I just want to say: I'm sorry.

No, not for being away, well I'm sorry about that too. But I wanna apologize for writing this mess. Instead of an episode 3 reaction, you had to endure this... Whatever this is.

It's starting.

There are already quite a handful of students in the hall.
Ozpin looked at his watch as Glynda observed the students coming in. General Ironwood tapped her shoulder and invited her to dance, to which she agreed to.

Coco Adel was with Velvet Scarlatina taking the attendance of those who just entered.

"Well, look at what we have here." The headmaster chuckled.
Murmurs emerged from the crowd as the 6 men entered the building.

Jonathan, who had no business wearing that innocent smile because he is such an absolute unit. Joseph with a shit eating grin wearing a necktie that had tad too many jewelries. Jotaro with a scowl, wearing a messy tuxedo with a gold chain on it along with his signature cap. Josuke wearing baggy pants, with his top having gold studs pierced on it. Giorno wearing the standard suits the other male students wear because he wanted to dress normal and formal for a change but his hair was still eye catching. Dio levitating behind them with a menacing smile wearing a sweater vest and a fancy bow tie, he landed gracefully, putting his hands on his hips in a simple pose.

They entered the vicinity like superheroes that were summoned to battle some world ending threat.

Everyone's eyes followed them as they effortlessly strutted fabulously inside.
"Oh! Do we still sign in? We aren't students after all..." Jonathan asked while Velvet just squeaked "No, it's fine."

Velvet blinked 'He had the same accent as me...'
Coco whistled as she slowly took off her glasses to check them out.

"Hey!" Josuke greeted the bunny faunus. "H-Hey Josuke!" Velvet gulped as she stared at him from head to toe. "Wow, you look amazing..!" She gushed out. "Aww, thanks! It took quite some time, but you look beautiful as well!" Josuke rubbed the back of his head adorably as Jonathan proudly smiled at him.

"So that's the faunus girl he was talking about..." Jotaro muttered. "Ughh! How dare him find a date before I do?! Whatever!" Joseph frantically looked around to look for his blonde crush, oblivious to the stares of the majority of the female student body.

"Cinder... Is that the guy you're talking about?" Emerald asked as she danced with Mercury "Jeez, he looks like he works out..." the boy adds.
"Yes. Now excuse me, I'll-" Cinder halted in her tracks as he saw Dio approach Glynda and Ironwood.

"You, Glynda, may I have the pleasure of dancing with you?" Dio asked suavely. "She's quite occupied by the moment." Ironwood said. Glynda blushed as she felt like these two are fighing for her.
"Well, then let's dance together!" Dio cockily grinned as he took both Glynda and James' hands. Now they form a circle.

Ironwood glared at Dio, knowing how vile he was (he just finished Stardust Crusaders with Ozpin about a month ago)

Dio meanwhile, mocked him quietly as he kissed Glynda's hand. "Mr. B-Brando!" She squeaked.

The general squeezed his hand but apparently forgot that he was an immortal vampire with superstrength.
Dio noticed it and crushed his hand with ease. Ironwood's eyes widened and withdrew his hand, walking away grasping it, hissing to himself.

Dio gently grasped the confused Glynda's other hand, she shuddered as she felt his icy breath.
"Do you know how to dance, madamoiselle?" The vampire asked. "D-Do you?" She squeaked out.

Cinder layed a hand on Dio's shoulder. The vampire looked at her in annoyance "Oh, it's you." He said, not pleased at all.

"May I cut in?" Cinder asked suavely.
Glynda felt relieved that someone just saved her from the eyes of possibly the evilest person she knew.

Dio knows its classless to deny a lady her requests, which is why he didn't kill Pocco's sister after getting slapped, so he begrudgingly took Cinder's hand, much to her delight.

. . .

"NOOOO! WE HAVE TO FINISH IT NOW!" Nora whined as Ren tried to drag her in vain "We're... Gonna be late..!"


"Pyrrha? Shouldn't you be on your way already?" Jaune asked the redhead softly. "Well, I'd say watching Caesar die to opera music ruined my mood." She laughed awkwardly.
"B-But... But the guy..." Jaune drifted off, causing Pyrrha to raise an eyebrow "Who?"

"You know, the guy who asked you to the dance." Jaune explained.
Pyrrha sighed "There is no guy."


The two were silent for awhile, the only noise being Ren trying to drag Nora away from the couch and failing miserably.

"But... You're Pyrrha Nikos..! The-"
"I AM Pyrrha Nikos." She looked down at her toes. "That's why nobody want or tried to ask me. Its difficult to make such meaningful relationships when you are placed in a pedestal, where everyone thinks you're out of their league, or that they're not good enough for you..." Pyrrha looked back at him "Which is why I like you, Jaune. You don't even know who I was. You treated me like I'm your friend. If there was a guy who would ask me, I hope he's just like you."

Jaune's lips quivered at the sudden confession. But he swallowed hard "Kooooohhh!"

Pyrrha raised an eyebrow "What are you doing?"

"Pyrrha, will you go to the dance with me?" Jaune posed awkwardly.

The redhead warrior giggled, then she bursted out laughing "Were you hamon breathing?"

"It helped me calm my nerves..." Jaune deflated. Pyrrha took his hand "There is nothing to be nervous about! Let's go."

"See? They're leaving, we better get going too!" Ren snarled at the stubborn Nora.

. . .

"GOD, MY HAIR IS FUCKED! IT IS FUCKING FUCKED!" Yang panicked. "If you could just stay still then it won't be!" Weiss groaned as she had trouble fixing the panicking blonde's hair "But there is no time to fix it, we're going to be late! What if someone asked Joseph to dance with them? I'm gonna go wild!"

"She has a point." Blake said as she adjusted her bow. "You're just excited to see Jotaro." Ruby nudged her before snickering.
"You do know I have the upperhand in this teasing battle, right?" Blake snarked.

They heard a knock on the door.

Ruby opened it.

It was Sun "Hi Blake! Wanna go to the dance together?"

"Lets ALL go together, nevermind my goddamn hair, COME ON!" Yang said as she yanked the heiress with her. "Woah! Take it easy, you dolt!"

"Ah, Blake? I think you can't tease me about having two." Ruby cockily smirked at her.

"Ughh!" Blake groaned as they went.

. . .

Jotaro sat down with his punch as he watched Josuke dance with Velvet. He took a sip out of his drink before spitting it out 'What the hell..? I thought this is liquor..!' He tossed the glass to the floor, causing it to shatter. 'Fucking lame.'

He saw Jonathan chatting merrily with Ozpin, sighing as he leaned back to his chair.

"Waiting for someone?" Coco asked. "Yes." Jotaro half lied, he doesn't want to be bothered by now.

"Wow, you got spunk don't you? I like that." The woman chuckled. "Whatever." Jotaro replied.

Coco saw Fox looking for her so she decided to join him.

"Holy fucking shit, she really does look alot like Lisa Lisa." Joseph whispered. "Granny Elizabeth? Yeah, ite the shades." Jotaro shrugged.
"Wait... You mean, she is still alive at your time?" Joseph asked his grandson.

"Yes." Jotaro deadpanned.

"Damn! I definitely won't skip my training." Joseph muttered to himself.

. . .

Giorno was loitering outside, enjoying the fresh air and silence...

"Quick quick quick!" Y
"Settle down, Yang! Your heels are going to snap if you don't take it easy..!" W
"Hah, I'm wearing sneakers..." B
"We're not so late, look! It just started!" R

He heard familiar voices, turning to the source of it, he saw Team RWBY feat. Sun Wukong.

'Haven't seen him before...' but Giorno blinked as he noticed something, they are way more beautiful in person, or was it the dress.

They halted at the sight of him.

Giorno blinked in confusion once more as they akwardly stared at eachother.

"Woah, I thought you girls are on a hurry..?" Sun said as he noticed that they suddenly stopped walking. The monkey faunus glanced at the blond gangstar and tilted his head in confusion.

"You guys... Know eachother?" He asked awkwardly.

"Sun, we'll meet you inside." Blake said, without taking her eyes off Giorno.

"Yeah but- ow! Watch the drips! Fine..!" He yelped as Blake kicked him with her chuck taylors. Sun sulked as he went inside first.

'Why are they staring at me..?' Giorno thought.

Yang slowly looked to her left, Blake slowly looked to her left, Weiss slowly looked to her left, Ruby slowly looked to the- there's no one there.

They are looking at her now.

'Please not in front of him...' Ruby gulped as she tried to glare at her teammates.

"Oh Ruuuby~" her sister sang.
'Oh no.'

Giorno's intuition figured out that they know him somehow, and that Ruby was experiencing the same bullying he had been enduring. He stared at them unamused.

"We gotta go, bye!" Blake grinned as they zoomed off just like Yang did in episode 1 with those shadow people.

Leaving Ruby alone, once again.

Maybe not alone this time.

Giorno saw how nervous she was, she was trembling and swearing that she'll do something to get back at them.

He tilted his head and approached her.

"Ruby Rose." He called.

"Gyah! Ah, eh, hey..." Ruby squeaked shyly. "Wait, how did you know who I am?"

"I could ask the same to you." Giorno counters. He looked around and saw that there is no one there to give him hell, he held his hand out at the beautiful girl "Come, lets talk. I'll help you enact your vengeance." He said, trying to humor her.

Her silver eyes sparkled before she took his hand. She took a step forward but her heels caused her to stumble towards him, but he caught her, she landed on his chest. I know, so cliche.

"Are you alright?" He asked gently, concerned. Ruby was stunned as her hands were still on his muscular chest. Her cheeks turned red as she ran her palms through the fabric.
Giorno raised an eyebrow "Are you alright?"
"You smell good." She blurted out before deeply regretting it.

. . .

"Look at that asshole dancing with a hot dame... And how dare him! He looks like he is not enjoying it at all!" Joseph whined as he watched Dio dance with the smiling Cinder.

Jotaro's eyes widened as he saw the three girls enter the fray. "Huh? What are you staring at- OHHHH MY GOOOOOD! IT'S THEM! Holy shit, I think I've seen them before!" Joseph dramatically screamed.

"Keep your eyes peeled! They aren't hard to miss, they are huge!" Yang told her team. "I kno-" Weiss gasped as she saw Jonathan talking with Ozpin "Oh gosh, it's Jonathan!" She said in a high pitch voice.
Yang and Blake looked at the gentleman, who was unaware of them.

"He is tall..!" Blake lamented. "And huge!" Yang grinned before shoving Weiss towards his direction "Go on! Scat! Go get your giant Joestar dong, Weiss!"

"EWW! I'M NOTHING LIKE YOU!" she huffed before nervously fiddling her hands. The composed heiress lost her composure as she anxiously took her baby steps towards him.

"Ah, Miss Schnee. You made it." Ozpin said, causing Jonathan to turn towards the tiny Weiss.

Their blue eyes met.

"Oh! It's you!" Jonathan greeted her with a very disarming smile.

Weiss was still silent, her mouth was forming shapes but words just won't come out. 'He knows me?!'

"I'm such a huge fan! Will you please tell me more about your rapier? Its quite fancy!" Jonathan asked, giddy.

"YES! I WILL!" Weiss screamed. There was an awkward pause. "Uhh, I'm- I'm sorry!" The heiress apologized.
"... No harm done." Jonathan smiled sheepishly.

. . .

"Yeah, go get em, girl!" Yang cheered as Blake smiled. Blake frowned as she saw Neptune and Sun dancing with Team NDGO.

Jotaro observed her from the seat near the punch bowl but he got violently shook by his grandfather "JESUS CHRISTMAS CHRIST, THEY LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL! Ehem... How do I look?" Joseph asked.

"Disgusting." Jotaro replied.

"Pfft. Hater." Joseph fixed his tie. He nervously looked at Yang cheering at... Weiss talking to Jonathan.

"How did the annoying one know Jonathan?" Jotaro asked. "Huh... Fancy people are probably drawn to other fancy people I guess." Joseph was a genius.

'Just like stand users...' Jotaro surprisingly went along.

Blake turned towards their direction and elbowed Yang in the gut.

"Oof, what- OH MY GOD! IT'S THEM!" Yang grinned from ear to ear.

"Jotaro, are they looking at us?!" Joseph asked nervously.

"Blake, are they staring at us?!" Yang asked nervously.

Blake and Jotaro said nothing as they maintained eye contact. The awkward staredown was taking so long, so Jotaro gave her a nod of recognition.

Her face immediately fumed crimson red as she turned her back on him shyly.

Jotaro raised an eyebrow at her reaction, he heard something so he turned to his grandfather, who was glowing. "Koooooh..! I'm going in." Joseph said before bravely walking towards Yang.

Yang froze in her spot as Joseph approached her. Her semblance activating and deactivating as her emotions run wild. 'Shit! These aren't butterflies in my stomach! They are probably hornets!'

Joseph towered over her, despite her being the tallest member of the team.

They both raised their eyebrows.

"How did you know my name?"
"How did you know my name?"

They gasped.

"How are you predicting my next line?!"
"How am I predicting your next line?!"

Another gasp.

"But that's my thing!"
"But that's your thing!"

Joseph and Yang stared at eachother blushing before grinning. She took his hand and dragged him upstairs.

Jotaro watched the two zoomed off, the cat faunus glanced at him. He motioned the seat next to him, inviting her to sit with him.

. . .

"I've never seen someone with such lust for power." Cinder told Dio. "I do, everytime I look in to the mirror." The vampire replied unamused.
"You and I are gonna get along just fine." The woman giggled. "Prove it." Dio answered in annoyance.

"How? What do you like in a woman?" Cinder asked. "... Submissive." The vampire muttered, he gasped in shock as her head leaned to his chest "I can adjust to that." She smirks.

. . .

"Team CFVY huh..? Wait, so like. Coffee?" Josuke asked. "Yeah, Huntsmen school are quite fond of forming words using 4 letters in teams." Velvet explained. "Oh, that explains team ruby and juniper." Josuke chuckled.

They sat next to the airconditioner.

"Oh, you know those teams?" The faunus asked. "Team RWBY specifically. My gruncle likes someone there." Josuke chuckled, to which the bunny faunus found really really adorable.
But she shook her head as she digested his words "Gruncle?"

"Oh, no no no! He's not some super old guy! He is actually younger than me, isn't it weird?" Josuke explained.

. . .

Ruby silently followed Giorno as they strolled the peacefully quiet and empty school grounds.
"The moon is lovely tonight. Even though its broken..." Giorno lamented.
"R-Right! The moon wasn't broken in your world, right?" Ruby stuttered, eager to engage a conversation.

"Yes." Giorno turned towards her, his figure being shined on by the moonlight, making him appear angelic.
"So. How did you know me?" Giorno asked.

Ruby blinked as she shook her blush away, it made her think.
She doesn't know him. She just knows that he is a JoJo based on being on the cover of Part 5 OST.

"I don't know your name, or who you are.. I- I just know you exist!" Ruby blurted out.
Giorno raised an eyebrow "Excuse me?"

"Wait, this might take some minute to explain, let me collect my... My thoughtssss..." Ruby looked around nervously.

Ruby took a deep breath as she explained to the increasingly confused Giorno about a show called JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and that they watched it and that she found out about him when she saw him in the cover of Part 5 OST.

"... Well, that's-" Giorno said but he got interrupted.

Giorno stared at her for awhile before chuckling to himself.
She blushed at the adorable noise he made.

"Ha... With all the stuff I've been through, that doesn't surprise me anymore." Giorno said in an amused tone.
"Heh, yeah. I'm... Looking forward to your part, sir." Ruby said.

"Then that means its my turn to tell you how I know your name." The blond said.

"Pfft, what? You like, watch a show all about me as well?" Ruby asked, giggling to herself. Giorno looked at her, dead serious.

"Wait, REALLY?" Ruby yelled.

"I think I'm at episode 8. You were at Forever Fall but you still haven't gotten a chess piece relic just yet." Giorno told her. "W-W-What?! I- that can't be true..! Oh gosh..! Its embarrassing, I did alot of childish stuff and- and-" Ruby sighed "I don't believe you. It can't be true!"

"Oh, but do you think its a bit odd that I know things I don't have any business knowing? Like how you met Weiss or Blake?" Giorno asked in amusement as Ruby gets more and more flusterred.

"Yeah, but still! What do I know?! You might be messing with me..!" Ruby prayed hard that Giorno is bluffing.

The gangstar thought hard and well of what could convince her.

"Crater face." He smiled.
"Kya!" Ruby was startled but she tried to play it off "E-Ehem... Har, har. Very funny."

Giorno turned his back on her to stare at the moon "There is nothing to be embarrassed about, Ruby. You said something about being insecure in your immaturities. It's fine. I like you, you wear your heart in your sleeve."

"W-W-W-W-W-Wha..!" Ruby's face couldn't get any redder.

"You remind me of what I could've been if I led an honest life." He turned towards her with a heartfelt smile.
To say that it took her breath away was an understatement.
"Oh, but I do wonder what's next for you in that forest." Giorno said as he noticed that she looks like she was constipated. 'I must've said something uncomfortable, better change the subject.'

"O-Oh, its going to be alot crazy! We're gonna fight-"
Giorno puts a finger to her lips.
"Shh. Don't spoil me." He said in a serious tone.

"Mmkay..." her cheeks returned to its crimson shade.

He removed his appendage before dusting himself.
"It won't count as a spoiler to tell you my name, right?"

"Oh! I didn't even know your name..!" Ruby shyly mumbled. "Call me Giorno." He smiles.
'Giorno, Giorno... Giorno.' She likes how it rolls off her tongue, pronouncing it felt natural.
"Giorno... A-Are you a hamon user or a stand user?" She squeaked.
"Hamon..? Oh, that's what fa... That's what Jonathan and Joseph's power, I forgot... No, I'm a stand user." He told her.

'Oh gosh, he knows about Jonathan and Joseph! I'm so tempted to spoil myself!'
"Cool..! What does yours do?" Ruby asked in excitement with a wide smile.

"Woah there, you're so close to spoiling yourself."
"Ah right... Sorry." She dejectedly replied.

Giorno averted his gaze and started to take off his necktie "But I guess I should give you a hint."

"U-UHH! WHY ARE YOU TAKING YOUR CLOTHES OFF?!" Ruby asked accussingly. Giorno raised an eyebrow as he took the tie off.
The leader of team RWBY then watched in awe as she heard the Gold Experience noise.

Her eyes sparkled as she witnessed the necktie warped to a rose with a golden hue.
"Take it, and take good care of it." Giorno handed it to her, to which she gladly accepted.
"Its pretty..." Ruby muttered in amazement.

"And so are you... I hope you enjoy my "part", Ruby."

(Out of all the 4, you can probably tell I ship this one the hardest)

. . .

"That was the worst, in my opinion!" Jonathan said as Weiss laughed "Yes! Although I could argue that holding a wine goblet with your pinky out is worse."

"No way! I've gotten alot of slaps from the wrists from my father because I kept clanging my utensils so much whenever I ate." Jonathan chuckled. "Right, George sure was a disciplined man wasn't he..?" The heiress muttered sadly.

"That reminds me, how did you know who I was?" Jonathan asked.
"I- I could ask the same to you, JoJo." Weiss asked in return.

"Well, I apologize but I did asked first." The gentleman told her.
"Oh, if you insist." The heiress shrugged.

Jonathan learned that the Phantom Blood tape was at the girls' possession but he didn't seem to mind.

"How fascinating! We seem to have such similar situations!" Jonathan said. "H-Huh?" She squeaked out.

Weiss on the other hand, had an existential crisis when she learned that Jonathan is watching her show.

"C-Can I please borrow the RWBY tape tomorrow..?" Weiss asked nervously. "I'm sorry, but no can do. We haven't finished yet. But no worries, I'll inform you if we do." Jonathan answered.

"It's just... Embarrassing! I've been a jerk and... And..!" The heiress said. "Its alright, nobody is perfect. We are all trying our best. That doesn't make me think any less of you." The gentleman replied.

Weiss blushed madly at his response.

"But still... I kind of... Had a crush on you." She whispered whilst shyly looking away from her, she then wondered if she made the right choice of saying that.

"My! I'm flattered!" Jonathan grinned. "You know, I feel like we'd get along quite well. We relate to eachother so much."

Weiss blinked at him in confusion, does her confession not bother him?
"Wait! What about Erina?" Weiss asked.
"... Huh?" Jonathan asked.
"Are you really okay with me crushing on you..?" The heiress asked.

The gentleman pondered, and then said "Crushes are harmless. Even though my heart belongs to her, I feel like I want to get to know you more. Now would you like to dance?"

Her usually pale face turned to red as millions of questions invaded her mind. But she did took his offer.

A few minutes later.

"JoJo! You silly dolt! Why'd you ask me if you don't even know how to?" Weiss berated her large partner.
"I- I just thought I'd learn on the fly!" Jonathan apologized.

"Okay, okay, lets stop." They halted.

"Dancing wasn't my strong suit, but I know how to. I still prefer singing though." Weiss told him to follow her lead. "Outstanding! I want to hear you sing sometimes!" Jonathan grinned.
"F-Focus!" Weiss blushed as they went to work.

(My headcanon is Jonathan is clumsy at everything else that doesn't involve physical collision such as fighting or rugby)

"Oh! Would you look at that!" Pyrrha puts a hand in her mouth, pointing at the two.

"Woah..!" Jaune gushed as he saw Jonathan dancing with Weiss. He doesn't seem bothered at all however, he thinks Jonathan is super cool. After all, not many people can pull off blue hair.

"OH, IT'S JOJO NUMBER 1!" Nora yelled at the top of her lungs. "I never would have thought the Mr. Joestar we saw as a substitute teacher is a hero in his own tale..." Ren said.
"Nora. No."

. . .

Blake frowned, noticing that Dio looked amused as he stared at his partner's eyes.
Cinder giggled as she flexed her hidden powers by making her eyes burn.
Dio opened his mouth in awe, to which she noticed.
"Your fangs are cute."
"How dare you call them cute..!"

"You're my favorite."

Blake gasped as she heard Jotaro talk beside him.
"You're the least annoying of the four girls, so..." he drifted off, his head resting in his arms as he laid back his chair.

"Ex- Excuse me?!" The faunus stuttered.

"You're some sort of an actress aren't you?" Jotaro asked, causing even more confusion.

"Eh..?" Blake blushed as she stared at his rather curious expression.
Jotaro sighed and told her he's currently 7 or 8 episodes in RWBY.

"Oh God..." Blake squeaked. 'Wait..! He... He said I was his favorite?!'

"The show's interesting so far. Don't spoil though." Jotaro said.

"I-I-I- this is too much for me to digest! You're- you're watching a show about... The 4 of us?! While the 4 of us are watching a show about you..?" Blake put both her hands in her cheeks as she tried to make sense of the absurdity of the situation.

"... The hell? You're watching a show about... What do you mean?" Jotaro asked.
"It means what it means!" Blake lashed out, still confused about what she just heard.

Jotaro raised an eyebrow as a blond guy with monkey tails approached Blake "Blake, you alright?!"
"I'm fine, Sun. I'll join you later."

Sun glared at Jotaro and gave him the "I'm watching you" hand gesture.
Jotaro just flipped him off.
He returned his attention to the confused cat faunus and decided to try and humor her "So? What episode are you in?"

"Second." Blake panted as she tried to calm herself down "Where you fought Kakyoin and... And... Kissed that nurse..."

"Kakyoin... He's..." Jotaro mumbled.

"Don't spoil me, please." Blake demanded, back to her senses.
Jotaro went silent and just grunted.

"Also, can you stop calling your mom a bitch? That wasn't very nice." She muttered under her breath.
He raised an eyebrow "But I don't, not anymore."

Blake's eyes widened "You just spoiled me!"

"You asked for it, dumbass." Jotaro reached for his pocket but remembered he left his packet of cigarettes back in their room.

"Tch." Blake huffed and crossed her arms. "What significance does it have whether I kissed the nurse or not? Odd that you mentioned it." Jotaro asked.

Blake tensed up, she felt like she was hit by an attack she did not see coming "I... Well..."

"Speak up." Jotaro demands. She almost melted under his intense gaze.

Blake closed her eyes and tried to force her words out "Y-You're... My favorite too." She opened an eye to see his reaction.

Jotaro's eyes widened, but his face softened to a small smile, causing her heartbeat to thump over the roof.

He tugged the brim of his cap and stood up "Yare yare daze..."

The faunus was now beyond embarrassed "F-Forget you heard anyth- huh?" She blinked in confusion as she saw him held his rough calloused hand out

"You're joining that guy soon, right? Lets dance in the meantime." He is not requesting, he's demanding.

(Jotaro smiles WAY more in the manga. Star Platinum too!)

. . .

As they reached the balcony, Joseph can only wonder in curiosity as to why she dragged him there.

"This is a nice view. Damn! Its hard to run in heels, you know?! Oh wait. You're a guy." Yang panted as she stared at the moon.
"Uh, duh. I'll have you know I wore a disguise to help me infiltrate a super secret base. So don't act like I can't relate." Joseph proudly boasted.

Yang stared at him for awhile, before laughing.
He can't help but smile at her beautiful figure laughing her ass off. But then he remembered he hated being laughed at.
"H-Hey! What's so funny?" Joseph snarled. "I REMEMBER THAT! Oh my God, you're... You even kicked them in the head too!" Yang choked out between laughs.

"Well I..! Wait... How did you know about that?" Joseph asked.
"Siiiigh... Well, you see..." Yang smiled as she leaned an elbow to his torso.

One explanation later.

"OHHHH MY GOOOOOOD!" Joseph exclaimed.
"What what what?" Yang asked.
"... What?"

Another explanation later.


"I'm having a hard time believing it." Joseph rubbed the back of his head as he leaned on the railing.

Yang stared at him, the moonlight bringing out his best features. Any previous shyness she possessed meeting him disappeared when she realized that she wanted him so much.

"You're so... I can't believe you're in front of me too! You won't believe how hard I simped for you, Joseph." Yang giggled to herself.
Joseph raised an eyebrow at the unfamiliar term. Yang can see the confusion in his face.
"It means I have such a huge crush on you, that I think its love." She explained.

"Ahh shut up..! You're making me feel all mushy inside." Joseph shyly rubbed the back of his head.
He stared at the lovesick blonde intently. 'Sheesh, she already knows everything about me...'

'This is perfect! I swear I won't mess this up... Wait!' The blonde gasped before taking action.

Joseph was startled as she suddenly grasped his right hand. She inspected it, twisting it around "Ow!"

Yang's lips turned to a grin as she intertwined her fingers with his.
Joseph blushed but he was confused "... What gives?"

"No wedding ring..!" She squealed before pulling him close for a hug.
"Nnn?!" Joseph gasped in shock as she buried her head in his muscular chest.
"Marry me..! Dibs on you..!" She said through muffled voice.

Joseph's expression softened as he returned the hug. Yang squealed as she felt his strong arms wrap around her.

"Wh-Whoa SHIT!" Joseph squeaked in awe as Yang managed to lift him up with ease.

. . .

"So... Those guys still bother you?" Josuke asked sheepishly as Velvet giggled "No, not anymore. Coco taught them a lesson."

The song started to become something that is fitting for a slow dance.

"So errr... Josuke, you did say you don't have a weapon. How come?" The faunus asked. "Yeah it sucks, I REALLY want one, they look so kewl. But unfortunately, I am more of a guest here than a student."

"Wow, JoJo! You learn fast!" Weiss complimented. "Oh please. Anyways, the next dance is going to be slow anyway." Jonathan shrugged as the heiress blushed. Weiss was trying her best to be as tall as possible, trying to tip toe as much as she can.

"Don't you want to bite me with those canine of yours?" Cinder flirted, but seeing as Dio was annoyed with her, took it literal. "I use my fingers." He said in a as a matter of fact tone, thinking Cinder thought that he is the type of vampire that feed with his mouth. 'Such a foolish assumption, I, Dio, am no ordinary vampire. I am unique. I am special.'

Cinder blushed madly as she misunderstood his statement. 'He uses his... Fingers? Does that mean..?' I don't have to shove a green joke about fingering.

Blake said nothing as she was trying her hardest not to melt, her hands on his broad shoulders, silently cussing as the music turned romantic. Jotaro just observed his surroundings, seeing the blond guy earlier with the tail screaming comically while glaring at them with another guy with blue hair trying to calm him down.

He looked back on his "date."

Trying to observe her features as he averted her gaze. He stopped moving as Jotaro noticed something. Blake's stomach was filled with butterflies as she met his eyes "W-What?"

"Did your bow just twitched?" Jotaro asked. "I'm nervous, okay?!" Blake snapped. "What's that got to do with it..?" He asked once more.

Blake remained silent as Jotaro came to the realization about the real her.
"Y-You're a..." Jotaro glanced down as Blake stomped at him hard. It only annoyed him. "D-Don't tell anyone..!" The faunus harshly whispered, Jotaro glared at her before humming in submission "Whatever."

"Ughh, it's so hard to talk to you when I'm not allowed to know anything about you..!" Ruby whined before realizing what she said might be offensive "Oh, I-I didn't mean it that way."

"It's alright. I understand." Giorno replied nonchalantly. "I do have a request though..."

"You know what, come with me!" Yang hurriedly ushered as she grabbed Joseph's hand and dragged him away.

"Woah! Ease up! Where the hell are you taking me?" Joseph asked.

They reached that stairs as Yang turned around and faced him "We're gonna go ring shopping! We have to get married as soon as possible!"


And so, the blonde Juliet dragged her brunet Romeo to the outside of the building.

Dio was staring at the Beacon students. Wondering what would it be like if he turned them undead. "You seem quite bored." Cinder asked as she tilted her head. The vampire escorted her to her seat, he can't wait to leave. Probably head home, and watch RWBY without the others then spoil them because he is evil.

The Fallen Maiden was quite annoyed that the vampire is trying to leave despite the fact that she revealed her powers to him. She grabbed his hand before he could leave. Dio turned to face her.
"What do you say we do something?"
"And what would that be?" Dio asked, unamused.

"Something... Nefarious."

Dio rolled his eyes. He observed his surroundings and saw a target of torment. To hell with it. He's got nothing better to do anyway "Let's do a practical joke on that imbecile."

Cinder's eyes widened at the man he was referring "General Ironwood..? Oh dear, you're quite the daredevil."

Dio shrugged. The woman giggled and he took offense to it, he really doesn't like her company. He does like her powers though. "Practical joke? What an old school way of saying 'prank.'"

"Don't you dare ridicule me." He snarled softly.

To be continued.

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