Chapter One: Caught!

The compound shook and a resounding and deafening roar shattered the still and calm air, small flecks of dust filtered slowly back to the ground. Sweat rolled off his brow and slid down the side of his face, his muscles screamed in protest at the intense gravity level pressing down on his lean firm body. Another powerful yell could be heard as he drew upon every fiber of his body, straining, pushing, to reach that higher level. He was going to be the best, defeat Kakkarot and get off this pathetic planet. He could feel the power, the energy, swirling around him, and he welcomed the change. His eyes flickered a bright aqua blue for the briefest of moments. Just before he could reach his peak, he felt himself lose concentration, and the surge of power dissipated just as quickly as it had came.

"Shit!" Vegeta hissed, as his body caved under the immense gravity and sent him crashing to his knees on the floor. He had been so close. So close!

Snarling in defeated rage he blasted one of the hovering simulator bots into oblivion. Damnit!!! Climbing slowly to his feet with minor difficulty Vegeta slammed his fist into the control panel, cutting off the gravity increase. DAMNIT!!

Bulma eyed the Gravity Room from her kitchen window; she had emerged from her lab only moments before, determined to see how much damage the arrogant prince had done now. Rolling her eyes she strode away from the window and headed back in the direction of her lab, she halted at the door and turned around, she needed a damned sample from him and she wasn't quite sure how the hell she was going to get it.

Covered in a slick sheen of sweat, Vegeta swung a towel over his shoulders and shoved the door open on the GR. He'd just have to increase his training time. Clad only in a pair of spandex shorts and sneakers he stepped out of the machine and onto the ground of the Capsule Corp Compound. A black scowl darkened his features as he stomped through the back door of the main house. He looked around glaring, ready and willing to start a fight with the source of his greatest annoyance but found to his slight disappointment she was nowhere to be seen. He stopped and looked up the stairs, he could feel that weak pathetic woman's ki, and it was coming from...Vegeta's headed up the stairs eyes narrowing, face getting darker. The woman's ki was emanating from his room!

Ok Bulma, if you were a saiyajin, where would you leave any hair molecules. She was more than certain the cocky prince didn't own a brush and her trip over to his bare dresser top proved her assumption correct. Ok then, shower maybe. She walked over to the adjoining bathroom door, connected to his room and looked in, nothing. Well damn! You'd think there'd be some piece of hair somewhere! Bulma was staring at his bed as she thought, then blinked and rolled her eyes, muttering, "Duh Bulma, and you're supposed to be a genius." Walking quickly over to it, she jerked back the covers and knelt on his bed, head down, searching the pillows for a strand of the Dark Prince's Hair. She was so busy with her search that she didn't hear Vegeta slip up behind her into the room. "AHA! Found one!" Bulma shot up triumphantly, holding the hair between her thumb and forefinger.

"WOMAN! What the HELL are you doing!" Vegeta's voice caused Bulma to start violently. Shoving the strand of hair into her pocket she whipped around to give a hasty retort and her mouth dropped open. Her gaze followed his sweaty body; over his bare chest, down to his lean spandex covered hips and thighs, to his well-muscled legs and back up again.

Smirking Vegeta crossed his arms in front of him. "Enjoying the view woman. Just couldn't wait to get into my bed eh."

Bulma blushed to the roots of her aqua hair. Damn him!

"Don't make me laugh jackass. You couldn't have me if you tried!" she huffed and pushed her way past him and out of the room. As she passed Vegeta leaned over and whispered, "I wouldn't be so sure of that one, I'd make you scream."

Bulma swallowed hard and quickly high tailed it for the door; she needed to get as far away from him as possible. She could hear Vegeta's mocking laughter as she hurried down the hall and the stairs into her lab, slamming the door shut behind her, making sure it was securely locked.