his head." He sliced his hand off.

"Please mercy!" The man cried out. "Please have mercy!"

"Sorry but I wasted that on Minato before he left the village years ago."

The sounds of tearing flesh and screaming filled the barrier as the birds flew off into the sky. Orochimaru now stained with blood approached the sack and picked up Naruto. He felt the barrier fall as ninja rushed to the spot. Hashirama and the Kumo ambassadors arrived to see a cloud Shinobi flayed and in pieces and Orochimaru standing by him covered in blood.

"What happened here?" Hashirama yelled.

"You should ask the ambassadors, one of their shinobi snuck into the Senju compound and kidnapped Naruto. The man hoped that by kidnapping Naruto the village wouldn't risk another war over him. I only managed to come home today and one of my summons informed me of the man's intention to kidnap the boy." Orochimaru explained.

Ketsu approached Orochimaru and instead of attacking him. She thanked him which confused him. Why was she thanking him for killing one of their shinobi?. Ketsu explained that she thought the village purged the remainder of Kumo's Black Lightning Division. An Anbu division created by the second Raikage who's mission was to kidnap and bring fresh bloodlines to boost the physical power of the village. After the thirds death Aye had the Anbu division disbanded and had the old members executed. They had no idea that members of the division was still active. Orochimaru was skeptical but he had a run in with those Anbu before. Plus he didn't sense deception in her words.

"Lord Hokage, Kumo had no idea they were still running in secret. The Raikage had no knowledge of this." Arashi explained hoping to avoid another war.

"That's what the last Raikage said when he tried to kidnap Hinata. I told you Kumo couldn't be trusted." Kushina ranted loudly like a banshee.

"Geez and I thought my voice was loud." Mebuki winced covering her ears.

"They speak the truth Hashirama." said Orochimaru. "I sense no deception in their actions or their words."

Hashirama nodded "very well, Arashi clean up your ninjas corpse, Orochimaru take Naruto home. Ketsu send word to Aye of what had transpired."

Ketsu nodded and left to send word to Aye of the incident. Arashi took care of the body by burning but keeping the severed head. Orochimaru took the sleeping Naruto home. The snake sanin was surprised that Naruto slept through all that. Arriving at the compound Mito was told of the incident and boy was she mad. So made she actually trashed the kitchen in the rage. After calming down she sat down to have a glass of Sake. Orochimaru quickly placed Naruto to bed and closed his door.

(small lemon ahead. If you don't like please skip it)

On his way down he heard laughing coming from Tobirama's room and went to investigate. Opening the door his eyes widened before he screamed. Madara and Tobirama both naked in bed turned to see Orochimaru gazing at them.

"Do you mind?" Tobirama shouted as he was still on top of Madara. The man's arms still around his waist.

"Don't you know how to knock?" Madara retorted.

"Don't you know how to lock your doors. And since when are you two so lovey dovey. You hate each other." Orochimaru shouted as he covered his eyes and shut the door before running down the hall.

"Geeze what's his problem?" Tobirama scoffed.

"Who cares now where were we?" Madara smirked kissing Tobirama.

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