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Professor Snape sat in his office eyes diverted from the harsh light, at least that is what it seemed
to him, his onyx eyes held unshed tears.

Tears for her.

Tears for himself

And tears for the past.

Long fingers turned page after page of the developmental stages of a young child

Moving pictures that depicted Lily Potter holding the raven haired child in her arms and the
picture was labeled 'Harold James Potter ; Welcome Home.'

* Lily was even more radiant and beautiful while holding that child.*

Lily's precise handwriting read many lines but her writing stopped at a newspaper clipping; 'Lily
and James Potter found dead; son only survivor and is at undisclosed location.'

Severus Snape was not known for betraying his emotions but upon seeing this he angrily swiped
small trails of liquid pain from his eyes.

Turing the page his own slanted scribe greeted him by saying 'A New Home'. and below this was
a small picture of Harry in his cupboard; and then a picture of him cooking, and a picture of him
crying alone.

Another turn of the page brought forth a page labeled 'Birthdays Uncelebrated' Pictures of
every birthday Harry had had but never celebrated. And if Snape focused he could see that great
bastard Dursely in the background.

If Severus didn't have the self-control he had taught himself that fat lot of a muggle wouldn't be
on the face of the planet.

The next lot of pictures were more familiar, pictures taken by Albus the kind wizard had left
around two years ago.

Labeled 'Hogwarts' they showed Harry at Quidditch matches, playing chess with one of the
numerous Weasly's, sitting in class and with friends. And of course ones from the ending

The next page presented itself with the title 'Loves of Thee'. Severus allowed his tears to ebb
away and a small smirk to present itself on his long face.

Pictures of a supposed couple, Harry and Hermione, from first to fourth year showed the
boy-who-lived and the know-it-all Ms. Granger. Many believed them to be a couple.

That changed in fifth year. A picture depicted the couple of Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter;
there was neither a submissive or dominant role in their relationship and that much was evident.
The picture itself was hard to pick out who was holding who.

It seemed as though an off kilter relationship but rarely was Harry, and for that matter Draco,
seen as happy as those two were in the vicinity of each other.

The next page was a blank one. So picking up his black raven feather quill he labeled the page as

Unaware to Professor Snape, Draco Malfoy had been standing in the doorway watching and
calling out he let himself be known.

"Professor?" came his voice as Professor Snape jumped and slammed the book shut; resuming
his normal intimidating posture.

"Blast it Malfoy! What is it? Have you no manners ? Do you not know how to knock?" came
Snape's rapid-fire questioning.

"I only wanted to speak with you for the last time in my entire life span, if that's not to much of
a burden." said Draco in his normal over dramatic manner.

Snape scoffed and shook his head.

"If I should be so lucky" grumbled Snape, before finishing his speech.

"It will only be a matter of months before both you and Potter , both renter my life, once again"

He said both as if it were a curse word needing to be noted for it's meaning.

Draco took his seat with out being asked but being a Malfoy when did he ever ask for anything.

Snape looked unamused, very unamused , as he leaned on the desk slightly towering over the
now sitting Draco.

"Well boy ? What is it ? Don't dolly. Out with it, I haven't all the time to dilly dally like you
students who I may add should be studying for NEWTS ." snapped Snape .

While Draco looked at the at the picture album and for once held his tongue, Snape got
irriatated and took the book quickly but lovingly like a child , fragile and easy to break he
placed it back on the shelf. He turned to look at Draco very well aware his student was
following his actions with attentive gaze.


Snapping out of his thoughts Draco spoke; "Is there any way for Harry and I to further our

Severus Snape normally cool and calm seemed to stand taller and more alert, perhaps more un
easily at the mention of that name.

"I don't know about your relationship ,Malfoy , I'd think you'd have decent Slythrin sense to
have no interest in him, honestly such an insufferable Gryffindor."

Draco would have been defensive but he smirked .

* time to play the hidden card *

he thought to him self.

"With all do respect, Sir, weren't you involved with a Gryffindor , your self?"

It was time for the Snape to go on the defensive, apparently Draco learned which buttons to

"What do you know of this matter?" He snapped.

Draco smiled, a becoming look for the previously known "blonde brat ferret boy".

"I know it was Harry's Mum, and you were with her , for a while" came Draco's confident

Serveus dropped his shield for a moment , just a instant but in that instant a barrage of emotions
were very visible to Draco's knowing eyes, saddness , pain, fear- ,no not Professor Snape had it
been anyone else he wouldn't have hesitated to say it was fear, but...not Snape, could it be, and if
so why.

Draco watched looking concerned and in truth worried, something clearly was bothering his
instructor, he wondered if Snape would tell him.

Before he could ask how ever, Snape opened a locked desk draw and drew back a old letter, if
faded white, with a wax seal of a flower, a lily perhaps.

"See that Potter gets this at once it's most urgent."

Was all Snape said as he departed the office, any faster and Draco would have said he was
fleeing. On one level or another Draco guessed he was, but from what?

Draco stood tucking the letter into his robe pocket and left to find Harry.