G Gundam's Boot Camp: Chapter 1

Author's note: You guys should love this story because I wrote it! ^_^ I don't own G Gundam.

From Domon's Diary, Day 1:

How did I ever get myself into this mess? I thought I was the good guy? But now.now this has happened! It all started yesterday afternoon.I was cleaning my room back at my family's place then he came.

Mrs. Kashuu: Why hello Kyoji! Back so soon?

Kyoji: Yeah mom I just finished the final semester of high school and I got my report card back!

Mrs. Kashuu: Let me see it.

Kyoji hands over the report card. His mom looks at it.

Mrs. Kashuu: English.A! Math.A! Science.A! And Social Studies.A! I'm so proud of you Kyoji! You'll be getting your sports car tomorrow.

Kyoji: Yes! Hey mom? Shouldn't Domon have his report card for the 10th grade?

Mrs. Kashuu: Yeah! Domon give me yours.

Domon: Ummm.maybe later!

As Domon heads for the door Mr. Kashuu opens it and uses his stomach to knock Domon down on the floor.

Mr. Kashuu: Oh! Sorry about that Domon! Hey what's this that you've got in your hand?

Domon: No dad!

Mr. Kashuu snatches it away from Domon.

Mr. Kashuu: Report Card? This is dated from last Tuesday!

Domon: Well.umm.

Mr. Kashuu: Hmm.English.F.Math.D.Science.C-.and Social Studies.F? Domon what the heck were you doing at school?

Domon: Well.I.

Kyoji: How do you get an F in English?

Mrs. Kashuu: Domon you promised me that you'd get good grades. What happened?

Domon: Please mom I can explain!

Kyoji: How do you get an F in English?

Mr. Kashuu: What did I tell you would happen if you got bad grades in your classes?

Domon: Please dad not the belt!

Mr. Kashuu: Besides that!

Domon: Not the cane!

Mr. Kashuu: Not that either!

Domon: Hmm.(gasps) not the car!?

Mr. Kashuu: Yep! Stand outside in front of the car while I get the car keys.

Domon: (gasps)

Mrs. Kashuu: Honey let's not get to haisty?

Mr. Kashuu: Dang! And I was just gonna test it to see if it can knock some body parts out!

Mrs. Kashuu: Urgh!

Mr. Kashuu: Sorry!

Domon: So what's my punishment now?

Mrs. Kashuu: Maybe you should be grounded for a year? And when I meant grounded last time I didn't mean stay under ground for a week!

Kyoji: Hey! Why don't you try boot camp?

Mrs. Kashuu: Yes. It teaches disipline and such! It would be great! Domon your starting first thing tomorrow morning!

Domon: Nooo!

Kyoji: Hahahahaha!!!

Domon: When you had DG cells that controlled you that wasn't evil! Going to boot camp is evil!

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