- The tale of Toothless -

This is a flashback chapter, where Toothless tells his kids the story of how he and Hiccup became friends from his point of view

It was a regular morning in the hidden world. Another day, in which the most energetic dragon cubs played around. They belonged to no other than the alpha himself. Three little Night lights. A black and white one, with eyes just as green as freshly grown leaves in spring. The other, a black one with a white belly and teal eyes. A mix of both his mother and his fathers eyes and lastly, the smallest of them. The only female. Dark black, with a white nose and eyes just as blue as her mothers. As they spotted their father coming, they stopped what they were doing and ran up to him.

,,Father, can you tell us a story"? The white male dragon cub asked. ,,Oh yes, maybe something about your past"? His sister, the black and white one cheered. ,,Yeah, is it true what they say about dragons and humans being friends"? The other male cub asked, tilting his head. Toothless smiled at his kids proudly. Though it hurt to think back, he was determined to make sure his kids knew all about his past. The truth.

,,Yes, it is true"! Their father answered as he sat down. ,,There was a time, when dragons and humans were friends. They used to live together". Highly interested, his kids sat down. Big-eyed. ,,This is a story of a unique friendship" Toothless started ,,It begins with me. With me and a very special human. His name is Hiccup"! Toothless lifted his head from his kids up to the sky.

,,My story starts years back, when I was just a cub. My parents used to live on an huge island, called the hidden gem. It was an island where Night furies lived on. There had been many places, Night furies lived on. Also in the hidden world. One day, however, me and my parents got separated. I was too young to understand what was happening but know I know now that they got captured by hunters"!

,,Hunters"? The three little Night lights gasped. ,,But I thought humans were our friends"? The female one squeaked. ,,Yes" Toothless nodded ,,But not all humans are nice and kind. There are bad ones out there as well. Hunters are evil humans that capture dragons. You will hear more about it in time"! Toothless continued his story.

,,I fled to another island. A huge cave, where other dragons lived. We used to live under a cruel alpha. A red death, which would kill even his own. We, the dragons that lived there and me, used to hunt for the alpha. That's how the story of me and my best friend starts. One night, I flew around the old island, called Berk. Vikings used to live there for generations. They had sheep and other animals that we dragons used to hunt. However, every hunt would end up in a fight. Humans and dragons misunderstood each other since the beginning of time and fought because of it. That night, I got shot down"!

A sharp pain shot through my body, as I felt my right tail fin rip off. At the same time, something wrapped itself around me. My wings got entangled in it and I fell. Fear and panic crept up in me. That was it. I would die. But I didn't want to die yet. I had my whole life ahead of me. So many things to do, so many things to see. Fifteen years is not an age for a dragon. I am so young still.

As I came closer and closer to the ground, my brain tried to focus on surviving. I tried to free myself as good as I could but it was too late. I crashed into the trees. Every branch that broke under my weight hurt, and sooner as expected, I hit the hard forest floor. Due to the speed of my fall, I bounced a few times and slithered across the ground. Swirling dirt up into the air, I finally rolled over a little hill and landed still.

Flinching in pain, I closed my eyes. How was it possible that I actually survived this? I let out a heavy sigh. Through all the adrenaline that shot through my veins, the pain stopped for a while and I felt numb. My heart thumping up to my throat, blood whooshing in my ears. Slowly I opened my eyes again, to look around. It was dark but I could still see. I had some sort of ropes wrapped all around me. No way I could free myself like that. I couldn't even raise my head enough to burn it off. I had no other chance than to just lay there. Helpless. Alone. Maybe something would come to me and I could free myself somehow. If it wasn't one of these humans that would find me. Or some other animal. Slowly the pain came back. I rested my head back on the ground, trying to relax. Somehow I fell asleep.

It was just at that moment when I was in a deep sleep. That heavy dark, that made me feel nothing. My head empty. Suddenly I felt a pressure on my left arm. Groaning, I moved a bit to get the pressure off. It was then, that I heard something. It sounded like a human. Instantly I woke. I felt my heart rate quicken again. So they came for me. My breath got faster and heavier as well. I opened my eyes and starred right at a young human boy. He looked shocked and pointed something sharp at me. A weapon? Oh no, he did came to kill me. I wanted to move but I couldn't. It was useless. Was this the end? My end? Was I about to die like that? On the ground, helpless and miserable. Killed by a human child? I kept watching him. For some reason, he was hesitating but then he took a breath and mumbled something I couldn't quite understand. ,,I gonna kill you dragon. I'm going cut out yer heart and bring it to my father. I'm a Viking"! He said to himself and then screamed it at me. ,,I'm a Viking"! Congratulations! So what? I thought. If you're about to kill me, then please hurry up. Make it quick. I didn't put my gaze away from the boy. He rose his arms, ready to stab me. That's it. Goodbye world. I had no choice but to accept my fate. I waited for him to stab me but nothing happened. Why didn't I feel anything? Was I dead? No, I was still breathing. Suddenly I heard how he started cutting the ropes. He was cutting me free? My eyes shot open and I tensed up. One by one the ropes fell. As soon as I felt I was free enough, I jumped to my feet to tackle the young human down. As expected, he didn't count with my sudden reaction. Breathing fast, he starred at me. Blank fear in his eyes. I eyed him. How did he dare? Should I kill him? I kept watching him. Now he was the one being helpless. I had him under my paw. He had no chance to get free. Suddenly his eyes met mine. Something was strange about this one. Anger rolled up in me and I yelled at him. ,,Get lost"! Furious, I turned around and swung in the air. ,,Damn you human"! I scolded as I realized I couldn't fly properly anymore. I couldn't coordinate anymore. I hit against a rock, pushed myself off and tried to fly the other way. ,,Argh"! I groaned. Again, I hit the ground. ,,No, no, not with me"! Angrily I got up again, trying to fly away once more. And again, I felt myself go down. This time, I landed at a clearing surrounded by stone walls. There was a little lake in the middle. Frustrated, I punched the ground. Roaring in anger. Why did this have to happen to me? I snorted. Well, getting upset won't get me anywhere. At least there was a lake with some fish in it. And I had some shelter here.

The next morning came just as quick as the other. I was just exploring my surroundings when I spotted the young human boy again. Ugh, not you again. I thought. How did he even have the guts to return? I didn't really understand. Wait? I looked more closely. Did he carry a fish? Yes, it was a fish! Quickly, I got behind a large rock and climbed on it. Watching the boy. He was walking further into the clearing, closer to me. It seemed like he was looking for me. Maybe I could do him a scare. Opening my wings, I got down before him. Sniffing. I was hungry. And yes, the fish smelled yummy, but I had no clue if this was a trap. I had to be careful. After all, this boy wanted to kill me. Growling at him slightly I watched him carefully, not leaving him out of my sight. ,,You again"! He held the fish out to me. What was that? Ok, ok, maybe if I sneak up carefully enough, I can take the fish and leave. Ready to get the fish, I opened my mouth but then I spotted the weapon from yesterday. ,,I knew it"! I growled and backed off again, glaring at the boy. Flinching a bit, the boy lifted the fur on him, reaching to the weapon.

,,Don't you dare"! I growled and he dropped it to the ground. ,,In the water with it"! I demanded and so he did. Lifting it with his foot and kicking it in the lake. I watched the knife drop into the water. Good. I looked back at the boy. No weapons anymore. Ok, that's better. I sat up and turned my attention back to him. Now, yummy fish. I could feel my mouth starting to water. I really wanted that fish. Again he held it out to me. Why are you? I eyed him, I still felt skeptical about him but I was too hungry to pass this fish. Hmm, ok, if you want it that way. Once more, I sneaked closer to him. Opening my mouth. Throw it in my mouth. I thought.

,,Huh, toothless. I could have sworn you had..". I looked at him. Not going to throw the fish in my mouth? Ok. Then I get it myself. I thought as I got my teeth out and snatched the fish out of the boy's hands. Biting it into pieces and swallowing it down. ,,Teeth" he murmured, a bit shocked. Yumm. I licked my mouth. Did he have more? I looked at him, walking closer. The boy stumbled against a rock and I eyed him again. ,,I don't have any more"! The boy declared. Oh well, I am a nice dragon who learned to share. Regurgitating a piece of the fish he just gave me, onto his lap, I moved away a bit. Sitting down I watched him. He took the fish in his hands but didn't eat it. What are you waiting for? I waited for him to eat but he still didn't. Eat it. I looked at the fish and back to him. Finally, he took a bite. There you go! Holding up his hands, he lifted the fish up. Swallow it! I swallowed to signalize he should swallow and so he did. Finally, he swallowed but seemed pretty grossed out by it. It's yummy! I replied. Not really understanding his trouble. You, humans do eat fish as well, don't you? Suddenly he started grinning at me. Why are you grinning at me? Ok, hold on, I can grin as well. I thought, trying to mimic him. See? Just as sudden as he grinned at me, he got up carefully, reaching his hand out to me. Hold on, what are you doing? Stop it! I growled at him and moved away. He won't touch me. My flying ability was just good enough to fly as far away as I could. Landing, I burned the ground so I could rest a bit. Aaah, nice and warm. I laid myself down. A tweeting noise of a bird above me, caught my attention. It could fly. I watched the bird fly off. I wished I could fly off just like that bird. It sucked being stuck here. Lowering my gaze, I found the little human had sat himself down in front of me. Waving he smiled. Oh, come on. I groaned annoyed. Why does have to follow me? Just let me sleep. I shifted and covered my face with my left tail fin. What I can't see, doesn't bother me. Ok, maybe I am curious. I lifted my tail again and caught him reaching out to me again. He quickly got up and turned around. Whatever. I got up again and walked to another spot. Getting on a tree, I finally was able to catch some sleep. Without that boy interrupting.

Close to sundown, I woke. I sniffed, I could still smell him. I looked around and there he was. He sat on some rock, doing something. Ok, now I was really curious. Sneaking up to him, I sat down next to him. He was tracing something in the sand with a stick. The lines that he traced looked like me? Hey, that looks fun! Wait, let me try that too. I searched for a tree branch and came back to the boy. Look what I can do! I started tracing into the sand as well. This was actually a lot of fun. I stopped and looked at the boy. Look, look I can do what you do! As I found, that I caught his attention, I continued to trace into the sand. As I found my work done, I stopped and eyed it. Yes, this was pretty good. Suddenly that human boy stepped on one of my drawn lines. ,,Ey"! I growled at him and he quickly pulled his foot back. Ah, good. And again he stepped on it. Hey! I repeated growling and again he lifted his foot and put it back on my line. ,,Stop it"! I growled. Finally, he seemed to understand. I could tell, because he smiled at me. Instead of stepping on my drawn lines, he just walked through the spaces in between. It almost looked as if he was dancing. He seemed so deep in his thoughts, so I sneaked up behind him. I waited until he turned around. Somehow, I started liking this young boy. He was so...different. Not like the other Vikings I used to know. Our eyes met like they had yesterday and then the boy lifted his hand up to my face again. Uh...I growled at him slightly. What was he about to do? I watched him like I did the past hours. He hesitated for a moment and then, he turned his face away from me. Holding his hand out. He wasn't going to do anything bad, was he? I looked at his tiny paw. This didn't seem dangerous. More like a nice gesture. Maybe...maybe if I...And slowly, I put my nose on his hand. It felt warm. Warm and a bit sweaty. A warm feeling spread in me. This was new. So strange. I've never felt anything like that before. Opening my eyes again, I quickly turned away.

The following days went similar. He watched me, I watched him. He learned much about me and I, I learned about him. I didn't realize it back then but we've closer somehow. Somehow we started forming a bond. It wasn't as strong just yet but it was growing. We came closer and closer every day. Slowly. One day, the human boy came back with a huge pile of fish. I was just about to eat, as I spotted a slimy long striped creature. ,,And a whole smoked eel" the boy said. ,,Eeew! Ew, ew, ew, ew"! I moved away from it. So it was eel. The boy picked it up and held in out to me. ,,Eeeh, get it away from me"! I hissed and he luckily threw it away. Yuk, I snorted and went back to look at the fishes. No more eel. Phew. I spotted a salmon. Yummy salmon. And I started eating. Oh yum. I purred satisfied. Such a big and nice breakfast. Haven't had that in ages. I didn't realize how the boy went up to my tail. I only reacted, when I suddenly felt something next to my left tail fin. It felt as if I had my right tail fin back. Wait...did that mean I could fly again? Yes it did! I slowly spread my wings. Finally. I thought. Finally I could get out of this place. Swinging myself up into the air. Yes it works. And I sank again. Ok, nope. Still not working. Faster and faster I got closer to the stone wall. Oh no..oh no, but suddenly I could fly up again. Making a turn, I flew across the little lake. It was then, that I remembered the weight of the boy, that still held onto my tail. Get off! I flicked my tail and instantly, the boy flew into the water. As soon as the boy was down, my coordination failed again and I sank as well. ,,Argh"! I screamed and soon enough, I as well, hit the water. Somehow, I began to understand, that I needed that boy. He made me a new tail fin and only with him I could fly. So we both learned how to fly together. At first, it was a rocky start. But then, it just worked out. We made it. I was able to fly again, and guess what, I started liking that boy. I remember the day we both learned how to fly.

It was a clear sunny day, just a few clouds on the sky. We just went up int the air, Hiccup patted my neck. ,,Ok there Bud, we're gonna take this nice and slow"! I gazed up to him slightly. Nice and slow, good idea. He took a quick glance on his notepaper and my prosthetic tail fin went open. Ok, here we go. I let the wind carry me a bit and then we went into a dive. ,,Yeahaa"! I roared as we went down. So far so good. I thought, but then we crashed into one of the high rocks. I pushed myself off. ,,Ey, watch it"! I snorted. ,,Sorry"! Hiccup called from above me and again, I had to push myself away from a cliff rock. ,,That was my fault"! Hiccup apologized. Yeah, yeah. I gave him a slight slap with my ear. Just be more careful. ,,Yeah, yeah, I'm on it"! Hiccup replied and I let out a sigh. This time, we'll make it work, I thought and up we went. Higher and higher. Man, that felt so good. Finally flying up again. I was just about to enjoy it when Hiccup suddenly screamed. ,,Stop"! Sooner than I thought, I saw Hiccup falling from my back and I too fell back down again. ,,No"! I yelled ,,Ah no, no. We gonna die! We gonna die! Hiccup"! I called as he fell below me. Hiccup tried to talk to me but my body went into a spin. I felt my head go dizzy. Ugh, this can't get any worse, can it? Finally I felt him close to my back again. ,,Hurry"! I called and finally he was back on me. Hiccup pulled up and I opened my wings wide. We were still rushing towards the ground. I screamed. No, no, no, no! ,,Aaaaah, the cliffs, the cliffs"! I yelled. Ok we definitely gonna die! But then, Hiccup finally got it and we flew through the high rocks. Every angle worked and finally we flew out on the ocean again. ,,Yeah"! Hiccup cheered. ,,Yeah"! I joined him, throwing a fire blast. ,,Come on"! Hiccup called from above. Woops. And I slightly roasted him. At least, we were square now.

,,So that's how you and Hiccup became friends"? Toothless son with the white belly asked with gleaming eyes. ,,Yes, that's how we became friends" Toothless answered. ,,And what happened then"? His other son, the white and black one asked. ,,Well.." Toothless continued, smiling mischievously at the upcoming memories.

,,It didn't take long for one of his kind to realize something was fishy. Of course, it had to happen one day and so it came that I got to know Astrid,,! ,,Astrid? Who's that? What's that for a weird name"? The female one tilted her head, while her brothers listened amazed. ,,It's a human name" Toothless explained. ,,Just as Hiccup and the name he gave me. He named me Toothless because he thought I had no teeth. As you know, we fury dragons are able to retract our teeth. Anyway, Astrid is is mate now". Chuckling, he started telling his kids how he first met the feisty Viking girl.

It was a regular day. Hiccup came to bring me some fish. I just came from of my sleep spot, as I spotted another human next to him. It was a female one. I could tell. Suddenly, the tackled Hiccup to the ground. How did she dare to harm him? ,,Hey! What do you think you're doing"! I yelled and ran up to them. Now this human girl rose her weapon and I lost it. ,,How dare you! Get the heck away from him"! I roared at her but Hiccup got in front of me, calming me down, telling me to stop. ,,She's a friend"! He said. A what now? A friend? Are you kidding me? Protecting, I shoved my head under Hiccups arm, snarling at the blonde girl. ,,You scared him"! Hiccup told her. Scared me? I thought. Oh, the only one I gonna scare is you Blondie. I glared at her. Nope, I did not trust that one at all.

,,Astrid, Toothless. Toothless, Astrid" Hiccup introduced us. I growled at her, threatening. Yeah, you better think twice about harming him. My intentions worked and she ran off. Yeah, right you are, run away. And never come back. I straightened myself. Meh, and for that I skipped my precious sleep. I turned and walked off. I should have known but Hiccup insisted on helping him show her, that I was nice. Not a dangerous beast. Oh yeah? Well, because Hiccup was my friend, I did it for him but, I too had my own plans. I wasn't finished with that girl yet. She would be very sorry soon. We caught up on her quickly and I took her up on a tree. Her yelling and screaming annoyed me even further. Ugh, I so not wanted to do this. I watched, as she got onto my back. Ok, just you wait. ,,Toothless, down. Gently"! Hiccup demanded. Oh I show you gently. Spreading my wings, I let the air flow under them, lifting up from the tree slowly. ,,Nothing to be afraid off"! Hiccup replied. In a second, you'll be very very sorry to mess with me human girl. I thought and then shot up into the air as fast as I could.

,,Toothless, what is wrong with you"? Hiccup called ,,Bad dragon"! So I am the bad one now huh? Oh, you don't wanna see me bad! Hiccup gave it a nervous laugh ,,He's not usually like this"! No, but this time just for you! I thought. I will make this girl realize it was a mistake to threaten my friend like that. Diving down, I let myself fall right into the ocean. This girl didn't stop screaming. It started to hurt my ears. Here, more water, how's that? I dipped my back into the ocean once more. ,,Toothless, what are you doing? We need her to like us"! Hiccup said. Hmpf, like us. I went back up again. Let's see how you like that. I hope you have no problem with dizziness. I thought ironically and went right into the spinning. ,,And now the spinning. Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile"! Hiccup replied. You're very welcome. I dove down again, twirling as much as I could. Finally, I heard the words I've wanted to hear all along. She finally said it. ,,I am sorry"! There you go. I stopped abruptly, flying softly and calmly now. Ok, now you'll get the good stuff. The sun was setting. Perfect flair. One romantic flight on Toothless, please hold tight to your partner. Romantic feelings coming. And I flew up into the clouds. Everything went just fine. Astrid was amazed. I flew them through the sunset, through the starry sky, gave them an exclusive view at the Northern lights and for the grand finale, flew them above Berk. Their home. I looked up at them. Yes, she smiled. Pretty neat huh? I smiled back at her. ,,He's amazing"! She then said after a while, patting me softly. You're welcome I thought.

,,And that's how I paired them off"! Toothless lifted his head. ,,Awesome"! His kids cheered. Toothless continued.

After that, we found the hidden dragon nest in the volcano. The one where the red death lived in. Things didn't turn as expected. Hiccup left and didn't come back the next day. I felt something was very wrong. And when I heard him scream, everything in me snapped. I needed to save him from whatever was threatening him. I wouldn't let any harm come to him. With all the strength I could bring up, I climbed out of the cirque and ran as fast as I could. Finally I reached the village. I quickly spotted Hiccup. He was entangled in some sort of huge cage. He was being attacked by a monstrous nightmare. ,,Get off of him"! I shouted, jumping at the larger dragons. I was able to get him away from Hiccup, just enough so I could jump in front of him. Protecting him. ,,Leave him alone"! I roared ,,I warn you. Lay a claw on him and I will roast you. Don't touch him"! I didn't let the other dragon near Hiccup. ,,Get lost"! I yelled one last time and finally the other dragon went away.

I turned to look at Hiccup but he suddenly insisted I should get out of here. I didn't quiet understand what was going on but next thing I knew was, there was another big human, that came running towards us. I would protect this human no matter what. He became more important to me than I realized it. I tackled the big human down, ready to make him regret attacking us, as Hiccup suddenly screamed no. I stopped. What? Why? And then I got captured. I was scared. I didn't understand at all. Yes of course these humans still thought I was a threat. I didn't blame Hiccup. I just wanted to get out.

,,What happened then"? The female kid asked. ,,The big human just happened to be Hiccups father. He worried about his son and didn't understand the truth about us dragons yet. He chained me up and forced me to lead him to the hidden volcano. Little did they know about the red death" Toothless explained. ,,Oh, and what about Hiccup"? The black one with the white belly and the teal eyes asked. ,,Well, he taught his friends how to ride and tame a dragon. They came to rescue! Hiccup came to free me but the ship sank. I thought we were about to die then. I thought we would drown. But then, the unthinkable happened. Hiccups father saved us both".

I felt my breath slowly fading. I wouldn't survive this much longer. Suddenly, this large human dove back down and freed me. We shared looks for a moment, before I got him up and out of the water. Jumping on a rock, I shook the water of and turned to Hiccup. ,,Come on"! I called to him and he jumped onto my back. Together, we defeated the red death, but it came with a cost. My prosthetic tail fin caught fire and burned off. We crashed against the tip of the red deaths tail. Everything exploded. Hiccup fell down from my back and I quickly turned around to help him. I needed to do something. Quick. I wouldn't reach him in time so I had to do something that I didn't want to. With my last strength, I stretched my neck and bit into Hiccups leg, pulling him closer to me. Embracing him. Together we fell.

As my consciousness came back to me, I opened my eyes slowly. The first thing I saw was the sad face of Hiccups father. He probably thought Hiccup was dead. Don't worry, I got him. I opened my wings. I still held onto Hiccup tightly. I saved him. I let his father take him. He thanked me for saving his son and I just looked at him. That day, Dragons and Vikings stopped fighting. That day, the humans from Berk understood the truth. Together we returned to new Berk. On the way to the island, I was indescribable worried. Hiccup didn't wake. He was bleeding but he was alive. I was glad he was. He became so dear to me. I never thought it could be possible, but I had started loving this human boy.

Back home and Berk, they wouldn't let me to Hiccup for a while. His father told me they were helping Hiccup and that he would be ok soon again. So I waited. I waited and finally, I could go into his house. Into his room. He was laying in his human nest, which they call bed. It's theirs sleeping spot. Carefully I came closer to sniff at him. He was breathing. ,,Hey Hiccup. Wake up"! I called softly and he finally opened his eyes. Happiness and relief spread in me. ,,Hey, welcome back"! I purred and nudged him softly. Come on, get up. ,,I'm happy to see you too"! Hiccup murmured, still a bit sleepy. Accidentally I stepped on his stomach and he groaned. Whoops, sorry. I quickly removed my paw. It was then, that Hiccup realized where he was. ,,I'm in my house"! He declared still a bit irritated. ,,Err...you're in my house"! He ascertained. ,,Yes, yes, isn't that awesome? Come, you need to see what's going on outside! You need to see! You slept way too long! Come on, come on, come on"! I jumped around his house in excitement. ,,Toothless, aw come on"! Hiccup said but stopped suddenly, as he felt his leg. I got down to look at him. So he found out. He had lifted his blanked. Where his left foot was, was now a wooden prosthetic. Hiccup took a breath and got up carefully. Ok, nice and slow. I watched him. A bit shaky he got on his feet. I looked at him. You're doing great. As soon as he made his first step, he stumbled and I caught him. Whoops. I got you. Come on, I'll help you. Gently I helped him up. ,,Thank's bud"! Hiccup leaned on me and I helped him walk. As soon as we got outside, he got greeted not only by his father, but by some of the others. Astrid was also there. The other big human, which is called Gobber, made a brand new tail fin for me. A red one. Now, I was excited. I couldn't wait to try it out and finally fly with Hiccup again. After some minutes, I got impatient and I jumped over the vikings. Closer to Hiccup. Attention! Night fury coming through. ,,Hey"! I smiled at Hiccup and he grinned back at me. Not only did we get a new tail fin, a brand new saddle as well. Hiccup quickly attached everything and got on me. Astrid next to us. ,,You ready"? Hiccup asked me. ,,You bet"! I replied. And that was just the beginning of it all. This was my home now. I was happier than I ever was. I had found the best friend one could think of. And, vikings and dragons were no longer enemies. Our friendship brought peace to both sides.

Toothless finished. ,,Wow"! The kids raved. ,,This was amazing"! Toothless smiled. ,,Can you tell us more"? Toothless chuckled. It was dawning by now. As he turned his head, he found, that not only his kids listened with big pleading eyes. The rest of his friends had come up to listen as well. Cloudjumper, Hookfang, Meatlug, Stormfly, Barf and Belch, and even his mate had come up. She smiled at him.

So Toothless continued to tell his kids some more. ,,There are so many stories I could tell you, but it's getting late. I will tell you more tomorrow. One by one". Suddenly, Toothless smile faded a bit and he lowered his gaze. A deep pain came up again and he felt terribly sad. For the time he'd told the kids about Hiccup, he forget he wasn't there anymore. ,,You miss him a lot don't you daddy"? His daughter asked and how right she was. ,,I do"! Toothless murmured. ,,Well, it's time for you to sleep kids. Hurry, into the cave"! He forced a smile and nudged them into the direction. ,,Aww"! They made ,,But we're not tired yet"! ,,Ok kids, come, give your father a break"! It was Stormfly who came up to them. Since Stormfly was Toothless closest friend beside Hiccup, she became like an aunt to the kids. Nanny Stormfly, as the Night lights called her. As soon as the kids were in the cave, Toothless let out a sigh. His ears and shoulders dropped and he turned. His mate watched how he flew out. Snowflake felt sad. She wanted to help him but how could she? Hiccup was his best friend. The human world would always be a part of him. A home for him.

Out of the hidden world, Toothless had sat himself down at one of the high rocks. Lifting his head up to the starry sky. He missed him. He missed Hiccup so bad. He'd wished to stay with him, had wished there would have been a way they could have stayed together but there was no other way. Not back then. Leaving Hiccup, was the hardest thing Toothless had ever done. Sure he was more than happy to have Snow and the kids but there was no day, where he didn't miss Hiccup. How was he now? What was he doing now? Did he miss him just as much? Sure he would. Would they see each other again? Toothless hoped that one day, he could return. That one day, they wouldn't be threatened as much anymore and could return to new Berk. Ten years had passed by now. A rustle behind him made Toothless ear twitch and he turned his head. It was his mate. She walked up to him with a smile. Her slender body glimmering and glowing like the moon and stars. ,,Toothless"? She asked tenderly ,,Are you ok"? Toothless waited until she sat next to him. ,,I am" he purred and looked back at the stars. ,,I just...I miss him so much"! ,,The human boy"? Snowflake blinked. ,,Hiccup" Toothless corrected her softly. ,,I am so sorry you had to leave him"! Snowflake purred ,,I don't know much about your human and I don't know about the life you had. I've been born here. The only encounters I've had with humans were bad. But you showed me that not all of them are evil. Hiccup was indeed different. He was special". Snowflake as well lifted her head to the stars. ,,Do you wish you could go back"? A lump formed in Toothless throat. Was it obvious? Would she be mad if he would tell her that he wished that someday they could return? Snowflake nudged her head under her mates jaw. ,,I know you Toothless. You can tell me everything. I won't be mad". After a big sigh, Toothless admitted it. ,,I hope that one day, we'll be safe enough to return to new Berk. You, me, the kids, Stormfly, Hookfang and Cloudjumper and the others". Snowflake sighed ,,But not all dragons will follow you Toothless. Even if you're the alpha. Some dragons will never leave the hidden world". Toothless turned to face her. ,,That's ok. They don't have to. There are many places for dragons in this world. Here, on other islands, far of where we don't know and on new Berk". ,,But how will we know when the time is right"? Snowflake asked. ,,We'll know"! Toothless replied as he lifted his head back up to the sky. ,,We'll know"!