It was a dark and stormy night. The girls were just lounging inside their room, bored out of their minds. Ruby tried to toy with Zwei to see how high he can jump as Blake cowers on top of the bunk bed. Yang is doing some calisthenics while Weiss borrowed one of Blake's novel that is may or may not be overdue to be returned to the library.

"Ughhh, I'm so bored!" Ruby groaned as Zwei whimpered. "Oh, don't worry Zwei! You're not boring! I'm just... Bored in general. Any of you girls on the same page?" she asked her team. "Err maybe a little." Blake said as she took a small peek to see if Zwei is already away from the foot of her bed. "No. I find this book interesting." Weiss licked her finger before turning the page. "Could be worse, but could do better..." Yang grunted as she kept doing pushups.

Ruby huffed and puffed. "I'm going to check how Team JNPR is doing." she announced before leaving the room.

The leader casually walked through the dorm's hallway, but as soon as she reached a turn she heard a box landing in front of their room. "Huh?" she used her semblance to dash in to the cardboard box and to see tapes and a letter.

She saw four huge letters written on the side of the box that says "JOJO"

"Huh... Weird name." scratching her head, trying to remember if she knows someone by that name. "I'll just hand it to the lost and found." she picked up the letter to find a hint on who the sender might be.

"You won't believe this shi- shoot." she read and switched the cuss word because Ruby Rose doesn't have a potty mouth. "This show is so bizarre I resent it. But I crave for more and that the only thing that soothes my thirst is watching more as there is nothing else like it. So far these three volumes were the only ones I've found. But rumor has it that it has 5 more parts. I have decided to dedicate my life and search Remnant for the less for I HAVE to know what happens next. Anon. Huh... I wonder who Anon was..."

She kicked the RWBY door open as she carried the box inside, causing the rest of her team to jump in surprise. "RWBY! Do you know someone named 'Anon'?" she asked as she set the box down inside. "Oooh, what you got there, sis?" Yang said as she rummaged through the box.

Blake jumped down and read the letter.

Weiss is too invested to care.

"I think Anon means anonymous, Ruby." Blake mumbled as she set the paper down.

"These guys are hot." Yang muttered as she showed them the cover of the first tape of a blue haired muscular man with rugged manly features and thick eyebrows holding a book and a handsome sinister blonde man behind him holding a mask with a troublesome smirk.

"First, Phantom Blood..." Ruby squinted and read the words. "Oh, oh! These ones look hot too. Grrrr." Yang purred as the next cover shows an attractive looking brunette Brit with a smirk and spiky hair and a suave looking blonde man with pink whatevers on his cheek and a triangle ridden headband.

"Well Anon said it's so good that they are willing to give all their time to search for it..." Ruby trailed off.

"Ahh, how about this guy?" Yang held the third and last tape that shows a serious looking man with a cap and golden chained trenchcoat. "Mmmmm, handsom- wait, what's with his hat?" the blonde inspected his hat closer that seemed to merged with his hair. "So, you wanna watch it, Ruby?" Blake asked.

"Yes, perhaps it can alleviate your boredom." Weiss said from the study table. "I will if all of us will! Let's watch it as a team." Ruby's eyes sparkled as she declared it. Yang was all too eager because y'know, hot guys and cool name. The name Battle Tendency riled her up, knowing that this show will have action in it.

Blake was willing to go along with it. She already finished all her books and she could watch for a change.

Weiss doesn't seem to be interested, invested in reading Blake's book.

"Aww come on, Weiss! Don't be such a killjoy!" the leader whined. "Oh chill out, Ruby. She'll come around." the blonde grinned at her shitty pun. Blake snatched the first one from the box and sets it up on the tv as the two sisters pushed the couch. "Movie night! Movie night! Movie night!" the two daughters of Tai chanted in excitement. "Okay, here goes Phantom Blood." Blake said before inserting the tape inside the player.

"Oh look, a text." Ruby said as she paused it. "Warning. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure contains violence and gore. Ooooh, ominous. Can you handle it, sis?" Yang teased. "We're training to be huntresses, Yang. I'm sure a little gore won't hurt."




"What did you just say about my-"


"Clacker Volley!"


They are blown away by the sound of brass band playing. A panel showed a tough girl posing. A blonde thin boy with weird hairdo pulling his collar to the side, showing his chest. A delinquent looking guy with a pompadour pointing at the camera with open palms as a pink helmet wearing adonis reared it's fist back. Then the aformentioned cap wearing serious man with some sort of a long haired warrior delivering punches behind him and then the spiky haired brunette tying a bandana as it counts down to the muscly blue haired man in the cover as he reared his fist back and punched the camera

"JoJo's Bizarre Adventure." the three read the title, already interested in this weird opening. "Oh, it has sound effects!" Ruby noted enthusiastically as the camera zoomed through a torch lightened hallway inside the Joestar mansion.

Weiss peeked through the background unbeknowst to their knowledge.

It showed the clouds then it panned through the man who started it all standing on the stairs as the blonde man jumped from God-knows where to the frame as his back occupied half the screen as he stared up to the Joestar heir. It then spun to show the guardian angel statue, then it spun again to show a hand holding some sort of mask, then it spun to show a pair of hands carving two names in to the tree that reads "JoJo Erina" inside a heart.

It then showed an attractive girl acting timid as she pursed her lips to kiss the camera but she was suddenly shocked as the blonde boy kissed her, the camera spiraled around as the blue haired man delivered a brutal uppercut.

"DIOOOOOOO!" they heard his furious war cry. A deep voice was also heard as the blood splattered to the stone mask "I reject my humanity, JoJo!"

"Aww, I thought he was a good guy, why did he punch him out of jealousy?" Yang muttered. "Maybe it would be shown later." Blake answered.

A bunch of police fired in sync to the music.

*bang bang bang bang*

"WRYYYYYY!" they saw a man wearing the mask get hit and collapse as glass shattered to which it shows the protagonist holding what presumably is his father.


"I'll always walk with my head up!"

A gloved hand pointed up to the sky.

But then RWBY felt chills up their spine (yes, Weiss snuck in to the couch)

"MUDA MUDA MUDAAAAA!!!" they get an overhead view of the blonde man walking up the wall from a sea of fire.

"I have surpassed the limits of a human!" Dio claimed as he stabbed someone offscreen, holding the mask. As comic panels shows him looking at the camera, standing up, etc. He is saying quite alot of quotes as the panels appeared.

"You're too weak to oppose me!"

"I'm more than a mere mortal!"

"You must be, Jonathan Joestar."

"You will lose against my might, JoJo!"

Erina glanced at the mansion with concern but then the scene changes as the hero overflowing in what the girls assumed to be a yellow aura stood tall and ready.

"Koooooooh!" he charges up his breathing as the girls admired his chiseled physique.

"I love this show already." Yang said dreamily. Ruby covered her eyes but peeked anyway as Blake and Weiss just blushed silently.

"Father, lend me your strength..."

The JoJo guy stared the darkness as the music intensifies. With his determined glare he slowly took a few steps before fucking sprinting to ascend the stairs as he lets out a battlecry, his eyes burning with passion "ORYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!"

Meanwhile, the blonde villain just sat on what looks like a throne as he lets out an evil laugh, holding the mask as if to taunt the blue haired hero.

Team RWBY sat up straight as the climax of the song arrived.

A few more comic panels showed.




Dio charges at Jonathan but Jonathan rears his burning hand back.


"-JO!" the manly singer finally finished as the Joestar's burning fist hit Dio's guard. The camera ascend to show more stories to come as the mask sank down in the depths of the ocean.

Team RWBY was speechless. But the leader broke the ice. "THAT WAS AWESOME!"

Go check out the JoJo OPs with EoH voices. I'm not sure whom to credit since it got stolen by a few channels and I don't know who really own it.It's basically what will happen if the Openings wore the Stone Mask with the Red Stone.