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Chapter 14: Hero Killer Part 3

Itsuka was looking at her phone, for an instant regretting where her choices had brought her to.

She was not the only one: Ochako and Mina were gazing at their phones, worried out of their minds as they saw the last message they had just received: a slightly garbled message requesting help, with a mark over Hosu City, coming from the boy they liked.

And none of them could do anything. Their choices for internship had taken them away to cities that were hours away from Hosu even if they took the fastest trains available, and their mentors would likely be unwilling to let them go. Even if it was for a good cause.




"Please, come back safe..."

In the Hosu City alley, far from the fighting that was engulfing the entire city, another fight was about to continue, as Stain, the Hero-Killer, gazed warily at the two young heroes in training that had interrupted his attack.

"T-Todoroki-kun! You too?" Tenya asked, astonished.

'That ice and fire... this is Endeavor's son,' Stain thought, preparing himself: even if these two were just now learning, they still remained powerful opponents.

"Glad to see you using your flames!" Izuku pointed out with a smile.

"It wasn't easy. But you gave me much to think about. My mother is finally back, and my father is showing that he can change for good. He has been training me well. My parents say that you are invited to dine with us whenever you available and willing."

"Uh... yeah, sure," Izuku replied, slightly surprised at the invitation. "We ought to deal with this first, though."

"The Nomus are being taken care of. The Pros should be here soon enough," Shoto replied, and kicking the ground he put an ice wall separating the Hero Killer from Native and Tenya, before waving a hand to launch ice towards Stain, who quickly jumped to dodge it, only to be forced to dodge again to avert a blast of fire.

'I must finish this quickly. Their time will be up soon,' Stain mused.

"This concurs with the information we have of him. We won't let you murder anymore, Hero Killer," Shoto stated. Izuku constructed an energy blade on his right arm as he fired a green beam, but once more Stain managed to avoid it as Izuku maneuvered next to Shoto.

"Todoroki, avoid his blades, I think he can paralyze people by cutting them, that's how he got Native and Tenya-san. Keep your guard up at all times!"

"That's why he uses blades, then? I will keep my distance and-"

Shoto's commentary was interrupted when Stain threw several knives at them: Izuku dodged in the nick of time, losing just a bit of hair in the process, but Shoto was not that lucky and got a cut on his cheek, making him hiss from the pain and the shock.

"Didn't I just tell you to not let your guard down?"

"You have good friends, Ingenium!" Stain shouted as he attempted to attack Shoto, but an energy wall blocked him and forced him back. Then, the Hero Killer did something strange.

He looked up.

Almost automatically, Izuku and Shoto looked up as well – and saw Stain's sword spinning in the air.

'What? When did he throw that-'

Stain took advantage of their distraction to jump ahead and grab Shoto by the collar, pulling him closer as his tongue stuck out, and Izuku realized how his Quirk activated: he had to lick the person's blood!


Something hit Stain in the face, causing him to recoil from the pain and giving Shoto an opening to ignite his flames and force him back, still in shock about how close he had come to get paralyzed.

Turning around, Izuku saw a pony-tailed girl in a red leotard, holding up a gun in her right hand.


The girl smiled as she lowered her gun.

"I got your message, Izuku-kun, glad I got here just in time. Also nice to see you, Todoroki-san."

Izuku smiled while Shoto mentally thanked Momo for saving him. Yet another distraction that allowed Stain to recover his weapon mid-air, but soon that was rectified as Izuku attempted to blast him once more, followed by even more ice that Stain managed to slice through.

'I can't let myself be distracted again,' Shoto thought as he wiped the blood from his cheek. Regardless of what the man did, he had to admit that Stain was quite good: managing to misdirect your opponent just with one look away at a critical moment was a mark of a good fighter.

"Momo-chan, could you help patch up Tenya-san and Native? Shoto-san and me are going to be busy," Izuku asked, keeping his eyes on Stain in case he tried something else.

"Of course. I'll help you as soon as I am done," she replied, nodding even though Izuku could not see her. Shoto pulled out a small bottle from his pocket and smeared some of its content on his cheek before tossing it to Momo.

"Medicine for cuts," he just said, readying both of his sides to attack Stain the moment he had an opening. Momo grabbed the bottle with a silent thanks before rushing behind the ice wall, where both Tenya and Native remained paralyzed. Quickly, she approached her classmate and poured some of the liquid on the cuts he had received, as she created bandages from her stomach.

"Y-Yaoyorozu-san..." Tenya struggled to say.

"Hold on, Tenya-kun, I need to make sure you and Native are healed," Momo replied, bandaging Tenya's cuts as he unsuccessfully attempted to see what was happening at the other side of the wall.

"Why are you two... why? Stop! I have to be the one to do it! I have to stop him! I have to do it for my brother!" Tenya yelled, shocking Momo.

"Are you sure?" Shoto said as he blocked Stain's path with another ice wall, the tone causing Tenya to freeze up. "Because the Ingenium I know about wouldn't be rushing in for revenge, much less do so without thinking."

"Tenya-san, really think about what your brother would really want you to do," Izuku said, getting ready for the fight as Stain sliced through the ice walls: his Limiter Release was running out, and he needed to make the most from it.

"To block your own view against a faster opponent... what a foolish plan!" Stain roared.

"I wonder about that," Shoto replied, igniting his left arm only to be stabbed by two thrown knives.

"Die, you fake!" Stain shouted as he turned towards Native, his sword ready to stab him: with Shoto and Momo out of position, he thought he was free to fulfill his main objective – but then he was suddenly grabbed by the shoulder.

"Did you forget about me?" Izuku asked, slamming him and then dragging his face through the side of a building.

"Why is he still trying to attack them? They are paralyzed already," Momo stated, finishing her bandaging of Tenya and moving to Native.

"He needs blood to use his Quirk..." Shoto said, keeping an eye on the fight. "Possibly there's a time limit?"

"We are still paralyzed, I don't think that's it," Native said.

"It's probably about to run out," Momo suggested.

As she did, Izuku slammed Stain against the ground, shattering the asphalt just as Limiter Release ran out. A wave of exhaustion shook him all of a sudden, causing him to stumble.

"Get back, Midoriya!" Shoto shouted as he fired another ice attack. Stain, in spite of his injuries, managed to jump out of the way just in time, as Izuku regrouped with his friends.

"So, he takes blood from people to paralyze them. Either it is less effective the more people are affected, the amount ingested is proportional to the time or something in the blood like their type affects it."

"That one sounds the most likely," Shoto murmured.

"Mine... mine is type B," Native said, now in a more comfortable position thanks to Momo, who had now turned to heal the injuries Shoto had suffered at Stain's blades.

"I'm type A," Tenya replied.

"Not bad, boy, that's the right one," Stain confirmed with a smirk.

"Not that knowing helps us, he is still difficult," Izuku said, his breath evening out as he recovered from using Limiter Release.

"We need to get them out of here, but he's too fast, and if I try to drag them I could leave myself open. Our best option might be to hold on until the Pros arrive," Shoto said, but Izuku shook his head.

"We don't have the time for that. You've suffered several injuries, and I'm running out. I can boost you for a time, and you can support me. We can bring him down if we work together."

"That's a pretty big risk, but yeah... we can protect them."

"Two against one, huh? It won't be easy," Stain said, getting into stance.

The battle was rejoined as Izuku sent a stream of yellow green energy at Shoto, whose left side started to turn blue, before a ball of energy flew at Stain.

As Izuku ran charged head-on at Stain, Shoto gazed at Tenya, remembering how the news broke out about his brother's hospitalization.

'Iida... I hope you learn from this... I know well what happens when someone acts on pent-up resentment. The day Mother came home... after I told her everything that had happened... she apologized, she forgave me so quickly. She said that as long as I could move forward without holding back, she would be happy. I wouldn't have chosen my father's agency without that – and I realized I needed to experience why he is the Number Two Hero. No matter what a scumbag he was... I had to learn to appreciate his judgement and instincts. Still... it's Midoriya I have to thank for.'

Shoto fired a blast of ice colder than everything he'd ever shot followed by a blue fire ball when Stain dodged the first, just in time to put him in front of Izuku, who immediately attacked with his green energy sword.

"Please, stop... I'm already..." Tenya cried out, tears in his eyes as Momo tried to make sure his injuries remained closed.

"If you want us to stop, then get yourself free!" Shoto fired back, shooting another blast of blue fire.

Stain tried to slash Izuku but he parried the sword aside before countering with a quick attack, managing to land another hit as he tore the man's body armor, but then Stain changed tactics and punched Izuku in the stomach hard enough to knock the air out of his lungs, giving the Hero Killer enough time to dodge him and turn his attention to Shoto.

"Be the Hero your brother wants to be!" Shoto shouted, another burst of blue flames covering the air between Stain and him – only for Stain to ignore the fire and rush through.

'Stain... I wanted to teach you a lesson, I used my brother's name – but I only saw what was in front of me... I only thought of myself. It was just as you said, I'm immature. I can't hold a candle to my friends! And even so...' Tenya thought, shedding tears as he clenched his fist – something that Momo took notice of.

"Ice and flame, huh?" Stain said, ignoring or dodging the attacks Shoto kept throwing.

"Let's see how you dodge THIS!" Shoto yelled, shooting multiple diamond-like ice shards against Stain.

"No one's ever told you? You're too focused on your Quirk. You're being careless!" Stain shouted back, blitzing through the shards.

"Shoto!" Izuku screamed in horror, trying to get back up.

"Todoroki!" Momo shouted as well, trying to reach her classmate in time.


Just as Stain's sword was ready to skewer Shoto, the air was filled with the sound of revving engines and an armored leg flew for the blade. Before Stain could do anything to angle the sword to parry or divert the kick's power, Tenya struck the blade and snapped it in half.

'Damn it... it stopped working,' Stain thought, reacting too late to the Iida scion recovering from his Quirk and unleashing his best move. Tenya followed that with a high-powered roundhouse kick that went to the man's head. Stain barely managed to block the attack by raising his arms, but it still sent him flying away from them, allowing Tenya to stand.

"You got free? That Quirk isn't as powerful as I thought," Shoto commented.

"Todoroki, Midoriya, Yaoyorozu... this had nothing to do with you three, and I apologize for involving you in my personal troubles," Tenya said.

"Again with this?" Izuku asked, trotting up to his friends.

"Tenya-kun..." Momo murmured.

"And that's why I can't allow you to bleed any more than this!" Tenya stated, new resolve burning within his eyes.

"It's no use trying to be reformed for appearance's sake," Stain said, his eyes blazing with violence promised behind them as he tried to recover from the kick. "A person's essence does not change so easily. You will never be anything but a fake who prioritizes his own selfish desires. You are a cancer to society that warps the idea of true heroes. You need to be culled."

"Iida-san, don't listen to this murderer's logic," Shoto said: he knew his classmate was strong, but even the strongest could have their weak moments, and he did not want Stain to taint Tenya's ideals.

"No, he's right. I have no right to call myself a hero. But, even so... I can't give in. If I do, then Ingenium will die!"

"Out of the question!" Stain hissed, his eyes hardening with rage. Noticing the change, Shoto quickly responded with another torrent of blue fire, hoping to catch him by surprise.

"Idiot! The Hero Killer is after me, right? Just run away!" Native yelled.

"It doesn't look like he'll give us an opening to do that," Shoto noted, summoning more ice walls as Stain escaped by slamming his sword against the wall and standing on top of it. "Besides, we are not going to leave you to die – and something's clearly changed just now. He's flustered."

'He is a good fighter, but his Quirk lacks in power. Taking on multiple opponents on his own must be hard on him, it's probably why he keeps attacking solitary targets. He's gotten desperate, trying to kill Iida and Native before the Pros come. That's some crazy tenacity,' Shoto thought as kept spamming blue fire blasts to keep the Hero Killer at bay. But as he did, he noticed that the power up Izuku had given him was starting to wear off.

Meanwhile, Tenya tried to activate his engines again, but they were not working. He cursed the weak point of Recipro Burst and how it left him inactive for a time.

"Todoroki-kun, can you regulate temperature?"

"Not with my left side, why?"

"I need you to cover my legs in ice, just don't plug the exhausts!"

"You're in the way!" Stain shouted as he threw a knife towards Shoto, only for a rubber bullet fired by Momo to shoot it away as she moved to protect Native. "You troublesome girl, stop right now!"

Another knife flew, this time at Momo, who tried to hit it with another bullet but this time the bullet got cut in half and the knife slashed Momo's cheek as Stain brought out another sword. Immediately, Izuku jumped in and tried to slash him, but Stain managed to stop the sword, leaving them both in a sword lock as they glared at each other.

"I've been wondering for long about you and who you are, Stain... or should I say Stendhal?" Izuku asked, shocking everyone present.

"You know of my past?" Stain asked as he pushed Izuku away.

"I have Aizawa as a teacher, and he's known to work with vigilantes. Just a couple of years ago, he worked on a case with several of them, like the Crawler, Pop Step... and Knuckleduster. Last I heard, he gave you a beating over how you murdered villains. So, what brought you to start killing heroes?"

"I was enlightened. Society is flawed, and those who call themselves heroes are worse. They all act for selfish motives. Fame, fortune, attention... they couldn't care less about the safety of the people or the struggle those with no powers suffer. They are all hypocrites! Every single last one of them! Even your armored friend's brother, who only saw it as a family occupation... True heroes are the ones that will sacrifice themselves for nothing in return, no matter if the person has powers or not. That's why I must purge this society, to create a new, more just world!"

"You aren't wrong about society, Stain," Izuku said, clenching his fist. "And I think the same about what heroes should be. But killing is not the right way to motivate people into being the role model you desire, or to send a message to the rest of society. At the end of the day, you are just a cold-blooded killer that must be stopped!"

"I see... well, then come try to prove your point!"

Just as Izuku got ready to attack, Shoto had finished cooling Tenya's legs, allowing him to start his engines again.

Then Izuku did something that surprised Stain: he let his green sword go.

'This is it! Enough weapons, let's see what he does now!'

"Recipro... Extend!" Tenya shouted.

"Superpower for All – Full Mask!" Izuku yelled.

That was when Stain realized he had made a critical mistake.

He had allowed himself to get caught in a pincer movement.

Worse, this time there was no way for him to escape.

'If I just... have my leg...'

'If I just... have my arm...'


Tenya's leg flew, the power of his Quirk blasting the air itself as he was propelled forward.

Izuku's fist flew, the combined power of One for All and Superpower making the air itself shin in green.

Both met their target right in the middle, Tenya at the man's back, Izuku at his face, both breaking bones and causing Stain to bleed even more.

"They stopped him! Here's my chance!" Shoto said, his arm ignited in orange flames as Izuku's boost ran out. Stain was yet to drop, however, as he grazed Tenya's hair in a haphazard slash.

"I will defeat you, Stain! This time, you as a criminal – and I as a Hero!"

"Keep after him!" Izuku said.

The three boys struck at the same time again, hurting Stain even more, but somehow the Hero Killer remained conscious.

"What in the world? How is he still standing after all that!" Shoto said in disbelief.

"I got him!" Momo said, aiming her pistol at Stain.


Unloading the rest of the rubber bullets in her gun, Momo's aim was true with most of them, and Stain, weakened after several attack, was unable to block or dodge them. The end result was the Hero Killer being finally knocked out cold, bruised all over his body, and finally dropping to the ground, unmoving and unresponsive.

"Is that..." Shoto began to ask, before Izuku approached Stain with caution to verify it.

"Yes, it's done. We beat him, guys!" he said, sitting down as he dropped Full Mask and took several deep breaths.

"Shit, kids," Native said, astonished that a group of teens with little experience had defeated the notorious murderer.

"Let's restrain him and get out of the street, we'll need to check on the Pros to see how things are going," Tenya suggested.

"I'll take care of the rope. Could you take all of his weapons? I'd rather not see him bring out another weapon," Momo said, using her Quirk to create a rope.

"Yeah, we should do that. Good idea, Yaoyorozu-san."

Gran Torino and Omocha watched in horror as the Nomu that Endeavor had just incinerated slowly lifted itself on all fours, panting in pain, and cringed as its neck suddenly snapped back into place.

"It looks like neither of our attacks was enough," Endeavor said, flaring up. "First time anyone has been able to take so much punishment and still be conscious."

"Be careful!" Torino shouted, and the three men jumped out of the way as the Nomu started to release flames – in a way all too similar to Endeavor's.

"It has an absorb and release Quirk? Huh. At least the damage I inflicted remains, that makes it a small fry power."

"Wait a moment, that – Todoroki, it has multiple Quirks!"

The Nomu suddenly began to bulk up in muscle mass before it attempted to tackle Endeavor with a web-like tongue. Before the Flame Hero could react, Gran Torino had already zipped past him, broken through the attack and then kicked the monster on its head and against the ground, causing the pavement underneath to crack.

"I cracked the road... damn, I've lost practice with this thing," Gran Torino grumbled as Endeavor put the Nomu out of its misery by quickly burning its head down to cinders.

"You aren't that bad, honored elder," he huffed, extinguishing the flame on his hand.

"Rider Kick!"

Behind them, a thud and a squeal of pain were heard, and as they turned they saw another Nomu being taken down by another figure, standing with its foot on the downed Nomu's head. Gran Torino, having been exposed a tad too much to the genre in the past few days due to his intern, recognized it as another old TV hero, Kamen Rider.

"This one attempted to sneak up on you two," Omocha informed them. Another explosion sounded out nearby, and the two heroes looked in the distance as a cloud of smoke rose up. Endeavor frowned: the number of Heroes that had been in that direction should have only grown with time, but if they had yet to handle the problem, it probably was growing worse. Gran Torino's suggestion to head in that direction was a sensible one, but before he started he requested the elder to check on a particular address.

As he started to run before blasting his way into the sky, Endeavor wondered where Shoto was: last he had seen, he had mentioned rushing to help a friend of his somewhere nearby, before requesting for him to bring any support he could find there when he finished up with the Nomu. He knew he had a long way to come yet, but he could not help but feel some happiness at how his son had acknowledged him as a hero.

With Kamen Rider returned to its action figure self, Omocha pocketed it and turned to Gran Torino, who was looking at him with curiosity.

"What kind of Quirk is that, if I may ask?"

"Toy Animation. It allows me to make toys grow and become animated, adopting the powers and abilities of the characters they represent – up to a certain point, of course – and I can direct them to act."

"That's quite the interesting Quirk. Who are you?"

"I am Sofubi Omocha, representative for Bandai," he replied, bowing, to which Gran Torino replied with a bow of his own.

"Aren't you afraid of being arrested for vigilantism?"

"Well," Omocha said with a grin, "it was the toys that did the fighting, and most people don't know it was actually my power."

Gran Torino chuckled. He figured that excuse might work.

"I see. Well, thanks for the assistance, now if you'll excuse me I have to go rescue a pair of zygotes," he said, jetting away towards where Endeavor had mentioned. Omocha smiled and took two figures out of a pocket in his suit, placing them on the ground.

Moments later, another Nomu discovered that the power of Ultraseven was vastly above his when it killed him, while a giant looming, growing shadow started to follow the direction Endeavor had gone towards.

Four Nomus had been facing off the heroes in the main battle zone, and it was a struggle to keep them contained. Fortunately, the one Izuku had punched earlier was out of commission, allowing the heroes to capture it, but they still had three more to contend with, and they were too strong.

A group of ninja heroes, out of lack of other options, decided to throw several shurikens at one of them, but they all bounced off of its skin.

"Damn it, it's too resilient!"

"Let's try to overwhelm one with numbers!"

The group tried to attack one of the Nomus, but it smashed the ground, creating a cloud of dust and rubble it could use to hide itself. Manual started to look around, trying to find the monster, only to realize that it was already behind one of his fellow heroines, its arm already raised, ready to pulverize her into the ground.

"MOVE!" he shouted, even though it would be too late for her to do anythi-


A fierce roar suddenly shook the area, and heroes and monsters alike turned to the source. To their shock, an enormous reptile-like bipedal creature was walking along Hosu's widest avenue, glaring in the direction of the fight. Those heroes and witnesses who were fans of classical movies easily identified the creature, even if it was absurd it was there.


One of the Nomu tried to foolishly charge at the somehow-real Godzilla, who answered by stomping on it before releasing its atomic breath on it, reducing it to black dust and the pavement nearby to a melting gloop, much to the heroes' fear.

All of a sudden, the Nomu that had been about to kill the pro heroine was assaulted by Endeavor dropping from the sky. The Flame Hero aimed his punch for its ribs, but the Nomu was intelligent enough to raise both arms to defend itself – not that it helped, because Endeavor flared up the air between his fist and the monster, causing a small air burst that burned the monster's arm and sent it flying.

Soon enough, though, the Nomu's burns began to heal, and it stood up facing the one that had attacked it.

"Regenerator Quirk as well, huh? Well, carbonized cells can't regenerate," he stated before jumping on the creature and grabbing its head. The Nomu seemed to sense what was about to happen and attempted to punch him away, but Endeavor was faster and promptly began to burn it alive with flames that went blue almost instantly, going well beyond what a human being could stand, only stopping when the Nomu stopped moving as its brain was left fully charred.

"Endeavor!" another hero called out to him, and he turned to him only to then look in the direction the hero was pointing: the last surviving Nomu, the winged one, was flying away, and appeared to be carrying a hostage with itself. Meanwhile, Godzilla was marching away without even trying to confront the heroes, who were left puzzled but decided that they might leave it alone as long as it did not cause any trouble.

"Any heroes with Quirks that have not been effective against those creatures, go to Ekou Street and help with the situation there!" Endeavor shouted, taking charge as he prepared to launch himself towards the escaping Nomu.

"There's another villain there as well?"

"I believe so, I'm counting on you for that!" he replied, pushing his flames down his feet and palms to fly, and then shot a fireball at the Nomu, who dodged it but disrupted its flight, allowing him to catch up.

"He's fast!" Endeavor grumbled as he ran up the side of a building and threw a fire spear at the creature. This time, he managed to hit it, forcing it to drop the hostage, and Endeavor jumped to save the falling young man and then enter the building through a window so he could leave him in a safe place before continuing to fly towards the Nomu.

"I won't let you get away!"

The four students quickly removed all the weapons they could find on the Hero Killer before binding him with Momo's rope. Fortunately, Native had finally regained his mobility and helped them tighten the knots to prevent Stain from moving too much without cutting off his blood flow, to then check that everyone had their wounds bandaged up: only Momo and Izuku had escaped heavy injuries, and the former's quick actions had ensured the injuries were taken care of until they could reach a hospital.

Once they did, the group trudged out of the alley, with Native dragging Stain since he claimed it was the least he could do for not being able to help them fight the Hero Killer off. They met Gran Torino at the head of the alley, apparently divided between his relief at seeing Izuku was alive and well, his anger at him going off on his own and his surprise that the four of them had managed to capture Stain, the latter being a feeling replicated by other heroes as they arrived to the street.

And, in the meantime, Tenya had tried to apologize to the others for dragging them into his mess, but they had shot the apologies down, stating that they were friends and that they should have helped sooner.

The relaxed atmosphere was disrupted when Gran Torino saw something in the sky.

"Villain! Get down!" he warned. Izuku was not quick enough to react to the sudden threat, but someone else was.

"Izuku-kun, look out!"

Izuku felt someone push him out of the way and then something flying past where he had been before, and when he looked he saw another Nomu, this one with wings, flying away with Momo in its hands. His knee-jerk reaction of creating an energy lance opened a bleeding wound that splattered over a Heroine's face, but the injury closed up soon after.



'Damn it, I won't be able to reach the girl if that thing gets too high!' Gran Torino thought, taking a deep breath as he began to run after them, trying to calculate how to fly that far with his Quirk, while Izuku rushed behind him.

Before he could pump One for All into his body or summon Blackwhip to reach to Momo, the ropes binding Stain snapped and he stood up, licking the blood-splattered Heroine's face and paralyzing the Nomu.

"This society overgrown with fake heroes... and the criminals who wave their power around idly..."

In seconds, Stain was running behind Gran Torino and jumping to reach the now falling Nomu, grabbing the girl it had taken hostage and stabbing the monster in its exposed brain, killing it before it could use its regeneration to survive the attack.

The dead monster crashed headfirst into the cold pavement, while Stain used the body to cushion himself and a still stunned Momo, who was gently dropped to the ground as soon as it was safe to do so.

"... should all be purged," Stain rasped, even though only Momo was close enough to hear him. "This is all... to create a more just society."

The Heroes had recovered from their shock and were now approaching the place the two and the corpse were.

"He saved the girl!"

"Be careful, he may have taken her as a hostage!"

"Get ready to fight him!"

Izuku, Endeavor and Gran Torino were the first to arrive in sight of the scene, and Stain rose up with bloodthirsty eyes as his headband came off.

"Endeavor," he rasped.

"HERO KILLER!" Endeavor replied with a smirk, lighting his fist on fire and preparing himself to shoot a volley of fire at Stain, unmindful of Momo being right behind him.

"Todoroki, wait!" Gran Torino shouted, stopping the Number Two Hero from attacking.

"You fake..." Stain declared in a harsh voice as his mask fell off, revealing his face – his noseless face. "I must make things... right..."

Even though he had suffered multiple injuries that could be considered crippling, everyone was frozen to the spot in horror as Stain seemingly emitted his killing intent in waves, threatening to consume them all. Even Endeavor and Gran Torino, experienced Heroes with years of meeting terrible villains, unconsciously stepped back.

"Someone must be dyed in blood... I must... take back what it means... to be a hero. Come! Try and get me, you FAKES!" Stain taunted the Heroes, some of whom fell onto their rears in fear. Momo, who was the closest of all to him, cowered and attempted to crawl away before she fell into a fetal position. "The only one I'll let kill me is a True Hero... ALL MIGHT!"

Suddenly, a green light began to shine, and Stain could feel almost as if his bloodlust was being countered – and its source was the green-haired boy that had fought him in the alley.

'He's... emitting that green energy as if it were a shield,' Stain thought, both angry and admiring, 'protecting everyone here from my wrat-wait, what is he doing?'

Izuku had bent down slightly forward before rushing forward at Stain. The Hero Killer rose his arms, thinking that he was going to be attacked, but Izuku jumped over him and took Momo in a bridal carry before returning among the heroes.

"Momo-chan, are you OK?" he asked, worried, as the girl in his arms shook in shock: fortunately, she seemed to answer to his plea, as she looked up to him and nodded faintly, a small smile gracing her face in relief. Assured that the girl was going to recover, Izuku turned to Stain, who was clearly surprised from the sudden turn of events.

"Listen here, Stain. Heroes may not be perfect, but that's because they are still human, and some may seem selfish and greedy at first, but with the proper motivation to be better, anyone can be as protective and selfless as All Might, and people can change for the better overtime. That's what you fail to understand or just don't want to believe, that people like them can make society less flawed and create genuine ideal heroes."

After hearing those words, Stain chuckled, even as blood speckled out of his mouth, while all the present Heroes looked at both of them, surprised yet inspired by the hero-in-training's words.

"You really... are something else... aren't you, Midoriya? Truly a Hero... straight to the core. Someone... that can... change society..."

'To think this could happen... perhaps... he may be right. Perhaps there are people still worthy of being called Heroes like All Might... if this corrupt system doesn't get them first. With him in the forefront...'

Stain felt lightheaded as the injuries he had suffered, which he had powered through with bullheadedness, finally took their toll. His hand relaxed, dropping the knife in his hand, and he fully collapsed over the Nomu's corpse, but not before articulating a last thought.

'Maybe he'll usher the world into a new better era.'

From the top of a building nearby, Shigaraki observed in impotent rage as the Nomus he had brought to cause chaos were defeated and either killed or captured. As far as he could tell, there had been few casualties among the so-called Heroes and the civilians, and the damage caused seemed minimal. Not even the unexpected appearance of that dinosaur-like monster had caused much problem, mostly because it had vanished as fast as it had appeared, and the heroes and local police were already cleaning up the mess the fight had left behind.

Behind Shigaraki, Kurogiri sighed as the figurehead of the League of Villains disintegrated the binoculars he had been using to spy on the fight. He really needed to accept defeat as part of life.

"Let's go back," Tomura said, grumbling as he shook his hands to take off the decayed remains of the binoculars.

"Were you satisfied with the results, Tomura Shigaraki?" Kurogiri asked as he created a portal back to the bar he managed.

"Idiot. That depends on tomorrow."

Hosu General Hospital

The morning after the battle, Izuku, Tenya and Shoto woke up in the same hospital room, where they had been admitted for observation after their injuries were treated. Izuku had it best, since all he had been forced to deal with was a few scratches and the exhaustion of using Limiter Release beyond what he could the previous day, just to force himself to act through Stain's killing intent and get Momo back. Tenya had a couple of deep wounds from Stain's initial attack, and Momo's help had kept them clean and stopped the bleeding. And Shoto had it the worst, due to the multiple stab wounds from the Hero Killer's throwing knives and the backlash from abusing his Quirk with Izuku's boost, but they had all been predicted to make a quick recovery by the local doctors.

Waking up, Izuku covered his eyes to attempt to keep off the sunlight as he yawned and stood, looking around to see his classmates were already awake, and he winced as he pulled from a sore muscle.

"Good morning, you two. How are you?"

"I'm fine," Shoto said.

"I... wasn't able to sleep much," Tenya confessed, and he really did look like he had not taken his usual eight hours of sleep as he yawned as well.

That was when the door opened, and Momo showed up her head, smiling as she took on her friends.

"Good morning, everyone," she said, and Izuku took note of the small bandage covering her cheek. That had been the only injury she had suffered, from the knife she had been unable to shoot away: surprisingly, the flying Nomu had not hurt her in flight, and Stain had a strike of nobility and kept her from being harmed by the fall.

"Morning," the boys replied as she decided to take the last bed in the room for herself. Izuku sighed as he combed it with his fingers.

"You know, I keep thinking about what we did last night... and it seems almost incredible, don't you think so?"

"Yeah," Shoto replied: as far as they were all concerned, the fact that they had managed to not only fight, but defeated a villain on the level of the Hero Killer felt quite unreal.

"Indeed," Tenya stated. "After what happened yesterday, it feels like it is a miracle we are still alive. We are just first year hero students beginning to get real world experience, and the Hero Killer is someone that has taken down countless Pros. Just coming out of it alive was an achievement in on itself."

"We got through with teamwork and strategy and got the job done. But it was facing him with no hesitation that was amazing. Especially you, Midoriya, when you stopped him that not even my father could move when he glared at us," Shoto commented. "And you, Yaoyorozu... you may not have been as active, but you came on time to support us, you probably saved my life and you did deliver the final blow."

"Thank you, and you're welcome, Todoroki," Momo replied, still smiling, before going over to Izuku and hugging him. "And you.. you rescued me from Stain. Even though he was doing that thing, and I think he was not going to do anything to me... yet you still came for me."

"You're welcome, Momo-chan," he replied with another smile. Momo was about to speak again, but the door shuffled open, revealing Gran Torino and Manual.

"Oh, you four zygotes are finally awake? Good!" Gran Torino said, walking up to Izuku's bed.


"You won't believe the list of complaints I've had about you," he scolded Izuku, whacking him in the shin when he tried to talk. "But before I bury you with them, you've got a visitor."

On cue, the door opened again, and a dog-headed man wearing a black suit and tie walked in, easily towering over the Heroes. The teenagers made to stand, but the newcomer waved his hand.

"Please, there's no need to stand up on ceremony, woof," the man said, causing Izuku to turn his head in curiosity. "I am Kenji Tsuragamae, Chief of the Police Force, woof, and you four are the ones that brought down the Hero Killer, right?"

"Yes," Momo said, and the others nodded.

'Why did the Chief of Police come all the way here? Wouldn't it have been a matter for an inspector?' Shoto thought.

"I've come to tell you about a few matters... Stain, for example, is currently being treated under heavily strict guard for the multiple burns, cuts and broken bones, woof. He'll make it easily, but he'll be brought to trial as soon as possible and quite likely sentenced to Tartarus. But the more serious problem is about your actions in general, woof."

"What do you mean?" Izuku asked.

"If I am not mistaken, none of you has gained their Provisional Hero License, which meant that a good part of what you did is under a rather gray area, woof. You probably already know about the problems that took place when Quirks began to appear, and how the police ensured they would not use Quirks as weapons while Pro Heroes emerged to fill in the gap and ensured the establishment of the ethical guidelines of the profession. As is... even though you were fighting the Hero Killer and were acting with good intentions, uncertified individuals using their Quirks to cause injury without specific instruction from their guardians or supervisors is a clear violation of the rules, woof," the Chief explained.

"I am well aware that Midoriya had permission to use his Quirk to defend himself against the Hero Killer and the Nomu creatures, but his primary order was to rescue his fellow student. And neither of you two," he continued, pointing at Momo and Shoto, "had explicit permission to be where you went, woof. That means that, as far as the law is concerned, the four of you were acting against the law, and for your instructors to allow you to do so would set a bad precedent. The four of you, as well as your mentors, will be receiving strict punishment."

Tenya looked down in shame, blaming himself for the event and how his friends would be punished for trying to help him, while Shoto glared at the Chief of Police angrily.

"Come on! If Iida had not done anything, Native would be now in a body bag! If Midoriya had not stopped it, Iida and Native would be dead too! Yaoyorozu made sure to heal them both and knocked Stain out! As far as I can tell, we were the only ones aware that the Hero Killer was then and there! Are you saying that we should have just followed the rules so we could watch people get killed?"

"Todoroki-san," Momo said, trying to keep Shoto from talking before the Chief spoke again.

"Are you saying that, as long as it turns out alright, it is okay to bend the rules?" he countered.

"Don't heroes exist to save and protect people?"

Tsugaramae closed his eyes and sighed.

"And that is why you aren't a full-fledged Hero yet. Goodness, what are you being taught by U.A. and Endeavor, woof?"

"You-" Shoto tried to speak, but Momo covered his mouth, silently shaking her head to prevent him from talking any further.

"Stop it, Todoroki-san, he is right," Tenya pleaded.

"I think that's enough," someone else said from the door, and Izuku recognized him immediately, even though he had only met the man once.


"Midoriya-shonen, it is nice to see you again. Todoroki-shonen, I suggest you keep your emotions in check, lest you do something you will regret."

"Fine," Shoto grumbled from behind Momo's hand, before she moves her hand away.

"Sir, this is a private conversation between these young ones and me, so, if you could please leave?" Tsurugamae said with a raised eyebrow.

"If it were private, you would have closed the door behind you," Omocha pointed out, nodding at the sliding door.

"Nonetheless... this is an important meeting," the Chief insisted.

"And I'm here to point out that these four future heroes had the right to defend themselves as they had reason to, although, given your composure, I assume you already have a plan to keep them out of trouble."

Tsuguramae nodded, confirming Omocha's comment.

"Indeed. What I said was the official position of the police in this situation, but we have been quite fortunate in that the circumstances of Stain's arrest are only known to those Pro Heroes on site. If this were to become public, you four would certainly be commended, but you would be unable to escape punishment. Now, I admit that this is a tad underhanded, but the burns Stain suffered could be explained away by claiming it was the work of Endeavor, woof. I know it will seem unfair to you, but I would rather not be the one to cut the wings off such promising young ones."

"Either way... we will need to take responsibility for being negligent in our supervisory duties," Manual added, gazing at Tenya, who bowed at the Hero.

"I am truly sorry for creating such problems for you," he said, cringing as Manual gave him a light chop to the back of his head.

"Well, you better not repeat it, kid!"

"I won't!"

Izuku got out of his bed and bowed his head.

"I'm sorry, Torino-sensei. I was given permission to use my Quirk, and not only did I abuse it, I put myself and others in danger. I'll do my best to avoid it in the future."

"Please, take care of us!" Shoto said, as he and Momo imitated their classmates.

"It is truly unfair, that the four of you could not gain the praise you deserve for your feat. But, as someone who also protects the peace, thank you," the Chief said, bowing to the students.

"Next time... please start with that," Shoto said, looking aside in embarrassment.

"I must be off. There is a lot of paperwork I have to do, and I'm sure your instructors want to have some private conversations with you," Tsuguramae said, leaving the room, and Omocha turned to the other adults.

"I know that you need to speak with your interns, but... would you be kind enough to allow me to talk with them? It should not take long."

Manual looked at Omocha and then at Gran Torino, who rolled his eyes but nodded, and the two Pro Heroes left the room, closing the door behind them.

"What brought you here, Sofubi-san?" Izuku asked, curious.

"Well, I heard about the Hero Killer being arrested and you and your friends being sent to the hospital, so I figured both events were related and decided to visit." Turning to the others, he gave a bow to them. "My name is Sofubi Omocha, it is nice to meet you three."

"Same to you!" Tenya replied as the three bowed back.

"How did you meet Izuku-kun?" Momo asked.

"Well, you see, I work for Bandai, and I was sent to see if Midoriya-shonen would be willing to sign an endorsement deal for our products."

"Really? Why?" Tenya asked.

"Surely you must have noticed how he has named most of his moves after heroes and creatures of those old shows and movies? Children are buying the merchandise due to Midoriya's popularity," Shoto explained, and Omocha nodded.

"Precisely, Todoroki-shonen. Also, it does give us a sense of pride that Midoriya-shonen is a regular customer and does his best to buy the latest Tokusatsu product, be it a hero or kaiju. And the companies that own the franchises are also quite fine with him using the names for his moves, because it gives them publicity."

"I see," Momo murmured, looking to Izuku in amazement. "Wow, I didn't expect that to be that big of a deal."

"Neither did I," Izuku confessed.

"Now, onto other matters... have you heard something on the news beside the Hero Killer?"

"Yeah, last night they mentioned something about Godzilla killing one Nomu before disappearing?" Izuku asked. Omocha smiled.

"Indeed. I'm glad my Godzilla could help in defending the city."

"It was yours?" Momo asked, surprised. Omocha, instead of answering, pulled out a figure Izuku recognized as TyrannoRanger from his suit and placed it on the ground. The figure started to shine and suddenly became human-sized, an actual living Red Zyuranger who moved on its own, shocking the four teenagers.

The Ranger walked up to Izuku and offered his hand to shake, which Izuku accepted after looking at the figure for a moment, becoming even more surprised to note that it felt almost like a normal person. Then the Red Zyuranger stepped back, and after shining again it became an action figure again.

"This is my Quirk. I can make toys come to live with the powers of the characters they represent and they follow my orders."

"That is impressive," Shoto admitted.

"I have never seen anything like that," Tenya stated.

"I wanted to show you this just so you could know. It is poor consolation for being deprived of right due, but I thought it might cheer you up," Omocha replied, picking up the figure and putting it back in his pocket before making his way out. "Until we meet again, Midoriya-shonen."

A phone call is here! A phone call is here!

Aizawa glared at Toshinori, who quickly picked up to silence the ridiculous ringtone that had Present Mic gawking.

'One day I will destroy that phone,' Aizawa promised himself, not for the first time.

"Yes, hello?" Toshinori asked.

"Toshinori, your boy is an idiot!"

"S-Sensei!" Toshinori yelled, scared out of his mind.

"His little stunt has cost me a two month suspension of my teaching license and a pay cut! Then again, considering the circumstances it couldn't be helped. But that stupid mania of his to move without thinking, he got it from you, Toshinori!" Gran Torino screamed into his ear, making him wince and silently beg any deity out there for mercy.

"I humbly apologize! This is because of my insufficient training! I'm sorry to cause you so much trouble, sensei," Toshinori replied, sweating bullets.

"Meh, it doesn't matter. Don't care about the license anyway, I only got it because I promised Nana I would teach you."

"And I truly appreciate what you did, I am who I am today because of your teachings..."

"You say that but you never come to visit, you ingrate!"

"I-It's just that... I've been busy as a Pro Hero and a teacher..."

"Anyway, I didn't call you just to berate you for your pitiful teaching methods. When the Hero Killer got cornered, I don't know what he was doing, but he had all of us shaking in our boots. Almost like he was radiating his intimidation factor. Felt like what you do when you are doing that 'Symbol of Peace' thing, but to scare others."

"To be able to frighten someone like you, sensei... wasn't he already tied up by then? And does it have to do anything with young Midoriya?"

"Well, when he did that thing, your boy somehow used that energy super move of his to counter the Hero Killer's bloodlust, and he got his friend out of the way and called Stain out on his ideals. I'm not sure what you feed that boy, but he sure showed he had what it takes."

"I did see he had the potential to really surpass me... but I didn't expect it to be so quickly!" Toshinori said, proud of his successor's feats before turning back to the conversation. "You said something about the Hero Killer radiating his intimidation?"

"I think it's sheer charisma that allows him to do that. Worst thing is, there were cameras filming that little speech of his, so now everyone and their mother will hear of it before the week is through. And, as much as it pains me to admit it, he has some reason. The current age, for better or for worse, has been all about keeping Quirks under control. Sooner or later, people will spring up preaching his ideas."

"It is true that there will be those influenced by him, but when they appear it will be sporadically, and Heroes will take care of them."

"I wish I could be that confident. Those monsters attacking the same place Stain was in was not a coincidence. People will believe Stain is connected to the League somehow, and thus that the League follows Stain's ideology. That means that now the disaffected will have somewhere to go. Even if they are not bad people, if all the evil gathers under one will, they will multiply like shrooms after the rain. If whoever leads them knew this would happen... then he's pretty good. He's managed to get rid of someone that could present a danger to him, while getting rid of obstacles and try to create conditions to further his own purpose."

"The creature that attacked the USJ, the ones that just attacked Hosu, they all had multiple Quirks," Toshinori said, knowing where his former teacher wanted to go.

"The bastard that killed Nana and nearly killed you... All for One is still out there."

"To think that he was able to survive after the injuries I inflicted him," Toshinori said, gritting his teeth. "It's a reality I don't want to believe in."

"Toshinori... we are running out of time," Gran Torino said, sighing. "I'm not sure of how much you have told Midoriya about the history behind your Quirk, but you have to find the time and tell him everything. The bastard will eventually know you passed it to him and try to either have him killed or kill him himself."

"I will. Before the next week ends, he will know everything about All for One and his power."

"Good. Also, you haven't coughed out your lungs in the entire conversation. How have you managed that?"

"Midoriya... he used his Quirk to heal me. I'm not even sure how, but he regenerated what All for One took from me. That's twice I owe him, and I don't think I'll ever be able to pay him back."

"He did that? Your boy keeps surprising me. I'm actually starting to like him more than you."

"Now, that is just mean."

Gran Torino started to laugh at his former pupil's misery.

In a small bar, known only by those who tended to walk along the dark side of the street, a young man by the name of Tomura Shigaraki opened up the morning's newspaper, only to turn it into ashes a few moments later as he read about the latest news, while the bar's tender lamented the waste of money buying the newspaper had represented since he had not even had a chance to read it.

In summary, his plans to make the world speak about the League of Villains and forget Stain had utterly failed. The first page and several more within the newspaper were dedicated to Stain and his arrest at the Number Two Hero's hands. The Nomus and the destruction they had caused in one night had been relegated to an article on page six, and the League as just a mention in that article.

Hell, even that freaking out-of-nowhere Godzilla that had killed one of his Nomus had more of an impact in the news!

"Calm down, young Shigaraki," the voice of All for One droned on from the television. "The results may not have been the ones you desired, but you can still spin this situation to your advantage. Remember that this is about the long term. You have plenty of time to learn, to make mistakes and grow into your role."

"Yes, Sensei," Tomura replied, starting to thing how to twist the events to benefit him.

Izuku sighed as he reached the corridor leading to his classroom. During his stay at the hospital, Ochaco, Itsuka and Mina had called to ask if he was alright, and he had told them that he was, that he had had few injuries and that he would tell them what had happened, but he couldn't yet for 'reasons', so they should finish their internships.

'Time to face the music, I guess,' he thought, and he opened the door...

… only to see Hanta, Denki and Eijiro laughing in front of someone that looked remarkably like Katsuki, only with...

"Seriously? You wearing your hair like that now, Bakugo?" Denki said before going back to laughing

"SHUT UP! Fuckin' Best Jeanist made me wear it like this and now it won't go back even after washing it! Stop laughing or I'LL KILL YOU!"

'Scratch that thought, he's Bakugo. How many bottles of gel did he need to keep it like that?'

Somehow, his former friend's usually spiky hairstyle had been replaced with one that uncannily resembled the Number Four Pro Hero's own one, giving him a ridiculous appearance.

"I'd like to see you try, Side-Part Boy!" Hanta fired back, trying to breath while chuckling.

"THE FUCK D'YOU SAY?" Katsuki yelled, and his outburst caused an explosion to cover his head, restoring his normal hairstyle, and the three laughing boys started to cheer.

"It's back!"

The rest of the class proceeded to ignore them as Katsuki tried to beat the three of them up, while they shared their own experiences.

"Wow! You even got to fight villains? I'm so jealous!" Mina whined.

"I just helped people evacuate and did logistical support. Never came anywhere close to the actual fighting," Kyoka replied, twirling one of her jacks with her hand.

"You still did things! Mine was so boring!"

"All I did was train and go on patrols, too. Though, we ended up catching a couple of smugglers from the continent," Tsuyu added, causing the other two to stare at her with hungry eyes for the action she had had. "What about you, Ochaco? How was your week?"

After a few seconds without an answer, the three girls turned to their friend – who seemed to be in some kind of martial trance, judging by how she was punching the air with focused, bloodthirsty eyes and how she was ignoring the others – until Kyoka poked her with her jacks.

"Oh, it was... enlightening," she said, still doing her routine.

"Ochaco has awakened, kero?"

"She went to that battle hero's place, right?" Kyoka asked.

"That's a huge change for just one week," Denki told Hanta, the two having averted the wrath of the one known as 'Ground Zero' thanks to the heroic sacrifice of their partner Eijiro, who had counter-tackled Katsuki and was now doing his best to prevent him from exploding things.

"Tell me about it. What did you do?"

"Got fawned over for a while, couple of patrols, not too much. The ones that really changed are those four," Denki replied, motioning at the ones that had been in the thick of the fighting at Hosu.

"Oh, yeah! I'm glad you guys made it out! I mean, the Hero Killer attacked you!"

"I got really worried when I got the message," Ochaco said.

"Hey, but you were saved by Endeavor!"

"Amazing! As expected from the Number Two Hero!"

The four young Heroes did their best not to react too much beyond nodding: not only would it be too much trouble to attempt to explain what really happened, anyway, if the truth got out then they could get into trouble. The only exception was Momo, who couldn't wait until she could gather the other girls and gush about how Izuku had rescued her.

Izuku... he did not like lying. It wasn't in his nature. But, as of late, he'd had to do it several times. He had to hide the truth behind his Quirk, the truth of All Might's health, and now the truth of what had happened with the Hero Killer. Not that he cared much about the latter: as long as everyone got out of the fight alive and the Hero Killer was put behind bars, he did not care about the credit.

"I saw on the news that Stain was connected with the League of Villains. Imagine if he or someone like him had been at the USJ," Mashirao said, and those in hearing got the chills up their spine.

"I don't think so." Everyone turned to Izuku. "He didn't look like a person that works well in groups, and his mindset does not fit with the League. He actually killed one of the Nomu. And... well, I think he admires All Might in some weird way, he wouldn't work with them."

"Who know, Midoriya... he may be an associate to the League that doesn't know what they tried to do to All Might, but, bottom-line, the guy is scary," Mashirao said.

"He is scary, but did you see the video, Ojiro-san?" Denki asked.

"Video? You mean, a video of the Hero Killer?"

'Video? What video?' Izuku thought, shocked.

"Yeah, someone managed to get a video of him talking out before he got knocked out. He was really single-minded and, like, tenacious. Doesn't it make you think he's cool?"

Everybody in hearing range turned to glare at the oblivious blond, who got promptly ear-blasted by Kyouka and then lectured for saying that in front of Tenya. While Denki attempted to apologize to the blue speedster for his careless words and Tenya said he would use the experience to grow into a true Hero like his brother, Izuku checked the video Denki had mentioned: it covered Stain's entire speech, but for some reason it had been cut off before he had activated Limiter Release. On one side, he was glad that it kept his super move a secret, but on the other side he had to wonder if someone had actually filmed that and had not released it for some reason.

"And the Godzilla that showed up during the fight? What about that one?" Hanta asked, playing a video showing the sudden appearance of the King of Monsters from out of nowhere and its obliteration of that one Nomu.

For their first post-internship Heroics class, All Might had brought the entire group to Training Field Gamma, into an area that looked like a huge set of factories interconnected with pipes and cables.

"Today's exercise will be to show your skill in moving through an obstacle-rich environment!" All Might declared. "I will be waiting in a building over there, and I will time how long it takes you to reach me from this platform. Do not fret if it takes too much, it simply means you need more training or perhaps a change in how you look at things! You'll do this in groups of five. No pushing or hindering each other, this is not the Obstacle Race! Now, the first group... Ashido, Iida, Ojiro, Sero and Midoriya! Be prepared, you'll know the sign!"

As All Might took off towards the goal, Mina, Tenya, Mashirao, Hanta and Izuku walked to the starting line. Then the signal – a call through the loudspeakers – was heard, and they took off.

No one was surprised to see Izuku take the lead early on, being all too accustomed to how overpowered his Quirk was. The surprise came when Izuku summoned Full Mask, which only Tenya, Shoto and Momo had seen before, and then pulled out Blackwhip to drag himself as he jumped from pipe to pipe. This left Katsuki annoyed: while he was stuck getting lectured on by Best Jeanist, Izuku kept coming up with new supermoves. No matter what, he could not allow the gap to keep widening.

Group by group, they crossed, and for the most part they did a good job, with All Might congratulating the fastest ones and stating he would help the slowest find ways to improve their mobility. Then he sent them all back to the locker rooms so they could get changed, but before Izuku left he asked him to meet after classes ended, because he had to tell him something about One for All.

As the boys got out of their Hero suits, some of them started to do what most people did in similar circumstances.

"Man, that was some hard training we just did!"


"Our first class in a while and I'm already sweating!" Aoyama said.

"Sheesh, I really need to work on speed," Eijiro grumbled as he put his stuff in his locker. "I mean, few of us can keep up with Midoriya, but it still sucks."

"Then, you must compensate for it in some way. Perhaps the gathering of information might aid you in that regard," Fumikage suggested.

"That would put me a step behind everyone. Man, I'm so jealous of you guys!" Denki whined.

"You can't be good at everything. Just keep working hard and take advantage of the things you are good at!" Izuku suggested.

Silence fell as they kept working on their clothes, until Denki saw something.

"A hole in the wall?"

The others turned to look in the direction their classmate had pointed to, to see that, indeed, there was a hole in the wall. And most of them, by a matter of simple spatial calculus, knew where it was looking in.

"Don't," at least three of the boys said.

"Don't what?" Denki asked.

"Don't peek, doing it is unmanly," Eijiro said, pulling him away from the hole.

"Aww... so many pretty girls, so close and yet so far..." Denki mumbled, letting himself get dragged away from the forbidden fruit.

"Seriously, don't do it. It's disrespectful, against the rules and will get you punished. Perhaps we should warn the teachers about the need for maintenance to fix this," Tenya stated. Unknown for Denki, he had been saved a rather painful fate, for the girls had heard everything and Kyoka had been ready to stab the first of the boys who thought peeking was a good idea.

Izuku walked to the room where All Might had told him to meet, and when he opened the door he found the Number 1 hero sitting on a chair, out of his hero form but healthier than he had been weeks before.

"Young Midoriya, take a seat."

'This must be serious, he looks different.'

"First of all... I'm sorry for not being there when you had to fight the Hero Killer."

"No need to apologize, All Might. You couldn't have foreseen that Stain would be there and then. Now, you mentioned something about One for All?"

"Yes. Do you remember what I told you? What you have found thanks to your connection to the past Bearers?"


"Well, there are reasons behind a good part of that, and it begins with its origins. You see... One for All did not appear naturally, like other Quirks."

Izuku was shocked. An artificial Quirk? He knew some scientists had suggested the idea, but the idea had never gained much traction due to how unfeasible it seemed.

"This was the beginning of the Quirk Era. Out of nowhere, people had started to develop superhuman abilities. Suddenly, what made someone an average human crumbled away. Governments could barely keep up with all the changes, as some used their powers for selfish gain while others tried to stop them – this was before the Rhode Island Seven became the first Pro Heroes, so they were all vigilantes – and civilization itself was starting to crumble."

"'If Quirks had not appeared, we would be taking interstellar holidays by now'."

"Indeed," All Might replied, nodding. "Then... one person appeared. No one knows his name, nor his origin, nor why he did what he did. What is known, though, is that he had a Quirk with no precedent: it allowed him to steal Quirks from other people and make them his, as well as give those Quirks to other people."

"That... that's terrifying," Izuku answered, imagining what a villain might be able to do with his Quirk.

"Yes. I think he believed he had some sort of sense of humor, because he chose a name that all but spelled what he could do. He called himself All for One, because he wanted all Quirks to be under his control, direct or not. And he had no qualms using his power.

"He stole from those who had great powers and tried to stop him. The people that didn't want to deal with their Quirk let him take it away. And to those that were Quirkless and would be loyal to him, he gave the Quirks he did not need but that they could use, and even though many times those who were given Quirks could not bear the burden and became akin to living dolls, there were many, many more volunteers to take their place. Under the darkness of the chaos formed while society tried to adapt to Quirks, he formed an army of thousands. He was as close as one could be to rule Japan from the shadows."

"I saw rumors about that, but... how come it's not in our textbooks?" Izuku asked.

"He did a very good job keeping himself out of the public eye, and no one would have reacted positively to learn about it. And... sometimes, people simply don't like to hear about their country's past sins." All Might sighed. "But there was someone who, no matter what All for One did, always did his best to stop him. His younger brother. He was small, sickly, Quirkless... but he had such a strong sense of justice that he never backed down. I don't know whether it was to find amusement, to attempt to sway him to his side or just for pity, but All for One gave his brother a Quirk, one that allowed the user to stockpile power. What neither knew, though, was that the brother did have a Quirk, one whose only power was that it could be given to others. And both Quirks merged to make something unique..."

"One for All?"

"One for All. So called because it was the one Quirk all people could have. The brother did his best to use it to face All for One, because he discovered that his Quirk was immune to All for One's Quirk, but unfortunately he was not strong enough, so all that he could do was to entrust it to the future generations. Before he died, he found a Hero that would be able to bear the burden and help that power grow. However, All for One somehow knew what his brother had done, sought the bearer and eventually killed them, but by then One for All had been passed onto another. And, as time passed, each and every one of the bearers faced off against All for One and passed the Quirk, growing stronger with each generation, with the hopes that eventually someone would have the power to defeat All for One."

Izuku was completely immersed in the story his idol was telling him.

"Do you remember asking about my injuries? I got them fighting All for One. It was a hard fight, that lasted for hours, but in the end, even after everything he did to me, I managed to strike him so hard that he was dead. Or so I believed. I believed he was gone forever. But..."

"Wait... how... how did he survive for so long? I mean, if he was alive at the beginning of the era of Quirks... that would make him more than two centuries old!"

"He could steal Quirks, remember? He probably found someone with a Quirk that stopped aging and stole it for himself. It was likely one of the first he took. Unfortunately, I have reasons to believe that he is still alive."

Izuku, thinking about it, made the connection.

"The Nomu from USJ! It had several Quirks, and it was just a puppet that obeyed Shigaraki."

"That's correct. The Nomus are, in essence, people that have been rendered braindead and mutated due to having multiple Quirks forced into them. Anyone that suffers that becomes a superpowered walking corpse. And All for One, I'm afraid, is the real brain behind the League of Villains."

Sighing again, Toshinori stood up and walked up to the window, watching as the Sun began to set in the horizon.

"One for All is a power that has been inherited to defeat All for One. One day, you may have to fight against him. It is a heavy burden to bear, but I know you can do it. I know that, when the day comes... you will be ready to fulfill the role."

Looking back, Toshinori saw Izuku with his fists clenched and determination written all over his face.

"I'll do whatever you ask of me, no matter what it is! As long as you're with me, I feel like I can do anything!" Izuku exclaimed, walking up to his idol. Toshinori appreciated his vigor and enthusiasm... but he shook his head.

"That... that's not the problem, young Midoriya."

"What's the problem, then?"

"This gift you gave me... it is one of the most precious I have ever had. It's given me life I thought I would have never had. But, no matter what, time is an enemy I cannot fight. Eventually, I will have to retire, and for all I know I might not be around anymore by the time you have to face this evil..."

Izuku looked at his mentor, feeling the pain of knowing that he would not be there forever, but also the determination of ensuring his hope would become real.

"Then... if it happens, so be it. I will fight All for One, alone if I must. You proved he is not invincible, and I'll show that to the world. I'll keep training harder. I will master Superpower and One for All. And then I will show villains what happens when one is both an unstoppable force and an immovable object."

Toshinori could not help but smile at the passion and defiance in his successor's voice: he would not back down, he would not give up. He raised his hand and messed with the boy's hair.

"You... you just keep on surprising me, young Midoriya. I never feared I would regret my decision, and this proves further to me that I made the best choice. But remember, for all the strength your Quirk gives you... the true power of a hero is in their heart. Never forget that."

"I won't, Sensei," Izuku said, smiling. "And, thank you. I really needed that."

"It is I who should thank you, for giving me the hope of a bright future. Now, off with you!"

Izuku bowed and left the room, while Toshinori thought of what the future might bring. What was sure was that Izuku would be able to handle his role just fine.

"It is almost time for summer vacation. Of course, it would be irrational to let you rest on your laurels during the whole month," Aizawa announced, and immediately all the students felt the shivers from their homeroom teacher's words.

'Don't let it be that,' some of them thought.

"During summer vacation, we'll have a training camp in the woods."

Everyone sighed as one, and then began to cheer as they tried to come up with things they would do in the summer camp.

"Let's test our courage!"



"Open baths!"


"Hot springs!"

"However," Aizawa interrupted, throwing the metaphorical pitcher of cold water over his students' enthusiasm as he activated his Quirk, "those who do not pass the exam will be forced to join summer school."

That answer left them on the edge. The stakes were high, and they had to answer in kind.

"Everyone, let's do our best!" Eijiro said, excited and nervous. Everyone, even Hitoshi, joined in.

Elsewhere in a different building, Principal Nezu, a bucket of popcorn next to him, enjoyed the footage of Gran Torino's sparring sessions with Izuku, feeling especially interested with the ideas the young hero had come up with to improve his control and power.

"The zygote was not what we expected, but it certainly worked out," Gran Torino, who was also in the room and shamelessly stealing popcorn from the principal's bucket, said.

"Yes, a fine outcome."

The door behind them opened, and the occupants turned to see a tall, lean man with triangle glasses and white office clothes.

"Mirai! Welcome to our humble viewing room!" Nezu exclaimed, welcoming the new arrival.

"I see... the kid didn't understand the power he had been given, so you thought to give him a little boost?" the man replied, apparently in a bad mood.

"Sir Nighteye, always a pleasure," Gran Torino stated, to which the newcomer, Sir Nighteye, gave a small eyeroll.

"Is there anything you would like to say?" Nezu asked, still smiling.

"Yeah. That boy there is the kind that can't understand how important he really is, unless we spell it out for him," Sir Nighteye said, adjusting his glasses with a stern look. "That's the kind of people that tend to rub me the wrong way..."

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