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Spoilers: A little from Primum Non Nocere



"Your hair's fine, Catherine."

Catherine peeked out from behind her locker door to find Grissom watching her with a smirk. She ignored his comment and turned back to
her mirror, "Somehow, I'm not comforted by it coming from you."

"You don't trust me?" He faked a look of hurt as she closed her locker door.

"Not when it comes to beauty. I mean, how can I?" She said in a way only she could without really hurting his feelings.

"I know plenty about beauty."

She snorted, patting him sympathetically on the shoulder as she brushed past him to the door, "Sure you do."

"You don't believe me?"

Stopping in the doorway, she turned around with a wry smile, "C'mon Gil, all this beauty stuff, it might work with other people but it
won't work with me."

Though she didn't say it specifically, Grissom knew immediately she had meant Sara and what he had said to her at the ice rink during a
case last year.

The look of panic he tried so desperately to hide was obvious to her. She smiled again, "Sara and I may not be best friends but we do
talk." At his lack of response, she sighed and turned around, heading out the door into the hallway.

"I know enough about beauty to know you're beautiful." It was his turn to smile when his words stopped Catherine dead in her
tracks. "If you didn't believe me, you wouldn't have stopped."

She turned around to face him with a look of disbelief, "This isn't a game, Grissom."

"I'm not trying to play one." He said sincerely, making a mental note of learning when to stop talking. "Catherine, what I said to Sara..."

"Be careful what you say." She interrupted him to say warningly.

"Was not a lie." He finished cautiously, "But I mean it when I say you're beautiful and that I wouldn't even know what beauty was if I
had never met you. Yes, what I said to Sara was true but you were the one who taught me what beauty was. You *are* the definition of

Looking at him for a moment with an indifferent expression, she suddenly shook her head with a tired chuckle, "God, you're either
really good at this or I'm just too tired to fight you."

"You know either way I'd still think you're beautiful." Grissom grinned.

"You just don't know when to stop, do you?" Her voice was serious but she wore an inviting smile on her face as she walked into his open
arms and kissed him.

The End