Chapter 6: Let the Game's Begin

Vegeta waited as the doors to his GR hissed and steamed, opening for him. Stepping out he took a deep breath of freash air, toweling the slick sheen of sweat off his body and tossing his towel over his shoulders. He scowled blackly as he started for the Capsule Corp main house, he wanted to know what the stupid woman had been up to when she had stood outside the GR peeking at him. Vegeta decided that'd he'd get something to eat, then he'd go and find out just what the hell the annoying woman had planned. He grinned in slight anticipation. Arguing with her could almost be considered one of his favorite pastimes. He just about laughed as he remembered how red and crinkled her face had been the last time he'd gotten her angry. Vegeta shook his head in wry mirth and glanced up. He inhaled a sudden sharp breath and almost halted his approach. He saw the woman lying there in her chair, her body barely covered with the tiniest bit of white cloth.

Bulma had been watching him from behind her sunglasses. Pulling them off she placed them on the top of her head as she let her gaze roam Vegeta's entire body. She eyes him up and down like a cat getting cream, her tongue darting out to moisten her bottom lip.

"Are you finished for today?" She asked.

Smirking coyly Bulma stood up and stretched, arching her back, causing her breasts to push foreward slightly. Trying not to laugh as she heard his grunted reply.

Vegeta stared at her for a moment, letting his eyes run over her body, from her breasts down to her perfect sea blue tail. He wanted to touch it, to reach out and run his fingers over the soft silky textrue. His eyes shot back up as he watched the cloth covering her chest pull tight as she arched her back. He could feel the desire building up inside him. NO! He would NOT want that woman!! Vegeta quickly averted his eyes, trying to control the lust that was welling up inside him. He blinked, realizing Bulma had been speaking to him.

"What?!" He snarled, annoyed at her for distracting him like this.

Bulma laughed to herself and moved back towards her chair.

"Something the matter Vegeta?" She asked innocently, letting her tail swing behind her in a seductive rhythm.

"You seem a bit...unfocused." Her lips twitched and she let her tail wrap around her thigh, sliding it along her skin.

Vegeta scowled at her, " I don't know what you're talking about."

Shrugging Bulma sank back down in to her chair. She could feel his intense gaze on her and she tilted her head to look up at him. She had to bite her own lip to keep from groaning as a sudden rush of heat pooled between her legs. Easy Bulma, she cautioned herself. Don't spring your own trap on yourself.

"Vegeta..." She breathed out huskily.

Vegeta was still staring at her intently, "What?"

Bulma pointed to the small bottle by his feet, "Could you put that lotion on me?"

"Why don't you do it yourself bitch." he snapped.

Bulma felt her ire rise and had to push it back down. Gritting her teeth, holding back her urge to yell what a jerk he was right in his face she flipped onto her stomache in her chair and, reaching behind her, slowly undid the tiny strings that held her top in place.

"Because I can't reach." she purred out, in a sweet voice.

Vegeta's eyes were locked on her milky skin. This was a perfect opportunity for him to have a chance to touch her. His mind reeled, protesting that thought. He couldn't possibly be looking for a reason to be close to her! Bulma cleared her throat, interuppting his train of thought.

"You gonna do it or what?" She yawned, a bit impatient and annoyed. How was her beautifully mastered plan supposed to work if he said no and just left!

Vegeta knew he shouldn't, he hated her! She was just a stupid, weak, ugly onna, completely unworthy of his valuable time. Bending slightly he reached down and picked up the lotion bottle, stepping silently up next to the side of her chair. Smirking wickedly he leant down, mouth by her ear and whispered, "Where do you want it woman?"

Bulma's eyes widened in shock, her face flushing a bright pink as she turned her head to look over at him.

"VEGETA!!" Bulma blushed harder.

Vegeta opened his mouth to say something then snapped it closed when he felt it. Bulma had let her tail snake out and wrap around his wrist.

"What are you doing?" He hissed.

"Why Vegeta, whatever do you mean?" She smirked coyly, turning her body around to face him, clutching her top to her chest.

Bulma was now currently in the process of letting her tail glide up and down his arm. He seemed almost mezmorized by the motions that it was making. He nearly jumped when he felt the soft fur on his waist. His thoughts had become a large broken mass, the little minx had worked her tail around his waist. She was letting it toy with the top of his training shorts, slipping it an inch down below band behind him. She grinned impishly when she saw him looking at her. He was getting hard and she knew he knew she could tell. Bulma let her hands tease the naked skin of his chest, sliding them up and down.

"Woman." He grunted in surprised pleasure as she let her tail slide around to the front and flicked it over his bulge, letting it rub him slowly.

"Hmmm..." Bulma continued to let her tail work over him. Her eyes sparkled as she watched the look on his face.

Vegeta growled, his pride rising up. She was in too much control. It should be the other way around. He was finding it incredibly difficult to concentrate. He tried to pull free from her tail but she quickly leaned foreward, pressing her breasts against his chest.

"Vegeta..." She purred low by his ear. "Do you want me." Bulma's voice dropped to a near whisper. "To be inside me."

A low sound partway between a growl and a moan emitted from his throat. "Yes."

"Well...." Bulma ran a finger slowly down the front of his chest, rubbing it just about the top of his shorts. "I don't want you!"

Laughing Bulma stood up, tying her top back into place, crossing her arms in front of her chest, her tail wrapping subconciously around her hips. She turned and walked away from him, a pleased smirk gracing her lips, her head held high.

Vegeta sat there, utterly shocked, for a moment he could have sworn that she was more Saiyajin than human. He shook his head and growled. She was just a weak bitch. How DARE she do this to him! His pride was screaming at him for gratification. She had started something that he sure as hell doubted she was prepared to finish. Standing up he stalked towards the Capsule Corp house, it was on now, and he had a plan.

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